AI-powered writing evaluation tool providing accurate feedback, streamlining grading workflow for teachers.

About EssayGrader


EssayGrader is an AI-powered tool designed to help teachers grade essays more easily and efficiently. Founded by Payton and Ashley Burdette, EssayGrader uses customizable rubrics to provide accurate and valuable feedback based on critical elements of the writing, such as argument development, grammar, and organization, to help students improve their writing skills. With automated essay grading, individualized feedback and evaluation, and in-depth analytics and reports, EssayGrader stands out as an ideal tool for teachers looking to streamline the essay-grading workflow.


EssayGrader is an AI-powered tool for teachers that uses customizable rubrics to provide accurate and valuable feedback on critical elements of writing, such as argument development, grammar, and organization. With automated essay grading, individualized feedback and evaluation, and in-depth analytics and reports, it helps teachers streamline the essay-grading workflow. EssayGrader offers flexible pricing plans for individuals and teams, and it can be used on various devices, including smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Company Overview

EssayGrader is an AI-powered tool founded to help teachers simplify and speed up the grading process for student essays. With a mission to give teachers their lives back, founders Payton and Ashley Burdette created EssayGrader as a solution to the overwhelming amount of time it takes to grade essays accurately.

Unlike other basic grammar checkers, EssayGrader provides accurate and valuable feedback based on customizable rubrics used by teachers. This ensures that students receive feedback on critical elements of their writing, such as argument development, grammar, and organization, to help improve their writing skills.

The idea for EssayGrader came to Payton when he saw Ashley, a teacher, struggling to balance grading essays with family life. With over a decade of coding experience, Payton set out to create a product that would help solve this problem. He worked with other writing teachers to understand the pain points and created a tool that could make their grading process easier. EssayGrader was born.

EssayGrader believes in continuously improving the tool to better serve teachers and their students' needs. By actively listening to feedback and addressing any issues, the team ensures that the tool remains relevant and effective. Users can follow the company on Twitter or send an email with questions or feedback.

Overall, EssayGrader offers a comprehensive and effective approach to grading student essays. With its AI-powered technology, customizable rubrics, and a commitment to continuous improvement, it stands out as an ideal tool for teachers looking to streamline their essay-grading workflow.


Accurate and Helpful Writing Feedback

Customizable Rubrics

EssayGrader's feedback is based on customizable rubrics, which can be adjusted to match the way you grade essays. This ensures that the feedback provided is tailored to your specific grading style, helping to provide accurate and actionable writing feedback.

AI-Powered Insight

The AI-powered insight provided by EssayGrader allows for deeper and more nuanced analysis of student essays than could be done manually. This insight helps to identify potential areas for improvement and enables teachers to provide more helpful feedback to their students.

Grammar and Spelling Check

In addition to providing feedback on content and structure, EssayGrader also offers grammar and spelling checks. This helps to ensure that students are not only writing compelling essays but writing them with proper grammar and spelling.

Saves Time and Enhances Efficiency in Grading

Automated Essay Grading

EssayGrader automates the grading process, thus taking the time and burden of manual essay grading off of teachers. Automated grading is based on machine learning algorithms that accurately assesses students' works, providing fast grading solutions.

Individualized Feedback and Evaluation

EssayGrader delivers individualized feedback and evaluations within seconds of uploading the essays. This makes it possible for teachers to spend less time grading and more time addressing individual student's needs and help.

Works with Any Writing Assignment and Curriculum

EssayGrader is designed to work with any assignment and curriculum. With customizable rubrics and machine learning algorithms adapting to teachers' grading styles, EssayGrader is an adaptable tool to be integrated and used in any classroom settings.

Easy to Use and Adopt

User-Friendly Interface

EssayGrader's interface is user-friendly with a clear and straightforward approach. The main dashboard organizes the essays uploaded and provides an overview of the grading results. Teachers can view, analyze, and provide feedback on all works submitted using EssayGrader in one interface.

