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Vellum Wedding Invitations

Vellum is a thin paper that is commonly used for wrapping gifts. It’s a beautiful material that adds elegance to any gift. Wedding invitations are no exception. If you’re hosting a special event like a wedding, then you may consider purchasing vellum wedding invitations instead of standard paper ones. This unique invitation gives guests something truly memorable while helping you save money.

Vellum invites are elegant and classy. They’re printed on heavy card stock so they won’t bend or tear easily. They’re also easy to fold and store. Our buyers guide explains everything you need to know before buying vellum wedding invitations.

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Looking for an envelope that will make your writing stand out? Check out our selection of high-quality, translucent envelopes. Made from high-quality 100gsm vellum paper, these envelopes are perfect for printing with your own designs or for adding a personal touch to someone else's correspondence. With 12 colors to choose from, we have the perfect envelope for any occasion. And because they're easy to use and come with a satisfaction guarantee, we're sure you'll love them!

KUCHYNEE Vellum Burgundy Invitations Cards with Printed Floral Inner Sheets and Envelopes with Gold Border for Bridal Shower Baby Shower Engagement Anniversary Invite (Burgundy)


Looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your next party? Check out our selection of chic and trendy invitations! Our 20 piece set includes everything you need for a stylish invite, including printed translucent vellum wraps and matching envelopes. With its simple design and high quality printing, this card is sure to please! Order yours today!

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Looking for a way to invite your friends and family to your wedding? Check out our selection of invitations! Our 25-set rose gold foil embossed cards are sure to impress. Made of high quality materials, these cards are durable and long lasting. Plus, our velvety smooth envelopes make them easy to send via snail mail. So why wait? Get your Lucky Star invitation today!

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Lucky Star

Looking for a way to make your wedding or birthday extra special? Check out the Lucky Star paper envelope enclosure kit! It comes with 25 pieces of the highest quality translucent vellum paper that is easy to seal and has a high quality look and feel. The multiple uses listed above are just some of the many possibilities this versatile product can offer. Order today and see the difference it makes!

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Looking for a special and exquisite way to show your spouse how much you love them on this special day? Our personalized foamed save the date cards are made with real gold, rose gold or silver foil, and can be ordered in two sizes - A6 (4 x 6 inches) and A7 (5 x 7 inches). Backed with a color envelope of your choice, we offer a variety of colors to choose from. The clean, simple and elegant design of our wedding card makes it perfect for any wedding theme, and we hope it will help you plan the perfect celebration.

Vellum Paper for Invitations, Arts and Crafts Supplies (Silver, 8.5 x 11 in, 50 Sheets)

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Need a versatile and easy-to-use surface for your artwork? Look no further than Vellum Paper! This premium quality paper is perfect for adding your own personal touch to a variety of projects, including paintings, drawings, photos, and more. With its high quality and superb printing capabilities, this paper is sure to provide you with the perfect surface for your next project. Order your pack today and start making your vision a reality!

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Looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your invitation packages? The UNIQOOO Frosted Translucent Vellum Glue Gun is perfect for you! This gun features a translucent barrel so you can see exactly where you're shooting, as well as a frosted head for added convenience. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure you're making a great investment with the UNIQOOO Frosted Translucent Vellum Glue Gun!

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Are you looking for an elegant and timeless wedding invitation? The XOXOKristen Elegant Vellum invites are sure to suit your needs! This beautiful invite features a gold foil finish and is printed on 140 GSM vellum. It's also available in silver, rose gold, and custom wedding vallium ink colors to match any decor. Don't miss out on this great deal - order your XOXOKristen Elegant Vellum wedding invitations today!

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Looking for an elegant and timeless jacket that will make you feel like a million bucks? Check out the Wedding Vellum Jacket! This beautiful jacket is made from a high-quality 150gsm (100lb) vellum and can be used for 5 x 7 inch wedding invitations. The jacket also comes with a velvet pouch so you can keep your invitation pristine and looking great forever.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Vellum Wedding Invitations

Vellum is a type of paper made from animal skin, usually calfskin. The quality of vellum varies greatly depending on where it comes from, and its thickness also differs. This makes it ideal for creating unique wedding invitations. We have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you make the best choice when choosing vellum wedding invitations.

What Are Vellum Wedding Invitations?

