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About Glide


Glide is a software development company that makes software development accessible to everyone. Their no-code platform provides users with the ability to create fully functional mobile, web apps and custom applications without having to write a single line of code. With Glide, you can create your app in just a few hours and have features such as login, payments, and more. The company is dedicated to empowering people to create technology and provides resources, support, and a community of creators to learn and share experiences.


Glide offers a no-code platform for creating mobile, web apps, and custom applications. The platform provides users with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and features such as login, payments, and more. The company is dedicated to empowering people to create technology and provides resources, support, and a community of creators to learn and share experiences. Glide has introduced several new features such as push notifications, actions with third-party integrations, and a location component to save current coordinates. Other new features include a new checklist collection, latest link component, action row component, and contact component. These features provide more convenience and flexibility for users to create the best possible app.

Company Overview

Glide is a software development company on a mission to democratize the power, beauty, and magic of software development for new creators. The company aims to empower a billion new creators with its product and solutions. The company is dedicated to creating tools that make software development accessible to everyone and bridging the gap between complex programming languages and the average person. The company focuses on simplifying the software development process so that anyone can create an app, website, or solution without touching a single line of code.

Whether you are a seasoned programmer or an individual with no coding experience, Glide has a solution for you. The company offers a no-code development platform that allows users to create mobile apps for iOS and Android, web apps, and even custom applications. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can create a fully functional app in just a few hours, complete with features like login, payments, and more.

At Glide, the emphasis is on empowering people to create technology, no matter their skill level. The company's philosophy is that everyone has the potential to create something meaningful and impactful with the right tools. Glide aims to put the power of software development into the hands of anyone who has a vision. The company offers resources and support to its users, including a vibrant community of creators who share knowledge and experiences.

In conclusion, Glide is a revolutionary software development company that advocates for diversity and inclusivity. Its no-code platform is ideal for beginners and experienced developers looking to streamline and accelerate their workflows. Glide's focus on accessibility, ease of use, and innovation is what truly sets it apart from its competition. The company is an excellent place for anyone looking to create innovative solutions and wants to join a mission to empower the next generation of tech creators. Join Glide on its mission and help create a world where anyone can turn their ideas into reality.


New Styles for Title Component

Personalized and Branded Look and Feel

Glide has introduced four new styles for the title component to enable you to give your Glide apps a more personalized and branded look and feel. With this new feature, you can make your app stand out and match your company's unique branding effortlessly.

Horizontal Orientation for Card and Grid Collections

Dynamic and Engaging Overview of Your Data

You can now easily display your Card and Grid Collections with a new horizontal orientation in Glide. This new feature allows for a more dynamic and engaging overview of your data as you build in Glide. With this new and improved visualization, you can make quick and informed decisions about your data.

Push Notifications with Same-Day Support

Instant Delivery of Important Information to Your Users

Glide has introduced Push Notifications with same-day support to instantly deliver important information to your users with the push of a button. With this new feature, you can keep your users informed about the latest updates, events, or announcements and boost your engagement, retention, and satisfaction rates.

Actions with Third-Party Integrations

Directly Connecting to the Tools That Drive Your Business Forward

Actions give your apps superpowers by directly connecting to the tools that drive your business forward. With Glide's new feature, you can connect your apps to the most popular third-party integrations without any workarounds, zaps, or code. This new feature provides endless possibilities and streamlines your workflow for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Transition from Glide Pages to Glide Apps

Optimized for Mobile and Desktop Devices, New Features Coming Soon

Glide Pages have been renamed as Glide Apps, which are fully optimized for mobile and desktop devices and promise new features like Big Tables, Actions, Integrations, and Automations-coming soon, exclusively to Apps. Starting today, it is strongly recommended to build all future projects using Apps instead of Classic Apps, which won't support these features. You can learn more about the transition from Glide Pages to Glide Apps by reviewing the FAQ in their documentation. This new feature provides more convenience and flexibility for users to create the best possible app.

Checklist Collection

Handy Checkbox that Submits a Value of 'True' or 'False' to Each Record

Glide has introduced a new Checklist collection, which is just like other collections but with a handy checkbox that submits a value of 'true' (when checked) or 'false' (when unchecked) to each record. This new feature is perfect for managing tasks and checklists and provides a streamlined approach to organization and productivity.

Location Component

Save Current Coordinates Using a Device's GPS in One Click

Glide's new Location component allows users to save current coordinates using a device's GPS in one click. This new feature eliminates the need to manually input addresses and saves your most important spots effortlessly. With this feature, users can get accurate location information for their apps in an easy and efficient way.

Latest Link Component

Allows Users to Open Links in One Click, Two Sleek Styles to Choose From

Glide's latest feature, the Link component, allows users to open links in one click. With two sleek styles to choose from - 'Compact' and 'Row' - this new feature enables users to customize their apps to match their personal style. This feature is perfect for apps that require quick and easy access to external links.

Action Row Component

Add Text, Images, and Actions All in One Row for Easier App Customization

Glide's new Action Row component allows users to add text, images, and actions all in one row for easier app customization. With this new feature, users can further refine the design and functionality of their apps and provide a better user experience. This feature streamlines the app-building process by eliminating the need for multiple rows for text, images, and actions.

Contact Component

Preset of the Action Row, Easily Communicate with Your Users via Call, SMS, and Email

Glide's new Contact component is a preset of the Action Row that enables you to set up actions to easily communicate with your users via call, SMS, and email. This new feature provides a convenient and efficient way to engage with your users and provide support as needed. With this new feature, users can easily reach out to you directly from the app.


Company Results

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