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Taskheat is an innovative task management tool that uses artificial intelligence to optimize planning and boost productivity.

About Taskheat AI Assistant


If you're struggling to keep track of your tasks and need a smarter and more efficient way to manage them, then the Taskheat AI Assistant might just be the perfect tool for you. This cutting-edge app utilizes artificial intelligence to generate a task flow based on your input and provides a range of features to help you complete tasks on time and stay organized. With Taskheat, you can easily manage complex relationships between tasks, assign color-coded tags, and receive real-time reminders. Best of all, you can try the app for free during its two-week trial period to see if it fits your needs before purchasing it.


Taskheat AI Assistant is an innovative task management tool that incorporates artificial intelligence to generate a task flow, enhance task planning, and assist users in managing complex task relationships. With color-coded tags, real-time reminders, and automatic task updates, you can boost your productivity and efficiency in no time. Moreover, the app is accessible across multiple devices and features a fair pricing structure. While the app is in the beta-version stage, you can take advantage of the free 2-week trial period to test its functionality and ensure that it meets your needs.

Company Overview

Taskheat AI Assistant is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence-based tool that helps you build an efficient task flow by generating tasks based on your input. It is available for Mac, iPad and iPhone starting from version 1.8.5. Offering a two-week free trial period, you can test the app before committing to the full version, with pricing varying depending on your region and currency.

With Taskheat, your ideas can become a sweeping master plan using its connector outlet to link any two existing tasks, manage complex relationships and assign color-coded tags for better navigation. The app also sends you a reminder when any of your tasks are due and updates the task list in real-time so you always know what you should be doing, wherever you are.

Further, Taskheat AI Assistant allows you to easily assign tasks to someone who has the expertise to solve them without interfering with actual tasks. The app is also designed for flexibility, with a single purchase providing access to all versions across all your devices.

At present, Taskheat is in beta-version status with its functionality and availability subject to change in future releases. As the app uses artificial intelligence to bring you an optimal task flow, you can trust it with your business and personal life.

With the focus of enhancing productivity and efficiency in our daily tasks, Taskheat AI Assistant caters to the needs and demands of the modern business industries and individuals, promising to save time and reduce overwhelming feelings. Give it a try and experience the future of task management today.

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Task Planning

AI-Generated Task Flow

Taskheat AI Assistant is an artificial intelligence-based tool that assists users in creating a task flow. The app analyzes input from the user and generates tasks accordingly, which helps users to visualize an effective plan for completing their work.

Connector Outlet

The app allows users to link any two existing tasks with the help of the connector outlet. This feature enhances the efficiency of the task flow by avoiding duplication of effort and ensuring the timely completion of tasks.

Color-coded Tags

Taskheat allows users to assign color-coded tags to their tasks, making it easier to navigate their task lists. This feature enhances the user's ability to prioritize tasks based on their importance and level of urgency.

Task Management

Complex Relationship Management

The app's ability to manage complex relationships between tasks allows users to visualize their projects better. It provides a comprehensive overview of the project, helping the user to stay on track and complete their tasks on time.

Task Assignment and Notification

The app allows users to assign tasks to other users based on their expertise to solve the task. This feature ensures that tasks are completed efficiently, and the user is not overloaded with tasks that are not related to their area of expertise. Furthermore, the app sends the user a reminder when their task is due, ensuring that they do not forget critical deadlines.

Automatic Task Update

Taskheat automatically updates the user's task list, ensuring that they are always up-to-date on their work. This feature enhances productivity by ensuring that the user is aware of their progress on a given project and what work needs to be completed.

Accessibility and Pricing

Cross-Platform Availability

The app is available for use on multiple devices, including Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Users can access the full Mac version at no additional cost when they purchase it, and vice versa. This feature enhances convenience by allowing users to work seamlessly on all their devices.

Beta-Version Status

The app is currently in beta-version status, providing users with access to the app at no cost for two weeks to evaluate its functionality. The app's content, pricing, and other aspects may change in future releases. Nonetheless, users can experience all the app's features during the trial period to determine whether it is suitable for their needs.

Fair Pricing

The price of the full version varies according to the region and currency. Nonetheless, the app offers a fair and affordable pricing structure, which is a single purchase for all versions, not a subscription. This reduces the cost of ownership for users and ensures that they receive value for their investment.

Taskheat AI Assistant

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