EmailComposer is an innovative, easy-to-use email marketing tool that uses advanced copywriting frameworks and GPT-3 technology to create persuasive emails in minutes.

About EmailComposer


EmailComposer is an AI-powered email writing tool developed by in partnership with SalesNexus. It boasts the utilization of OpenAI's GPT-3 technology, allowing users to create effective and persuasive emails in a matter of minutes. The tool combines the PAS and AIDA copywriting frameworks, which focuses on identifying the audience's problem, agitating their need, providing a solution, capturing their attention, generating their interest and desire, and prompting them to take action. EmailComposer is primarily designed for individuals who aspire to improve their email marketing campaigns without the need to have advanced writing skills. The generated content is based on the details provided by the user and can combine information gathered from both PAS and AIDA frameworks. EmailComposer's innovative approach allows users to create content by filling a simple form, making it a robust tool for anyone looking to improve their email marketing campaigns.


EmailComposer is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to help users create persuasive and effective emails in a matter of minutes. Created in partnership with SalesNexus, it utilizes OpenAI's GPT-3 technology to generate compelling content based on an easy-to-use form and incorporates both the PAS and AIDA copywriting frameworks. EmailComposer is primarily designed for individuals who want to improve their email marketing campaigns while saving time without the need for advanced writing skills. By utilizing a simple form and integrating advanced copywriting strategies, EmailComposer provides a robust tool to improve email marketing campaigns for any individual. EmailComposer's use of OpenAI's GPT-3 technology and its integration of two of the most effective copywriting frameworks available makes it an essential tool for anyone eager to improve their email marketing content.

Company Overview

EmailComposer is an AI-powered email writing tool created by the team at in collaboration with SalesNexus. It utilizes OpenAI's GPT-3 technology to help users create effective and compelling emails in mere minutes. The tool asks users to complete a simple form providing basic information on the message they wish to convey. From there, the AI works its magic to generate a persuasive email, though human editing is always recommended.

EmailComposer incorporates two proven copywriting frameworks, PAS and AIDA, to ensure that the generated emails are both persuasive and effective in driving sales and conversions. The PAS framework encourages copywriters to identify the problem the target audience is facing, agitate that problem to create a sense of urgency, and then propose a solution. The AIDA framework, on the other hand, focuses on capturing the audience's attention, building interest, creating desire, and prompting them to take action. By incorporating these frameworks, EmailComposer provides users with an easy and efficient way to create compelling content regardless of their writing skill level.

The tool is capable of generating both sales letters designed to sell a product or service and emails engineered to solicit a specific call to action. The AI will write the content based on the details provided in the form, but users can add specific details to include in the copy that the AI may not be aware of. Users can also utilize to verify if the generated content was produced by AI or by a human. SalesNexus is EmailComposer's email partner, offering users a reliable platform to send their AI-generated emails.

EmailComposer is an innovative tool that allows users to create effective, compelling, and persuasive emails in a fraction of the time it would take to write them manually. It is an ideal option for anyone looking to improve their email marketing campaigns, regardless of their writing skill level. Users can take advantage of a free trial account offered by SalesNexus to test the tool and decide if it is right for them. EmailComposer is a service of the News Marketing Service,, and is copyrighted by in 2021/2022.


GPT-3 OpenAI-Powered Email Writing

Cutting-Edge AI Technology is powered by the highly advanced GPT-3 OpenAI technology. This cutting-edge AI technology allows the tool to quickly generate compelling emails in just a few minutes.

Easily Create Effective Emails provides a simple and easy-to-use form for creating effective email messages. With just a few sentences describing your news and a couple of quotes, the AI will generate a highly effective email for you. takes care of the hard work for you, so you can focus on more important tasks.

Human Editing is Recommended is intended to be a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals, but it's always recommended to have the human touch. While the AI can generate an efficient email in just a few minutes, it's always best to have it edited and refined by a human.

PAS Copywriting Framework

Problem-Agitate-Solution Framework

The PAS copywriting framework used by identifies a problem that the audience is facing, agitates it to create a sense of urgency, and then proposes a solution. This powerful strategy for creating persuasive copy helps to drive sales and conversions.

Optimized Copywriting and Marketing

The PAS copywriting framework is widely used in marketing and advertising. With's framework, copywriters can create optimized copy that targets the right audience and generates leads and sales.

Create Persuasive and Compelling Copy

The PAS copywriting framework provides a powerful tool for targeting your audience with persuasive and compelling copy. The framework is designed to put the focus on the potential customer and their pain points, creating a sense of urgency and presenting a solution to the customer.

AIDA Copywriting Framework

Attention-Interest-Desire-Action Framework

The AIDA copywriting framework used by focuses on capturing the attention of the audience, building interest in the product or service, creating a desire for it, and then prompting the audience to take action. This powerful strategy is aimed at creating a compelling and relevant message for the target audience.

Create Relevant and Compelling Content

The AIDA copywriting framework provides a powerful tool for creating compelling and relevant content that speaks directly to your audience. By focusing on each stage of the customer journey, the framework helps copywriters to create compelling and effective content that drives sales and conversions.

Think Strategically About Content Creation

The AIDA copywriting framework encourages copywriters to think strategically about the content they create, focusing on the customer journey and creating content that is designed to create a desire for the product or service. This powerful strategy helps to drive sales and conversions.

AI-Generated Sales Letters

Effortlessly Generate Sales Letters

With, advertisers can create AI-generated sales letters that are designed to sell their product or service and generate leads. By simply providing a short description of the product or service and any specific features that aren't available in competitor platforms, can quickly generate effective sales letters designed to target the intended audience.

Target Audience with Specific Calls to Action

By providing descriptions of products or services that are relevant to the specific ask, can generate sales letters that are designed to target a specific audience with specific calls to action. This powerful strategy helps to generate leads and drive sales.

Originality Check includes a valuable tool to detect if your copy was generated by AI. This makes it easy to edit and refine any content created by the AI.

Email Partner SalesNexus

Get Great Email Functionality and Support

As part of the family, has a partnership with SalesNexus, a trusted email platform with great functionality and support. You can sign up for a free trial account to experience the platform and see how it can help you achieve your goals.

Trusted and Reliable Email Communication

With SalesNexus, you can rest assured that your email communication is safe, secure, and reliable. The platform is designed to provide great functionality and support while also ensuring that your communications are always professional and effective.

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