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Viking Wedding Dress

Vikings were warriors who lived in Scandinavia before Christianity spread throughout Europe. Viking culture was based upon honor and respect for nature. This led to the creation of elaborate burial sites where the deceased would be buried with their weapons and other possessions. Today, Vikings are remembered for their strong beliefs and sense of community. Many believe that the Vikings created the first written language, runes.

Wedding dresses are traditionally white, although brides may opt for pastel shades such as pink, blue or yellow. Bridal gowns are generally fitted and floor length while veils are commonly seen on bridesmaids. Wedding dresses tend to be simple and elegant, featuring lace, embroidery and satin. Some brides choose to incorporate feathers into their wedding attire.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about viking wedding dresses and how they can enhance your special day!

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Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Viking Wedding Dress

Vikings have been around since the early Middle Ages, but they were not always warriors. They were also traders, farmers, sailors, and even priests. The Vikings had their own culture, religion, and language, and they left behind a rich legacy of art, architecture, literature, music, and more. Today, Viking weddings are becoming increasingly popular as couples seek to recreate the atmosphere of those ancient times. This article will help you understand what makes a good Viking wedding dress, and where to get one.

What Are Viking Wedding Dress?

Vikings were known for wearing elaborate clothing during their weddings. The most common type of Viking wedding dress was made of leather and had long sleeves and skirts. These dresses would sometimes include decorative embroidery and even fringes. They could be worn over a tunic and leggings. Sometimes these dresses included a cape attached at the shoulders. This cape would be decorated with animal fur and feathers. It was believed that this cape protected the wearer from evil spirits. Another popular style of dress was the "birch bark" dress. This dress consisted of a skirt made of birch bark and a cloak made of reindeer skin. Both of these types of dresses were very expensive because they were handmade.

Who Needs Viking Wedding Dress?

Vikings were known for being warriors. But did you know that they were also very stylish? Viking weddings were elaborate affairs. And one thing that made these events special was the dresses worn by the bridesmaids. These women wore beautiful gowns that were embroidered with intricate designs.

Today, we still see this tradition carried over into modern weddings. Brides today wear dresses that are similar to the original viking style. However, the details differ slightly. Today's bridal gowns are usually strapless or backless. They're designed to accentuate the bride's figure while showing off her neckline.

The most common type of viking wedding dress is called a "bodice" dress. Bodices are fitted bodices that cover the chest area. They're typically cut away around the waist. Some bodices are short enough to reveal the wearer's midriff. Others are long enough to hide any imperfections.

Another type of viking wedding dress is called a "sheath". Sheaths are longer dresses that fall below the knee. They're usually decorated with lace or other embellishments.

There are several types of sheaths. One version has a train attached to the bottom. Another version has a skirt that hangs down from the top of the dress. Still another version is sleeveless. All three versions look lovely. However, they do require a bit more effort to put on.

Some brides prefer to wear a traditional viking wedding dress. These dresses are usually floor length. They feature a wide belt at the waist. Often, the sleeves end above the elbow. Sometimes, the sleeves are split at the shoulders.

Traditional viking wedding dresses are made of silk or satin. They're usually adorned with beads or sequins. Many brides opt for a white wedding dress. However, others choose colors such as red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, pink, black, silver, gold, or ivory.

Modern brides sometimes choose to wear a viking wedding dress. These dresses are usually shorter than traditional styles. They're usually made of cotton or polyester. Most brides choose a color palette that matches their wedding party outfits. Some brides choose to match their dresses with accessories such as jewelry, shoes, purses, hats, and veils.

Whether you decide to wear a traditional or modern viking wedding dress, you'll find that choosing the right outfit will take time and attention to detail. Fortunately, you don't need to spend hours searching through racks of clothes. Instead, you can shop online. Online stores offer a variety of viking wedding dresses. You can browse through hundreds of photos of various styles.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Viking Wedding Dress

There are many different types of dresses available for brides. When looking for a wedding dress, you want to find one that suits your style and personality. You may have heard about the "viking" wedding dress trend, so let's take a closer look at how they work.

Vikings were known for their fierce warrior spirit. They believed that women should wear beautiful gowns to show off their strength and power. Today, we see viking wedding dresses being used by modern brides who wish to emulate the ancient Viking culture. These dresses are often very ornate and dramatic. This type of dress is perfect if you love bold colors and patterns. Bold colors like red, black, blue, purple, orange, yellow, pink, white, and silver are great choices for viking wedding dresses. Other popular colors include turquoise, teal, fuchsia, lavender, and light blue. There are even viking wedding dresses that feature animal prints such as leopards, tigers, bears, elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes, and other wild creatures.

If you prefer something less flashy, then you might enjoy wearing a classic ivory or cream colored wedding dress. Ivory and cream colors go well with almost any color scheme. Another option would be a simple white wedding dress. White is a neutral color that goes with just about anything. A white wedding dress is appropriate for most weddings because it looks elegant and classy. Of course, you could also opt for a traditional white wedding dress with lace detailing. Lace is another popular detail that adds elegance to a wedding dress.

Wedding dresses come in various styles. For example, you can choose between strapless, sweetheart neckline, empire line, mermaid, ballgown, chapel length, and floor length wedding dresses. Each style offers a unique combination of beauty and practicality. Strapless wedding dresses are especially popular among younger brides. Sweetheart necklines are ideal for those who do not want to expose their necks. Empire line wedding dresses are best for larger chests.

