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AI-powered tool for businesses to create customized high-quality product photos with ease and efficiency.

About Canvas by Magicstudio


Canvas by Magicstudio is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of creating attractive product photos for businesses. The tool uses customized algorithms to generate an extensive collection of high-quality photos that can be customized to different themes and backgrounds.

With its user-friendly interface and efficient image-generation capabilities, business owners can save time and money while creating stunning product photos that drive sales and growth. Canvas by Magicstudio provides features such as automatic background removal, high-resolution photo downloads, and an integrated text generator for personalized photos. Besides, the platform offers a money-making affiliate program and an AI creative revolution framework, where users can participate in a community-driven creative inspiration space.


Canvas by Magicstudio is an AI-powered tool that enables business owners to create an infinite array of personalized, high-quality product photos. The platform offers an easy-to-use interface with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality that supports JPEG and PNG formats. The tool is time and money-saving, customizable themes, and scenes, and advanced editing features such as automatic background removal and integrated text generators. It provides unlimited high-resolution photo downloads and an affiliate program with a 25% commission rate on referral sales. The platform keeps users abreast of the latest creative trends and best practices through its community-driven creative inspiration space. Canvas by Magicstudio is the ultimate solution for businesses and marketers seeking to create eye-catching product photos with ease.

Company Overview

Canvas by Magicstudio is an AI-powered tool that enables its users to create infinite killer product photos at the click of a button. The tool provides an efficient solution to the need for high-quality product photos, which are a significant driver for sales. Canvas assists users in producing excellent product photos in a short amount of time, saving them both time and money.

One of the standout features of Canvas is the ability to mix up themes and turn out a different mood every day, allowing for a more dynamic and engaging online store. The tool provides users with the option to upload a product photo and adjust its size or position as needed. Users can then create a scene for their product photos by picking a theme provided or describing an individual scene in their own words. Canvas also offers the option of editing pictures by removing any distractions and adding other elements to the scene easily.

Canvas takes user experience to the next level by further providing the option to remove backgrounds automatically in seconds, enlarge pictures without losing quality, or to create stunning profile pictures with the help of AI. Moreover, the tool enables users to make images with words, adding a creative and personalized touch to their product photos.

Canvas by Magicstudio is committed to providing an exceptional user experience and empowering users with the right tools to succeed. The company's AI tool has been positively received, with thousands of merchants and marketers trusting it to create amazing product photos. In addition, Canvas offers an affiliate program, with the opportunity to earn 25% for every customer referred, providing an excellent chance to establish a passive income stream.

Get started with Canvas today and enjoy 40 images for free with no credit card required, or upgrade to generate unlimited product photos with no Magic Studio Logo and at high resolution. Join the AI creative revolution and stay inspired with Canvas by Magicstudio!


Easy-to-use Interface

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Functionality

The Canvas tool by Magicstudio has an effortless drag-and-drop feature that makes it easy for users to create and enhance product photos. This feature allows users to drag and drop images onto the Canvas interface, making it easy to create stunning, personalized product photos.

Supported Formats: JPEG, PNG

Canvas by Magicstudio supports JPEG and PNG formats, making it easy to upload images from any device or platform. This ensures that users can easily generate ideal product photos, no matter the technology they're using.

Click-to-Try Feature

New users can test out the Canvas AI tool for free without having to enter their credit card details. This helpful feature allows users to upload up to 40 images to the tool to try out before committing to a full purchase.

Efficient Product Photo Creation

Time and Money-Saving

Canvas by Magicstudio is an incredible time and money-saver for anyone looking to create eye-catching product photos quickly and affordably with the click of a button. The AI tool's dedicated image enhancement algorithms and highlight features allow users to get incredible results without spending a lot of money or time on manual photo editing.

Infinite Killer Product Photos

Canvas by Magicstudio offers users an infinite number of product photo options through its powerful AI image generation capabilities. With this feature, users can generate stunning photos on-demand without needing to hire a photographer or invest in expensive DSLR cameras and editing software.

Customizable Themes and Scenes

With the AI tool Canvas, users can change up the visual theme of their product photos with ease. The tool allows users to mix and match among various scene options, keeping up with changing moods and exciting new product designs. Users even have the option to add new characters to the scene or adjust the product size or placement angle.

Advanced Editing Features

Automatic Background Removal

The background removal feature in the Canvas tool is a significant advantage for users who want to create eye-catching product photos and profile pictures that reflect professional design quality. By eliminating extraneous or distracting background elements, users can focus on the primary product without interference.

High-Quality Photo Resolution

The automatic image enlargement feature in Canvas by Magicstudio saves users considerable time and effort. The feature ensures that images maintain quality resolution regardless of the size of enlargement, resulting in high-quality and consistent product photos.

Integrated Text Generator

The text generator feature in Canvas by Magicstudio makes it easy to add text to photos, creating enhanced images that convey brand messaging effectively. The AI tool can add inspiring quotes, logos, or a simple text caption to give context to the product photo or profile picture and make it visually appealing.

Long-Term Savings

Unlimited Product Photos

Canvas by Magicstudio's unlimited product photo feature offers users the opportunity to generate as many product photos as they need through using the product. This feature eliminates the need to pay for additional photos or hire an actual photographer, saving businesses top dollars on photo creation.

High-Resolution Photo Download

Canvas by Magicstudio also offers users the option to download their generated product photos at high resolution. This feature ensures that users can access high-quality photos to use across multiple channels, such as websites, social media platforms, and digital marketing campaigns.

Money-Making Affiliate Program

Canvas by Magicstudio's affiliate program allows users to earn an income by selling the AI tool to their network. Users generate a 25% commission on each referral sale they generate, providing a valuable stream of additional income.

Insights and Inspiration

Community-Driven Creative Inspiration

Canvas by Magicstudio offers an inspirational platform that keeps users abreast of the latest creative trends and best practices in their community. With the AI tool, users have access to a solution that ensures their product photos stand out from the crowd.

Stay Within the AI Creative Revolution

Canvas by Magicstudio ensures that users stay on top of the craft with the incredible and ever-advancing AI technology. The AI tool uses customized algorithms to take the stress out of photo editing, allowing users to focus on the more important task of incorporating creativity into their photo design.

A Simple, User-friendly Design

Canvas by Magicstudio's interface offers easy and straightforward navigation features that make the tool accessible for users at all levels of experience. With its attractive yet user-friendly design, Canvas by Magicstudio ensures that users can create even the most complex product photos with immense ease.

Canvas by Magicstudio

Company Results

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