Trusted plagiarism detection tool, prioritizing open science collaborations and offering unparalleled data management features with advanced, free-to-use, and customized pricing options.

About Crossplag


Crossplag is a leading plagiarism detection tool that prioritizes open science collaborations and offers a unique approach to pricing, functionalities, and partnerships. They are trusted by educators and students worldwide for their unparalleled data management features and AI-powered content detector that checks against a vast database of sources to provide comprehensive reports and unambiguous results. Crossplag is committed to building long-lasting partnerships, fostering a collaborative environment that promotes ethical and honest work, and providing their users with a reliable and unbiased tool for detecting AI-generated content and ensuring authenticity in written work.


Crossplag is a trusted plagiarism detection tool that prioritizes open science collaborations and offers unparalleled data management features. Their advanced AI-powered content detector provides comprehensive reports and unambiguous results and is free to use. Crossplag's focus on community and partnerships results in a reliable and unbiased tool for detecting AI-generated content and ensuring authenticity in written work. Their flexible pricing options are affordable and customized to meet the unique needs of individuals and educational institutions. Crossplag is an industry leader committed to continuous development and innovation for improving their service.

Company Overview

Crossplag is a leading plagiarism detection tool used by educators and students worldwide to promote an open, collaborative, and educational environment. The company offers a unique approach to pricing, functionalities, and partnerships by promoting open science collaborations between universities across the world. They have become a trusted source for plagiarism detection, and their data management features are unparalleled.

The company is committed to creating unique partnership incentives, which have resulted in the building of a robust and transparent system for plagiarism checking. Crossplag's data management features ensure ownership of your data, making them a trusted choice for safeguarding your most important asset. The company prides itself on its safe haven for data and is a preferred choice for individuals and institutions alike.

Crossplag's advanced AI-powered content detector checks against a vast database of sources to provide comprehensive reports and unambiguous results. Their website also features a knowledge hub that provides useful resources for educators and students. Additionally, the blog and news sections cover current events and advancements in this ever-evolving industry, keeping their community informed.

The company's focus on community and open science partnerships is evident, making them the preferred choice for plagiarism detection. Crossplag is dedicated to building long-lasting partnerships and fostering a collaborative environment that promotes ethical and honest work. The company's commitment to transparency, security, and functionality is undoubtedly unmatched. They are an industry leader in plagiarism detection services, and their commitment to innovation sets them apart from their competitors.


Instant Authenticity Verification

Effortless AI Detection

Crossplag's AI Content Detector provides users with a simple way to verify the authenticity of any text without guesswork. Users can paste in their text and click "Check" for almost instant feedback on whether it is human-written or AI-generated content. This process is effortless, eliminating the need for manual detection methods that may be time-consuming and less accurate than using an AI tool. Crossplag's AI detection tool uses a vast dataset and a combination of advanced machine learning and natural language processing to understand patterns and provide accurate predictions.

High Accuracy and Reliability

Unlike many other AI detectors that can fail, Crossplag's AI Content Detector prioritizes accuracy and reliability. This fine-tuned detection model is trained with more than 1.5 billion parameters and vast amounts of data. The accuracy of the tool depends on several factors, including the quality of the text, the language used (currently supporting only English), and the quantity of the text. Users can rely on the tool's high accuracy and reliability, making it an essential tool for content creators, recruiters, and educators who rely on authenticity in texts they create or review.

Rarely Fails

Crossplag's AI Content Detector rarely fails and catches a vast majority of cases. It practically eliminates the potential for AI-generated content to appear in users' texts for their websites, academic assignments, and other written works. However, keep in mind that it is not possible for any AI detector to accurately identify all AI-generated content, and using the tool's results as a guide instead of an absolute truth is recommended.

Unbiased and Diverse Training Data

No Data Storage

Users do not have to worry about their data being collected and stored with Crossplag's AI Content Detector. The tool uses the content in real-time, processes it, and analyzes it to provide users with the necessary feedback. The tool does not store the content itself, ensuring users' full privacy and peace of mind. The training data chosen to develop the detector is unbiased, diverse, and entirely objective. This ensures that the results are not biased based on the data used to train the tool, making it a reliable and unbiased tool for users who rely on authenticity in their work.

Avoid Penalties and Drop in Rankings

Google easily detects AI-generated content and considers it spam, resulting in penalization of users' websites and massive drops in rankings. Crossplag's AI Content Detector is essential for online writers such as bloggers to ensure that the content they write while brainstorming with ChatGPT is not entirely AI-generated. Professors and educators can use the tool to determine whether an assignment from a student is copy-pasted from ChatGPT or entirely genuine, avoiding penalties in academic circles. Recruiters can use the AI Content Detector to determine whether a candidate wrote their resume and cover letter or chose ChatGPT to do it for them, avoiding penalties and ensuring the authenticity of the job application.

