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Travel CPAPs

Travel CPAP Machines are portable devices that connect directly to your machine via USB cable. This allows you to carry your sleep apnea treatment device anywhere you go. If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), then you may already be familiar with the benefits of having a CPAP Machine. It helps you breathe while sleeping and prevents snoring. But did you know that you can also use a CPAP Machine while traveling?

Travel CPAP Machines are compact and easy to store so you won't have to worry about taking along bulky items like masks and supplies. They also work well in hotels where space is limited. Read our buyers guide to learn more about travel CPAP Machines and how they can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Travel Cpaps

What is a travel CPAP?

A travel CPAP is a device that allows you to use your regular home CPAP at night when you're traveling. Travel CPAPS are often referred to as "travel masks" or "portable CPAPs, " but they aren't really portable devices. They are designed to attach directly to your existing CPAP machine and allow you to continue sleeping during your travels.

Will my travel CPAP work with my current CPAP machine?

Most travel CPAPs will work with most standard CPAP machines. If yours isn't listed as compatible, then you'll probably have no problem finding a travel CPAP that's compatible with your machine.

Does A Travel Cpap Cost Less Than A Traditional Cpap?

No, travel CPAPs don't necessarily cost less than their non-travel counterparts. A travel CPAP may cost slightly less than a traditional CPAP due to its smaller size and lighter weight.

Travel CPAPs are generally quieter than traditional CPAPs due to their smaller size. Most travel CPAPs produce sound levels comparable to those produced by a fan running at medium speed. So unless you live next door to a major airport, you shouldn't hear anything too loud.

If your wife has been diagnosed with OSA, then yes, she should definitely consider buying a travel CPAP. She won't need to make any changes to her lifestyle or sleep habits. All she needs to do is put the mask on every night and go to bed.

Can I Use A Travel Cpap Even Though I Don'T Snore?

Yes, you can use a travel CPAP even if you don't snore. Many people who suffer from milder forms of OSA don't snore. And since travel CPAPs are designed to be lightweight and compact, they tend to be much easier to carry around than bulky traditional CPAPs.

Can I Use A Travel Cpap Without Having To Take Off My Clothes First?

Some travel CPAPs require you to disrobe completely before putting the mask on. Other models simply require you to pull back the headboard of your bed and slide the mask under the mattress.

Can I Use A Travel Cpap If I'M Pregnant?

Yes, you can use a travel CPAP if you're pregnant. There are two main concerns regarding pregnancy and sleep apnea. First, women who are pregnant are more susceptible to developing high blood pressure. Second, they're more prone to develop gestational diabetes. Both of these conditions can increase the risk of preterm labor and delivery. So if you're pregnant, you should talk to your doctor about whether you should use a travel CPAP.

Can I Use A Travel Cpap If I'Ve Had Surgery Recently?

Yes, you can use a travel CPAP after recent surgeries. Your doctor will want to monitor your breathing closely for the first couple of nights after surgery. He or she may recommend that you use a travel CPAP until he or she feels comfortable that your lungs are healing.

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