Streamline your research and writing process with LongShot, an advanced SEO-optimized content creation tool.

About LongShot

LongShot is an AI writing assistant that aims to simplify content creation for its users. By combining human and artificial intelligence, LongShot offers users a range of features that help research, generate, and optimize long-form content with ease. Launched in 2021, the platform has undergone many product iterations and now offers integrations with popular tools like WordPress and Hubspot CMS. LongShot offers features such as AI rephrasing, generating blog ideas, optimizing text, and boosting sales email creation, among others. LongShot's pricing options cater to different content needs, and users can opt for a Solo plan for individuals, a Team plan for teams or an Agency plan for agencies. LongShot offers integrations and AI-generated recommendations that can help you create dynamic and engaging content that attracts and engages your target audience. If LongShot isn't the right fit, alternatives such as MonkeyLearn, Google AutoML, and IBM Watson offer alternative solutions tailored to different content needs.


LongShot is an AI writing assistant that makes content creation easy for users, offering features such as AI rephrasing, generating blog ideas, optimizing text, and boosting sales email creation. Integrations with popular tools like WordPress and Hubspot CMS allow for the seamless flow of content creation. LongShot offers pricing options for individuals, teams, and agencies, and a range of AI-generated recommendations make creating high-quality content simple. Alternatives like MonkeyLearn, Google AutoML and IBM Watson offer alternatives tailored to different content needs.

Company Overview

LongShot is an AI writer that makes content creation effortless for users, helping research, generate, and optimize long-form content. The platform aims to become the gold standard for AI-based long-form writing assistants, and its fundamental goal is to make blogging so easy that anyone can use it. By combining human and artificial intelligence to create valuable content, LongShot has revolutionized how we create and consume content.

The journey of LongShot began in December 2020, realizing the potential of AI in the whole process of creating content. In February 2021, we launched our minimum viable product and received early feedback. By May 2021, we had gained some early users and discovered that long-form creation could provide massive value to users. This motivated us to undergo a massive product revamp, and by July 2021, we launched our AI-based long-form product and earned our first dollars

October 2021 marked a significant milestone for LongShot as we focused on improving the output quality of the platform, delivering fresh and authentic long-form content. We introduced our flagship Fact-Check feature, ensuring the factual accuracy of the content. By March 2022, LongShot had crossed 10,000+ users, and our focus shifted to serving large teams with collaboration features.

Using LongShot is easy, all you have to do is wake up, generate content, generate some more, sleep and repeat. The platform is one place for all your blogging needs, thus saving you both time and money while creating valuable content for your audience. With LongShot, you will increase your audience's time on your site by sharing valuable articles. Our team works closely with you to deliver the best product, making it so easy that anyone can use it. At LongShot, we don't want to be the best, but we want to be the only AI writing assistant that you need.


AI Content Rephraser

Intact Meaning

The LongShot AI tool can rephrase content while keeping the soul of the original piece intact. With this feature, you can make your content more engaging and stand out to your audience. The AI has a comprehensive vocabulary and can ensure that the context of your piece remains clear and easy to understand.

Preserves Understandability

LongShot's AI tool is perfect for people who struggle with paraphrasing or summarizing content without losing the original meaning. The AI can break down long and complex sentences into shorter, more concise phrases that preserve the understandability of the original content.

Enables Originality

The LongShot AI tool is a great way to create unique content without putting in too much work. The AI's rephrasing capabilities can help you come up with fresh ideas that your audience hasn't heard before. With this feature, you will never run out of content ideas again.

Blog Idea Generator

Creative Blogging Ideas

If you're stuck for ideas, LongShot's AI tool can generate some unique and creative blog ideas for you. With this feature, you can create high-quality content that is tailored to your niche and audience. The tool is great for those who lack creativity and find it challenging to come up with new blog ideas.

Variety of Topics

This feature allows the AI tool to generate relevant ideas for your blog in many different categories. So, whether you're writing about technology, health, or marketing, you can always find fresh content ideas.


The LongShot AI tool can help you come up with blog ideas quickly and easily. By using this feature, you can spend less time brainstorming and more time creating high-quality content.

