An innovative platform combining biomarker data and personalized recommendations to empower individuals on their longevity journey.

About Rejuve


Rejuve.AI is a decentralized longevity research network powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that is designed to bring together researchers, clinics, and data contributors to work collaboratively on breakthrough discoveries in the fight against aging. The company aims to empower people globally to monitor their health data, earn rewards and contribute to cutting-edge research. With its powerful AI technology, Rejuve.AI enables individuals worldwide to track and analyze their health data, gain insights into their personal health risks, and receive personalized recommendations to lead healthier lives. Additionally, with the use of blockchain-based cryptocurrency RJV tokens, the platform offers users rewards for staying motivated on their wellness journey, redeemable for discounts on longevity therapies, medical tests, and other health products and services.


Rejuve.AI is an AI-driven longevity research network that provides personalized insights for individuals to improve their health and earn rewards. The platform tracks users' biomarkers and generates personalized recommendations shaped around the 9 Hallmarks of Aging. Additionally, users can integrate fitness tracker data, earning RJV tokens that can be redeemed for discounts on medical tests, longevity therapies, and other health-related products and services. With the ability to monitor biomarkers and access personalized recommendations, individuals can lead healthier lives and better understand their health risks. Furthermore, Rejuve's platform offers community features such as regular updates, community support, and product feedback to stay motivated to achieve optimal wellness. Ultimately, with its cutting-edge AI technology and blockchain-based cryptocurrency, Rejuve.AI aims to empower individuals worldwide to contribute to the fight against aging and accelerate the development of treatments and solutions.

Company Overview

Rejuve.AI is a decentralized, AI-driven longevity research network designed to bring together researchers, clinics, and data contributors to work collaboratively on making breakthrough discoveries in the fight against aging while making the resulting solutions accessible and affordable for everyone. Founded with the aim of empowering people all over the world to track their health data, gain valuable insights, contribute to cutting-edge research, and earn rewards, Rejuve.AI puts power back into the hands of individuals, allowing them to monetize their health data and obtain maximal personal benefit from their contributions.

Utilizing probabilistic logic Bayesian net service, BayesianExpert, Rejuve.AI makes the manual creation of Bayesian networks based on expert rules and statistics directly from the medical literature easy. The use of an unsupervised learning compositional neural network allows inferences to be made between different parts of different types of data. This system can "fill in the gaps" when certain data is missing by analyzing profiles of other similar profiles. Additionally, the company's Generative Cooperative Network (GCN) is a deep neural embedding framework that combines multiple neural architectures to create embedding vectors representing various aspects of each Rejuve member.

Rejuve.AI enables individuals from anywhere in the world to track and analyze their health data and gain insights into their personal health risks by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. The platform offers personalized and actionable insights to help users lead healthier lives, identify potential health issues earlier and make better-informed decisions about their health. Additionally, Rejuve.AI allows users to contribute to research on longevity and aging, providing valuable data for researchers and helping to accelerate the development of treatments and solutions.

Overall, Rejuve.AI is a pioneering longevity research network that is utilizing cutting-edge AI technologies to take a collaborative approach to the fight against aging. With a focus on empowering individuals to be advocates of their own health and to contribute meaningfully to the wider goal of helping everyone to live longer and healthier lives, Rejuve.AI is an exciting development in the field of longevity research.


Personalized Insights

Advanced AI Algorithms

Rejuve's tool employs sophisticated AI algorithms to calculate biological age and generate personalized insights and recommendations modeled around the 9 Hallmarks of Aging plus an additional proposed 10th Hallmark. Using this feature, users can receive insights into their overall healthspan, identifying areas where they may need to focus on improvement. This feature allows users to track their longevity, improving their healthspan, and earning RJV tokens.

Biomarker Tracking

With Rejuve's tool, users can track their biological age, allowing them to assess whether their body is aging faster or slower than their chronologic age. Tracking biomarkers is important because it allows the user to understand which lifestyle habits or therapies affect their healthspan. Without monitoring biomarkers, it is difficult to get a clear understanding of how one’s body is reacting to the various factors that impact health. Having the ability to monitor biomarkers is a crucial feature of Rejuve's tool, and it is one of the reasons why users find it helpful to improve their healthspan.

Personalized Recommendations

Users of the Rejuve tool will have access to personalized recommendations based on their biological age, sex, and lifestyle factors. These recommendations will be modeled around the 9 Hallmarks of Aging plus an additional proposed 10th Hallmark. Personalized recommendations could be suggested diets, exercises, or therapies that may positively impact their healthspan, helping them to achieve optimal wellness. Having access to personalized recommendations is an essential feature of the Rejuve platform.

RJV Tokens

Fitness Tracker Integration

Rejuve's tool will allow users to integrate fitness tracker data, which will reward users with RJV tokens for completing various challenges. This feature incentivizes users to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, providing a tangible reward that can be used to redeem discounts on longevity therapies, supplements, medical tests, and other health-related products. By integrating this feature, Rejuve's tool makes it easier for users to stay motivated on their wellness journey.

Discounts on Health Products and Services

With RJV tokens earned from the Rejuve tool, users can redeem discounts on supplements, medical tests, longevity therapies, and more. This incentivizes users to adopt healthier lifestyle habits, incentivizing them with tangible rewards. Users can redeem their tokens for discounts on health products and services at various partner companies, cultivating a comprehensive approach to achieving optimal health and wellness.

Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrency

RJV tokens are blockchain-based cryptocurrency that can be traded in the open market. Rejuve created an ecosystem that has its own cryptocurrency token for the platform. Using blockchain technology, Rejuve’s tool is secure, which ensures users have privacy and anonymity. With RJV tokens, users have a unique opportunity to benefit financially from improving their healthspan while being incentivized to take steps to achieve optimal wellness.

Community Features

Updates and Newsletters

Rejuve's tool provides regular updates on the latest news, events, product releases, and any other exciting developments across the longevity industry. By subscribing to Rejuve's newsletters, users can ensure they receive critical updates personalized to their health and wellness goals, keeping them informed and engaged in the longevity community and issues surrounding health and wellness.

Community Support

The Rejuve platform offers users the opportunity to connect with others in the longevity community. This feature provides an outlet for users to share their stories, ask questions, and receive expert advice from members of the global longevity community. Interacting with others in the longevity community is a vital component for users to stay motivated and engaged in their health and wellness journey.

Product Feedback

Rejuve's tool provides users with the opportunity to provide feedback on products and services related to health and wellness. This feedback allows Rejuve to adjust and improve their platform, offering users a unique opportunity to shape the development of the Rejuve platform. In turn, this feature helps Rejuve to build a more comprehensive view of the longevity industry, learn from users and implement actionable insights that will help to achieve better outcomes for users.


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