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- For 60 Days, $100 Promotional Credit

- You have a wide range of options and addons.

- These tutorials and guides are excellent!

- Wide variety of operating systems

- Clients can select Control Panel GUI

Hosting Plans & Pricing

Hosting Plans Offered:

Linode Company Overview

Linode the company, LLC is a privately-owned cloud hosting provider by Christoper Aker, based in the United States, that offers virtual private servers. Its headquarters are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Like other hosting providers, they offer VPS hosting, shared hosting, high memory requirements, and a lot more.

249 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19106, United States

Customer Support Options

Phone Support
Email Support
Chat Support
24/7 Support

Linode Plans & Pricing

Shared Hosting

Plan Name

Plan Price

Plan Features

Shared CPU Plans 1 GB


25 GB storage


1 TB Transfer

Shared CPU Plans 4 GB


80 GB storage


4 TB Transfer

Shared CPU Plans 16 GB


320 GB storage


8 TB Transfer

Shared CPU Plans 64 GB


1280 GB storage

16 CPU

20 TB Transfer

Shared CPU Plans 128 GB


2560 GB storage

24 CPU

20 TB Transfer

Dedicated Hosting

Plan Name

Plan Price

Plan Features

Dedicated CPU Plans 4 GB


80 GB storage


4 TB Transfer

Dedicated CPU Plans 8 GB


160 GB storage


5 TB Transfer

Dedicated CPU Plans 32 GB


640 GB storage

16 CPU

7 TB Transfer

Dedicated CPU Plans 96 GB


1920 GB storage

48 CPU

9 TB Transfer

Dedicated CPU Plans 256 GB


5000 GB storage

56 CPU

11 TB Transfer

Linode Full Review

Linode the company, LLC is a privately-owned cloud hosting provider by Christoper Aker, based in the United States, that offers virtual private servers. Its headquarters are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Like other hosting providers, they offer VPS hosting, shared hosting, high memory requirements, and a lot more.

Cloud-hosting services are its core product. They come in many packages with cheaper pricing. Linode currently offers five types of computing services, each tailored to specific customer needs: VPS hosting, excellent memory specifications, dedicated CPU or GPU usage, or general-purpose use.

Linode data centers are located at these locations: Fremont, Dallas, Toronto, Newark, Atlanta, London, UK, Frankfurt, India, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney.

Linode platform offers cloud hosting packages that include no additional cost DDoS attacks protection, 24/7 email, and phone customer support, user-friendly cloud manager, 99.99% uptime guarantee SLA. Linode offers WHM Licenses, SSH certificates, google cloud, a 7-day money-back guarantee, private VLAN, best-in-class Application, and programming interface.

And the command-line interface, technical documentation, free bundle transfer, DNS manager, VPS cloud hosting, cloud firewalls, worldwide availability, one-click apps/site, IPV6 support, and tracking alerts.

They offer $100 credit which the Linode team claims to be more with Linux operating system virtual machines, global Linode infrastructure. They are also offering a Customer Referral Program, Affiliate Program, Startup Program, and Swag Store.

Their promise is a zero percent downtime and 99.99% percent uptime guarantee. Linode also has a TCO calculator to let you compute the estimated pricing suitable to the services required for your hosting server website.

Linode servers support team offers the most competitive pricing based on hosting companies' competitive comparison in terms of professional services and Linode products.

Getting Started With Linode

I chose 1GB for $5 per month and $0.01 hourly basis. Web hosting plan is for 1 CPU with 25 Solid State Drive (SSD) high memory storage with the cheapest plan and has a cloud infrastructure bandwidth of 40 Gbps for the network in and 1Gbps for network out.

To create an account, you will need to register with them. In signing up, you can use your Github account, Google account, or other email services.

I created a Gmail account to ensure you are a real person and not a robot for strict security purposes. Once you have successfully connected your payment method, you can set up the WebHost server. You can use a credit card, debit card, Google Pay, or PayPal. They will readily accept it.

You can manage your virtual computing private server to automatically add, delete settings, and access addons inside the Cpanel when you log in. I chose a North American data center as my server location and New Jersey as my alternate server.

You can add SSH, root access, and optional addons or backups after you access the Cpanel with additional cost from original Linode pricing apart from other services included. Price varies on other features that you will avail for your hosting server.

You can upgrade and downgrade your SSD and CPU Usage storage whenever in the dashboard section.

Using and Managing Your Website on Linode

To deploy the Linode server-powered website host, you can start the console through the right part of the dashboard (Launch LISH Console) APIs.

After launching it through root access and it went successfully, you can now search your IP address to see it live with its default welcome page, and you can now connect it to WordPress tools.

Linode Control Panel

A control panel on Linux systems is a graphical user interface (GUI). It displays simplified commands for your system. Control panels can be used to install, configure, and update standard software packages and perform administration tasks. These are the most common features: File management, Web servers, MySQL database, Email, Nameservers, Email Firewalls, Logging, Monitoring, and Analytics.