Readable Text Generator

Easy-to-Read Content

LongShot's AI tool can ensure that your content is easy to read and understand. With this feature, the AI generates text that is simple and straightforward, making it perfect if you want to target a broad audience. This feature is also useful for people who lack writing experience or struggle with writing readable content.

Shorter Text

LongShot's AI tool allows you to break down long paragraphs into shorter, more manageable pieces of text. This feature is perfect if you want to create content with a lot of information but don't want to overwhelm your audience with long paragraphs.

Keyword-Driven Text

With LongShot's AI tool, you can generate text from your keyword inputs. This feature makes it easy to incorporate your target keywords into your content without sacrificing readability or quality.

Sales Boosting Email Creator

Human-Like Emails

The LongShot AI tool is perfect for boosting sales with its email creation feature. The AI can generate human-like emails that engage your audience, making it more likely that they will convert. This feature is perfect for people who struggle with crafting engaging emails that drive sales.

Customizable Email Suggestions

The AI can generate email suggestions based on your input, making it easy to create personalized emails that resonate with your target audience. This feature is perfect for people who want to create customized emails without spending too much time on each one.

Efficient Sales Generation

The LongShot AI tool is perfect for people who want to boost their sales efficiency. By using this tool to create emails, you can save time and resources while generating more sales for your business.

Blog SEO Optimization

Semantic SEO Scoring

The LongShot AI tool can generate a semantic SEO score for your content, giving you feedback on how to improve your blog's search engine optimization. With this feature, you can ensure that your blog ranks well in search results and drives more traffic to your site.

Fact Sheet Generator

The LongShot AI tool can generate a fact sheet based on the top search engine results for a given query. With this feature, you can ensure that your content is accurate and informative, making it more likely that your audience will find value in your blog.

Listicle Outline Generator

This feature allows the AI to generate an outline for your listicle-style blogs. With this feature, you can create high-quality listicles that are structured and easy to read, making it more likely that your audience will engage with your content.


LongShot AI provides a range of useful integrations to improve functionality and quality while you generate content. These integrations allow you to access LongShot's AI writing assistant directly from a variety of convenient platforms, including WordPress and Hubspot CMS. Additionally, LongShot offers useful AI-generated recommendations to help optimize your content for both human readers and search engines.

WordPress Plugin

LongShot's AI-powered WordPress plugin allows you to generate content inside the WP editor, right alongside your other web development tools. This integration streamlines your workflow, allowing you to produce high-quality, error-free content quickly and easily. Additionally, you can export AI-generated content directly onto your WordPress blog using Zapier or a similar integration tool.

Chrome Extension

The LongShot Chrome extension provides a range of useful features, including the ability to rephrase, summarize, expand, and customize content tone on any web page. This integration is perfect for online marketers and content creators who need to produce high-quality, engaging content quickly and easily.

HubSpot CMS Integration

With LongShot's HubSpot CMS integration, you can easily generate and publish AI-generated content directly on your website. This integration allows you to create high-quality, error-free content that is optimized for both human readers and search engines, without leaving the Hubspot platform.

SEO Recommendations

LongShot offers data-driven SEO recommendations to help you generate search-friendly long-form content that attracts and engages your target audience. These recommendations are based on real-world data and can help you optimize your content for keywords, relevance, and user engagement.

Spelling and Grammar Check

The LongShot AI writing assistant includes a spelling and grammar check feature that allows you to review content for spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, and other concerns. This feature ensures that your content is high-quality and error-free before you publish it online.

Plagiarism Detection

With LongShot's Copyscape integration, you can detect any plagiarism concerns and validate content originality quickly and easily. This integration helps you ensure that your content is original and free of plagiarism, which is essential for maintaining your credibility and reputation as a content creator.

In summary, LongShot's range of integrations and AI-generated recommendations can help you create high-quality, engaging content that attracts and engages your target audience. Whether you're a content marketer or a web developer, LongShot's AI writing assistant can help you streamline your workflow and produce content quickly and easily.


LongShot offers various subscription plans depending on your content needs. For individuals seeking to maximize their content game, LongShot offers a Solo plan, which starts at $29 per month for 250 credits. For teams seeking enterprise-class content collaboration, LongShot offers a Team plan, which starts at $49 per month for 500 credits, with the option to add more team members for an additional fee. For agencies looking to scale their content game, LongShot offers an Agency plan, which starts at $99 per month for 1,000 credits, with the option to add team members and clients for an additional fee.

