AI-powered platform that generates unlimited royalty-free music using realistic and believable sounds, enabling creators to create custom playlists.

About Mubert

Mubert is an innovative music technology company that aims to transform the music industry by connecting creators, musicians, and brands worldwide. The platform's mission is to democratize the music industry by empowering artists and producers to generate income through their music while offering a platform for users to access custom, royalty-free audio tracks through their AI-powered generative music feature.

Unlike other licensing platforms, Mubert's AI technology enables users to instantly generate music tracks of a specific length, genre, and mood. The platform offers a vast library of more than one million samples from over 4,000 genres and has more than 100 carefully curated categories to enable users to locate the right tracks expeditiously. Mubert licenses cover the entire music spectrum, making it versatile and ideal for various businesses and users globally.

The research-backed system is compatible with all major platforms worldwide and offers DMCA-compliant music that users can license without concerns of receiving strikes or legal claims on platforms such as Twitch and Instagram. In this review, we will provide an in-depth analysis of Mubert's features, integrations, and licensing options, showcasing the platform's reliability, security, and innovation.


Mubert connects creators, musicians, and brands worldwide, democratizing the music industry by empowering artists and producers to monetize their music. The AI-powered generative music feature enables users to access custom, royalty-free, and instantly generated music tracks of a specific length, genre, and mood. Mubert's vast library of over one million samples categorizes more than 100 genres, offering DMCA-compliant royalty-free tracks suitable for businesses, content creators, app builders, and advertisers. The platform is compatible with all major platforms worldwide and provides a streamlined process for music licensing. Mubert also offers API integration and collaborations, providing unique opportunities for custom music experiences.

Company Overview

Mubert is a music tech platform that is changing the way music is created and shared. The company's mission is to empower creators worldwide by offering a collaborative platform that pairs musicians with artificial intelligence (AI) to generate custom, high-quality, and royalty-free music. Unlike other licensing platforms, Mubert's AI technology allows users to instantly generate an audio track of a specific length, genre, and mood, effectively customizing music more than ever before. With a wide range of license types, dynamic streaming presets, and over one million samples from more than 4,000 musicians, Mubert is one of the most versatile and powerful licensing platforms around.

Mubert's platform is perfect for everyone from streamers to filmmakers to app builders who want to license music that fits their creative vision quickly. The company's database has more than 100 genres of music that are carefully categorized and pre-selected by the company's staff, making it easier for users to find the right tracks quickly.

Not only does Mubert serve as a platform for licensing existing music, but it also offers a real-time generative music feature. Mubert's technology can create new, personalized tracks that fit the user's specific requirements almost instantly. Therefore, streamers, content creators, app developers, and musicians can unleash their creativity with Mubert's massive database of tracks.

Mubert's platform is designed to give artists, musicians, and producers a chance to monetize their art by earning real money while reducing their financial dependency on publishers or live shows. Meanwhile, content creators can rest assured that they're licensing top-quality audio material generated by real musicians and producers.

Mubert's team understands how complex navigating the copyright landscape can be, especially for creators. To tackle this, the company offers various licensing types that cover the entire musical landscape, from creators to broadcasters, app developers to advertisers, and more. And if your business requires a custom-made license, Mubert can help. The company's licensing is compatible with all the major platforms worldwide, and licensing royalty-free music through Mubert means there are no DMCA claims or strikes to worry about.

As one of the most innovative and multifaceted music tech platforms around, businesses and individuals who work with Mubert can be part of the next-gen music landscape. The company's goal is to inspire, transform and help the music industry move forward by connecting musicians, creators, and brands across the globe.


Real-time generative music

Unleash creativity with a massive database of pre-made tracks and generative music

Mubert's platform allows users to create custom music on-demand based on their preferences. With more than one million samples from over 4,000 musicians, Mubert is one of the most versatile and powerful licensing platforms in the world. With its real-time generative music, users can customize the length, genre, and mood of their music, providing content creators, from filmmakers to app builders, with instant access to quality music tailored to their taste. This powerful value proposition is perfect for businesses that need to license music efficiently.

Large Database of Carefully Categorized Music Tracks Available

With over 100 genres to choose from and various attributes to help users find the right tracks, Mubert helps to expedite the creative process. This system helps filmmakers and other content creators save time and effort by easily navigating through genre-specific tracks, fast tracking their production process. Everyone from casual Twitch streamers to app-building gurus can explore Mubert's diverse library and venture as far as their imaginations can take them.

Speed and efficiency

Mubert has proprietary music generative software, that is able to create new tracks in real-time, using a wide range of algorithms to create unique music that users can incorporate into their productions. This feature is powered by technology that seamlessly blends generative music-making with the need for speed and reliability, creating an innovative platform that spurs creativity.

Versatile Licensing

Wide variety of licensing types available

Mubert's platform covers the entire musical landscape and offers a wide range of licensing options that are suitable for different businesses. The licensing options cover everything from content creators to broadcasters to app developers to advertisers. Additionally, Mubert offers custom-made licenses for those users who require something tailor-made.

