CanIRank is a powerful SEO intelligence software using machine learning and data analysis to provide actionable insights for successful SEO strategies.

About Canirank


CanIRank is an SEO intelligence software company that specializes in providing data that is actionable, useful, and provides real value. Using the power of machine learning, the company's software leverages industry-leading ranking models to analyze data and draw conclusions that help organizations achieve their goals and succeed in the high-stakes game of SEO. The company was founded by a group of talented individuals passionate about studying and understanding search engine rankings. It has since developed data models and machine learning algorithms from analyzing over 300,000 websites and assembling a 100 billion+ node linkgraph. CanIRank is a unique solution that helps startups, ecommerce stores, SMEs, and bloggers compete against mega-corporations who rank based on their SEO budget rather than quality.


CanIRank is an SEO intelligence software company that uses machine learning and data analysis to help organizations succeed in SEO. With a powerful keyword analysis tool, complete competitive research, site optimization features, link building capabilities, and customizable reporting, CanIRank provides actionable insights and recommendations based on industry-leading ranking models. With a data-driven and reliable approach, CanIRank helps startups, ecommerce stores, SMEs, and bloggers compete against mega-corporations who rank based on their SEO budget rather than content quality.

Company Overview

CanIRank is an SEO intelligence software company that helps startups, ecommerce stores, SMEs, and bloggers to compete against mega-corporations who rank based on their SEO budget rather than content quality. The company was founded by a group of talented individuals who were passionate about studying and understanding search engine rankings. They developed the data models and machine learning algorithms that form the backbone of CanIRank after analyzing over 300,000 websites, assembling a 100 billion+ node linkgraph, and tapping some of the world's smartest minds to make sense of all this data.

The company's founder Matt combines deep expertise in online marketing with 15 years of entrepreneurship, building businesses from startup to 8-figure revenues within 5 years. He is captivated by the ever-changing strategic puzzles that characterize modern SEO, leading him to secure top rankings in various competitive niches ranging from finance and law to online dating and internet marketing. Other members of the CanIRank team include Dean Abbott, a renowned data mining and predictive analytics expert; Marcin, a true wizard of front-end code; Holland, a hard-core engineer; Ankur, a uniquely gifted programmer and Stanford-trained computer scientist; and Natalia, a UI/UX designer responsible for ensuring all the pixels line up in a suitably pleasing fashion.

CanIRank's intelligence software is designed to provide SEO data that is actionable, useful, and provides real value. Unlike other SEO tools, CanIRank's software leverages the power of machine learning to rank websites, and its ranking models draw conclusions rather than provide data. The team's primary competency in predicting search engine rankings has enabled CanIRank to create a unique solution that helps organizations achieve their goals and succeed in the high-stakes game of SEO.


Keyword Analysis

Comprehensive Data Collection

CanIRank's keyword analysis tool collects over 200 factors for each URL, resulting in 2,000+ data points per keyword. The tool collects link metrics like anchor text, MozRank, Page Authority, and Domain Authority, on-page factors like keyword usage, page quality, and topic relevancy, social metrics like tweets, +1s, and shares, and keyword metrics like search volume, CPC, and existing rankings. With such a large volume of data collection, users can gain a granular understanding of each keyword's performance.

Actionable Information

CanIRank's industry-leading ranking models analyze the data collected by the tool to provide immediately actionable information. The tool's analysis helps SEO professionals answer critical questions such as whether a keyword is worth targeting, which factors need to be adjusted to rank higher, and what type of content to create to improve a website's search engine rankings.

Expert-Quality Guidance

CanIRank's recommendations are based on the analysis of over 200,000 websites, making them more data-driven and reliable than other keyword analysis tools. Users can rely on the tool's guidance to make informed decisions and employ strategies that improve their website's search engine results ranking.

Competitive Research

Accurate Diagnosis

CanIRank's keyword analysis feature includes complete competitive research, allowing SEO professionals to make accurate diagnoses of their website's needs. Understanding what needs fixing and thinking before acting is essential in avoiding risks related to overly aggressive SEO that could prove detrimental to a website's search engine rankings. The tool provides insights into how competitors are ranking for specific keywords and what tactics to employ to outrank them, resulting in a streamlined upper hand.

Customizable Data Utilization

No tool can do everything, so CanIRank connects users to data and features from other SEO tools when they would be helpful for their situation. Users can choose which data from third-party tools they want to see, creating a customized experience unique to their SEO strategy.

Simple and Actionable Insights

CanIRank organizes competitive research data in a simple, easy-to-understand format, putting actionable insights in the palm of a user's hand. Users can quickly see the point of disadvantage and the point of advantage over their competitors, and take steps to improve website performance based on insights gathered through this feature.

Site Optimization

Diagnostic Dashboard

The diagnostic dashboard feature provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for marketers to identify website errors and areas for optimization. The tool considers 200 ranking factors to provide more actionable information than other SEO tools. The dashboard feature helps users discover errors that prevent website optimization, including issues such as image optimization, broken links, and URL redirects.

Customizable Alerts

CanIRank's site optimization tool lets users customize alerts that notify them about specific ranking factors that need addressing. Marketers can receive alerts for issues ranging from technical optimization to content level optimization, making it easy for them to fix obstacles quickly before they impact site performance.


CanIRank seamlessly integrates with leading marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Moz to provide marketers with a comprehensive view of website performance. Integrating these tools helps SEO professionals monitor traffic, crawler stats, and link metrics in real-time, making it easy to optimize marketing campaigns as necessary.

Link Building

Time-Saving Discovery Tools

CanIRank's link building feature provides marketers with comprehensive data on link metrics like anchor text, Page Authority, and Domain Authority, enabling professionals to make informed decisions regarding their link building efforts. There are several discovery tools provided by the tool that produces results instantly, reducing the time needed to identify opportunities for building backlinks.

Complete Link Tracking

CanIRank's link tracking features provides real-time updates on newly acquired links, lost links, and link metrics. Marketers can monitor the progress of backlink building efforts and the effect they have on website rankings.

Predictive Link Analysis

CanIRank's link building feature uses predictive analysis to identify potential link opportunities, providing users with insights into where they could focus their link building efforts. This option saves time for SEO professionals, ensuring that they are focusing on the most profitable link opportunities.


Customizable Reports

CanIRank's customizable reports make it easy to provide clients with ongoing campaign updates, which are essential in ensuring that clients are up-to-date with their website's progress. SEO professionals can show clients the metrics that are important to them by generating visually appealing reports that provide insights into relevant website performance data.

Efficient Performance Tracking

CanIRank's reporting tool helps track keyword rankings, link metrics, traffic reports, and other website performance data, making it easy for SEO professionals to monitor campaign performance. The tool provides real-time performance updates, enabling marketers to act swiftly and effectively in optimizing their campaign strategy.

Goal-Oriented Measurement

CanIRank's reporting tool helps marketers measure success against goals set during the initial planning phase. Users can identify areas where they've succeeded and areas that need improvement, aligning campaign efforts towards specific outcomes.

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