Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro is an end-to-end identity verification platform, powered by artificial intelligence, offering eKYC, KYT, and anti-money laundering solutions for global compliance.

About Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro is a global identity verification platform that offers efficient and scalable services powered by AI technology. This innovative solution authenticates individuals, businesses, and investors in over 230 countries and territories. Its hybrid verification technology combines the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI) to deliver accurate results that are 99% reliable. Shufti Pro offers customizable and industry-specific solutions that meet KYC, AML, and KYB regulatory requirements. With its flexible pricing model, users can choose between pay-as-you-go or monthly billing, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. Personalized workflows, NFC verification, and support in over 200 languages make it possible for Shufti Pro to cater to different user requirements.


Shufti Pro is an AI-powered identity verification platform that provides scalable and reliable services for businesses. Its global coverage, speedy processing, and high accuracy rate of document verification are assisted by Hybrid Verification Technology. Shufti Pro offers hassle-free implementation with easy developer options, pay-as-you-go and monthly pricing models, and customizable user experiences. Its excellent customer support with a dedicated account manager, resource center, and round-the-clock availability ensures a smooth customer experience. Shufti Pro is flexible, scalable, and caters to different industries and businesses of all sizes around the world.

Company Overview

Shufti Pro is an innovative AI-powered identity verification platform that aims to accelerate trust in the digital economy. The company was established in 2017, and since then, it has become a market leader in the identity verification market with a global presence. Shufti Pro has offices in the United Kingdom, Sweden, the United States, Cyprus, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

Shufti Pro's goal is to make trust work universally, anywhere, at any time. This objective is achieved by providing accurate, simple, fast, and scalable identity verification services. Whether it's verifying the authenticity of a business entity or an investor, evaluating individual customer risk scores, screening customers against sanctions lists, or extracting data from documents in any language, Shufti Pro's global trust platform provides a comprehensive solution for verifying identities. Shufti Pro also enables businesses to customize their identity verification process and provide a personalized experience for their customers by verifying ID documents with NFC verification.

The company is proud of its global team of experts who are committed to providing accurate and trustworthy identity verification services. Shufti Pro's leadership team includes Victor Fredung as Co-Founder and CEO, Shahid Hanif as Founder and CTO, Steve Ullman as Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Costas Konis as Head of Innovation, Patrick Kelly as Head of Sales Americas, Christian Wheeler as Head of Sales Europe, Ahmad Jamal as Head of Sales MENA, Amira S. Abusrour as Senior Business Development, Ryan Elkadi as Account Executive - North America, Paul Keene as Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Barry Wong as Head of Asia Pacific, Michael Kelly as Business Development Representative, Rodrigo Altamar as Sales Director LATAM, Silvia Ivanova as Business Development Executive, Anna Salles as Head of HR, Hala El Mashtoub as Business Development Specialist, Lily Crawley as Office Manager, Laura Newman as Senior Account Manager, and Philip Nickel as Head of Staff.

Shufti Pro is a company that advocates for bold thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork, mutual respect, and personal and business growth. Its success is attributed to its commitment to excellence demonstrated by launching new solutions, opening new offices in different parts of the world, securing $20m in Series A Funding, and winning numerous awards such as the "Best KYC Solution for Client On-boarding 2022."


Global Coverage, Speed, and Accuracy

Selfie-based identity verification within seconds

Shufti Pro offers fast and efficient selfie-based identity verification that can verify a user's identity within seconds. This feature is reliable and easy to use, making it an excellent option for businesses that need to verify their customer's identity.

99% Accurate AI-powered Document Verification

Shufti Pro is equipped with advanced AI-powered technology that enables accurate and reliable document verification. With support for more than 10,000 ID types in 230+ countries and territories, Shufti Pro's document verification is efficient and customizable to meet the specific needs of any client.