Pro-level audio material from real musicians and producers

Working with real musicians and producers ensures that the audio material produced is of a professional-level quality, suitable for commercial use. Music-makers can use Mubert to generate income while becoming less financially dependent on publishers or live shows. Creators know that they're licensing audio material from a verifiable source and this helps them feel more confident and secure Mubert's wide variety of licensing types provides security for users who might to navigate the world of copyright intelligently.

Compatibility with all major platforms worldwide

Creators license royalty-free music through Mubert and can rest assured that it is compatible with all the major platforms worldwide. This feature is particularly valuable because DMCA claims and strikes can impede the ability of creators to work freely. The licensing scheme is designed to make the entire process of licensing music as smooth as possible and enables creators and businesses to focus on their creative endeavors.

Collaboration Opportunities

The next-gen music landscape

Mubert's innovative, multi-faceted music tech platform has a mission to inspire, transform and help the music industry move forward by connecting musicians, creators, and brands. Working or collaborating with Mubert means that you are part of the next-generation music landscape, with access to a community of musicians who are shaping the future of the music industry. Mubert's collaborative platform, which pairs musicians with AI, is redefining the way music is created, experienced and licensed, and changing the "business as usual" approach to music creation.

Creative network

Mubert offers a unique opportunity to connect with musicians, artists, and producers. With its platform, users can collaborate with others and build a vibrant community of people who share their passion for music-making. This network provides multiple opportunities for musicians, artists, and producers to monetize their art, expanding their professional horizons.

Innovation defining the music industry landscape

By building a collaborative platform that connects musicians with AI, Mubert is redefining the way music is created, experienced, and licensed. Mubert's unique approach seeks to inspire creativity, transform the music industry and help it move forward by connecting musicians, creators, and brands. Working with Mubert presents an opportunity to become a part of a community that is shaping the future of the music industry.


Mubert is an AI-driven music streaming service that offers a unique and personalized music experience. The company has integrated with various platforms to make its innovative music technology accessible to more users.

API Integration

Mubert's API integration allows developers to access their music generation technology and create custom apps that incorporate music streams. The API is easy to use, well-documented, and supported by a dedicated developer team. It offers a streamlined process for integrating custom music into applications, as developers can easily request Mubert tracks based on genres, moods, and other parameters. This integration opens possibilities for creating unique music experiences that cater to various user needs. The API can be accessed by creating an account and requesting an API key.


Mubert has partnered with multiple brands and companies to bring its AI-generated music to various industries. The company's music technology has made its way into virtual and augmented reality environments, gaming, video production, and more. One notable collaboration is with the Posthuman Island project that showcases the futuristic world of five transformed humans in the year 2060. These posthumans have diaries that document their time spent in isolated rooms with unlimited access to outside information. Mubert's music is incorporated into this project to offer a novel way of expressing the posthumans' emotions and experiences. Other collaborations include working with music festivals, medical institutions, and wellness centers, to enhance user experiences with AI-generated music.

Creator Economy

Mubert has also aided in democratizing the creator economy by enabling musicians, producers, and podcasters to monetize their creative works on their platform. Musicians can upload their music and get it automatically transformed into a stream of unique, royalty-free tracks that other users can access. The platform's unique algorithm offers an ever-changing stream of music that users can browse, discover, and curate into playlists. This integration offers opportunities for artists to collaborate with Mubert in creating AI-generated music tailored to their style and needs easily. The platform also offers exclusive drops, secret channels, and partnerships, offering additional revenue streams for creators, within the platform.


What is Mubert?

Mubert is an innovative music company and a pioneer in promoting generative and AI (artificial intelligence) music. The company's flagship product is Mubert API, a solution which allows integrating music into any app, website, game, etc. The clients of the service include PicsArt, Sleep Cycle,, and Adidas.

How does Mubert create music?

Mubert creates music out of samples using special algorithms. The generator takes samples from the sound library and creates an endless music stream based on the settings. This is what makes it essentially different from a linear composition created in DAW, where the author decides at what point in time this or that element will be played. All manipulations with ready-made samples are done on the platform called MUBERT STUDIO. The platform operates best in Google Chrome.

What are "samples" in Mubert?

In Mubert, a "sample" is a digital sound fragment, a loop used by the Mubert algorithm to generate a musical sound stream. All samples are divided into 12 functional groups (INSTRUMENT tag on the platform): drums, bass, pad, melody, fx, percussion, brass, string, lead, chord, arp, and atmosphere. Based on their harmonic tension, these groups can be further divided into tonal samples, which have scale, tonality, and strong tone, and atonal samples, without strong note, scale or tonality, which match any harmony.

What should tonal samples uploaded to the platform include?

Tonal samples uploaded to the platform should have relevant KEY and SCALE tags. At this point, you can use any tonality and the scale is limited to natural major and minor. The minor scale can be:

  • natural minor (Aeolian scale)
  • Dorian mode
  • Phrygian mode
  • Mixolydian mode
  • blues scale (C minor)

How long should loops be in Mubert?

The duration of loops may be 1/2/4/8/16/32/64 bars. The preferred loop duration is 4 to 16 bars. Rhythm elements may be shorter for better variability. We recommend making samples with reverb or release "ends" and/or a high level of sustain longer, so that the stream plays more smoothly and continuously. The main thing is to make the most multi-purpose loops possible.


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