LongShot also offers an annual billing option, where you can get 5 months free on any plan when you opt for this payment method. Additionally, every new user gets a free trial of 50 credits, with no need to input any credit card details for verification during signup. If you find LongShot valuable, you can choose any LongShot subscription and access all features and integrations for that plan at $1 for a 5-day trial. Unless you decide to cancel, you can continue with that subscription for that plan.

It's worth noting that LongShot credits are calculated based on how much content you generate or research, with each credit being equivalent to 50-55 words, and credit usage can be checked inside your account settings or on the left-hand panel of the app dashboard. LongShot does not offer refunds for purchases, but users can assess LongShot's capabilities by opting for the $1 trial for 5 days, which resets after this period has elapsed.

Overall, LongShot's pricing options cater to different content needs and user categories, making it a flexible option for writers, teams, and agencies seeking to optimize their content game.


What is LongShot and how does it work?

LongShot is an AI writing assistant that helps you research, generate, and optimize content blogs for humans and search engines. So, instead of spending countless hours on research and writing, you can get help directly from LongShot. LongShot uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and understand content from various sources, and can help you write compelling and informative content for your website.

How can LongShot help me create content that's optimized for search engines?

LongShot can help you optimize your content in several ways! For starters, it can suggest relevant and popular topics to help you attract more organic traffic. Additionally, it can offer SEO optimization suggestions based on keyword research to help you rank higher in search engine results pages. LongShot also analyzes your content to ensure it meets readability standards and can offer suggestions to improve its overall quality and flow.

Does LongShot have any specific features to help with research and fact-checking?

Yes, LongShot can help you research by providing you with insights from authoritative sources. Use LongShot to find reliable sources relevant to your topic quickly. Furthermore, for fact-checking, you can easily double-check claims and facts. LongShot will scan the text and verify statements automatically, ensuring accuracy in your writing.

What types of content can I create with LongShot?

LongShot can be used to create a variety of content types, including blog posts, articles, social media posts and more! You can use LongShot to suggest title ideas, provide relevant resources for inspiration and track performance to make data-driven improvements to your content. Additionally, LongShot will adjust your writing based on the writing style and tone you prefer, just in case you want to keep your brand's voice consistent.

How secure is my data with LongShot?

LongShot takes security and privacy seriously. All data is encrypted, and its secure API ensures that any information shared between the tool and server is secured. When using LongShot, you can ensure that your data is safe and only accessible by those with the appropriate permissions. Here are a few things you can do to make your account more secure: use a dependable password, Two-Factor Authentication, and limit who has permissions to access information within LongShot


If LongShot isn't the right AI tool for you, here are a few alternatives to consider:


MonkeyLearn is an AI-powered text analysis tool that helps businesses automate their customer support, market research, and data analysis processes. The platform offers a wide range of pre-built models to analyze text data in different languages, as well as a user-friendly interface where users can create their customized models without coding knowledge. This tool works well for small to medium-sized businesses that are looking for a reliable text analysis tool.

Google AutoML

Google AutoML is a machine learning platform that lets users build their customized machine learning models using the drag-and-drop interface. AutoML is powered by Google's machine learning algorithms, which means that it can quickly analyze and identify patterns in large datasets, saving companies time and money. This tool works well for teams with in-house data scientists who have experience working with machine learning algorithms.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is an AI-powered tool that offers natural language processing, machine learning, and predictive analytics to help businesses automate their workflow and improve their customer experience. Watson provides solutions for various industries, including healthcare, finance, and retail. Depending on the industry, Watson can perform tasks such as image recognition, speech to text conversion, sentiment analysis, and more. This tool is ideal for businesses with complex data analysis needs and a large dataset.


Company Results

AI writing assistant generating high-quality content through natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.

Generative SaaS platform leveraging OpenAI's GPT-3 engine to automate content creation and management for enterprise organizations.

AI-powered writing tool assisting teams in generating high-quality, audience-tailored content with cited insights, suggestions, and error detection.

AI-powered SEO tool for automated content creation, driving traffic and organic ranking on low-competition keywords, with GPT-3 enabled writer and easy integration.