AI-powered platform for German teachers to create engaging classroom content with unique features like text-to-image conversion and interactive whiteboards.

About Fobizz


Fobizz is an AI-powered platform that offers an extensive suite of tools for teachers in Germany to create interactive classroom content. Founded by 101 skills GmbH, Fobizz aims to enhance traditional teaching methods by providing a more innovative solution that helps teachers plan and manage classes efficiently while designing creative lesson materials. Fobizz is a reliable, easy-to-use platform that enables educators to create engaging and personalized multimedia content effortlessly. Fobizz's AI technology helps teachers save time and provide a more immersive, interactive learning experience that caters to each student's unique needs and learning style.


Fobizz is a platform that provides AI-powered tools for teachers in Germany to create engaging and interactive classroom content. With Fobizz, teachers can efficiently plan and manage their classes while collaborating with students and designing creative lesson materials. The platform offers unique features such as a text-to-image conversion tool that can aid in creating dynamic presentations and multimedia content. Fobizz also provides tools to convert recordings into texts, organize classroom material, and create interactive whiteboards for group activities. Fobizz offers a variety of pricing plans designed to meet educators' needs and experience levels, including a basic plan that's available for free. Overall, Fobizz provides an innovative, reliable, and user-friendly AI-powered platform that enables teachers to design personalized learning experiences and create a more immersive and interactive learning environment.

Company Overview

Fobizz is a platform that offers various AI-powered tools for teachers in Germany to create engaging and interactive classroom content. Founded by 101 skills GmbH, the company aims to enhance traditional teaching methods by providing innovative solutions that help teachers efficiently plan and manage their classes, collaborate with students, and design creative lesson materials.

One of the main features of Fobizz is its AI text-to-image conversion tool, which allows teachers to transform text descriptions into vivid and engaging visuals in seconds. This tool can help them create dynamic presentations, images, and multimedia content that will capture the attention of their students and make the learning experience more enjoyable.

In addition, Fobizz also provides tools to convert video and voice recordings into texts, organize classroom material, and create interactive boards where teachers and students can share ideas, work collaboratively, and solve problems together. With Fobizz, teachers can effortlessly build customized lesson plans and worksheets, create multimedia whiteboards, and design polls and surveys to evaluate their students' understanding of the material.

One of the unique features of Fobizz is that it offers a safe and secure platform where teachers can share audio, video, and screen recordings with their students without any risk of data loss or privacy breaches. Teachers can also collaborate with their students in real-time on interactive boards, where they can participate in group activities, work on projects, and brainstorm solutions.

Overall, Fobizz provides an extensive suite of AI-powered tools that empower teachers to design compelling classroom content, engage their students, and create a more immersive and interactive learning environment. By using Fobizz, teachers can save time, organize classroom material, and provide personalized learning experiences that cater to each student's unique needs and learning style.


School and Teaching Assistance

Lesson Planning and Content Suggestions

Fobizz's AI tool is designed to provide many applications for school and teaching. One of its primary features is creating suggestions for lesson planning and content. With this tool, teachers can allow AI assistants to take over tasks such as summarizing, simplifying, generating, translating, and creating plans and lists for them. Teachers will see a noticeable improvement in their efficiency, productivity, and overall quality of teaching.

Task Assistance

Another feature of Fobizz's AI tool is its ability to help teachers perform various tasks. One example is creating summaries of lengthy texts. The AI assistant can make the summarization task much more comfortable by reducing the overall complexity of the content. The tool can also help create lists of resources that could improve learning and even generate templates for exams, questionnaires, and more. Teachers can use Fobizz's AI tool to help optimize many essential tasks they encounter daily in their profession.

Customizable AI Assistance

User-Friendly and Adaptable Interface

Fobizz's AI tool can provide users with customizable assistance tailored to their specific needs. The AI assistant uses language model processing, so users need to provide clear directions through simple and concise explanations. The interface is user-friendly with adaptable features that you can customize to suit your preferences. Users can also adjust the tool's commands to optimize its performance to better fit the user's exact needs. Fobizz's customizable AI assistance makes it easy for anyone to incorporate AI technology into their teaching with ease and efficiency.