Multiple Use Cases

Crossplag's AI Content Detector is essential for anyone who depends on authenticity in their written work. It is especially useful for journalists, online content creators, educators, and recruiters. It is also useful for detecting spam and AI-generated content. Bloggers can use the tool to avoid penalization from search engine algorithms, and educators can use it to ensure that their students' work is entirely genuine. Recruiters can use the tool to filter out candidates who did not write their resumes or cover letters themselves. The tool's multiple use cases make it an essential tool for anyone who relies on authenticity in their written work.

Free to Use

No Cost to Credit Usage

Crossplag's AI Content Detector is free to use and will not cost any of the credits purchased for plagiarism detection in Crossplag. Users can use the tool without paying any fees, eliminating the need for manual detection methods that may be time-consuming and less accurate. The tool is available to everyone, whether they are students, businesses, or individuals who depend on authenticity in their written work.

Continuous Development

Support for Multiple Languages

Currently, Crossplag's AI Content Detector only supports the English language. However, the model is trained using datasets from the English language, ensuring optimal performance in English. The focus was to develop a model that works very well in one language and then move to multiple languages. Crossplag is already planning to add more languages as they develop the AI Content Detector further, expanding its use beyond the English language.

Improving Bias Detection

AI algorithms can be biased based on the data used to develop them. Crossplag's AI Content Detector is constantly updated and improved to detect bias better in texts by using an unbiased and diverse dataset. All new updates and improvements are aimed at providing users with a reliable and unbiased tool for detecting AI-generated content and ensuring authenticity in their written work.

News and Events

Crossplag's AI Content Detector is part of a bigger platform that offers the latest news and events related to authenticity in written work. Users can keep themselves updated with the latest trends, tips, and tricks related to avoiding AI-generated content. They can also learn the best practices to avoid penalties and ensure authenticity in their work.


Crossplag offers competitive pricing options for both individuals and educational institutions. For individuals, the pricing starts at $9.99 per month for unlimited plagiarism checks. This plan allows users to upload up to 100,000 words per month and provides them with detailed plagiarism reports. Users have access to a user-friendly dashboard, enabling them to track their progress and identify areas of improvement. The individual plan is affordable, making it accessible to anyone who needs to check for plagiarism efficiently.

For educational institutions, Crossplag offers a flexible pricing plan that depends on the institution's size and unique requirements. Crossplag's algorithm detects and identifies plagiarism in academic papers and research works, ensuring that integrity is preserved. Those interested in the educational pricing package can contact the company for more information on the customized package, which includes additional features such as dedicating administrators and customized reports.

Both the individual and educational plans come with access to Crossplag's AI Content Detector. This tool uses advanced technology, including Machine Learning algorithms, to identify areas of inconsistency and irregularities in written content. Users can upload PDF, Word, and Google Docs files, making this feature convenient for all kinds of users. The AI Content Detector identifies keywords and passages that need improvement, providing suggestions for improvements. It supports more than 50 languages and ensures content is free from grammatical errors and consistent in tone and syntax.

Crossplag's pricing offerings are affordable, making it a valuable investment for individuals and educational institutions. The company offers a flexible approach to pricing, customized to meet the needs of different users. Crossplag also provides friendly support to its users and ensures they have everything they need to use the tool efficiently. For more information on the pricing packages, contact Crossplag today.


What is Crossplag?

Crossplag is a tool for individuals and education institutions that checks for plagiarism in text documents. It supports multiple languages, stores your document content, and uses AWS as its cloud provider for hosting.

How can Crossplag help education institutions?

Crossplag offers an end-to-end solution for upholding academic integrity in education institutions by checking for plagiarism in text documents. It enables institutions to have full control over data created by their users and determines who can access their data. Additionally, it provides custom integrations and white-labeling options for institutions.

Can I try Crossplag for free?

Yes, you can try Crossplag for free by signing up for a free trial. You will receive 10 credits equivalent to 1,000 words to try out the plagiarism checking tool. You can claim the free trial on the Crossplag website or through the following link:

What file formats can be uploaded to Crossplag?

Any type of text file format can be uploaded to Crossplag, but recommended formats are Word (.doc/.docx) and PDF.

How does Crossplag handle transaction information?

Crossplag uses 2CheckOut (Verifone) to handle all transaction information. You can read their Delivery & Refund Policies on the Crossplag website.

What languages does Crossplag support for plagiarism checking?

Crossplag supports multiple languages for plagiarism checking, including translations. Some of the languages supported include English, Spanish, German, Turkish, and Italian.


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