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A cloud-based codeless automation tool offering self-healing tests, intuitive interface, and holistic testing capabilities for efficient software releases.

About Virtuoso QA


Virtuoso QA is at the forefront of delivering codeless automation tools that cater to the ever-changing testing world. The company has a team of highly skilled professionals whose goal is to improve the quality of test automation software so that organizations can release their software faster. Virtuoso QA has disrupted the QA industry by offering a cloud-based tool that adds intelligence, sophistication, scale, and fun into test automation.

The Virtuoso QA platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with all cloud-based technologies, making it flexible and easy to use. Its standout features include self-healing tests, an intuitive interface, natural language programming, artificial intelligence, and holistic testing capabilities. Virtuoso QA also has enhanced collaboration capabilities and easy-to-use reporting and analytics, making it an ideal tool for developers and IT professionals.

Virtuoso QA's team-centric culture empowers its people to work the way they prefer, and their office spaces worldwide are open to anyone who wants to join their mission. Agility, innovation, and fun are the essence of Virtuoso QA. If you're looking for a tool that revolutionizes your QA approach, accelerates your software release, and enhances your business growth, Virtuoso QA is the tool for you.


Virtuoso QA offers cutting-edge codeless automation tools that cater to the ever-evolving testing world. It's a cloud-based tool that offers self-healing tests, an intuitive interface, natural language programming, artificial intelligence, and holistic testing capabilities, among others. Virtuoso QA's team-centric culture empowers its people to work in line with their preferences, while its global office spaces are open to anyone who wants to join their mission. The tool is perfect for companies of all sizes that want to release their software faster and improve the quality of their test automation software. Virtuoso QA is agile, innovative, and fun - the ideal tool for IT professionals, developers, and QA testers who are looking to build better tests effortlessly.

Company Overview

Virtuoso QA is a cutting-edge company that focuses on delivering codeless automation tools that meet the demands of the rapidly-evolving testing world. With a team of passionate experts dedicated to improving the quality of test automation software, Virtuoso QA has reimagined the world of QA by pioneering the next generation of codeless testing.

While the need for sophisticated test automation has become increasingly urgent in recent years, most QA tools have become unwieldy and a bottleneck, especially with the shift to the cloud and remote work. Virtuoso QA, under the leadership of its CEO, Adil Mohammed, has made it their mission to bring intelligence, sophistication, scale, and fun into test automation by developing a cloud-based tool that helps companies of all sizes easily build better tests so they can release their software more quickly and efficiently. Thanks to their expertise and their passion, they have successfully launched Virtuoso, a product that has changed the way software is tested and accelerated the growth of the company.

Virtuoso QA is all about agility, innovation, and fun. Their team-centric culture empowers their people to work the way that suits them best, and their office spaces around the world are open to anyone who wants to join the adventure. At Virtuoso QA, they take their work seriously, but they never forget to have fun, whether it's through retreats abroad, weekly sponsored lunches, or virtual events.

If you're searching for a way to revolutionize your QA approach and keep up with the changing demands of the testing world, Virtuoso QA is the right tool for you. Their codeless automation tool delivers on its promise, and with just one form and no mess, you can let the product do the talking. Visit their website and calculate your Virtuoso Test Automation ROI now to see how they can help you build better tests, accelerate your software release, and grow your business.


Codeless Automation

Self-Healing Tests

Virtuoso QA's codeless automation tool's self-healing capability is one of its standout features. This feature enables testers to spend less time on test maintenance and more time on development. Virtuoso QA uses intelligent element identification to identify page elements, even when their attributes may change.

Intuitive Interface

The tool's codeless nature means it has an intuitive interface, letting even non-technical users create tests without assistance. The drag-and-drop functionality, and the intelligent suggestion system also help accelerate the test creation process.

Flexible Integration

The Virtuoso QA tool has been designed to integrate with all cloud-based technologies, allowing it to create a flexible and easy-to-use testing platform that scales with your organization's growth. Virtuoso's crack team of bots delivers on its promises and help testers find bugs and identify areas of improvement when it comes to test automation software.

Next-Generation Testing

Natural Language Programming

Virtuoso QA's codeless automation tool utilizes Natural Language Programming (NLP) to enable engineers and non-engineers alike to automate tests pre-development and in-sprint. It allows users to create test cases based on simple, everyday language, reducing the training required for test case creation.

Artificial Intelligence

Virtuoso QA's codeless tool incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimize testing workflows and accuracy. The AI automatically tests for common user actions that frequently lead to bugs and is capable of learning and adapting to any changes in your application to provide thorough testing and quality validation with each iteration.

Holistic Testing Capabilities

In addition to functional testing, Virtuoso QA's tool also offers end-to-end testing, load testing, and performance testing. By providing all of these capabilities in one tool, Virtuoso ensures that users can maintain their test suites all in one place while maintaining the high level of accuracy that the AI functionality provides.

