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SomniFix Mouth Strips

SomniFix Mouth Strips are a convenient solution for treating sleep apnea. They work by gently pulling open the airway while you sleep so you breathe easily throughout the night. If you suffer from snoring, jaw clenching or other breathing problems, then you may benefit from using somnifix mouth strips.

SomniFix Mouth Strips are easy to apply and remove. Simply place the strip between your cheek and gumline before bedtime and pull it apart in the morning. This gentle action opens the airway and helps prevent snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about somnifix mouth strips and how they can help treat your sleep apnea problem.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Somnifix Mouth Strips

What is the Purpose Of A Somnifix Mouth Strips?

Somnifix is a brand name for a product called "sleep strips". Sleep strips are a type of oral appliance which is worn by patients during sleeping hours. Oral appliances are devices placed inside the patient's mouth to improve breathing patterns and reduce snoring. OSA occurs when airway blockage prevents airflow into the lungs during sleep. Patients suffering from OSA experience frequent pauses in breathing during sleep. During these moments, blood oxygen levels drop significantly. If left untreated, OSA can cause serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, depression, memory loss, headaches, and sexual dysfunction.

How Does Sleep Strip Work?

Sleep strips consist of two parts; a custom fitted dental splint and a flexible band. Both components must fit snugly around the upper teeth and gums before being secured together. Once secure, the splint holds the jaw open so it doesn't close during sleep. The band acts as a stabilizer and supports the head position. While wearing the sleep strip, patients report feeling refreshed upon waking.

Is Sleep Strip Safe?

Yes! Sleep strips are safe and effective treatment option for moderate to severe cases of OSA. Although sleep strips are FDA approved, they are only intended for short term usage. After 3 months, the splints begin to lose effectiveness and must be replaced. Because sleep strips are removable, they can be removed whenever necessary. Additionally, sleep strips are noninvasive and pose no risk of injury to the surrounding tissues.

Can Sleep Strip Be Used With Other Treatments?

No. Sleep strips are specifically indicated for treating OSA. They cannot be used alone to treat other conditions.

Does Sleep Strip Cause Side Effects?

Side effects associated with sleep strips are rare. Occasionally, patients complain of soreness in the mouth. This discomfort subsides within 24 hours. More common side effects include dry mouth, bad breath, tooth grinding, and tongue swelling.

Should I Wear My Sleep Strip Every Night?

Patients are advised to wear their sleep strips nightly for 2 weeks prior to seeing their dentist. At this point, the doctor will evaluate whether the sleep strip is working properly. If it isn't, he/she will adjust the design accordingly.

Do I Need To Worry About Snoring?

Snoring is caused by vibrations created by turbulent flow of air through narrow passages in the throat. Sleep strips are designed to hold the jaws apart and prevent the passage of air through the nose.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Somnifix Mouth Strips

Somnifix mouth strips are essential tools for helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. If you've ever tried sleeping without them, you know it's impossible! Without proper support, your jaw muscles tense up which causes pain and discomfort. Additionally, your tongue gets stuck between your teeth which makes breathing difficult. With somnifix mouth strips, you can rest assured knowing that your mouth will remain relaxed during slumber.

Benefits of Buying Quality Somnifix Mouth Strips

There are several benefits associated with purchasing quality somnifix mouth strips. First, they're affordable. Second, they're effective. Third, they're convenient. Fourth, they're safe. Fifth, they're discreet. Sixth, they're reusable. Seventh, they're eco friendly. Lastly, they're hypoallergenic. All of these factors contribute to making somnifix mouth strips a great investment.

Quality vs Cheapness

Many cheap products contain harmful ingredients that cause irritation and inflammation. Although inexpensive, these products may actually increase your risk of developing oral health problems. Fortunately, quality somnifix mouth strips are manufactured by reputable companies that ensure safety and effectiveness.

Choosing Between Oral Health Products

Oral health products come in two main categories: natural and synthetic. Natural products are derived from plants, herbs, minerals, and animal parts. Synthetic products are manmade and consist of chemical compounds. Both groups of products have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing between the two depends on personal preference and budget.

Natural Products

Natural products are considered safer alternatives to synthetics. They're also known to promote overall wellness. One advantage of natural products is that they're non-toxic and therefore pose no threat to your body. Furthermore, they're biodegradable so they break down naturally once they wear out. Natural products are also beneficial for sensitive skin. Since they're plant based, they're hypoallergenic.

Synthetic Products

On the flip side, synthetic products are widely accepted as being superior to natural ones. Their manufacturing process ensures consistency and purity. Moreover, they're highly efficient and economical. Synthetic products are also environmentally friendly. They're recyclable and compostable.

Which Type Is Best For My Needs?

It really comes down to personal preference. If you prefer natural products, go ahead and purchase them. Otherwise, choose synthetic products. Either way, remember to read labels carefully before purchasing anything. Make sure that the product contains only natural ingredients. Also, check the expiration date. Don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly after handling any type of mouth strip.