Continual Learning and Updates

The Fobizz AI tool is continually learning and evolving, so users can expect seamless updates and improvements. As users interact with the tool, it adjusts to their behaviors, usage patterns, and feedback to improve its performance. The AI technology will automatically update the tool with new algorithms, models, and data sources to make it more accurate and effective in helping teachers achieve their goals in the classroom.

AI Ethics and User Safety

Safeguarding User Privacy

Fobizz's AI tool places a high priority on user privacy and safety. The company puts strict measures in place to ensure that the tool does not violate user privacy or use data for anything other than the intended purposes. They adhere to ethical guidelines and do not use the technology to discriminate against or disadvantage anyone or group based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic. Access to user data is limited, and all user information is anonymized and encrypted, guaranteeing data privacy.

Transparency and Ethical Use of Technology

Fobizz's AI tool company is dedicated to ensuring that AI technology is used ethically and transparently. The company constantly monitors and updates its system to make sure that its AI technology remains unbiased and prevents discrimination. They also have an "OpenAI" system that allows customers to access the company's application programming interface (API) while adhering to the OpenAI's terms and conditions. The company also keeps an open dialogue with its customers and addresses feedback and concerns.

Safe and Effective Use of AI

Fobizz's AI tool is designed to ensure safe and effective use of AI applications. The interface is easy to use, and the tool is intuitive and easy to understand. They also provide tips on the tool's effective use and encourage users to provide feedback to improve the tool's performance. Fobizz continuously tracks the tool's effectiveness and proactively addresses any issues that arise, making it a reliable and safe tool to use.


Fobizz offers a variety of pricing plans for its tool, tailored to meet the needs of educators in Germany. The basic plan is available for free, while the premium plan starts at a reasonable price point. With the premium plan, educators can access all of the features Fobizz offers, including creating lesson plans, transforming text descriptions into creative images, converting video and voice recordings into text, and generating versatile worksheets with just a few clicks. Additionally, users can create multimedia whiteboards and interactive boards, conduct surveys and analyze results, embed different contents into a webpage, and safely share video, audio, and screen recordings with students.

The premium plan offers several advanced features, including the ability to create and share word clouds, conveniently shorten links, upload files securely, and generate QR codes from any given link.

If educators have an idea for a new tool, Fobizz welcomes suggestions and feedback. Fobizz is a German-based tool made for teachers, and its pricing reflects this. Educators can be confident that Fobizz was designed specifically to meet their needs and is priced reasonably for educators in Germany. If you have any questions or issues with the tool, Fobizz offers support via email at [email protected].

Overall, Fobizz has a pricing model designed to make its tool accessible to educators of all levels. Whether you are a new teacher just starting out in the profession or a seasoned veteran looking for new teaching tools, Fobizz offers a range of pricing options to help you create an engaging classroom experience and achieve your teaching goals.


What is Fobizz?

Fobizz is Germany's largest and independent digital further education platform for teachers. It provides flexible online training, live webinars, and free teaching resources for teachers of all subjects looking to stay informed on current events and incorporate technology into their classrooms. It is a startup within the EdTech sector, with years of experience in the education and digital industries.

Who can benefit from Fobizz?

Teachers of all subjects looking for inspiration, practical and hands-on content to implement technology in their classrooms, and stay informed on current events can benefit from Fobizz. It is designed to help strengthen teachers' digital competencies and skills, regardless of their previous level of knowledge.

What is the duration of the online courses?

The duration of the online course varies depending on the chosen course and topic. With the Fobizz platform, teachers can complete online courses at their own pace and break away from the training anytime they wish. They have access to all materials from the course for one year from the date of course signup.

Do I need special equipment or software to enroll?

No, all you need to get started with Fobizz is a computer or tablet with an internet connection. No additional software is needed as the courses are browser-based.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a live and interactive seminar or training session, conducted over the internet. It gives the attendees the opportunity to interact with the author/instructor of the session with a chat function. Participants meet the instructor and other attendants in a virtual webinar room at a specific time.


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