AI tool by Crayon Data to help enterprises better understand their online customers through ever-learning algorithms and a powerful engine.

About Maya is an innovative AI-powered personalization platform that has processed over 2.9 billion customer transactions, delivered nine million personal storefronts, and generated $330 million in total incremental spends. The company specializes in delivering real-time personalized offerings and optimizing the product portfolio for customers, banks, and merchants from data to digital in just two weeks. By uncovering untapped opportunities and identifying customer tastes, increases revenue, engages dormant customers, and improves customer loyalty. Additionally, the machine learning algorithms learn and improve with every interaction, leading to better personalization not achievable by traditional algorithms. uses pseudonymized transaction data instead of personally identifiable information (PII) to profile customer entities, making the platform GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified.'s technology has powered several financial institutions, proving successful at acquiring merchants, monitoring campaigns, and driving growth.'s platform is built with an API-first principle and seamlessly integrates with a wide range of platforms and modules.

TLDR is an AI-driven personalization platform that provides real-time personalized offerings for customers, banks, and merchants. The company has analyzed 2.9 billion customer transactions, with nine million personal storefronts delivered and $330 million generated. optimizes product portfolios and increases customer loyalty, engagement, and revenue growth by uncovering untapped opportunities and identifying customer tastes.'s technology uses pseudonymized transaction data and is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified. The platform seamlessly integrates with a wide range of platforms and modules and has powered several financial institutions. Built with an API-first approach,'s AI-powered technology learns and improves with every interaction, leading to better personalization results.

Company Overview

Maya is an AI-driven personalization platform that specializes in providing real-time personalized choices to customers, banks, and merchants. They have analyzed 2.9 billion customer transactions, delivered over nine million personal storefronts, and generated $330 million in total incremental spends. With Maya, customers can transact seamlessly while businesses can boost their revenue by 3-7%. The platform also helps activate dormant customers and increase spends across a business's portfolio, improve customer loyalty across all segments, and retain at-risk customers. Their AI technology drives 15-20% of spends from inactive segments and enables taste-led discovery.

Maya's technology provides customers with an intelligent mix of recommendations based on repeat behavior, leading to significant revenue growth. The platform offers ready-to-go use cases and pre-configured, themed campaigns that enable businesses to curate and launch campaigns in under 45 minutes, from data to digital in just two weeks. Traditional algorithms classify customers based on demographics or behavior, but Maya develops a unique personal taste profile for each customer. Maya's machine learning algorithms learn and improve with every customer interaction in real-time, leading to never-seen-before personalization.

Maya values privacy and does not use personally identifiable information (PII) but only pseudonymized transaction data to profile customer entities rather than identities. The company is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified, ensuring that customer data is safe. Maya's technology has helped drive portfolio growth for the largest credit card issuer in India, powered the merchant-bank-customer loop and drove growth for a leading global card issuer in the Middle East, and helped acquire merchants, monitor campaigns, personalize offers, and drive growth for a tier-1 bank in Singapore.


Real-time Omnichannel Personalization

Create Personalized Digital Experiences

Maya's personalization platform offers enterprises the ability to create and deliver bespoke, contextualized digital experiences across all channels. With the Choice API and three enterprise studios, you can seamlessly engage customers with relevant recommendations, optimizing your portfolio and managing offers for maximum impact.

Supported Channels

The platform supports multiple channels, enabling enterprises to engage with customers across all touchpoints. Supported channels include email, web, mobile, social media, and more.

Enrich Merchant and Customer Profiles

Analyze and Profile Merchants, Offers, and Customers

Maya's pre-built ML models provide enterprises with the ability to analyze and profile merchants, offers, and customers. Uncover opportunities and identify customer tastes, ensuring the right merchant and offers are presented to them. With external data and algorithms from Maya's global merchant repository, you can enrich enterprise data and deliver personalized omni-channel campaigns.

Ingest Structured and Unstructured Data

Maya's AI tool allows you to ingest structured and unstructured data from both external and internal sources, with constant refreshes to ensure the database stays updated. This enables enterprises to keep a comprehensive and up-to-date view of the market, enabling them to make data-driven decisions.

Choice API

API-First Principle

The platform is built on an API-first principle, which means all of Maya's capabilities can be delivered with the Choice API. It provides a TasteMatch score between a customer and a product, based on the individual’s taste. You can deliver consistent, unified engagement experiences to all your customers through multiple ways to support these capabilities, including TasteCollection, TasteMatch, Search, and Recommendation.

