AI-powered content creation platform helping businesses produce SEO-friendly blog titles, subject lines, and outlines 10x faster.

About Bogar


Bogar is an AI chat assistant developed to streamline the content creation process for businesses and individuals. The platform provides a wide range of powerful tools that generate SEO-friendly blog titles, attention-grabbing subject lines, and captivating outlines for blog posts. Bogar's advanced AI technology ensures that users have access to a wealth of original and creative content. This leading AI tool is designed to help you create engaging content ten times faster than conventional methods. Besides, Bogar offers a broad spectrum of free tools necessary for launching and running a successful business. Bogar's Starter plan offers an Early Bird discount, while the Pro Plan provides infinite credits to produce up to one million words. Bogar's innovative AI technology is geared towards helping users maximize their online presence and reach broader audiences.


AI chat assistant, Bogar, offers content creators and businesses the ability to produce SEO-friendly blog titles, attention-grabbing subject lines, and outlines for better and more engaging content. The platform utilizes AI algorithms to generate original and creative content that can be produced ten times faster than traditional methods, streamlining the content creation process. In addition, Bogar offers free tools for business success, a Starter plan with an Early Bird discount, and a Pro Plan that offers unlimited credits to its users. Bogar is a perfect solution for businesses looking to increase the quality of their content and maximize their online presence, reaching broader audiences.

Company Overview

Bogar is an AI chat assistant designed to help individuals and businesses improve their content creation process 10 times faster. The platform offers a suite of powerful and creative tools that generate engaging, SEO-friendly blog titles and eye-catching subject lines for better open rates.

With Bogar, you can attract your audience with fresh and engaging content that boosts your video views and converts them into prospects. The platform generates outlines for your blog posts, introduces blog post intros, and even improves your existing content.

Bogar also offers users a wide range of tools needed to start and run their businesses successfully, from writing blog posts and product descriptions to creating Instagram captions. Most of the essential tools are free, making it easy for users to start creating content. However, for more content, users need to subscribe to the Starter plan and take advantage of the Early Bird offer at a discounted price.

Bogar's Pro Plan offers unlimited credits, enabling users to generate up to one million words. However, the platform prohibits users from using scripts and bots to generate content to preserve the originality of the content. Using prohibited third party tools would lead to permanent account suspension.

Bogar generates original copy based on user inputs and the tool selected. Currently, the platform only supports English, but they are working on including other languages in the future, and it will be available in the Starter plan. Users can also write to Bogar's customer service team at [email protected] to request help.

In summary, Bogar is a powerful AI chat assistant suited for content creators and businesses seeking to improve their content creation process. Bogar offers a wide range of tools designed to generate original and creative content while maintaining its quality. Try it today, and experience an improvement in your content creation process. Join Bogar's community today and take your business to the next level!


AI Chat Assistant

Create Better Content 10X Faster

Bogar's AI Chat Assistant helps in creating content 10X faster. It provides suggestions for fresh and engaging content with a single click. Bogar's AI Chat Assistant helps in capturing the attention of the audience with SEO-friendly blog titles, effective and eye-catching subject lines, and a well-generated blog post outline. This feature helps in boosting blog ranking, capturing attention, and converting prospects; all in a matter of seconds.

Saves Time and Efforts

Writing a blog post or creating content is a time-consuming and challenging task. Bogar's AI Chat Assistant saves time and efforts by suggesting possible options. Instead of brainstorming for hours, users can utilize this feature to create content in minutes. It creates original copy based on user input and selected tool, making the content creation process more manageable and efficient.

Optimizes Existing Content

The AI Chat Assistant also helps in improving existing content. Users can input the content they want to optimize and receive a list of possible optimization suggestions. The tool is built to identify gaps in existing content and provide users with actionable steps to improve it.

Engaging and SEO-Friendly Titles

Boosts Blog Ranking

Bogar's AI tool produces engaging, SEO-friendly blog titles that help users rank higher on popular search engines. It provides a list of title suggestions based on user input that help increase traffic and visibility on the blog. The tool takes into account keyword optimization and content relevance, ensuring the titles are optimized for both search engines and the reader.

Increases Open Rates

The tool generates subject lines that catch the reader's attention and increase open rates. Bogar's AI tool helps in creating better content by providing users with subject lines that are engaging, to the point, and descriptive. The tool also provides a list of possible subject lines, giving users ample options to choose from to get the best possible result.

Effective for Social Media Posts

The AI tool generates content ideas for social media posts that don't go out of date. This feature helps users come up with fresh and relevant content for their social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The tool takes into account trending topics and keywords and provides users with a list of ideas that can be used to increase social media engagement.

Content Creation Features

Unlimited Credits offers unlimited credits to its Pro Plan users. Users with Pro Plan can create unlimited content, making it an ideal choice for businesses or individuals who need to produce large amounts of content regularly. With Pro Plan, users don't need to worry about running out of credits for the month or year.

Multiple Language Support currently supports only the English language, but the team is working on including many more languages in the near future. The multiple language feature will be available in the Starter plan once they are launched. This feature helps users in content creation in their native language and increases the accessibility of the AI tool to a more extensive audience.

Wide Range of Content Creation Tools provides users with tools for everything businesses need to start and run their content creation process. Users can write blogs, product descriptions, create captions for Instagram and other social media posts, and much more. is updating its tool regularly and promises to deliver much more to users in the coming future.

Pricing Plans

Early Bird Offer is offering an early bird discounted price for Starter Plan users. Those who register early can save money and take advantage of the benefits of the AI chat assistant and professional level credits at a discount price. Take advantage of the Early Bird offer before it ends.

Free Plan offers a free plan for its users to try out the AI content creation tool. Users can create content with the free plan but are limited to a certain number of credits for the month. The free plan is ideal for those who are starting and want to get a feel for the tool and how it works.

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan helps users accelerate their content process and get early access to new features. This plan also offers a professional level credit and unlimited access to the AI Chat Assistant. Those who want to produce more content for their blogs or businesses can take advantage of the Starter Plan and its features.

Pro Plan's Pro Plan offers unlimited credits and is ideal for businesses or individuals that require large amounts of content regularly. The Pro Plan offers a million words for its users, and they are not limited by how much credit they have left over in the month.'s Pro Plan users can create unlimited content with the AI tool and help businesses grow with efficient content creation.


Company Results

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