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Toilet Pump

If you’re like us, then you probably spend a lot of time sitting on the throne. Unfortunately, not everyone has a bathroom that’s big enough to accommodate a standard sized toilet seat. This means that you may end up having to sit on something smaller than you would like. Fortunately, there are several options available to you. For instance, you could invest in a portable toilet seat. Or, you could opt for a toilet pump instead.

A toilet pump is essentially a small motorized device that allows you to flush your toilet faster. It works by sucking air into the tank through a tube connected to the bowl. Once the tank fills up, the pressure pushes the waste out of the bowl and back into the sewer system. Because it uses so little energy, a toilet pump is a good solution for homes where space is limited.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about toilet pumps and how they can benefit your home.

Bundle-16 Elongated Toilet with Sanibest (4 Pieces) Finish: White


The SANIBEST ELONGATED TOILET is a perfect solution for those who want to be stylish and modern while also being eco-friendly and saving money! This beautiful toilet features an elongated shape that is both sleek and modern, making it ideal for any room in your home or office. It's also easy to clean and looks great when finished. So why wait? Get the Bundle-16 Elongated Toilet today!

Saniflo Saniflo 087 Elongated Toilet Bowl only (1.28 GPF) For SANIFLO Macerator Systems White


The Saniflo Saniflo 087 Elongated Toilet Bowl is perfect for anyone who wants an extended toilet experience! This bowl features a vitreous china finish and a large 3" trapway, making it perfect for people with messy habits. It also comes with a water spot measurement of 4 1/2" x 3 3/4", and includes an integral p-trap and rear outlet spigot. Don't miss out on this must-have toilet accessory!

Macerating Toilet, Round, 1/2 HP, 115V

Liberty Pumps

The Liberty Pumps Macerating Toilets are perfect for anyone who wants a modern, clean, and easy-to-use toilet! This toilet features a solid state motor that operates at high speeds and low noise, making it ideal for use at home or on the go. Plus, it is approved by the IAPMO as ADA compliant, so you can rest assured that this toilet will meet all your needs. Order your set today and enjoy the great outdoors with confidence!

Saniflo Toilet - Two-piece SaniPlus 002/087/005


Upgrade your home with a modern and stylish toilet! The Saniplus Saniflo Toilet is perfect for any room in your house, from the bedroom to the kitchen to the living room. This two-piece toilet features a stainless steel bowl and a white tank, making it a great option for any room in your house.

Saniflo SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Elongated Bowl + Extension)


Upgrade your home's plumbing with the SANIFLO SaniPLUS Macerating Toilet. This toilet features a stainless steel bowl and tank, as well as a powerful pumping system that can handle any flush situation. The extended bowl and quick release lever make it easy to get the necessary volume of water to completely rinse the bowl after each use. Plus, the included pump and hose make it easy to install behind any wall. Don't miss out on this must-have kitchen appliance!

Saniflo Sanibest Pro: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Elongated Bowl)


Upgrade your toilet to the latest model from the popular Saniflo brand. This complete kitchen sink and bathroom sink upgrade features a stainless steel vessel and an extended flange that allow you to make better use of your space, while providing you with a new set of stylish and functional accessories.

Silent Venus White Upflush Toilet (2-Piece Kit) - Macerating Toilet System with Round-Front Standard Bowl - Powerful Upflush Toilet For Basement (Two-Piece Toilet)

S Silent Venus

Upgrade your home's plumbing with the Silent Venus White Upflush Toilet! This stylish toilet features a powerful 400-watt motor and 100% copper wire for a smooth, quiet flush. It's also easy to install with no need for a plumber. With a one-year warranty, you can be sure that your toilet will be a lasting addition to your home.

Saniflo SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Standard Bowl)


Looking for an easy way to install a bathroom? Look no further than this kit! It includes everything you need to get started, including a saniPLUS macerating bathroom pump and white toilet bowl (standard), as well as a white toilet tank (Saniflo UPC#s 002, 003 and 005). Plus, it comes with exclusive free shipping and a warranty of quality. So why wait? Get your Saniflo SaniPLUS Kit today!

SANIFLO Saniaccess 3 + Toilet Bowl Elongated + Toilet Tank Bundle + Extension Pipe - Residential - White


Upgrade your home with the SANIFLO Saniaccess 3+Toilet Bowl & Toilet Tank Bundle! This bundle includes everything you need for a smooth and comfortable toilet experience, including a newly upgraded toilet bowl and toilet tank. The upgraded toilet bowl is more durable and resistant, and the new toilet tank is bigger and has a better capacity. Plus, the dual purpose design means you can use the toilet even if there's no power. So don't wait any longer, make the switch to the SANIFLO Saniaccess 3+Toilet Bowl & Toilet Tank Bundle today!

