CheapNFT.Art provides accessible and affordable NFT creation and ownership using a free, user-friendly, and unlimited art generation tool with endless concepts.

About CheapNFT.Art


CheapNFT.Art is a team of hackers dedicated to providing affordable and accessible NFT creation and ownership for everyone. Their mission is to democratize the NFT space by empowering everyday people to take control of their NFTs and prevent corporations and celebrities from dominating the market. They offer free AI-generated image creation, fast and efficient AI generation, free minting, and transparent pricing model with unlimited earning potential. Their unique art concepts allow users to create bespoke digital art pieces with limitless possibilities, catering to individual creatives without the limitation of technical skills or software.


CheapNFT.Art democratizes the NFT space by providing affordable and accessible NFT creation and ownership for everyone. Their free AI tool generates unlimited unique art pieces using artificial intelligence algorithms, requires no technical skills, and is straightforward to use. Minting is free, and the pricing model is transparent with unlimited earning potential, and artwork concepts are endless. CheaNFT.Art is ideal for users who want to enter the world of NFTs or monetize their creativity without limitations, with only a total cost of $5 + the gas fee.

Company Overview

CheapNFT.Art is a team of hackers dedicated to making it easy and affordable for everyone to own an NFT. Frustrated with the prominence of celebrities and corporations in the NFT space, the team is committed to democratizing the space and giving control back to individual creators and collectors.

With CheapNFT.Art, even your grandma can join the NFT revolution. The team is proud to be handing over the keys to the kingdom to everyday people, creating a platform where anyone can easily and affordably mint and own an NFT. Say 'fuck you' to the people who got rich off overpriced apes, and the scammers who sold NFTs then ran off with the money. CheapNFT.Art is a space where you can take back control.

Part of this mission involves supporting artists who share the team's commitment to democratizing NFTs. CheapNFT.Art features the work of artists who are part of this movement, with an extensive collection of artwork generated and minted to inspire your own creation. This platform empowers independent artists and allows them to create valuable NFTs for collectors to enjoy.

The team at CheapNFT.Art sees the potential of NFTs to be a revolutionary force in the art world. By making them accessible to everyone, they aim to change the game and prevent NFTs from becoming just another tool for corporations and celebrities to maintain their power and influence.

Join the revolution at CheapNFT.Art and take control of your own NFTs, no matter who you are, where you come from, or how much money you have.


Create Free AI Generated Images

Limitless Possibilities

CheapNFT.Art's AI tool allows users to create free AI-generated images that they can mint. The possibilities for these images are endless, limited only by the user's imagination. Users can create unique digital art pieces that no one else has thought of before, making their collection truly one-of-a-kind. With the ability to create an unlimited number of images, users are free to experiment with different styles and concepts until they achieve their desired result.

Connect Your Wallet or Use Your Email

To start, all users need to do is connect their wallet. However, for those who don't have a wallet or wish not to connect it, they can still create AI-generated images using their email address as the login method. This makes the tool accessible to a wider range of users, regardless of their crypto familiarity.

24-Hour Image Storage

If a user decides not to mint their AI-generated image after creating it, CheapNFT.Art will save their image for up to 24 hours. This allows users time to decide if the image is worth minting or if they wish to try again with a different concept. This feature also ensures that users have ample time to review and make changes to their AI-generated image before it is permanently minted.

AI Generation

Fast and Efficient Image Creation

CheapNFT.Art's AI tool uses artificial intelligence algorithms to generate unique and sophisticated digital art pieces. The tool uses a machine learning technique called Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) to improve the quality of the generated images over time. This allows users to receive their AI-generated images quickly, with minimal wait time.

No Technical Skills Required

The tool is very straightforward to use, and users do not require any technical software or design skills. The AI technology does the heavy lifting, generating images that are often difficult or time-consuming to create manually, such as complex 3D designs or intricate illustrations. This means users can focus on the creative aspect of their project without worrying about the technical challenges it may present.

Infinite Possibilities

The AI technology utilized by CheapNFT.Art's tool can create an almost unlimited number of unique and beautiful digital art pieces. These pieces can be used as standalone works of art or combined with other images or elements to create more complex compositions. With this tool, creators can explore a world of endless possibilities and unique ideas.

FREE Minting

No Hidden Fees

CheapNFT.Art's tool offers users the ability to mint their AI-generated images for free. There are no hidden fees associated with the minting process, allowing users to enjoy 100% ownership of their digital art pieces without any unexpected charges or fees. This makes it an ideal tool for users just entering the world of NFTs, as they can comfortably create and mint digital art pieces without any risk.

Easy and Quick Minting Process

The minting process on CheapNFT.Art is very easy and straightforward. Once users have created their AI-generated image, they simply click the "mint" button and pay the gas fee. The gas fee is a small charge levied by the Ethereum network for processing the transaction, ensuring that their new NFT is digitally verified and officially minted. Once completed, users can view their new NFT in their digital wallet and sell or trade it on the corresponding NFT marketplaces with ease.

Unlimited Minting

CheapNFT.Art's tool allows users to mint any number of their own AI-generated images without limitations. This means users can create, mint, and sell multiple digital art pieces without any restrictions or fees. This is an ideal tool for artists looking to create a portfolio of their own unique NFTs that they can promote and market on various NFT marketplaces around the world.

$5 + Gas Fee Total

Affordable and Accessible

With a total cost of just $5 + the gas fee (a small charge levied by the Ethereum network for processing the transaction), CheapNFT.Art's tool is extremely affordable and accessible to a wide range of users. This low-cost feature makes it an ideal entry point for users new to the world of NFTs, as they can experiment with minting digital art pieces without breaking the bank.

Transparent and Fair Pricing

CheapNFT.Art's pricing structure is transparent and fair. The low cost of $5 + the gas fee ensures that users receive fair pricing for creating and minting their own unique digital art pieces. This helps to ensure the integrity of the NFT marketplace, preventing digital art pieces from being artificially inflated in price by high minting fees and hidden charges.

Unlimited Earnings Potential

CheapNFT.Art's tool enables users to create and sell an unlimited number of digital art pieces without fees or limitations. This means users can earn as much as they want based on the popularity and market demand of their NFTs. By pricing their NFTs appropriately, creators can potentially earn significant income from their digital art pieces, making this an ideal tool for anyone looking to monetize their creative skills.

Unique Art Concepts

Bespoke Digital Art Pieces

CheapNFT.Art's AI-generated images are unique and bespoke, providing users with a way to stand out in a crowded digital art marketplace. Rather than simply generating random images, users can specify specific concepts or ideas they wish to explore, allowing the AI algorithms to create something truly special. By creating bespoke digital art pieces, users have the opportunity to showcase their creativity, imagination and personal style to the world.

Endless Possibilities

The CheapNFT.Art tool can potentially create an infinite number of new art concepts, limited only by the users' imagination. With the ability to create AI-generated images spanning various genres like science fiction, fantasy, and more, creators can explore concepts that would be impossible to recreate manually. Whether inventing entirely new worlds or reimagining established settings, the tool provides users with endless possibilities in the digital art space.

Easy and Streamlined Art Collaboration

CheapNFT.Art's unique art concept feature streamlines collaborations between digital artists, providing them with a straightforward way to share their ideas and work together on creative projects. By using the AI tool, digital artists can create a base image to work with, adding their own unique flourishes to create something new and exciting. This feature allows digital artists from all over the world to work together on unique digital art projects that could not have been created otherwise.


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