Enhanced Collaboration

Team-Centric Culture

Virtuoso QA has a team-centric culture that empowers its people to work in ways that suit them best. The company fosters collaboration and encourages its teams to openly communicate to share knowledge and ideas.

Out-of-the-Box Integrations

Virtuoso QA seamlessly integrates with the widest range of Agile and DevOps tools, including JIRA, Jenkins, and BrowserStack. This feature makes it easy for users to incorporate the Virtuoso QA tool into their software delivery pipelines right from the start.

Flexible Workspaces

Virtuoso QA's office spaces around the world are open to anyone who wants to join their adventure. The company encourages collaboration and teamwork, giving its employees the flexibility to work the way they want to best further the Virtuoso QA mission.

Easy-to-Use Reporting and Analytics

Data Visualization

Virtuoso QA's codeless tool includes data visualization, a feature that provides testers with in-depth metrics and analytics on their testing outcomes. This feature makes it easy to gain insights into your testing processes and provides users with the necessary information to adjust and improve testing practices on the go.

Built-In Dashboard

Virtuoso QA's tool also comes with a built-in dashboard that not only allows testers to track their progress but also provides an overview of testing outcomes, test coverage, and status. The dashboard provides testers and managers with an easy way to review the results of testing and ensure that testing suits their customer needs.

Customized Reports

Virtuoso QA's tool also allows teams to customize their reports based on their needs, making it easy to share test results, identify areas for improvement, and even provide feedback to developers quickly. These customized reports allow QA and testing teams to stay on top of new issues and monitor their testing progress regularly.


Virtuoso QA's test automation tool seamlessly integrates with various tools, dev processes, and cloud platforms to maximize efficiency in software development.

Out-of-the-box Integrations & Open API

Virtuoso QA supports out-of-the-box integrations with popular browsers and has an open API, which allows users to integrate the tool to any tech stack seamlessly. The open API means that Virtuoso does not limit its users as it offers too many integrations to list. Also, it integrates into various development processes on Github, and developers can commit Virtuoso tests and results along with their code.

Slack Integration

Virtuoso QA's Slack integration allows users to configure the test automation tool to notify them of test failures and unexpected outcomes. By receiving notifications on Slack, developers can respond to issues in real-time, thus enhancing overall productivity.

Azure DevOps Integration

Virtuoso QA integrates with Azure DevOps to automate test runs and sync results and execution logs with detailed reports. Through the integration, developers can get an overview of the test runs and pinpoint areas that need correction.

Jenkins Integration

Virtuoso QA's Jenkins plugin enables users to include Virtuoso's execution, snapshot comparison, and other testing features in their pipeline easily. The integration allows teams to manage test creation, execution, and reporting seamlessly.

XRay Cloud Integration

Automatically synchronize Virtuoso projects to a cloud installation of XRay, a test management tool that helps teams manage their testing process effectively. By integrating Virtuoso QA with XRay Cloud, development teams can boost their testing methods' reliability and efficiency.

SSO Authentication Integration

Virtuoso QA integrates with various authentication providers, including SSO authentication to ensure the secure handling of user credentials. Setting up SSO Authentication is easy, and it further enhances Virtuoso QA's effective security measures in the software development cycle.

TestRail Integration

The integration of Virtuoso with TestRail allows automatic pushover of detailed execution results to TestRail, a tool for test management and organization. Teams can easily manage their test instances, plans, and runs by combining Virtuoso QA's test automation tool and TestRail.

XebiaLabs Integration

Virtuoso QA integrates into XebiaLabs' scalable and reliable software delivery automation. The integration allows users to streamline the development process's testing stage with Virtuoso QA's test automation tool for fast, secure, and efficient testing.


What is Virtuoso QA?

Virtuoso QA is a cutting-edge company that provides codeless automation tools for the rapidly-evolving testing world. Their cloud-based tool helps companies easily build better tests so they can release their software more quickly and efficiently.

What sets Virtuoso QA apart?

Virtuoso QA stands out from its competitors because of its codeless automation tool, which eliminates the need for scripting, and its cloud-based platform, which allows teams to work collaboratively from anywhere in the world. Additionally, Virtuoso QA's tool brings intelligence, sophistication, scale, and fun into test automation, making it easier to build better tests than ever before.

Who is Virtuoso QA for?

Virtuoso QA is designed for companies of all sizes that want to accelerate their software release and improve the quality of their test automation software. It's perfect for QA testers, developers, and IT professionals who want a tool that helps them test early, often, and effortlessly.

What are the benefits of using Virtuoso QA?

Virtuoso QA offers many benefits, including an easy-to-use platform, codeless automation, collaborative testing, faster testing cycles, improved software quality, actionable reporting, and cost savings. By automating testing, teams can focus on higher-value activities and achieve faster time-to-market.

How does Virtuoso QA's cloud-based platform work?

Virtuoso QA's platform is entirely cloud-based, which means that users can access it from anywhere in the world. The platform allows for collaborative testing, so users can work together on tests without worrying about version control or other issues. It also offers real-time testing, allowing users to see the results of their tests immediately.

Virtuoso QA

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