SANIFLO Sanicompact - Dual-flush System - Residential


Upgrade your home with the SANIFLO Sanicompact! This stylish and functional toilet features a bonus half bath, perfect for adding a half bath to your existing home or building a new one. With its sleek design and modern features, the SaniCompact is sure to be a hit with any home owner or builder.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Toilet Pump

They may not last forever, and they might even break down unexpectedly. Fortunately, modern technology has made things much easier for those who use toilets every day. If you're planning on installing a new toilet, then you'll probably want to invest in a good quality toilet pump. This article will help you decide what kind of toilet pump you need, and where to get it.

What Is A Toilet Pump?

A toilet pump is an automatic flushing device that automatically opens and closes the water valve whenever someone uses the bathroom. It works like this: The user sits down on the toilet seat, and the toilet bowl fills with water until it reaches the top of the tank. Then the toilet pump activates and sends the water into the pipes under the floor. This pushes the water through the pipes and out of the toilet, where it flows into the sewer system. If there isn't enough pressure in the pipes, the toilet will flush again, sending more water into the pipes and pushing the waste further along.

Why Would I Need A Toilet Pump?

If you don't have a toilet pump, you might find yourself having to manually open and shut the water valves every time you go to the bathroom. That means you'll have to remember to turn off the water before you leave the house, and then turn it back on after you get home. You could forget to do either of these steps, leaving the water running all night long! Not only does this waste money, but it wastes energy too.

Who Needs A Toilet Pump?

Toilets aren't exactly known for being user friendly. Most of us take our toilets for granted until we suddenly realize that they're broken. Then, we panic. We wonder how we're going to clean ourselves after using the bathroom. We start thinking about buying new toilets.

But before you rush off to purchase a brand new toilet, think again. Many modern toilets use a flushing system called "upflow" technology. These toilets flush water through the bowl rather than down the drain. Upflow systems eliminate the need for a separate tank and plunger. Instead, these toilets rely on gravity to push waste away from the bowl.

Upflow toilets are becoming increasingly common. But, do they really save money? Not necessarily. Some experts say that upflow toilets cost more to install than traditional toilets. Others argue that upflow toilets are actually cheaper over time. However, this depends on where you live. Your local plumber can tell you which type of toilet is best for your home.

Regardless of whether you prefer upflow or standard toilets, you still need a toilet pump. Without one, your toilet wouldn't empty properly. So, who needs a toilet pump?

The answer is anyone who has a toilet that doesn't flush correctly. People who have trouble getting their toilets to flush every time they turn on the faucet. Those who have clogged drains. Anyone who wants to conserve water. And anyone who wants to avoid purchasing a new toilet.

There are several types of toilet pumps. Each type works differently. Toilet pumps come in two basic styles: manual and electric. Electric models usually require electricity to operate. Manual models are powered by hand pressure. Either style can be installed quickly and easily. All you need is a wrench to tighten bolts and screws.

When shopping for a toilet pump, look for features such as automatic shutoff valves. Automatic shutoffs prevent overflows and leaks. Also, check for a float valve. Float valves automatically close the flow of water once the toilet fills. This prevents flooding.

Finally, look for a model that comes with a warranty. Warranties ensure that manufacturers stand behind their products. If anything goes wrong with your toilet, you'll know who to call.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Toilet Pump

Toilets are one of those things we take for granted every single day. They're used by millions of people across the globe. So it's important to have a working toilet. Unfortunately, many toilets fail to work properly because they lack a reliable source of power. This means that you might find yourself having to use buckets of water to flush your toilet. And if you live in a cold climate, you may even find yourself freezing your butt off! Fortunately, there are ways to fix this problem. Here are three simple steps to ensure that your toilet works like a champ:

A toilet pump is a small device that attaches to your existing toilet tank. When activated, the pump sends pressurized water down through the pipes inside the bowl. This action flushes away waste and cleans the bowl.

Old toilet parts tend to wear out quickly. For example, the ball valve that controls how much water flows through the pipe system could become damaged after years of use. You'll want to replace any broken parts immediately.

A backup battery powers the pump whenever the main electrical outlet fails. Without electricity, the toilet won't function. Make sure that you install a backup battery so that you never have to worry about running out of power again.

Features To Consider When Buying A Toilet Pump

Ease of installation. The first step in installing a new toilet is replacing the old toilet bowl. This process requires lifting the toilet seat, removing the tank cover, loosening the bolts holding the tank in place, and then lifting the tank off the floor. After this, you'll need to remove the old toilet bowl, clean the area where the bowl was located, and install the new bowl. All of these steps can be difficult if you've never done them before.

Easy maintenance. Once installed, a toilet needs only occasional cleaning. However, if you notice signs of clogs, leaks, or other problems, you may need to call a plumber to fix the problem. In addition, you'll want to check the flushing mechanism regularly to ensure it's working properly.

