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AI-powered tool automatically generates accurate subtitles for enhanced video accessibility and engagement.

About Animaker’s Subtitle Generator


Animaker's Subtitle Generator utilizes advanced AI technology to generate subtitles from videos and recognize the audio for optimal subtitle accuracy. It offers both automatic and manual subtitling options, complete customization of text and formatting, and more than 20 animations to choose from, making subtitles visually appealing and dynamic. Animaker's subtitles cater to accessibility, improve social media metrics, and allow better engagement from viewers.


Animaker's Subtitle Generator is an AI-powered tool that automatically generates and recognizes speech in subtitles, providing accuracy and customization with full features like text editors, animations, and more. It improves retention rates, engagement, and accessibility, making it versatile yet easy-to-use for creators, businesses, and organizations as part of Animaker's complete video creation suite.

Company Overview

Animaker's Subtitle Generator is an AI-powered tool that allows users to add subtitles to videos in just one click. With advanced technology, this automatic subtitle maker recognizes speech and generates accurate subtitles swiftly. The tool also provides the option for manual subtitling, allowing perfectionists to construct subtitles from scratch.

Users can customize their subtitles completely and format them to fit their brand guidelines thanks to the full-featured text editor provided by Animaker. With over 20 animations for subtitles available, creators can add style and personality to their videos. The combination of audio and textual elements in videos can help people understand and retain information better, and subtitles ensure accessibility for people of all languages and abilities.

The Animaker Subtitle Generator has significant advantages for social media marketing and retention metrics. Subtitles help make videos accessible to all, and captions help users understand the real essence of the video even with the sound turned off. Videos with subtitles are more engaging and encourage people to watch them till the end, improving social media metrics. By transcending language barriers, Animaker Subtitle Generator can help make videos accessible for all, thereby increasing their reach and impact.

Animaker provides a complete video creation suite for users for both animated and live-action videos. Through its patented AI platform, Animaker allows users to create videos using text within seconds. The video first marketing platform also offers hosting, streaming, promoting, email marketing and analytics to increase revenue.

The tool's advanced AI-powered social media management platform revolutionizes social media strategy. Users can record screen, webcam, or both with audio to create engaging content and convert any text into ultra-realistic human-like voiceovers using a Neural TTS Engine. The Avatar powered Presentation Maker breaks presentation stereotypes and makes it easier to create engaging and informative presentations.

The overwhelming advantages of Animaker's Subtitle Generator in the video creation industry make it a go-to tool for creators, businesses, and organizations looking to improve their videos' accessibility and impact.


Automatic Subtitle Generation

Effortlessly Generate Accurate Subtitles in a Single Click

Powered by advanced AI technology, Animaker's subtitle generator tool automatically recognizes speech, generates subtitles, and adds them to your video with just one click. This means you no longer have to spend countless hours manually transcribing and syncing your video's audio with its corresponding text. The result is a time-efficient process that helps speed up your video production process without sacrificing accuracy.

Customize Your Subtitles with Animaker's Full-Featured Text Editor

With Animaker, you have full control over the look and feel of your subtitles. Its full-featured text editor allows you to customize your subtitles, format them to fit your brand guidelines, and even change their color and font. This ensures that your subtitles are not only accurate but also visually appealing and consistent with your brand's identity, all while maintaining your brand's guidelines.

Add Animations to Your Subtitles for Maximum Engagement

To make your subtitles more visually appealing and engaging, Animaker's subtitle generator tool also includes more than 20 awesome animations for your subs. These animations can help you create eye-catching and dynamic subtitles that will capture your viewers' attention and keep them watching your content. With this feature, you can be sure that your subtitles are not only informative but also fun and engaging.

Manual Subtitle Generation

Write Your Subtitles from Scratch with Animaker's Manual Subtitling Option

For perfectionists who prefer to construct everything from scratch, Animaker's manual subtitling option gives you the flexibility and control you need to write your subtitles precisely. This option allows you to write, format, and sync your subtitles manually with your video's audio. With this feature, you can ensure that your subtitles are not only accurate but also aligned with your video's intent.

Translate Your Subtitles to Over 134 Languages

Animaker's subtitle generator tool also gives you the option to translate your subtitles to over 134 languages. This means that you can make your videos accessible to people from every corner of the world, regardless of their native language. Whether you're a content creator looking to expand your reach or a business aiming to cater to a global audience, Animaker's subtitle generator tool fits all your needs to ensure that your message is conveyed effectively.