Support for 200+ Languages and 1,000+ Watchlists

Shufti Pro's platform offers support for more than 200 languages, making it accessible to clients globally. Furthermore, Shufti Pro connects with more than 1,000 watchlists, ensuring compliance with different regulations.

Hassle-free Implementation

Easy Developer Options

Shufti Pro provides simple options for quick and easy developer integration. Solutions are easy to implement, making it possible to set up identity verification processes swiftly.

Pay As You Go and Monthly Pricing Model

Shufti Pro's pay-as-you-go and monthly pricing model provides a flexible and affordable option for the client. This experience enables clients to customize their expenses by rolling out a cost-effective solution that meets their specific needs.

Hybrid Verification Technology (AI + HI)

Shufti Pro uses Hybrid Verification Technology to deliver accurate results. This state-of-the-art solution combines the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI) to verify identities accurately and efficiently. The combined strength of both technologies makes Shufti Pro's verification process one of the most reliable in the industry.

Customized User Experience

NFC Verification

Shufti Pro enables businesses to customize their customer onboarding experience by verifying ID documents with NFC verification. This technology uses Near-Field Communication (NFC) to scan identity documents and extract essential personal data promptly.

Personalized Verification Workflows

Shufti Pro helps businesses build customized verification workflows that match their needs. Clients are provided with a broad range of options to choose from, ensuring that they have a reliable and personalized process perfectly tailored for their business.

Advanced KYC and AML Checks

Shufti Pro's advanced KYC and AML checks prevent fraud by verifying the legitimacy of clients. This includes verifying important personal data provided by the individual and running background checks, amongst others. Shufti Pro is designed to help organizations minimize risk and ensure a smooth, secure onboarding process.

Excellent Client Support

24/7 Customer Support

Shufti Pro provides round-the-clock customer support for all clients, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. The support team is available at all times to answer questions and provide relevant support on issues concerning identity verification.

Dedicated Account Manager

Each Shufti Pro client is assigned a dedicated account manager, who provides support and guides the client throughout their journey. This personalized approach ensures that unique client requirements are well understood and that solutions are designed to meet these requirements.

Knowledge Base and Resource Center

Shufti Pro has an extensive knowledge base and resource center available to clients. These resources contain relevant information on a broad range of topics, including identity verification regulations, industry news, and solution updates, significantly contributing to improved customer experience.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Custom-built Solutions

Shufti Pro provides custom-built solutions that cater to specific customer needs. This ensures that businesses can pick and choose the services and features relevant to their operations without overburdening their expenses.

Scalable Identification Verification Services

Shufti Pro's identification verification services are scalable and customizable for growing businesses. The platform is designed to accommodate clients in various industries, and support can also be expanded accordingly as the demand increases over time.

Multiple Integrations

Shufti Pro is engineered to support multiple integrations, significantly improving the client experience. These integrations ensure that Shufti Pro's identity verification services can run smoothly and effortlessly with third-party solutions required by the client's business.


What is Shufti Pro?

Shufti Pro is an AI-powered identity verification and fraud prevention service that provides thorough and efficient KYC, AML, and KYB processes to ensure the authenticity of customer identities.

What is KYC and AML screening?

KYC or Know Your Customer is an identity verification system that authenticates the real identity of customers during the onboarding process. AML or Anti-Money Laundering screening refers to the background checks of high-risk entities to prevent financial crimes like money laundering and terror financing.

What is Video KYC?

Video KYC allows businesses to remotely verify customers. The customer registers on the website, and the KYC expert gets in touch with the customer on a live video call. During the video call, the AI-powered document and face verification checks are also performed to authenticate the customer’s identity.

What is KYB?

Know Your Business or KYB is a verification process that validates corporate entities. Suppliers, vendors, shareholders have to be verified before partnering with other businesses.

Can businesses verify COVID tests?

Yes, Shufti Pro offers a digital COVID Pass, an automated solution to verify COVID tests without any installation or API integration. Public spaces can validate PCR tests to ensure safer customer onboarding.

Shufti Pro

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