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AI-based tool that generates professional cover letters tailored for the target role and company from user-provided information.

About CoverletterAI by Wonsulting


CoverletterAI is an AI-powered tool created by WonsultingAI to help job seekers create professional cover letters. The tool generates tailored cover letters by extracting relevant information from a user's resume or allowing them to upload their own. The generated cover letters are designed to impress recruiters and can increase the user's chances of landing an interview and securing a job. CoverletterAI is part of WonsultingAI's growing suite of job seeker products that focuses on diversity and inclusivity, making it accessible to people from all backgrounds. With its affordable pricing and excellent customer support, job seekers worldwide can benefit from this powerful tool.


CoverletterAI is an AI-based tool by WonsultingAI that generates professional cover letters by extracting information from a user's resume or allowing them to upload their own. The tool is tailored for the target role and company, and generates high-quality bullet points to impress recruiters. CoverletterAI is affordable, allows two free cover letter generations, and is part of WonsultingAI's suite of job seeker products that promotes diversity and inclusivity. Its excellent customer support and ongoing development make this tool a valuable asset for job seekers worldwide.

Company Overview

CoverletterAI is an innovative tool created by WonsultingAI, which enables job seekers to create professional cover letters in just a few simple steps. The tool uses the power of AI to generate a cover letter that includes all the relevant information from a user's resume. Users can either select their resume from ResumAI, which is also a part of WonsultingAI, or upload their own and still create an outstanding cover letter. The generated cover letters are tailored for the target role and target company, making them unique and attractive to recruiters.

CoverletterAI is highly recommended by its users, as it has helped them secure interviews and job offers. The tool provides ten free tokens, allowing users to generate two free cover letters. Each generated cover letter costs five tokens, which is a reasonable price given the value it adds to one's job application. Additionally, CoverletterAI has received great feedback from users who appreciate the accuracy and quality of the bullet points generated. CoverletterAI helps job seekers create cover letters that highlight their relevant work experience, increasing their chances of landing an interview and a job.

CoverletterAI was created with the mission of helping underdogs turn into winners. The tool promotes diversity and inclusivity by providing anyone from any background with a professional cover letter they can use to apply to jobs and increase their chances of getting interviews. CoverletterAI is designed to help people boost their confidence in applying for any jobs they want to pursue, enabling them to take their resume to the next level. By doing so, the tool helps users understand how recruitment processes work and what recruiters look for in a cover letter.

CoverletterAI is a powerful tool for job seekers worldwide. It is part of WonsultingAI's fast-growing suite of job seeker products, which is expanding to help professionals at all levels. CoverletterAI is a solution for those who struggle with articulating their achievements and skills, and it enables them to present a well-structured and relevant cover letter to any potential employer. With CoverletterAI, job seekers can be confident that their cover letter will impress any recruiter and land them an interview.


CoverLetterAI Creator

Intelligent cover letter creation

CoverLetterAI is an AI-enabled tool that allows you to generate a perfect cover letter in just a few easy steps. It uses ResumAI to extract relevant information from your resume, which helps generate your cover letter. Also, you can upload your resume or create a cover letter without one. You provide your target role and target company, and CoverLetterAI takes care of the rest, generating professional and polished content that will impress recruiters.

Easy to use interface

CoverLetterAI has a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of generating a cover letter. The website is clean and organized, with uncomplicated instructions that guide you through the process. Using CoverLetterAI, you can produce a professional cover letter in a matter of minutes.

Free trial

You can enjoy 2 free cover letter generations using CoverLetterAI’s 10 free tokens, which is perfect for those who are new to the platform. This feature guarantees that you are entirely satisfied with the tool's results before committing to a purchasing plan.

ResumAI Improver

Customizable content generation

ResumAI Improver is a feature that creates personalized bullet points according to your work experience and accomplishments, explaining your duties and achievements in detail. Moreover, the content is efficiently structured and aligned with the latest job trends, while still leaving creative freedom for fine-tuning. ResumAI can improve your resume or create one for you with just a few clicks.

Saves time and Energy

ResumAI saves you time and effort by taking care of the challenging and time-consuming task of creating a resume. The process can be confusing, especially if you have no experience, but you can entrust ResumAI with the responsibility of creating an optimized resume that stands out to prospective employers.

Market-minded content generation

ResumAI uses its knowledge to generate bullet points that are relevant to your desired job role. When your resume is generated, it provides details that would appeal to recruiters and effectively capture relevant details in the context of the market. ResumAI’s bullet points are organized in a way that is easy to read, yet retains the information recruiters are looking for.

Underdog Empowerment

Accessible to all backgrounds

CoverLetterAI and ResumAI were created with a mission of helping underdogs turn into winners. They provide an accessible and affordable way to create professional content to apply for jobs, regardless of your background. Through these tools, the underprivileged demographic can feel equally represented in job opportunities without reservations caused by a lack of resources, financial constraints, or other factors.

Innovative technology for equal opportunities

CoverLetterAI and ResumAI use the latest technology in AI and machine learning to maximize opportunities for those who lack a competitive edge in the job market. Through the use of CoverLetterAI and ResumAI, job seekers worldwide can have equal opportunity in employment. The tools leverage the latest AI technology and are in ongoing development.

Great customer support

Wonsulting has got your back. They pride themselves on being centered around their customers and their satisfaction. If you encounter any difficulties, their support team is available 24/7, and they guarantee to provide excellent customer service. From software issues to any other concerns you may have, their team is willing to assist you.

Other Features

Reliable and secure service

CoverLetterAI and ResumAI are highly reliable tools that provide secure services to their customers. Through their encryption protocols and privacy policies, your data and financial information remain protected. This feature guarantees peace of mind and trust in the platform's credibility.

Continuous improvement

Wonsulting is dedicated to development and improvement. CoverLetterAI and ResumAI are regularly updated and developed to ensure that clients receive the best service. Wonsulting also accepts feedback from clients through their testimonials platform, which contains various comments and feedback from previous clients, to understand what features they need to develop.

Saves you money

CoverLetterAI and ResumAI are affordable platforms that provide professional-grade content to job seekers. They eliminate the need for third-party consultants, which can be relatively expensive. Using CoverLetterAI and ResumAI could potentially save you time and money by generating professional resumes and cover letters in minutes, without spending too much on individual consultants or agencies.

CoverletterAI by Wonsulting

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