Cloud-based legal practice management solution using advanced reporting and customizable tools to streamline workflows and improve productivity.

About Clio


Clio is a cloud-based legal practice management system that focuses on automating essential tasks and streamlining workflows. With advanced reporting capabilities, practitioners can leverage data for a deeper understanding of operation performance. Clio utilizes AI capabilities to provide tailored recommendations and predictions that help streamline workflows. With its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and focus on productivity, Clio has become one of the go-to solutions for legal professionals seeking to streamline their practice operations and focus on what they do best.


Clio is a cloud-based legal practice management solution that utilizes AI capabilities to streamline law firms' workflows and automate essential tasks. With advanced reporting capabilities, practitioners can access valuable business insights. Clio features an array of convenient tools that aid user efficiency, including customizable presets, an image maker, Sketch, and a user-friendly, intuitive studio. With its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and focus on productivity, Clio has become one of the go-to solutions for legal professionals seeking to streamline their practice operations and focus on what they do best.

Company Overview

Clio is a cloud-based legal practice management solution that helps law firms and legal professionals manage their businesses more efficiently. Founded in 2008, Clio has become one of the most popular legal practice management tools on the market, with over 150,000 lawyers relying on its software to manage their daily operations. The company's primary focus is on helping lawyers save time and increase productivity by providing innovative tools that automate essential tasks and streamline workflows.

Clio's dashboard is user-friendly and customizable, allowing lawyers to manage their tasks, appointments, and deadlines in one central location. With Clio's mobile app, legal professionals can also access critical information on the go, ensuring that they're always up to date. Moreover, Clio offers a robust set of features, including time tracking, billing, document management, calendar management, and more. These tools help lawyers stay organized and focused on their core competencies, while also enhancing the client experience.

Clio also offers advanced reporting capabilities, giving lawyers valuable insights into their firm's performance. Analytics such as matter profitability, timekeeper performance, and accounts receivable give users the data they need to make informed business decisions and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Clio is an AI-powered solution, utilizing machine learning to provide users with tailored recommendations and predictions that help streamline their workflows. The AI-powered features include automatic time recording, matter tagging, and predictive billing, among others. With Clio's AI capabilities, legal professionals can work more efficiently, saving valuable time and resources, while also providing better client outcomes.

Overall, Clio is a comprehensive legal practice management solution that offers users a user-friendly, intuitive platform, robust features, and advanced AI capabilities. With its focus on productivity, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use, Clio has become a go-to solution for legal professionals seeking to streamline their practice operations and focus on what they do best.


Easy-to-Use AI Art Studio

Customizable Presets

Clio offers a vast selection of pre-made presets tailored to different art styles, ranging from precise photography to abstract paintings. These presets can be easily customized and applied to create unique, professional-looking artwork.

User-Created Art

Users can upload their own art to Clio to create a unique style that is exclusive to them. With this user-created art, numerous creative avenues can be explored such as custom art for friends or quickly creating storyboards with original artistic flair. This feature also allows players to generate video game assets with ease, opening doors to unique design opportunities for creative coders.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Clio is designed to work on any device with a browser, including iPad and phone. Users can start creating art wherever they are without the need for expensive tools or software. By utilizing the power of the cloud, users can easily access their artwork on any device, making it easy to work on the go or from anywhere.

Image Maker

No Drawing Skills Required

With the Image Maker, users do not need any drawing skills to create stunning artwork. By describing the image they want using keywords, Clio translates it into a tangible image instantly. By using the AI capabilities, the Image Maker allows even the beginners to become artists and bring their creative visions to life.

Unique Results Every Time

The Image Maker is capable of creating unique and personalized results every time, ensuring that no two images are the same. With a nearly unlimited number of styles and patterns to choose from, a user can continue to utilize this feature without any repetition or getting bored over time.

Fast, Efficient Workflow

Users can effortlessly incorporate AI methods into their artistic workflow and achieve stunning results quickly. This feature saves time and simplifies the work, meaning that users can focus on the creative aspect of their work than spending hours in front of design software such as Adobe Photoshop 8.0 or Paint Tool SAI.


Responsive User Interface

Clio's Sketch feature provides a user-friendly interface that responds to different pen pressure levels and styluses. It allows users to sketch with a stylus in the same way they would with a pencil on paper, which gives them the freedom to explore different styles and techniques in a way that feels as natural as possible.

Advanced Brush Settings

Clio offers advanced brush settings, allowing users to adjust their brushes individually to achieve the desired results. This feature caters to graphic designers who need precise artistic control and customization options to achieve highly tailored art.

Layered Workflow

Sketch allows users to work on a layered workflow, which means users can create multiple layers to draw different elements and sections of a picture separately. This structure provides more flexibility and allows for greater control over detail and layout.

Clio Studio

Free-to-Use with Daily Credits

Clio Studio implements a credit-based model, freely allowing users to access the software and create art. Users receive a certain number of daily credits that they can use to create art with the AI. While utilizing AI capabilities for art can deplete the credits quickly, users are not being charged anything for the work they do with the AI. This system encourages users to collaborate with AI to enhance their creative workflows without having to worry about monetary expenses.

All-Access Pricing Model

Clio also offers an all-access pricing model for users who require greater flexibility and access to the AI capabilities. This pricing model allows users to create as much art as they want without worrying about credits. By paying a small fee, users can access the full suite of tools and features, allowing for unlimited creativity.

Intuitive User Interface

Clio Studio features an intuitive user interface that's easy to use with shortcuts to access its various features. Even beginners can quickly get started with this feature-packed studio. With seamless integration, users can create art with complete confidence and control.


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