Vellum wedding invitations are made using thick sheets of handmade papers. Vellum is an Italian word meaning "skin" or "leather." The term has been used for centuries to describe thin pieces of parchment or leather that were used to make books, maps, and documents. Today, vellum is most commonly associated with wedding invitations because it makes beautiful, elegant wedding stationery. It is also known as "wedding invitation paper, " but this name does not accurately reflect its true purpose. Wedding invitations should never be called "invitation paper." Instead, they should always be referred to as "vellum wedding invitations." This will help ensure that people understand what kind of paper you are referring to.

Why Choose Vellum Wedding Invitations?

Weddings are special occasions, and there is no better way to celebrate than with unique wedding invitations. Vellum wedding invitations are perfect for weddings where the bride and groom want something different than traditional wedding invitations. They look more like handcrafted works of art than printed materials. In addition, vellum wedding invitations are durable and long lasting.

Who Needs Vellum Wedding Invitations?

Vellum wedding invitations are beautiful and elegant. But they require special attention to detail. Here's how to create one that looks perfect every time.

Start by choosing the right invitation design. Your wedding invites should reflect your style and personality. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Choose a design that reflects your personal taste. Then, use this guide to select the best type of paper.

• Paper stock - This is the cheapest option. Most papers are made from 100% cotton fibers. These are usually thicker and heavier than other types of paper. They're ideal for printing large quantities of invitations. However, they aren't suitable for fine details such as embossed lettering.

• Vellum paper - This is similar to parchment paper. It has a smooth finish and is thinner than regular paper. Because it's thin, it doesn't hold ink very well. Therefore, it's best suited for printing smaller quantities of invitations.

• Velvet paper - This is similar to velvet cloth. It comes in various colors and patterns. It's ideal for creating custom designs. However, it requires extra care during printing.

• Linen paper - This is another type of paper that's commonly used for wedding invitations. It's light, soft, and durable. It's ideal for printing delicate designs.

• Silk paper - This is a luxurious paper that feels wonderful against skin. It's ideal for invitations that feature intricate designs.

• Cotton paper - This is a traditional paper that's been around since the 1800s. It's sturdy and strong. It's ideal for printing larger quantities of invitations.

• Canvas paper - This is a heavy duty paper that's perfect for printing large quantities of invitations. It's ideal for weddings where guests receive multiple copies of the same invite.

• Watercolor paper - This paper is similar to watercolor canvas. It's ideal for printing detailed designs.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Vellum Wedding Invitations

Weddings are one of life's most special events. They bring families together and celebrate love, commitment, and friendship. Weddings are often times very expensive. You may have spent hundreds of dollars on your wedding invitations alone. So how do you ensure that you've chosen the best invitations? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Look for quality printing. When selecting invitations, it's important to select invitations that are printed on durable materials such as vellum. Vellum is a type of paper that is thick and strong. This makes it ideal for use as wedding invitations. Vellum is also easy to write on. Because of this, it's perfect for writing personalized messages on your invitation cards.

Consider cost. Wedding invitations should never break the bank. Make sure that your invitations are affordable so that everyone can afford them. Consider ordering invitations online instead of going through a traditional print service. Online services offer great deals and discounts on bulk orders.

Choose invitations that match your style. Do you want something elegant and classic or fun and flirty? There are many different styles of wedding invitations available. Select invitations that reflect your personality. For example, if you like bright colors, then go with bolder designs. Or, if you prefer pastel colors, then opt for softer designs.

Select invitations that match your budget. Before making any purchases, determine exactly how much you plan to spend on your wedding invitations. Then, stick within those parameters. Don't buy invitations that exceed your budget. Instead, save up until you reach your goal amount.

Don't forget about postage. Be sure to include postage on your invitations. Otherwise, guests may think that their invitations were lost in the mail.

Features To Consider When Buying Vellum Wedding Invitations

Vellum wedding invitations are made using real parchment paper. This means they're more durable than other types of paper. They're also environmentally friendly since they're made from sustainable materials. Vellum invites are available in various colors and designs. Some even feature custom printing options.

Easy to customize. With vellum wedding invitations, you can easily change the wording and design. Simply cut away unwanted areas and add new text and images where needed. This makes them perfect for DIY brides who want to create their own unique wedding invitation set.

Versatile. Since vellum wedding invitations are made from natural materials, they're great for outdoor weddings. They're also ideal for indoor events such as receptions or showers. Plus, they're eco-friendly and cost effective.

Quality. The quality of vellum wedding invitations varies depending on the brand. Make sure you select a reputable company that uses only premium materials. This ensures the longevity of your invite.

Design. While most vellum wedding invitations are printed on both sides, some companies print just one side. If this is important to you, ask about the process during your initial consultation.

