Codiga is an innovative software that helps developers enhance code quality, security, and maintainability through features such as real-time issue detection and static analysis.

About Codiga


Codiga, now under the umbrella of Datadog, is a startup that aims to enhance code quality, security, and maintainability by providing a practical platform for developers and managers. Codiga holds exceptional expertise in bespoke integrations and user-centric product design, catering to the customized needs of developers and organizations. Founders Julien (a technologist with a background in Twitter and Amazon Web Services) and Alex (an experienced product designer) form a winning combo with their team of Frontend Engineers (Oscar and Daniel) and their Chief Cuteness Officer (Chewie). Codiga has gained a reputation for being a part of a trusted network of industry experts and startups.

Codiga's features include real-time code violation reporting, static code analysis, and code metrics reporting to distribute a bird's-eye view of code quality. They offer an adequate package of integrations, including Direct Datadog Integration, Open-Source Visual Studio Plugin, Code Snippets Search, and Visual Studio Extension. Pricing options are accessible to open-source developers, small teams, and others. With a 15-year experience in Silicon Valley, Codiga is devoted to helping developers write better code faster.


Codiga is a software, now part of Datadog, that helps developers enhance code quality, security, and maintainability. Their platform provides valuable features such as real-time issue detection, static code analysis, and code metrics reporting. Codiga offers accessible pricing options to open-source developers, small teams, and others. They also provide a range of integrations such as Direct Datadog Integration, Open-Source Visual Studio Plugin, Code Snippets Search, and Visual Studio Extension. Codiga has an experienced team of technologists and product designers dedicated to assisting developers in writing improved code in less time.

Company Overview

Codiga, now part of Datadog, is a startup founded by experienced engineers with over 15 years of experience in Europe and Silicon Valley. Codiga aims to help developers write better code faster by building a practical platform that helps managers and developers detect defects in their code early on, preventing Technical Debt from slowing down or blocking projects. The company prides itself on being part of a trusted network of industry experts and startups.

The team behind Codiga includes Founder & CEO Julien, a previous tech lead at Twitter and Amazon Web Services, Senior Member of the Technical Staff at the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute, and author of the book Technical Debt in Practice published by MIT Press. Product Designer Alex, who helps to connect user needs with product and service goals in many industries, working with clients like Diageo, Mozilla, Puma, Smirnoff, Diners & IBM. Frontend Engineers Oscar, who loves to study and play with the newest CSS features to create fantastic art, and Daniel, a passionate frontend engineer, teacher, and learner, who has experience in design, management, and programming.

Finally, the team would not be complete without their Chief Cuteness Officer, Chewie, who has an extensive background in making people happy, through hugs, play on the beach, and meeting random strangers to share his love for the world. Codiga is a Techstars Boulder portfolio company participating in the 2021 batch, and the company offers assets such as logos and screenshots to assist anyone looking to cover Codiga in the media.


Real-time Code Violation Reporting

Instant Feedback on Each Code Review

Codiga offers lightning-fast feedback on each code review, highlighting bugs, security issues, and maintainability problems within seconds. With real-time code violation reporting, developers can fix errors before they become problems and avoid rework, ultimately saving time and resources.

Real-Time Issue Detection in IDEs and CI/CD Pipelines

Codiga reports code violations in your integrated development environment (IDE) in milliseconds and works in your continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. The tool reports errors for every code change in seconds and works seamlessly on various platforms, including VS Code, JetBrains, VisualStudio, GitHub, Gitlab, and Bitbucket.

Historical Analysis of Code Errors

Codiga has the historical analysis of all errors for each commit of your code. The tool enables developers to track and analyze code quality over time and identify areas of improvement to enhance the overall quality and maintainability of their codebase.

Static Code Analysis Engine

Easy Rule Creation and Integration

Codiga makes it easy to create a code analysis rule from your browser or favorite IDE in less than five minutes. New rules are instantly usable in your IDE or CI/CD pipeline, enabling developers to customize and adapt the tool to fit their specific needs and requirements.

Real-Time Issue Detection in IDEs and CI/CD Pipelines

Codiga detects issues in real-time in your IDE and suggests effective fixes, helping developers improve code quality, security, and maintainability. The tool checks your code before pushing it to avoid pushing a branch with outstanding issues and analyzes each pull request, flagging any code violations, duplicates, long, or complex function.