Features To Consider When Buying Viking Wedding Dress

Vikings were known for their love of gold jewelry. In fact, they wore gold rings and necklaces during battle. Today, many couples still wear gold jewelry during their weddings. But did you know there was more than just gold involved? There was also silver and other precious metals used to create beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Precious stones. Many Viking brides chose to incorporate precious stones into their wedding dresses. These included diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, and even garnets. The most popular gemstone was probably amethyst, which symbolized wisdom and protection. Amethysts were often set in brooches worn over the chest area.

Silver. Silver was another important part of the Viking wedding. Bridal gowns could feature intricate designs made from silver thread. Some women would add additional layers of fabric to give the illusion of a fuller skirt. Others would cover themselves entirely in silver cloth.

Other materials. While we've already mentioned the importance of using precious metals, there were other materials used in creating Viking wedding dresses. Silk was common, but linen was also used. Linen was considered a luxury material, since only royalty had access to it. Even today, silk remains a favorite choice among brides who prefer something luxurious.

Wedding dress length. As with everything else about a wedding dress, the length of the dress depends on the style chosen. Longer dresses were usually reserved for formal occasions such as church ceremonies. Shorter dresses were worn for outdoor events like receptions and dances. Wedding dresses could range anywhere between knee-length and floor-length.

Color. Most Viking brides opted for white or ivory wedding dresses. White was associated with purity and innocence. Ivory was thought to represent lightness and beauty. However, colors like red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, orange, and brown were also popular options.

Fabric. Fabric was another important aspect of a Viking wedding dress. Fabrics ranged from wool to silk to cotton.

Different Types Of Viking Wedding Dress

Vikings were known for their love of gold and silver. Their jewelry was elaborate and beautiful. Today, Viking style weddings continue to gain popularity. Here we look at three main styles of dresses that are commonly worn by modern day brides.

Traditional Dress. This is the traditional dress that Vikings wore. It consists of long flowing skirts and blouses. Often times, the skirt is split up the middle and tied at the waist. The blouse is cut off above the knee and sometimes below the knee. Shoes are often sandals or boots. Accessories include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and headpieces.

Medieval Dress. Medieval dresses are similar to traditional dresses except that they are shorter. Skirts are ankle length and often feature petticoats. Blouses are short sleeved and buttoned down the front. Shorts are often paired with tights or stockings. Boots are optional.

Modern Dress. Modern dresses are very similar to medieval dresses. Viking Wedding Dress are longer and less formal. Skirts are midi length and often feature ruffles. Blouses are short sleeved and buttoned up the front. Shorts are often paired with leggings or tights.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Viking Wedding Dress

Where did the name viking wedding dress originate?

The term "viking" comes from the Old Norse word "Vikings, " which means "to raid." During this era, Vikings would sail across the North Atlantic Ocean raiding settlements along the coastlines of Europe and Scandinavia. They would then return home laden with loot, including precious metals and jewelry. As they returned home, their wives would have been waiting at the dock ready to greet them with open arms.

Who Wore Viking Wedding Dresses?

During the Viking Era, women's fashion was quite similar to what we know today. Women would often wear colorful clothing, including bright reds, greens, blues, yellows, pinks, purples, oranges, browns, and even whites. They would also often wear elaborate headdresses and jewelry. Men would often don ornate armor and carry swords and shields. Both men and women would often adorn themselves with tattoos.

Did Viking Weddings Involve Nudity?

No, viking weddings did not involve nudity. Instead, the women would wear beautiful dresses that covered everything but their faces. There would also be no veils or headpieces. The men would sometimes wear helmets, but most commonly they would simply wear their hair loose.

Were Viking Weddings Formal Affairs?

No, viking weddings were not formal affairs. After all, the purpose of the ceremony was to celebrate the union between two families. Therefore, the guests would likely be dressed casually. Many of the guests would probably be drinking alcohol, singing songs, dancing, and generally having fun.

Was There Anything Special About Viking Wedding Ceremonies?

Yes! While the exact details vary depending on where you live, most viking weddings involved a lot of feasting and partying. Guests would eat and drink until they could barely stand upright. Then everyone would gather around the couple and sing and dance together. Finally, the newlyweds would exchange rings and kiss each other. At this point, the festivities would continue with more food, drinks, and entertainment.

What Happened After The Viking Wedding?

After the viking wedding, the couple would go back to their homes and begin planning for their future together. They would start building a house together and raising a family. If they had children, they would teach them how to hunt, fish, farm, weave cloth, make pottery, etc. Eventually, the couple would die out, leaving behind descendants who continued to practice these skills.

What Are Some Of The Differences Between Modern Day And Viking Weddings?

Modern day weddings tend to be much less extravagant than viking weddings. Most couples today will choose a simple church service followed by a reception at a local restaurant. Modern day weddings also tend to last longer than viking weddings. Today, couples will often get married for years instead of months or weeks. Also, modern day weddings tend to cost less money than viking weddings.

What Are Some Of The Similarities Between Modern Day And Viking Weddings?

Both modern day and viking weddings share a number of similarities. First, both types of weddings are held outdoors. Second, both modern day and viking weddings involve a large group of friends and relatives. Third, both modern day and viking weddings include lots of food and entertainment. Fourth, both modern day and viking weddings involve exchanging vows and rings. Fifth, both modern day and viking weddings end with a party.

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