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Attorney Business Cards: 25+ Examples, Design Ideas, Tips & Best Practices for Lawyer Business Cards

With over 1.35 million lawyers to compete with, U.S. attorneys need to find new ways to stand-out and be remembered.

If you are one of these lawyers, you are probably wondering where and how to start.

Enter a timeless classic – your law firm business card. 

A well-designed attorney business card will make you memorable to your clients, […]

Law Firm Branding: How Attorneys Can Create a Stand-out Brand for Their Legal Practice

The same old law firm branding & message is not resonating with potential customers anymore.

Branding evolves, marketing evolves, and so does your customer – and they expect better.

Traditional (maybe even boring) legal branding does not attract attention nor allow a firm to differentiate itself from a sea of competition (anyone else tired of seeing gavels & […]

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Digital Marketing for Dummies: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

What is Digital Marketing?

You’ve probably heard of digital/online/internet marketing before. But since you’re reading this, you’re not exactly an expert. And that’s alright, we all start somewhere.

The bad news is, digital marketing is extremely complex – the good news is, digital marketing doesn’t have to be complicated.

People send their entire lives mastering just one aspect […]

Dental Marketing Ideas: 60+ Dental Marketing Tips, Strategies & Ideas to Promote and Grow Your Practice

60+ Awesome Dental Marketing Ideas, Strategies & Tips to Grow Your Practice

BY: DEVIN SCHUMACHER // Head of Marketing / SERP Dental

This list of dental marketing ideas comes from experience working with dentists and other local service providers.
I have used these strategies to have helped our clients build dental practices of all sizes and […]


If your website is using HTTP, you need to stop what you are doing and read this article.

HTTP is an acronym for “HyperText Transfer Protocol”. HTTP is the underlying protocol used by the World Wide Web that defines how messages are transmitted and formatted between web servers, websites, browsers, etc.

In a nutshell, HTTP is […]