Code Vulnerability Detection and Fix Suggestions

Codiga uses Static Code Analysis to find critical application vulnerabilities, such as Mitre CWE, SANS CWE Top 25, and OWASP Top 10. The tool suggests fixes when possible, finding and fixing vulnerabilities in seconds as developers write code, allowing for continuous integration of code vulnerabilities fixing in codebase.

Code Metrics Reporting

Essential Metrics About Code Quality

Codiga offers a bird's-eye view of your code quality, reporting all important metrics, including the overall number of code violations, duplicates, long and complex functions. The tool enables developers to track and analyze code quality, ultimately leading to a higher quality and more maintainable codebase.

Source Code Navigation and Inspection

With the analysis view, developers can navigate into the source code and inspect where issues are located in the codebase, enabling a better understanding of the code and identifying places for improvement. The tool detects any large code duplication, automatically flagging it, allowing developers to refactor code and avoid code duplication, ensuring efficient code development.

Dependency Detection and Update Alerts

Codiga allows developers to configure, scan, and detect outdated dependencies in their code for the most popular languages. When outdated dependencies are detected, the tool alerts developers that their dependencies need to be updated, improving code quality and maintainability.


Codiga offers a range of integrations to make using their Static Analysis tool seamless for developers. From direct IDE integration to code snippets search, Codiga ensures that developers can incorporate their tool efficiently.

Visual Studio Extension

The Codiga Visual Studio Extension allows developers to directly integrate the Coding Assistant engine into their Visual Studio development environment. With no need to install multiple tools or wait for pull requests, developers can see all analysis results come directly into their IDE. This integration allows developers to check their code in real-time on every keystroke and automatically formats code snippets within the IDE. The Codiga plugin is available for download within the Visual Studio Marketplace, under the Extensions section. By running the command provided in their terminal, developers can easily choose rulesets for their project and create a codiga.yml file within their project's root directory with their chosen rulesets. It's important to note that this integration requires Node.js installed for use, however, the Codiga Getting Started documentation provides links to assist with this set-up if needed.

Code Snippets Search

Codiga's Code Snippets search provides users with easy access to both public and private code snippets for their projects. With the ability to filter, preview and select their favorite code snippets, developers can find what they need within seconds. Additionally, Codiga allows users to define keyboard shortcuts for their preferred snippets, further improving workflow efficiency.

Open-Source Visual Studio Plugin

Codiga's Visual Studio Plugin is open-source, providing users with transparency and the ability to contribute to its development. The source code is available on GitHub, and users can report bugs and contribute directly to the project. This feature is something that not all developers come across and appreciate, and it is in line with the company's values of never storing or using users' code to improve their system.

Direct Datadog Integration

Codiga has recently announced its joining of Datadog and together they offer Static Analysis. While Datadog is a tool geared towards log and infrastructure monitoring, the Static Analysis that they now offer with Codiga is focused on code quality and security. Users can access Codiga's Static Code Analysis directly in their preferred IDE with the help of a plugin and a codiga.yml file in their project's root directory.


Codiga's Static Analysis tool is available for free for individuals, open-source projects, and small teams. This is perfect for open-source developers who can create and use custom analysis rules in their IDE and CI/CD pipeline. The tool provides insights on your code base, and you can filter the most critical coding issues within seconds. You can get feedback within seconds, not hours, as the average analysis time is around 15 seconds. Additionally, Slack channels support is available, and no credit card is required for this plan.

For larger teams, Codiga offers its Static Analysis tool for $14/month per seat. The tool provides custom code analysis rules, coding assistant, automated code reviews, and code analysis for your team. You will also benefit from fine-grained access control, shared private code analysis rules and code snippets with your team, and dedicated code analysis instances. You will have a dedicated Slack channel for your team and an email address with resolution in less than 24 hours. No credit card is required for this plan.

Codiga claims to save at least three hours per engineer per month, estimating cost savings for your team. For example, 15 engineers using Codiga can save up to 45 hours monthly, which equates to $3.4k saved per month based on a $180K salary per year.

Codiga's Static Analysis is also available to Datadog users, but pricing information is not available on the site. Interested users should contact their sales team for more information.


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