Personalization. Many vellum wedding invitations allow you to personalize your invites. Choose from a variety of fonts, sizes, and colors. You can even upload photos and graphics to turn your invites into photo albums.

Eco-Friendly. Most vellum wedding invitations are made from 100% recycled papers. This means they're kinder to our environment while still being elegant enough for your special event.

Different Types Of Vellum Wedding Invitations

Vellum Wedding Invitations are becoming increasingly popular. Vellum Paper is a special kind of paper that is traditionally used for printing maps and documents. It is now being used by companies to create beautiful wedding invitations. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 vellum wedding invitation designs below.

1. Traditional Style. A traditional style vellum wedding invitation features a simple design with a white background and black text. The font size is large enough to easily read without having to squint. The message area is left blank allowing guests to write their own personal messages. This style is suitable for any occasion including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, etc.

2. Modern Style. A modern style vellum wedding invitation uses a bolder color palette. Black is replaced with bright colors such as reds, greens, blues, yellows, pinks, purples, oranges, and whites. Bold fonts are used throughout the entire invite. This style is perfect for couples who love fun and vibrant colors. Guests will appreciate the attention to detail.

3. Colorful Style. A colorful vellum wedding invitation features a variety of colors. Red, green, blue, yellow, pink, orange, purple, brown, grey, silver, gold, and white are commonly seen. The message area is left blank again so guests can add their own personalized messages.

4. Abstract Style. An abstract vellum wedding invitation is a bit unusual. It features a patterned background with a few words written across the bottom. The message area is left blank again so guests can add their own personal messages.

5. Customized Style. A customized vellum wedding invitation allows you to customize every aspect of the invite. Choose from hundreds of different patterns and colors. Add your names, date, location, and wording to the front of the invite. Then choose from dozens of fonts and sizes. Finally, select from thousands of colors and backgrounds.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Vellum Wedding Invitations

What is vellum paper?

Vellum is a type of thin, translucent paper that has been traditionally used for writing documents like letters and legal papers. Vellum is often referred to as "paper" when referring to its use in printing.

Where Did Vellum Paper Originate?

Vellum was invented during the Middle Ages. As more people began to write on vellum, they realized that it could be easily reused after being written upon. Thus, vellum became popular among artists and writers alike.

What Is Vellum Paper Made Out Of?

Vellum is made out of cotton fiber mixed with glue. Cotton fibers provide the strength needed to make vellum durable enough to reuse multiple times without tearing. Glue helps to bind the fibers together, making it strong enough to withstand repeated usage.

Does Vellum Paper Have Any Special Properties?

Vellum paper is extremely smooth and soft. Because of this, it's perfect for creating beautiful artwork and designs. Additionally, vellum paper is resistant to water and ink, making it ideal for writing and drawing.

What Types Of Things Can I Use Vellum Paper For?

You can use vellum paper for almost anything. From art projects to business cards, vellum paper makes great materials for all kinds of creative endeavors!

How Much Should I Charge For My Vellum Wedding Invitations?

If you're planning on selling your vellum wedding invitations at a craft fair or online shop, you'll want to set yourself apart from the competition. To do this, you'll want to price your vellum wedding invitations competitively. If you don't price your vellum wedding invitations too high, then you won't stand out amongst your competitors.

What Size Should My Vellum Wedding Invitation Envelopes Be?

Your vellum wedding invitation envelopes should be no smaller than 4 inches x 6 inches. If you choose to print your own envelopes, then you can go ahead and create envelopes that are larger than this. However, if you decide to purchase pre-printed envelopes, then you will want to stick to the standard envelope size.

What Kind Of Font Should I Use For My Vellum Wedding Invitations?

When choosing a font for your vellum wedding invitations, keep in mind that you want something that stands out. A simple script font would look nice, but it wouldn't really draw attention to itself. Instead, try going with a bolder font, such as a serif font.

What Color Should I Use For My Vellum Wedding Invitations?

For most people, white is the best choice for their vellum wedding invitations. White allows you to showcase your design in the best way possible. If you'd prefer to add another color to your vellum wedding invitations, then feel free to experiment with colors like red, blue, green, etc.

What Is The Difference Between Vellum And Parchment Paper?

Both vellum and parchment paper are similar in appearance. They're both thin sheets of paper that are commonly used for writing, sketching, and painting. Parchment paper is slightly thicker than vellum paper, though.

Both vellum and parchment paper are thin sheets of paper that are commonly used for writing, sketching, and painting.

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