Streamlined Integration with LMS and Third-Party Platforms

EssayGrader can be integrated with learning management software (LMS) and other third-party platforms smoothly and seamlessly. With this integration, teachers can fully grasp insights into students' abilities and enhance their progress.

Cross-Platform Availability and Accessibility

EssayGrader can be used on various devices, including smartphones, computers, and tablets. With this cross-platform availability and accessibility, teachers can work anytime, including from home and other remote locations.

In-Depth and Detailed Analytics

Real-Time Analytics and Reports

EssayGrader's analytics software provides real-time grading information, reports on student progress in the form of charts and graphs, and the ability to compare student progress over time. This allows teachers to make informed decisions and adjustments while tracking student growth.

Performance Comparison and Benchmarks

EssayGrader provides performance comparisons and benchmarks across the class, grade level, or school. This data enables teachers to identify both individual and group strengths, weakness, track program or curriculum progress, and design customized learning activities for improvements.

Grade Reports and Statistics

EssayGrader's grade reports and statistics afford visibility overgrades distribution, average scores, and individual results. This tool provides teachers with a clear picture of overall class performance and helps them to make informed decisions for improvements.

Exceptional Customer Support

Responsive and Attentive Customer Service

EssayGrader's customer support team is responsive and attentive, with email and social media channels available for instant communication. Whether you need help with a technical issue or have general feedback or concern, the support team is always available to assist.

Frequent Updates and Enhancements

EssayGrader is regularly updated with features and enhancements to improve the grading experience for teachers and students. As such, users never have to worry about their software becoming obsolete but can expect the tool to become more advanced and robust with time.

Continuous Training And Development Resources

EssayGrader's expert training resources and development support provide teachers with the tools to maximize their usage of EssayGrader. Resources are available to provide training on the app, learning and adopting best practices for the software, and more.


EssayGrader offers flexible pricing plans for individuals and teams. Individuals can sign up for free and upgrade to a paid plan in the app when they're ready. The basic plan is ideal for those who don't grade many essays or want to try out the product. The pro plan, which is our most popular plan, is perfect for those who grade a lot of essays per month and want access to premium features. Our premium plan is designed for busy professionals who need to utilize the full capabilities of our product.

If you have a team that needs access to EssayGrader, we offer customized team plans. We understand that every team is unique and has different needs, so we will work with you to create a custom plan that fits your team's requirements. To get started, send us an email at [email protected] to let us know you're interested in signing up your team. We will ask you a few questions about your team size and needs so we can provide you with a custom quote.

At EssayGrader, we value our customers and strive to provide competitive pricing for our high-quality product. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.


What plans are available for EssayGrader's tool?

EssayGrader offers three plans for its tool: basic (free), pro, and premium. The basic plan is automatically applied to all new account registrations. To upgrade to a pro or premium plan, visit your profile page and choose a new plan there.

What is the cost of using EssayGrader's tool?

Each time a paper is graded, EssayGrader incurs costs such as the length of the paper, database and server hosting fees, AI detector costs, and more. Therefore, users must subscribe to a pro or premium plan to access the tool's entire features, including the AI detector. This feature is not available on the basic plan.

Is EssayGrader's tool intended to substitute for a teacher's expertise in grading papers?

No, EssayGrader's tool is designed to assist teachers in their grading tasks. It can facilitate more accurate grading or accelerate the grading process. However, teachers remain the experts who can apply their knowledge of subject matter, pedagogy, and experience to the grading task. Consider this tool as a helper or grading assistant that will never replace a teacher's experience and expertise.

What kind of data is used to train EssayGrader's AI model?

EssayGrader's AI model leverages vast amounts of diverse text data from various sources, including books, articles, and websites. The model is currently advanced and reliable, but not perfect. As the model continues to learn and ingest more data, its accuracy will improve and be more valuable to teachers.

What languages are supported by EssayGrader's tool?

EssayGrader supports multilingual text processing for various languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, and others. Although the tool has been extensively tested in the English language during development, some of our users successfully apply the app with other languages as well.


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