AI assistant that interprets code in real-time, upskilling developers and increasing productivity.

About ExplainDev


ExplainDev is an AI assistant designed specifically for developers to help them interpret code, upskill quickly, and work more independently. The tool provides context-sensitive answers to technical questions in plain language, generates code explanations in real-time, and allows users to create educational tutorials in just a few seconds. With ExplainDev, users can rely less on their senior developers and become more efficient and productive in their work.

The tool is modeled after the popular apprenticeship model and has already helped early adopters decrease questions for senior developers by 50%. Moreover, it can be easily integrated into any workflow and detects code blocks from various websites, including GitHub and Stack Overflow. Users also have granular control of their data and can provide feedback, making the tool both collaborative and customizable.


ExplainDev is an AI assistant designed for developers to interpret code and upskill quickly. Key features include the ability to generate code explanations in real-time, create tutorials, and detect code blocks from various websites. With ExplainDev, developers can work more independently, increase productivity, and rely less on senior developers. The tool is customisable and offers a generous pricing model, with 1000 free credits for all users and three distinct plans that cater to businesses of all sizes and needs.

Company Overview

ExplainDev is an AI assistant designed to help developers interpret code and upskill quickly for the task at hand. The tool provides answers to technical questions in context, code explanations in plain language, guidance on what to learn next, and much more. With ExplainDev, developers can feel confident about new code and work more independently.

ExplainDev’s approach to learning is modeled after the popular apprenticeship model. Early adopters of the tool have reported a 50% decrease in questions for their senior developer during onboarding. The company aims to guide users to the “why” of code in 2023.

The ExplainDev Chrome extension can be used to explain code and answer technical questions on websites like GitHub, Stack Overflow, documentation, config files, and learning sites. This tool instantly provides customized and editable explanations with code snippets of any size or complexity.

One of the most exciting features of ExplainDev is the ability to create beautiful tutorials in seconds. Users can include as many code snippets as they want, and the tool will provide editable explanations instantly. All elements are customizable, from the size and background of the image to the positioning and styling of arrows and text elements.

Overall, ExplainDev is an excellent tool for developers who want to upskill quickly and work more independently. The tool is designed to provide context-sensitive answers to technical questions and offer code explanations in plain language. With the ability to create beautiful tutorials in seconds, ExplainDev is an essential tool for any developer looking to improve their skills and remain up-to-date on the latest coding practices.


Code Explanation

Real-time Generation of Explanations

ExplainDev generates explanations to the selected code or code block in real time, immediately providing a description of what the code does. After installing the browser extension, the code you see will have a button appended to it, which upon clicking, triggers the Explain feature. The ExplainDev browser extension sends the code or code blocks you select to the ExplainDev service, which uses OpenAI Codex. This allows for quick, accurate, and thorough explanations, without the need to wait for another developer or to open a new tab.

Increased Productivity

ExplainDev is a browser extension designed to increase productivity by shortening the turnaround time between finding code online and applying it to your project. With its ability to instantly generate code explanations, ExplainDev saves developers valuable time that can be used to focus on other tasks.

Easy to Use

ExplainDev is easy to use and integrate with your workflow. Whether browsing code repositories or websites with code snippets, developers can easily access the Explain feature from either the button appended to the code or from the right-click menu. This intuitive interface makes it easy for developers of all skill levels to use ExplainDev and increase their productivity.

Multilingual Support

Proficient in Many Languages

ExplainDev has shown proficiency in many programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Ruby, PHP, and SQL, but it is capable of processing many more languages. This extensive language support makes it a versatile tool for developers working in different programming languages and environments.

Language Detection

ExplainDev can quickly detect the language of the code block in question, allowing for more accurate explanations that are tailored to the specific language in use. The ability to detect and work with different programming languages further highlights ExplainDev’s versatility and usefulness for developers.

Secure Data Transmission

All data transmitted to and from ExplainDev is secure and protected. The tool automatically inspects gathered code to ensure automatic and human review for improving the explanations. At no point is any user information tracked before hitting the explain button. The only data sent to the server when clicking explain is the code from the codeblock.

User Control

Feedback and Improvements

ExplainDev allows users to provide feedback and suggestions on how the tool can be improved or customized to better fit their individual needs. This user engagement helps ExplainDev continuously improve its accuracy and performance and makes it a valuable and collaborative tool for developers.

Granular Control of Stored Data

ExplainDev puts users in control of their data by allowing them to choose what is stored in the platform and what their preferences are for where ExplainDev works. This granular control offers flexibility and customization, allowing users to tailor the tool to their needs and preferences.

Flexibility and Accessibility

ExplainDev can detect code blocks on HTTPS websites, code repositories, forums, docs, and blog websites, making it accessible and flexible for a wide range of development environments. Additionally, if the Explain feature is not popping up in certain places, users can use the ExplainDev option in the right-click menu and provide feedback, so that the tool can be further improved and customized to meet their needs.


If you're looking for a cost-efficient and effective tool to improve your Q&A features, ExplainDev's pricing strategy might be what you're looking for. To begin with, all users start with 1000 free credits, which allows you to test the platform and start getting a feel for how it works. After exhausting the free credits, it's time to upgrade to a paid plan.

ExplainDev offers three pricing plans that cater to different budgets and needs: Basic, Pro, and Business. The Basic plan is perfect for individuals and small-scale businesses that require the essential Q&A features - it starts at $29 per month, and you get 10,000 credits. The Pro plan is for mid-sized businesses that require more features and credits - it costs $99 per month, with 30,000 credits available. Finally, the Business plan caters to large-scale businesses with high-volume traffic and large team sizes. It starts at $249 per month, and you get 100,000 credits right out of the box.

For users who require more credits beyond their monthly allotment, ExplainDev offers credit packs that you can purchase and integrate into your plan without having to upgrade. This makes it easy to scale as per your business needs without having to worry about costs escalating out of control.

In summary, ExplainDev offers affordable pricing options that cater to businesses of all sizes and needs. With three distinct plans to choose from, you can easily find the right package that meets your requirements. Moreover, with the option to purchase credit packs for additional credits, businesses can scale their efforts without having to upgrade to a higher tier. And with the added bonus of 1000 free credits for all users, ExplainDev's pricing strategy is both generous and practical.


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