Reliable performance. While most toilets work well, they do occasionally malfunction. If you experience frequent malfunctions, you'll want to look for a toilet that has been tested and certified to perform reliably. Some models feature warranties that guarantee their reliability.

Cost. Because there are many options available, you'll want to compare costs on various models to determine what fits into your budget.

Toilet parts. Most toilets have several components that must be replaced periodically. These include the flush valve, fill valve, overflow pipe, trap seal, float ball, and wax ring. Make sure you know how to replace each part before purchasing.

Inflatable. Many toilets now feature inflatable seats. They're easier to lift than standard toilets and allow users to sit more comfortably while using the bathroom. However, they can be expensive.

Different Types Of Toilet Pump

Toilet pumps are essential items for any bathroom. Toilet Pumps are responsible for flushing waste away from your home and keeping everything clean. Unfortunately, they don't last forever. When they wear out, they become useless. Fortunately, there are plenty of replacement parts available to fix your old toilet pump. Here's what you should know about replacing toilet pumps.

Flapper Valve. A flapper valve is the part that opens and closes the flow path between the tank and the bowl. Flappers are usually located near the top of the tank. To replace a flapper valve, simply remove the cover plate and lift off the flapper. Then, slide the new flapper into place. Replace the cover plate and tighten down the bolts.

Tank Ring. Tank rings are the metal ring that holds the tank in place. They are usually located under the tank lid. To replace a tank ring, loosen the nuts holding the tank in place and pull the tank out of the hole. Remove the old tank ring by pulling it straight out of the hole. Slide the new tank ring into place and reattach the nuts. Tighten down the bolts.

Seal Rings. Seals are small rubber rings that fit around the pipe connections. They prevent air from getting trapped in the pipes and keep odors contained. To replace a seal ring, unscrew the nut holding the pipe connection in place. Pull the pipe connection out of its hole. Slide the new pipe connection into place and screw the nut back on. Reassemble the rest of the plumbing.

Bathroom Sink Faucet. Bathroom sink faucets are the valves that control the flow of water through the pipes leading to the drain. To replace a bathroom sink faucet, turn off the power to the house and unplug the fixture. Unscrew the existing faucet assembly from the wall. Disconnect the supply line and shutoff the main water supply. Remove the old faucet assembly and install the new faucet. Attach the supply lines and turn the water back on.

Shower Head. Showers heads are the valves that control the flow of water through the shower head.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Toilet Pump

What is a toilet pump?

A toilet pump is a device that helps flush your toilet bowl after use. Most modern toilets have a built-in toilet pump, but older toilets often require a separate toilet pump.

Where Do I Buy A Toilet Pump?

You can purchase a toilet pump at most hardware stores, home improvement centers, plumbing supply shops, and online retailers.

What Is The Difference Between A Plunger And A Toilet Pump?

Toilet pumps are designed to push water into the toilet bowl during flushing. Plungers are simply tools that are used to force water out of the toilet bowl.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Toilet Pump Instead Of A Plunger?

Using a toilet pump allows you to flush more than once without having to refill the tank. A toilet pump will also keep your toilet bowl clean longer.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Toilet Pump?

If you don't replace the air trapped inside the toilet's tank every day, then you could end up with a clogged toilet.

Does A Toilet Pump Make My Toilet Louder When Flushed?

No, a toilet pump doesn't make your toilet louder when flushed. Instead, it pushes more water through the pipes, making the toilet sound emptier.

What Size Toilet Pump Should I Get?

Most toilet pumps sold today are adjustable. If you want to change the amount of water pushed into the toilet bowl, then you'll need to get a toilet pump with an adjustment knob. Adjustable models are available in 1/2 gallon increments.

Should I turn off the power to my toilet before installing a toilet pump?

Yes, turning off the power to your toilet will ensure that the toilet won't drain all of its water into the sewer line.

Will A Toilet Pump Break If I Leave It Plugged In Overnight?

No, a toilet pump shouldn't break if left plugged in overnight. However, leaving a toilet pump plugged in overnight isn't recommended.

Can I Use A Toilet Pump To Unclog A Bathtub?

No, a toilet pump cannot be used to unclog a tub. To unclog a tub, you'll need to call a plumber.

Can I Use A Toilet Pump To Unclog A Sink?

No, a toilet pump cannot be used to unclog a sink. To unclog a sink, you'll need to call a plumber.

Can I Use A Toilet Pump To Unclog A Kitchen Sink?

No, a toilet pump cannot be used to unclog a kitchen sink. To unclog a kitchen sink, you'll need to call a plumber.

No, a toilet pump cannot be used to unclog a pipe. To unclog a pipe, you'll need to call a plumber.

Can I Use A Toilet Pump To Unclog A Shower Head?

No, a toilet pump cannot be used to unclog a shower head. To unclog a shower head, you'll need to call a plumber.

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