INK provides Natural Language Optimization tools for better performance and engagement of content using real-time audience research and robust SEO protection.

About INK


INK is a company focused on search marketing optimization that provides unique Natural Language Optimization AI models that help content perform better. The company's mission is to help people communicate with purpose and rise above the noise. INK's core invention utilizes the intersection of work, audience intent, competitors, and communication channels to ensure that content is found, engaged, and converted in an authentic way. The technology of this company is at the forefront of the content revolution, helping democratize access to information and its accessibility, leading to greater inclusivity.


INK is a search marketing optimization company that provides Natural Language Optimization AI models that help content perform better. This company's AI tool helps with semantic SEO by providing the INK Score, increasing audience engagement, improving content performance, and providing patented SEO and User Engagement Optimization. The tool also utilizes real-time audience research to power better conversion copywriting, ensures that content is plagiarism-free and safe for marketing, and provides unbeatable brand protection from AI. Additionally, INK's features include providing proof of human writing and SEO optimization, increasing creativity and productivity, and boosting team performance and content marketing ROI. INK is accessible to everyone and has shown to outperform existing SEO software on the market.

Company Overview

INK is a search marketing optimization company that specializes in crafting Natural Language Optimization AI models designed to optimize content and help it perform better. The company was founded in 2017 by leaders in search marketing optimization who wanted to help the world communicate with purpose. INK’s unique technology is at the intersection of work, audience intent, competitors, and communication channels, allowing for authentic work to be found, engaged, and converted.

The company’s Co-Founder and CTO, Alexander De Ridder, developed a fascination with technology at an early age. This interest led him to INK and a journey that led him to help democratize access to information. With INK’s core invention, the company reverse engineers what makes content be found, engaged with, and converted. INK’s Natural Language Optimization AI models are designed to understand the meaning of content and uncover nuances to help improve performance.

The company’s technology has helped content creators, students, and executives to make their work stand out, be heard, and achieve their goals. INK’s solution is designed to be accessible to all and offers better performance than existing SEO software. Their technology has helped make the democratization of information and its accessibility possible. INK is at the forefront of this content revolution.

The company aims to help individuals and companies rise above the noise by making their authentic work accessible and visible. Their technology has shown to outperform existing solutions, and their focus on democratizing information has given way to greater accessibility and inclusivity.


INK Score

Semantic AI SEO

The INK Score is the only semantic SEO AI score on the market, ensuring that your content is optimized for the best search engine ranking. It goes beyond simple keyword counting to truly evaluate your content and provide an accurate SEO score with one click.

Increased Audience Engagement

With the INK Score, you'll significantly increase your click-through and reduce bounce rates. Additionally, your visitors will remain longer on your pages, leading to more time spent reading and interacting with your content, ultimately leading to increased sales.

Improved Content Performance

The INK Score provides you with complete, accurate, and unlimited results, making it easy to ensure your content is optimized for success.

Content Creation

Patented SEO and User Engagement Optimization

Get text and visuals created 10x faster and easier than your currently processes with INK's patented SEO and user engagement optimization, which will help you increase your reach by up to 450%.

Real-time Audience Research

INK is the only solution on the market that combines real-time audience research to power better conversion copywriting. This ensures that your content resonates with your target audience and drives better conversion rates.

Plagiarism-Free and Safe AI Content Creation

Don't let AI take minutes to ruin a brand that you've worked hard to build. Only INK delivers on the promise of safe AI for marketing. With the AI Shield, your content is protected from plagiarism and other potential risks, ensuring that your brand is always protected.

Content Performance AI

Natural Language Optimization

INK's natural language optimization technology ensures that your content is incredibly performant. You'll be able to create new content and optimize existing content to ensure it's achieving the desired outcome every time.

Unbeatable Brand Protection from AI

With INK's Content Shield, you'll ensure that your content is protected from AI penalties against your brand, plagiarism on your site, reputational damage, or content team ROI is sub-optimal.

Team Performance and Content Marketing ROI

INK provides content shield protection, which leads to increased content output with the same team, ensuring that you dominate your niche organically. You'll be able to increase relevance, quality and watch content get virality as a result of user engagement and brand authority.

Human Writing Proof

Proof of Human Writing and SEO Optimization

With INK, you can easily prove that your content is not being written by AI, and that it is SEO optimized for high search engine rankings. You'll be able to write more quality articles without the need to spend hours on a single assignment, and without requiring hours of SEO knowledge or audience research.

Increased Creativity and Value-Added SEO Score

Without INK, it can be difficult to prove that you wrote your content and that it is optimized for SEO. With INK, you can ensure that your content is SEO-optimized and performing well, leading to increased creativity and value-added SEO score.

Increased Productivity

With INK, you'll be able to increase your productivity, spending less time on individual assignments and more time on strategy building and other high-level tasks that deserve your attention.


Company Results

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