Features to Look For When Buying Somnifix Mouth Strips

Somnifix is a brand name for a product called "sleep strips". Sleep strips are thin pieces of material which are placed inside the mouth during sleeping hours. They are meant to absorb saliva so it doesn't drip into the bedding. If you suffer from dry mouth, you might benefit from using sleep strips.

Benefits of Using Sleep Strips

Sleep strips are beneficial because they reduce drooling by absorbing excess moisture. Since they're thin, they fit snugly between teeth and gums. Additionally, they're breathable and washable. Because they're non-toxic, they're safe for both pets and humans. Lastly, sleep strips are inexpensive.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Sleep Strips

Before purchasing sleep strips, you must determine whether or not you actually experience excessive salivation. If you do, then you probably need to purchase sleep strips. Otherwise, you might be wasting money.

Types of Sleep Strips Available

There are two main types of sleep strips available. One type contains alcohol. Alcohol absorbs moisture and prevents it from dripping onto the sheets. The second type does not contain alcohol. Instead, it's composed of natural ingredients. Both types are effective and affordable.

Buying Tips

To ensure you receive quality sleep strips, always read reviews before making purchases. Reviews give you insight into the effectiveness of products. Furthermore, you can learn about customer service issues. Reviewers' experiences will help you decide whether or not to purchase sleep strips.

Different Types of Somnifix Mouth Strips

Somnifix is a brand name for a type of dental strip. Dental strips are thin pieces of material that cover teeth during sleep. They're intended to reduce snoring by covering the tongue and throat so it doesn't obstruct breathing. Other benefits of dental strips include reducing dryness around the mouth and improving oral hygiene.

Types of Dental Strips

There are two main categories of dental strips. One category includes strips that fit inside the mouth. The second category covers the outside of the mouth. Both types of strips are effective at preventing snoring.

Mouth Tapes

The first type of dental strip is called a mouth tape. Mouth tapes are adhesive strips that stick directly onto the gums. They're commonly found in drugstores and grocery stores. Although they're inexpensive, they only stay in place for a few hours before falling off. If you wake up feeling uncomfortable, you might have trouble getting back to sleep.

Sleep Strips

Another common type of dental strip is called a sleep strip. Sleep strips are adhesive strips that attach to the skin surrounding the nose and mouth. Like mouth tapes, they fall off quickly once removed. However, unlike mouth tapes, sleep strips are reusable. That's why they're ideal for frequent travelers.

Gentle Mouthes

The final type of dental strip is known as Gentle Mouthes. Unlike traditional dental strips, Gentle Mouthes are designed to gently pull open the jaw muscles. This reduces tension in the neck and shoulders which makes sleeping more restful.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Somnifix Mouth Strips

What are somnifix mouth strips?

Somnifix mouth strips are thin pieces of adhesive tape that stick to your lips when you go to bed at night. They keep your mouth closed during sleep, preventing snoring and other breathing problems.

How Much Do They Cost?

You can buy somnifix mouth strips at most drugstores and grocery stores. Each package contains three strips.

Where Should I Apply Them?

Apply them directly under your lower lip where you normally breathe through your mouth. If you have trouble sleeping due to mouth pain, try applying them to the inside of your cheeks near your jawline.

Does Somnifix Mouth Strips Hurt?

No, they don't hurt. In fact, they're actually quite comfortable. Just make sure you use enough pressure to adhere them to your skin.

Will My Teeth Get Stuck Together?

No, your teeth won't get stuck together. Somnifix mouth strips are designed to stay put without causing discomfort.

How Do I Take Off Somnifix Mouth Strips?

Just peel them off like regular adhesive bandages. Don't worry about removing all of them; you'll probably end up reusing them anyway.

I'M Worried That Somnifix Mouth Strips Will Fall Out!

Don't worry. When you wake up in the morning, the strips will already be sticking to your face.

Thanks. We've been working hard to perfect our products since we launched in 2010. Now that you know how to apply them, you can start looking even better than you already do.

Try reapplying them after waiting 10 minutes. Also, make sure you're using plenty of pressure when adhering them to your skin.

I Tried Putting Somnifix Mouth Strips On My Dog But They Fell Right Off!

Make sure you're using enough pressure when adhering them to your pet's fur. Try again later.

I Tried Putting Somnifix Mouth Strips On My Cat But They Fell Off!

If your cat doesn't seem interested in letting you apply the strips, try giving him/her a little bit of food first. Cats tend to enjoy treats more than their owners.

I Tried Putting Somnifix Mouth Strips On My Kids But They Fell Off!

Kids' mouths are smaller than adults', so you may need to use a slightly larger strip. Make sure you're using enough pressure when adhering them to your child's skin.

I Tried Putting Somnifix Mouth Strips On My Toddler But They Fell Off!

Toddlers' mouths are too big for the strips to stick. Instead, try placing them on the inside of his cheek near his jawline.

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