Effortlessly create high-quality videos with an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and unlimitedly customizable interface using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.

About Neuralframes


Neuralframes has become a major player in the AI video creation tool industry with its AI animation generator. It uses cutting-edge AI technology to allow users to create stunning digital art from abstract to hyper-realistic and any tone in between. The tool takes words as inputs that an AI converts to motion content based on Stable Diffusion, an artificial neural network exposed to 2.7 billion images. Neuralframes has a prompt assistant that supports the tedious task of coming up with AI video prompts. The company offers four pricing tiers on a monthly basis, giving users varying video generation times ranging from 6 to unlimited minutes, as well as standard to unlimited custom models. Neuralframes has revolutionized the creation of engaging short content for various projects with its user-friendly interface, exceeding users' expectations and making it 100 times cheaper and faster than other solutions to create music videos.


Neuralframes is an AI video creation tool that uses leading-edge AI technology to allow users to create stunning digital art, available in four pricing tiers on a monthly basis with varying video generation times. Its features include being user-friendly with an easy-to-use interface, providing unlimited creativity and customizability for artists, and being cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for emerging artists in the music industry or anyone looking to create high-quality videos effortlessly.

Company Overview

Neuralframes offers an AI animation generator that puts no limitations on your imagination to create stunning digital art, ranging from abstract to hyper-realistic and any tone in between. The company's AI animation generator takes words as inputs, which an AI will convert to motion content. The AI is based on Stable Diffusion, an artificial neural network that has seen 2.7 billion images. The company has an AI-based prompt assistant to support with the tedious task of coming up with AI video prompts.

Neuralframes has become a game changer in the field of AI video creation tools, exceeding users' expectations with its versatile features and opening up new possibilities for the creation of engaging short content for various projects. Users of the tool have praised the company for its ease of use and user-friendly interface. The AI tool has made it 100 times cheaper and faster to create a whole new world for music videos than with any other solution.

Neuralframes offers four pricing tiers on a monthly basis, with video generation times ranging from 6 to unlimited minutes. The lower-priced tiers offer standard models and limited custom models, while the higher-priced tiers offer more custom models and unlimited prompt enhancers. All tiers offer upscaling ranging from 720p to 1080p, depending on the plan.

The company was built by a physicist in sleepless nights and is open to feedback to improve its services. The website is greatly inspired by Deforum but does not actually use it. For inspiration on prompts, the company recommends Lexica. Neuralframes' impressive AI art generator has shown to be artistic and addictive and is a tool that everyone should try. It has taken NFT projects from stagnant boring stills to super dope animation visuals with impressive consistency.

Neuralframes has become a pioneering art machine, allowing users to collaborate and create chaotically profound visual clay. It provides a solution to the tedious task of creating AI video prompts and has set a remarkable standard in the AI animation generation industry.


AI-based Video Generation

Revolutionary Tool for Creating Stunning Visuals

Neuralframes is an AI-based video generation tool that can transform the way you create your Spotify Canvas. The use of cutting-edge AI technology allows you to produce stunning visuals that captivate your audience, without the need for hours of work or technical expertise. This tool gives you the opportunity to fully express your creativity while aligning your visuals with your unique sound and style. Neuralframes allows musicians to create high-quality videos in a matter of minutes, making it a powerful tool for emerging artists looking to make a name for themselves in the competitive music industry.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Neuralframes offers an easy-to-use interface that allows even non-technical users to produce high-quality videos. The tool's interface is intuitive and user-friendly, with simple step-by-step instructions that guide you through the video creation process. This means that you can create professional-looking videos without having to learn complex software or programming languages.

Cross-Platform Video Production

Neuralframes allows you to produce videos for use across multiple platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, and social media. This feature saves you time and effort since you only need to create one video that you can use across several platforms. With Neuralframes, you can maximize the impact of your videos by sharing them across several platforms, increasing your reach and exposure.

Customized Video Creation

Unlimited Creativity

With Neuralframes, you have unlimited creative potential. You can customize every aspect of your video, from the initial prompt to the final frame, to precisely match your artistic vision. Neuralframes provides users with the freedom to experiment with different designs, settings, and themes to create unique and visually stunning videos that engage their audience.

No Experience Required

Neuralframes requires no prior video production experience. The tool is designed to be used even by those who have never created a video before. The tool guides you through the process, allowing you to create high-quality videos effortlessly, even if you have no experience in the field. This feature makes it an ideal tool for artists looking to create professional videos while focusing on their music.

Cutting-Edge AI Technology

Neuralframes uses AI technology to generate visually stunning videos. By leveraging the power of AI, the tool can create videos that are highly engaging and visually appealing. The use of AI technology also ensures that the videos are of high quality, even for those with no experience in video production. This feature makes Neuralframes an ideal tool for musicians and artists who want to create professional-looking videos quickly and easily.


Low-Cost Video Production

Neuralframes offers affordable video production that is accessible to everyone. The tool's pricing model is flexible and ranges from $0.07 to $0.15 per video. This makes it an ideal solution for emerging artists who are working with limited budgets. The low cost of production does not compromise the quality of the videos, ensuring that artists can create compelling videos without breaking the bank.

No Additional Costs

Neuralframes does not require any additional costs other than the subscription fee. This means that artists can use the tool to produce as many videos as they want without incurring any additional costs. This feature makes Neuralframes an excellent choice for artists looking for a low-cost video production solution.

Flexibility in Subscription Plans

Neuralframes offers a range of subscription plans to suit different needs and budgets. The tool's free plan allows users to create up to 100 videos per month, while the paid plans offer unlimited video production. This means that artists can choose a plan that suits their needs, ensuring that they only pay for what they use.


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