AI-powered tool helping researchers focus on their research tasks, stay up to date on publications, summarize scientific articles and discover research trends.

About HeyScience


HeyScience is an AI technology company based in Switzerland, dedicated to providing advanced AI services that assist researchers in simplifying and streamlining their research processes. The company's mission is to save academic researchers valuable time and resources, making research less cumbersome and more accessible by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology. HeyScience's team members have diverse backgrounds and skill sets, ranging from engineering to machine learning, with a shared commitment to innovation, collaboration, and a no-blame culture that fosters growth and development. One of HeyScience's core values is to get to the heart of problems by understanding the "why" before jumping to conclusions, encouraging its team members to present data-supported facts to the table as a standard practice. In conclusion, HeyScience seeks to create a better research environment by providing researchers with fully AI-optimized research assistance.


HeyScience is an AI technology company focused on delivering the latest AI-technology to the global scientific community. The company provides a range of advanced AI services designed to optimize and support researchers in their research processes. HeyScience's AI services include an AI-powered personal assistant, automatic research analysis, streamlined research collaboration, and user-friendly interfaces backed by 24/7 support. At the core of HeyScience's values is a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and a problem-solving mentality that prioritizes data-supported solutions. HeyScience strives to simplify and streamline research processes sustainably and cost-effectively, allowing researchers to focus on their core missions of discovery and contributing to a better world.

Company Overview

HeyScience is a passionate team of tech enthusiasts and researchers committed to delivering the latest AI-technology to the global scientific community. The company was founded on a mission to simplify and streamline research, by providing advanced AI services that academics can trust. Their ultimate goal is to save their academic peers valuable time and resources so that they can focus on their research without worrying about overcoming the challenges that come with an ever-evolving technological landscape.

HeyScience is located at Avenue du Tribunal-Fédéral 34, 1005 Lausanne, Switzerland, and can be contacted via email at [email protected]. They are very proud of the values they uphold, which includes collaboration, innovation, and a no-blame culture where mistakes are treated as opportunities to grow and learn together.

One of the things that sets HeyScience apart is their passion for getting to the core of the problem and understanding the "why" before jumping to solutions. They don't settle for easy answers. HeyScience believes in encouraging the habit of thoroughly researching ideas and presenting data-supported facts to the table as a standard practice.

The HeyScience team comprises of diverse individuals whose skill sets and passions range from product engineering, product management, engineering, NLP engineering, and Python engineering. They maintain an unwavering commitment to supporting each other while building innovative products for the scientific community.

In conclusion, HeyScience has taken on the challenge of helping the global scientific community realize the benefits that AI-technology brings with it, through innovative and cutting-edge AI-services. They believe in simplifying and streamlining research in a cost-effective and sustainable way, allowing researchers to stay focused on research and contributing to a better world.


AI-Powered Personal Assistant

Time-saving Research Assistance

HeyScience is an AI-powered personal assistant designed to help researchers save valuable time. The tool provides reliable assistance, allowing researchers to streamline their research processes and maintain focus on their core tasks. With HeyScience, users can analyze scientific research papers quickly and efficiently, enabling them to keep up with their peers' latest publications and research trends.

Optimized Research Process

HeyScience's artificially powered assistant service helps researchers optimize their research processes by summarizing key concepts and methodologies of a vast amount of scientific research papers. The tool enables researchers to get an overview of the information they need without having to spend countless hours reading and analyzing various research papers constantly. Consequently, researchers can spend more time on refining their research projects instead of getting lost in the vast literature available on the internet.

Collaborative Research Assistance

HeyScience helps researchers find, read, analyze, and collaboratively work on scientific research papers, enabling them to stay up-to-date with the latest scientific advancements and research publications in their fields of studies. The tool's interface allows researchers to share information, insights, and ideas with each other, making research more collaborative and productive. In summary, HeyScience makes the process of finding relevant scientific information easy and accessible to researchers.

Automatic Research Analysis

Powerful Machine Learning Technology

HeyScience uses powerful machine learning algorithms to automatically analyze scientific research papers. The tool employs NLP and other AI-based algorithms to provide users with a simplified summary of critical concepts and methodologies encountered in large research papers. In other words, HeyScience is a machine learning-driven solution that makes it easy for researchers to understand vast amounts of scientific data instantly.