Improve Your Video's Retention Rates and Social Media Metrics

Studies have shown that the combination of audio and textual elements can help people retain information better. By adding subtitles to your videos, you not only make your content more accessible to people with hearing difficulties, but you also improve your video's retention rates. This helps increase engagement among your viewers and boosts your social media metrics, especially since the majority of social media users watch videos on mute. With Animaker's subtitle generation tool, you can increase your video's reach, accessibility, and overall success.

Avatar-powered Presentation Maker

Create Stunning Presentations with Animaker's Avatar-powered Presentation Maker

Animaker's presentation maker tool offers a wide range of customizable and ready-made templates to suit your specific needs. It leverages advanced AI and avatar technology to enhance your presentations, making them more visually appealing and engaging. With this feature, you can create interactive and informative presentations that keep your audience engaged and entertained.

Effortlessly Break Presentation Stereotypes

The Avatar-powered presentations from Animaker's presentation maker tool enable you to break presentation stereotypes by incorporating different audio and visual elements, such as animations, effects, music, and more, to enhance your presentations. This ensures that your presentations are not only informative but also unique and engaging, making them stand out from the rest.

Increase Audience Engagement and Conversion Rates

Presentation also play a crucial role in audience engagement and conversion rates, and with Animaker's Avatar-powered presentation maker, you can create impressive presentations that convert your viewers into customers. By captivating your audience's attention with interactive and engaging presentations, you keep them involved in your message, ultimately driving more conversions and increasing your business's bottom line.

Video Hosting, Streaming, Promoting, and Analytics

One-Stop Destination for Your Visual Communication Needs

Animaker's complete video creation suite is a one-stop destination for all your visual communication needs. It offers advanced tools for creating studio-quality animated and live-action videos in less than five minutes, recording screen, webcam or both with audio to create engaging video content, converting any text into ultra-realistic human-like voiceovers using a Neural TTS Engine, and much more. This suite can help you streamline your video production process, allowing you to produce videos faster and at a higher quality, all while saving you time and money.

Get In-Depth Insights into Your Video Analytics and Boost Your Revenue

The Video First Marketing platform from Animaker's complete video creation suite lets you host, stream, promote, and run analytics on your videos. With this feature, you can get in-depth insights into your video analytics, understand your viewers' behavior, and optimize your videos for maximum engagement. This, in turn, leads to higher conversion rates and revenue for your business.

Revolutionize Your Social Media Strategy with Animaker's Advanced AI-Powered Social Media Management Tool

Animaker's social media management tool leverages the power of advanced AI to help you revolutionize your social media strategy. It enables you to create and schedule posts, analyze your performance, and engage with your audience, all in one place. This tool helps you save time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business. With Animaker's social media management tool, you can grow your social media presence, increase engagement, and ultimately drive more conversions and business success.


What is Animaker's Subtitle Generator?

Animaker's Subtitle Generator is an AI-powered tool that automatically generates subtitles for videos. It recognizes speech and generates accurate subtitles quickly, but also offers manual subtitling for perfectionists who want to construct subtitles from scratch.

How does Animaker's Subtitle Generator work?

Animaker's Subtitle Generator uses advanced AI technology to recognize speech and generate subtitles based on the audio in the video. It can also auto-translate subtitles into over 100 languages. The tool provides users with the option to customize and format their subtitles entirely with over 20 animations available and a full-featured text editor.

What are the benefits of using Animaker's Subtitle Generator?

Animaker's Subtitle Generator offers numerous benefits for creators, businesses, and organizations. One significant advantage is making videos more accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability or language. Videos with subtitles tend to have better retention metrics, increased engagement, and make videos more engaging, which in turn, improves social media metrics. Subtitles can also help people understand and retain information better, and captions help users understand the real essence of the video even with the sound turned off.

What features does Animaker's Subtitle Generator have?

Animaker's Subtitle Generator has various features that allow users to generate subtitles, customize them, and format them according to brand guidelines. It has over 20 animations that can be added to subtitles to increase their style and personality. Additionally, the tool offers auto-translation capabilities to over 100 languages. It also provides a full-featured text editor for customization options.

Can Animaker's Subtitle Generator recognize speeches in different languages?

Yes! Animaker's Subtitle Generator can recognize speeches in over 30 different languages, making it a versatile tool where creators can generate subtitles from videos in different languages, increasing accessibility for users of all nationalities.

Animaker’s Subtitle Generator

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