AI-powered solutions for processing large volumes of unstructured text data, providing insights for marketing, research, and customer service professionals.

About Choppity


Choppity is a UK-based AI-powered company that offers innovative solutions for managing large volumes of text data. Established in 2022, it aims to make text processing and analytics accessible and effortless for businesses of all sizes. Headquartered in Durham, England, Choppity's AI-powered tools can quickly and efficiently process unstructured text data and offer insights in various formats, like videos, audios, social media posts, and more. Their services are suitable for marketing, research, customer service, and social media professionals. The company provides user-friendly services, and its technical support team is always ready to assist clients. Moreover, Choppity's services are cost-effective, and users can access free trial versions before investing money in any plan, ranging from individual to enterprise-level.


Choppity offers AI-powered tools for processing large volumes of unstructured text data. The innovative solutions can extract insights from various formats like social media posts, videos, and more. The services are suitable for businesses of all sizes and are helpful for marketing, research, and customer service professionals. The UK-based company offers user-friendly services and provides technical support to its clients. The pricing plans range from free plans to enterprise-level customized pricing. Users can access the free trial version before investing in individual or business plans, starting from $1599 per year.

Company Overview

Choppity is a UK-based AI-powered company that specializes in providing tools for managing large volumes of text data. Founded in 2022, Choppity's goal is to simplify text processing and analysis, making it accessible and easy to use for businesses of all sizes.

The company is headquartered in Portland House at Belmont Business Park in Durham, England. Choppity is registered with Company Number 13512059, attesting to its legitimacy as a business entity.

Choppity's cutting-edge technology allows for quick and efficient processing of large volumes of unstructured text data, in a manner that is accurate, reliable, and scalable. This technology is made available through their proprietary AI-powered tools, which are designed to extract insights from text data in various formats, including unstructured text, photo captions, audio, and video captions.

Choppity's tools have proven to be helpful in various industries, including marketing, research, social media, and customer service. They allow businesses to gain valuable insights into their customers' preferences, opinions, and needs by analyzing large amounts of text data quickly and accurately. Additionally, Choppity has demonstrated a commitment to helping its clients succeed through its user-friendly approach to their tools, its technical support team, and its willingness to provide customers access to relevant training resources and materials.


AI-powered Clip Creation

Viral Social Media Clips

Choppity® uses AI to help create viral social media clips from long podcast videos, allowing users to quickly and easily repurpose their content for social media platforms. The AI technology built into Choppity® is able to identify key moments within the video based on speech or caption text, making the process 10 times faster than traditional video editing software.

Efficient Podcast Marketing

Increase your podcast's overall reach with Choppity®. The AI technology automatically transcribes your entire video, allowing you to easily highlight the text you want to include in your clip - just like editing a Word document. Save yourself time and effort while still ensuring your podcast reaches a wider audience.

Cost-effective and User-friendly

Choppity® is also up to 72 times cheaper than outsourcing social media video editing on platforms like Fiverr, making it an affordable and accessible solution for small businesses and individuals on a budget. Additionally, the simplicity of the editing process - which is as easy as editing a Word document - makes Choppity® user-friendly for anyone, regardless of their experience with video editing.

Customization and Branding

Animated Captions

To make your video more engaging, Choppity® allows you to add animated captions tailored to your brand. You can customize fonts, colors, and animation styles to suit your brand identity, creating a consistent look throughout your social media platforms and gaining more recognition from your audiences.

Portrait Video Optimization

Choppity's® AI detects faces and ensures they remain perfectly cropped in your portrait video, making your content more visually appealing and professional. You also have the flexibility to change these settings according to your preferences, giving you full control over your video's look and feel.

Brand Kits

If you've created a video style you love, Choppity® allows you to save it as a brand kit, which you can then reapply to future clips. This feature ensures a unified look throughout your video productions, allowing you to maintain a consistent brand identity across all your social media channels.

Customer Support and User Feedback

Dedicated Support Team

The Choppity® team goes above and beyond to ensure excellent customer service. Users who experience any technical issue can rely on a fast and efficient support team that is always ready to help. They take great care to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible, creating a comfortable and positive experience for their clients.

User Experience Improvements

As a user-friendly platform, Choppity® is keen on hearing feedback from its users to constantly improve user experience and functionality. They actively seek feedback from their clients to ensure that the platform meets their needs and expectations, allowing them to create even better products and services tailored to their clients.

No-Credit Card Required Subscription

Choppity® offers new users the chance to try out the platform with a 2 TikTok per month subscription plan for free. No credit card is required, allowing users to test the product first before committing any of their resources.


Choppity offers a free version of their product that allows users to experiment with the features at no cost. With this free plan, users receive 0.5 hours of AI analysis per month, 0.25GB of cloud storage, and 1 brand kit. This plan also includes the ability to remove the Choppity watermark and add a custom watermark to videos.

For YouTubers and Podcasters starting out on social media, Choppity has a plan priced at $1599 per year, or $133.25 per month. This plan includes 3 hours of AI analysis per month, 10GB of cloud storage, and 1 brand kit. With this plan, users can remove the Choppity watermark and add a custom watermark to their videos.

The next pricing tier is priced at $3099 per year, or $258.25 per month, and is designed for larger creators with a lot of content for social media. This plan includes 8 hours of AI analysis per month, 20GB of cloud storage, and 3 brand kits. Users on this plan can also remove the Choppity watermark and add a custom watermark to their videos.

The most comprehensive plan offered by Choppity is priced at $6099 per year, or $508.25 per month, and is designed for professional video editors and marketing agencies. With this plan, users receive 24 hours of AI analysis per month, 50GB of cloud storage, and unlimited brand kits. Like the other plans, the Choppity watermark can be removed and customized watermarks can be added to signify original creation.

If you require even greater video editing and analysis than the largest plan, Choppity's Enterprise level offers bespoke pricing to organizations that need to edit larger volumes of videos.

Overall, Choppity offers pricing plans that cater to a variety of content creators and businesses. Their plans range from free to Enterprise, with options for those starting out on social media to professional video editors and marketing agencies.


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