Efficient Trend Analysis

HeyScience enables researchers to carry out trend analysis, allowing them to discover the latest developments and research trends in their fields. The tool uses AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze all the scientific papers in a particular field and outline the key technological advancements in the field. As a result, researchers can stay ahead of the curve and stay informed.

Personalized Research Notifications

HeyScience provides personalized notifications for the latest scientific advancements, keeping researchers up-to-date with the latest scientific developments in their fields of study. Once users configure their alerts within HeyScience, the advanced AI tool sends timely notifications to users, enabling them to stay informed about their relevant scientific literature.

Streamlined Research Collaboration

Effective Collaboration Tools

HeyScience offers numerous collaboration tools to enable researchers to collaborate effectively. The tool's interface is designed to allow researchers to work together in real-time, providing a seamless and productive research process. The interface can support group chats and document sharing, which enhances group research collaboration and idea development. Other features include group video chats, task management dashboards, and team calendars, all designed to streamline research collaboration efforts.

Enhanced Research Dashboards

HeyScience provides advanced research dashboards to researchers, which offers them an overview of their research projects and team collaboration efforts. The tool's dashboard provides project timelines, progress tracking, and task delegation functions, which enhances the research team's productivity. Additionally, researchers can visualize their research data in the dashboard with graphs and charts, enabling them to make better data-driven decisions.

Easy Integration

HeyScience easily integrates with other research and project management tools, making it seamless for researchers to manage their research tasks from one central place. HeyScience has an open API, which enables easy integration with other tools like Slack, Trello, and Asana, enabling researchers to manage their research activities effortlessly within the same platform.


Simple Interface Design

HeyScience has a user-friendly interface design, making it easy for researchers to use and access their research information. The tool provides an intuitive and minimalist interface, making it less daunting for users unfamiliar with technological platforms to use. HeyScience's comprehensive tutorials and help documentation also ensures that even new users can get started on the platform in no time.

Increased Accessibility

The HeyScience team ensures that the tool is accessible to all users, regardless of their backgrounds and experiences. The tool's interface offers multiple languages, making it easy for researchers worldwide to access and use the platform. The HeyScience team also ensures that the tool is entirely web-based, making it accessible from any device with access to the internet.

24/7 Support

HeyScience offers users round-the-clock support services from an experienced team of professionals. The support team is conversant with the tool's functions and can help researchers with any issues that they may encounter in real-time. Besides, users have access to a vast Knowledge base with answers to the most frequently asked questions and challenges faced by HeyScience users.


What is HeyScience and how does it help the scientific community?

HeyScience is a team of tech enthusiasts and researchers who provide advanced AI services, primarily focused on the scientific community. Their mission is to simplify and streamline research processes while saving valuable time and resources, enabling academics to focus on their research goals. HeyScience offers a cost-effective and sustainable solution to research challenges with innovative AI applications designed to support researchers in achieving their scientific objectives.

What sets HeyScience apart from other AI service providers?

HeyScience is different from other AI service providers because they are a data-driven team of diverse individuals who believe in solving problems at their core, rather than settling for simple solutions. They rely on thoroughly researching ideas and presenting data-backed results, as an essential practice. HeyScience is committed to supporting each other in building innovative products while upholding values of collaboration, innovation, and a no-blame culture where mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow. They also strive to maintain a human touch by providing personalized services tailored to each customer's needs.

What services does HeyScience offer to researchers?

HeyScience offers a wide range of AI services designed to support researchers and scientists in their work. These services include natural language processing (NLP) solutions for scientific text, classification models, and predictive analytics to help identify patterns or trends in research data. They also provide data visualization, data cleaning, and feature engineering to assist researchers in developing high-quality datasets.

What can researchers expect from HeyScience's AI services when they partner with the company?

Researchers can expect to receive personalized, professional, and efficient services from HeyScience's AI services. The team members are skilled in their respective fields, and they maintain a proactive approach to addressing customer needs while working with them to identify their research goals. HeyScience is fully committed to providing solutions that enhance researchers' research processes and facilitate more in-depth insights into their data.

How can researchers access HeyScience's AI services?

Researchers who are interested in utilizing HeyScience's services can send an inquiry via email to [email protected], and a member of the team will provide further guidance on how to partner with them. HeyScience's website also provides detailed descriptions of their services, and researchers can visit the website for more information.


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