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In the competitive business world, having a memorable slogan can help a company stand out from the crowd and increase brand awareness. That's where AISEO comes in with its AI-powered slogan generator. Available in 25 different languages and customizable for different business purposes, AISEO provides businesses of all sizes with a quick and easy way to create catchy slogans. Beyond its slogan generator, AISEO also offers an AI-based product called EditorDihan that helps users manage daily tasks, saves time, and increases productivity. With its self-learning and interactive features, EditorDihan adapts to the individual needs and preferences of its users.

AISEO offers flexible pricing options with a free 7-day trial, as well as discount codes for its monthly and annual subscription plans. AISEO is an effective online marketing tool that can significantly boost sales for businesses.


AISEO offers businesses an AI-powered slogan generator in 25 languages for quick and easy creation of catchy slogans. The brand also has a customizable AI-based product called EditorDihan to manage tasks, save time, and increase productivity. The self-learning and interactive features allow for personalization to individual needs. Flexible pricing options with a free trial and discount codes are available for monthly and annual subscriptions. AISEO is a powerful online marketing tool that can help businesses to boost sales and increase brand awareness.

Company Overview

AISEO is an AI-powered slogan generator that enables businesses of all sizes to create catchy and effective slogans that can help them stand out from the competition. With AISEO's slogan generator, companies can easily enter their core word and generate a list of unique and memorable slogans that can be used for their marketing campaigns, printed materials, websites, and social media posts. AISEO aims to provide businesses with a quick and easy way to manage their daily tasks through its self-learning, intelligent and interactive AI-based products.

AISEO's slogan generator is easy to use and includes a variety of templates that make it easy for businesses to get started. The generator allows users to input a description of their company or product, and then generates slogans that are tailored to their business. To cater to non-English content writers, AISEO currently supports 25 different languages. More languages will be added shortly.

A good slogan can help quickly communicate a company's core message to its target market and increase brand awareness. With slogans like "Start your day with AISEO" or "We make life better with AISEO," companies can create catchy and memorable taglines that resonate with their customers. AISEO's slogan generator is a valuable online marketing tool that can increase online visibility, attract more customers, and ultimately boost sales for businesses.

AISEO's slogan generator doesn't just generate a list of slogans, but provides users with a range of potential slogans that can be narrowed down to find the perfect fit for each business. The generator is versatile and allows users to create slogans in any language and any format. AISEO currently offers a free slogan generator for businesses to utilize and promote their brand in the most effective way possible.


Self-learning, intelligent, and interactive AI-based product

Effortlessly manage daily tasks

EditorDihan is a self-learning, intelligent, and interactive AI-based product that allows users to manage their daily tasks in a quick and easy way. It is designed to learn from your daily routines, preferences, and habits to better serve your needs over time. With this feature, you no longer have to spend time thinking about what to do next as EditorDihan effortlessly manages your daily tasks for you

Saves time and increases productivity

Efficiency is the key advantage of EditorDihan. The user-friendly nature of the AI-based product enables users to save time and invest in more engaging activities throughout their day. With the assistance of EditorDihan, time-consuming tasks can be completed in a matter of seconds, and tedious tasks can be avoided altogether. As a result, users are able to increase their productivity and focus on more important aspects of their lives

Customizable to fit individual needs

EditorDihan is designed to adapt to the individual needs and preferences of its users. It learns from the behavior and choices of its users, allowing it to make personalized recommendations for tasks and events. Additionally, users are able to customize the product to fit their individual needs. Whether you prefer a daily to-do list or a weekly planner, EditorDihan can be tailored to your preferences

Slogan generator for businesses

Effective slogan creation

AISEO's slogan generator is the perfect tool for businesses looking to create catchy and effective slogans that communicate their brand to their target market. With the help of artificial intelligence, AISEO generates a range of potential slogans for businesses to choose from. Businesses can then narrow down their options to find the perfect fit. With AISEO's slogan generator, businesses can rest assured that their slogans will be effective in promoting their products and services

Customizable for different purposes

AISEO's slogan generator is customizable for different business purposes, including marketing campaigns, social media content, and other promotional materials. The generated slogans can be edited to fit any given format and tone. This feature ensures that businesses have a versatile marketing tool at their disposal, regardless of the required format or purpose

Supports multiple languages

Catering to non-English content writers, AISEO supports 25 different languages, and more languages will be added soon. AISEO currently supports English, Bulgarian, Czech, German, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Danish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Finnish, Russian, Estonian, Swedish, and Chinese. This feature caters to businesses operating in different languages, ensuring that their slogans are communicated effectively to their target market

Tagline generator for businesses

Effective tagline creation

A tagline is a phrase that captures the essence of a business and the value it provides to its customers. With AISEO's tagline generator, businesses can create effective taglines that communicate their brand to their target market. After entering their business name and additional information, businesses can view a chart that compares their taglines to those of other businesses. This feature ensures that businesses end up with a unique tagline that resonates with their target market

Customizable for different purposes

The AISEO tagline generator is customizable for different business purposes, including marketing campaigns, advertising messages, and branding strategies. Businesses can customize their taglines to fit different contexts and target markets, ensuring that their tagline is effective in any given situation

Helps businesses stand out from the competition

A unique and memorable tagline is an essential element of a business's branding strategy. With AISEO's tagline


AISEO offers flexible pricing options designed to cater to businesses of various sizes and budgets. For individuals, AISEO offers a monthly subscription plan for $15/month. Small teams can opt for the Grow plan at $29/month, which comes with four user accounts. For larger businesses, the Scale plan is available for $79/month that offers unlimited credits and team member accounts. An annual subscription option is also available, offering a 20% discount.

Credits are the currency used in AISEO, with each tool in the app having its own credit consumption rate. For instance, the long-form assistant tool consumes one credit per generation, and the paraphrasing tool consumes one credit for every 60-70 words. Credits can also be consumed for the readability improver tool - one credit is consumed for each improved hard sentence. The app does not consume credits when the AI is unable to improve a sentence.

AISEO supports 25 different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Chinese, among others. Non-English content writers can take advantage of the app's multi-language support.

AISEO offers a free 7-day trial, whereby users can try out the app's features with 60 free credits. Enthusiastic customers can also obtain unlimited LTD by contacting the app's customer support via the chatbot widget. Payment options include PayPal, which customers can use to pay for their subscriptions.

For those who want to purchase an AISEO subscription, there are discount codes available. Users can avail of a 15% discount with the code provided on the website. Additionally, AISEO offers a limited time 20% discount with a separate code. The company accepts discount codes from users who wish to purchase the app at a lower cost.

Slogan Generator

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