Linode offers different kinds of control panels: CPanel, Plesk, VestaCP, CyberPanel, and Virtualmin. I will display the available control panel for the default environment.


Web hosting email service is included in cPanel. Allows you to send an email, manage email accounts via webmail, and use email clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Mail. If you have multiple standard email accounts, this service is an excellent choice.


Under the files tab, you can find the file manager, directory privacy, web disk, back up wizard, file and directory restoration, images, disk usage, back up, and Git Version Control.


Linode's databases tab options are phpMyAdmin and MySQL. This interface lets you create and manage the existing MySQL database. To access a database from PHP, you'll need to create a user and a table. You can migrate from other host service providers since the MySQL database is widely used.


You can control multiple domains with one account by adding on domains. An addon domain links your domain to a directory within your account and stores the domain's files there.


To assist you in managing your hosting account, Longview provides a variety of monitoring and statistics tools. Visitors, Errors, Bandwidth, Raw Access, CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage, Webalizer, and Webalizer FTP are among the tools available.


Cpanel can achieve robust and reliable security by using a strong password, firewall, secure SSH, PHP, and web servers, which you can further modify in this tab.


Linode offers to support a wide range of applications, such as Moodle, aaPanel, Chevereto, Valheim, and many more.


Load distribution and adaptation to any workload, from a blog to large applications clusters, SSL Termination, Session Resolution, Multi-Port Balancing, Pooled Network Transfer, Passive and Active Health Checks, Static IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses, Connection Throttling, and Full API Support.


Choose one of the most well-known Marketplaces. Then select One-Click Apps and click 'Deploy.' That's all there is to it. It makes no difference if you're creating a new development environment or a Minecraft server to assist the kids. In just a few clicks, you can have your app up and running. Linode's It can be accessed free of charge by all customers.

Linode Website Builder

Linode web hosting has a WordPress website builder. They support Linux Virtual Machines and Linux servers, also on established Windows operating system. Linode

Apps Installer

They support a wide variety of modern applications and resources. To access application installers, you can click the marketplace tab to find apps to install and configure in just one click.

WordPress Themes

Not just WordPress, Linode offers a lot of website creation apps, such as Kepler Building and OpenLiteSpeed WordPress, which are readily available.

Linode Customer Support

Linode support offers developers email, telephone, and live chat support and self-service assistance for Linode cloud products.

Live Chat Support

Support Linode can be reached via the IRC channel. On the Linode IRC channel, you can talk with other Linode cloud hosting users. Use your favorite IRC client to join #linode on

Submit a Support Ticket

You can report a security issue using their PGP key or send them an email. If you are submitting a general issue, you can open a ticket via this link. Make sure to log in first.

Buyer's Guide For Linode

This picture is the pricing for High Memory Plans.


Speed Up Data Retrieval, In-Memory Processing, Only Pay For What You Need, and Tuned for Memory-Intensive Workloads.

Payment Plans

Linode offers a flexible and straightforward hybrid hourly charging system. It allows you to add, alter, and remove services at any time during the month. Linode will send an invoice at the end of each month detailing the hourly consumption for each service, up to the monthly limit. The payment method that they accept is major credit, debit card, GPay, PayPal, check, ACH, and wire transfer.

Server Speed

Suppose you want to test the speed in different data centers. You can visit their website or use this link. According to Linode reviews, they offer a hundred percent uptime. So I decided to have a speed test deployment using GTMetrix. I expect accurately.

Security and Backups

Linode Cloud Firewall is a firewall that connects to a Linode Compute Instance and the Internet and may be configured to block unwanted network traffic. DDoS protection continuously monitors, detects, analyzes, and blocks network threats on a real-time basis. Cloudflare is used by Linode's DNS service to provide DDoS protection, load balancing, and more extensive spatial coverage for our DNS server.

Linode Block Storage enables customers to boost their server storage capacity with on-demand high volume. Customers may avail of backup service of their servers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis using Linode Server Backup. Both Linode Manager and a NodeBalancer service allow users to manage multiple dedicated servers on a single console.

Linode Pros

  • For 60 Days, $100 Promotional Credit
  • You have a wide range of options and addons.
  • These tutorials and guides are excellent!
  • Wide variety of operating systems
  • Clients can select Control Panel GUI

Linode Cons

  • If you ask for a downtime refund from the Linode support team, the amount reliability is uncertain.
  • Users must be well-versed in Linux.
  • The web interface design is cramped.
  • It is not always easy to know when to upgrade VMs.
  • The pricing for several features isn't well-balanced.

Final Thoughts

Linode review, which users claim, is a web hosting that is an excellent choice for Linux developers also Linux novices. Digital Ocean, Bluehost, and Hostgator offer more specific products to use and understand for complete beginners. Linode is an excellent choice for people who already understand what they need and how to seize it. I verify that this web hosting company can give what you need for your business and is the best option when you want to go for affordable service with stability.

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