Drive Impact

Optimize Your Portfolio and Manage Offers

Maya's personalization platform enables enterprises to drive maximum impact by optimizing their product portfolio and managing offers. Real-time tracking allows you to analyze and profile merchants, offers, and customers with pre-built ML models, unleashing the potential to deliver personalized omni-channel campaigns. Uncover opportunities for merchants and create contextually relevant recommendations for every customer.

Track In Real Time

The platform tracks engagement in real-time, providing enterprises with the ability to make data-driven decisions quickly. This feature ensures enterprises can adjust their approach and pivot in response to market changes while keeping a comprehensive view of customer tastes and preferences.


Maya's AI-powered tool is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of platforms, modules, APIs, and integrations, making it accessible to any tech stack. Maya's patented AI security and privacy solutions ensure that your data is safe and confidential.

Consumer Bank

The integration with Maya's AI tool allows consumer banks to leverage the power of predictive analytics to enhance customer experiences, reduce customer churn, and provide personalized product recommendations. By analyzing transactional data, Maya's tool provides valuable insights and helps banks better understand their customers' behavior and preferences. It also allows banks to automate many of their manual processes, reducing operational costs, and increasing efficiency.


Maya's AI tool provides powerful solutions for fintech companies. By integrating with Maya, fintech companies gain access to valuable insights and predictions that allow them to make informed decisions, automate processes, and increase efficiency. Maya's tool also helps fintech companies to reduce risk, fight fraud, and provide personalized product recommendations to their customers.


Maya's tool is an excellent fit for the travel industry. By integrating Maya's tool, travel companies can provide personalized recommendations to their customers, enhance the customer experience, and reduce customer churn. Maya's predictive analytics also helps travel companies to optimize their pricing, ensuring they remain competitive and profitable.

B2B Marketplace

Maya's AI-powered tool provides a significant advantage to B2B marketplaces. By integrating with Maya, B2B marketplaces can provide their customers with personalized product recommendations, reduce manual processes, and increase efficiency. Additionally, Maya's tool helps B2B marketplaces to fight fraud, reduce risk, and maintain the security and privacy of their users' data.

Merchant Marketplace

Maya's tool integrates seamlessly with merchant marketplaces, providing valuable insights and predictions that allow them to make informed decisions, automate processes, and increase efficiency. With Maya's predictive analytics, merchant marketplaces can optimize their pricing, provide personalized recommendations to their customers, and reduce risk and fraud.


What is is a personalization platform designed to help Credit Card, Debit Card and Wallet businesses engage their customers more effectively with personalized consumer choices. Its platform currently offers personalized engagement capabilities across multiple consumer categories, such as shopping, retail, dining, travel, etc. enables card and wallet businesses to become their customers’ top of mind and eventually their top of wallet choice of payment option with ease and confidence. can operate across all digital engagement channels from offer pages on websites, mobile sites, mobile apps to more traditional channels like email and SMS.

What does the Engage App do? offers Engage App, a ready-to-deploy white-labelled app for clients without an existing digital engagement asset, to display personalized recommendations and engage their customers with.

Does personalize existing offers?

To an extent, it is. For clients with existing offers, can personalize them for their customers. If detects that the existing offers are not effective in engaging the customers, it can offer suggestions on what offer merchants to acquire and onboard to improve the engagement level. Additionally, Bazaar is our marketplace offering that connects your business with a supply of merchant offers from around the world and across consumer categories.

How has been used in the past?

While personalization can be used for digital acquisition, the platform has been used primarily for driving engagement, transactions and reactivation. In the past we have seen 1.3x improvement over control on reactivation, 3x-10x improvement over control on response rate, 20%-50% increase in click rates, 3%-7% increase in spends adopts a unique approach to generating recommendations leveraging structured, unstructured, historical as well as real-time data.

How does generate personalized recommendations? adopts a three-step approach when analysing transaction data: Deduplication of merchant names in transaction data, Merchant data enrichment at scale, and TasteMatch calculation to identify the best recommendation for a customer. Using proprietary & patented methods based on the graph theory (TasteGraph), calculates the affinity between the products or merchants in the enormous transaction data set. Combine this affinity with the outputs of a few other algorithms, mixed with real-time contextual signals, such as location, device, intent, weather, occasion, events and influence signals, such as trends and trusted data sources, a TasteMatch score is used to identify the most relevant choices for a customer.

What pricing model does follow? follows a subscription model (monthly licensing fee). Please contact us to know more.


Company Results

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