Translucent Sticky Notes

Product Description

I've been using these translucent sticky notes for a while now and they have become an essential part of my study routine. The ability to see text through the note is a helpful feature, allowing me to highlight key points without covering up important information. These versatile notes work great with pencils or ballpoint pens, making them suitable for various tasks like underlining phrases in textbooks or leaving reminders on planner pages.

The super-sticky adhesive makes it easy to reposition the notes without leaving residue behind, and their size range ensures I can choose the perfect size depending on my needs - from small (50 x 75mm) to large (95 x 70mm). They even come in different shapes: rectangle or square!

Despite their benefits, there have been some minor issues such as smudging when using highlighters and occasional skipping if pens are not applied correctly. Also, customers should be aware that the quantity received may differ slightly from what is listed. However, overall these sticky notes are definitely worth trying out for anyone looking for an innovative way to take notes while still being able to see underlying text clearly.

Product Features