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Shimano Reels

Shimano is a Japanese manufacturer that produces fishing gear such as reels, rods and accessories. Shimano products are well regarded for their quality and durability. If you’re interested in purchasing a reel, then you might consider buying a shimano reel. This brand offers a wide range of options ranging from beginner to expert level reels.

Shimano reels are easy to operate and maintain. They’re lightweight and compact so they won’t weigh you down while casting. Most importantly, they’re affordable. Read our buyers guide to learn more about shimano reels and how to select the best one for you.

Shimano Talica 25 II Speed Lever drag Big Game Offshore Seafishing Multiplier Trolling Fishing Reel


If you're looking for a powerful and durable fishing reel, the Shimano Talica 25 II is definitely worth a look! This reel features a big game offshore design with a 2-speed operation and 6+1 bearing construction for maximum durability. Plus, it comes in a beautiful silver/gold color that will complement any d�cor. So why wait? Get the Shimano Talica 25 II today!



The TIAGRA is a stylish and sturdy kitchen utensil that will last you a lifetime of cooking memories! This clever little gadget can be used to cook, bake, or grill your favorite foods, and it's easy to clean and reuse. Made from stainless steel for lasting durability, this tool is perfect for any kitchen or restaurant. So why wait? Get the TIAGRA today!

SHIMANO Tiagra 30 W LRS A Wide Long Range Spool 2 Speed Offshore Multiplier Seafishing Reel, TI30WLRSA


If you're looking for a powerful and versatile reel to use on the water, the Shimanano Tiagra is a great option! It's made of carbon fiber with a stainless steel frame, and features a cross-drag handle system that makes it easy to switch directions. Plus, the Tiagra has three speeds - fast, medium, and slow - so you can choose your speed according to your needs. Get yours today!

Shimano SLX MGL 70 Low Profile Baitcast Reel


The Shimano SLX MGL 70 is a low-profile, high-performance reel that's perfect for anglers looking for a durable and reliable reel. It's made of durable aluminum with a black finish and features a stainless steel frame. With its sleek design and durability, the Shimano SLX MGL 70 is sure to become a favorite among anglers of all skill levels.

Shimano Saragosa SW A Saltwater Spinning Reel


If you're looking for a powerful yet lightweight spinning reel that will allow you to catch more fish and reel in faster, look no further than the Shimano Saragosa SW A Saltwater Spinning Reels! These reels are perfect for anglers who want to fight bigger fish or simply enjoy fishing. With its powerful motor and durable construction, this reel is sure to become a staple in your arsenal.

Shimano Reels Spinning SC4000FGC Syncopate 4000Spinning Reel, Quick Fire Ii


The Shimano Reels Spinning SC4000FGC is a top-quality reel that's perfect for anglers looking for a powerful yet lightweight spinning reel! This reel features a graphite frame and a high-quality construction made in the country of China. It also has a propulsion spool lip and a varispeed oscillation feature for smooth, precise operation. With quick fire speed and easy operation, this reel is sure to become a favorite among anglers.

Shimano Spinning Reel 17 Sedona 2500ÂÂ


The Shimano Spinning Reels are perfect for anglers who want a versatile, high-quality reel! These reels come in black and have a suggested retail price of $39.99. They're also great for crafters, artists and photographers who need a sturdy, reliable reel that won't break or bend. So don't wait any longer, get your Shimano Spinning Reels today!



The BaitRUNNER OC is the perfect reel for anglers looking for a powerful yet portable reel! This aluminum-bodied reel features a 4.8:1 gear ratio and a 10/300 line capacity, making it perfect for fishing in all conditions. With its lightweight design and easy operation, the BaitRUNNER OC is sure to become a favorite among anglers of all skill levels.

Socorro SW


Looking for a durable, high-quality fishing reel? Check out the Socorro SW! This reel is built to last and features X-Ship technology for improved durability. With a max drag of 22 pounds, it can handle even the most demanding fishing situations. Plus, the cross carbon drag system provides smooth, uninterrupted operation. And with the powerpro line cap, you can ensure consistent, reliable operation. So don't wait any longer, get your Socorro SW today!

Socorro SW


Do you want a durable, high-quality fishing reel? If so, then check out the Socorro SW! This reel is built to last and features X-Ship technology for improved durability. It also comes with Shimano's flagship HAGANE gearing for smooth, powerful operation. With a max drag of 22 pounds and a gear ratio of 4.6:1, this reel is perfect for tackling nearly any fish in the sea. So don't wait any longer, order your Socorro SW today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Shimano Reels

Shimano has been making top quality fishing reels since the 1970s, and they continue to innovate and develop their products as technology advances. If you're looking for a reel that offers great value for money, then check out our list of the best Shimano reels available today.

What Are Shimano Reels?

Shimano Reels are high quality fishing reels made by Shimano. They offer many different models for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

Who Needs Shimano Reels?

Shimano has been around since 1885. Today, Shimano makes everything from bicycles to snowmobiles. But one thing they do really well is reel products. Shimano makes reels for fly fishing, spin casting, baitcasting, and spincasting. These reels are designed to meet the specific requirements of each type of angler.

Fly fishermen use reels to cast lures and flies. Spincasters use reels to cast line. Baitcasters use reels to cast live baits such as worms and minnows. Spincasters use reels to cast artificial baits such as plastic worms and jigs.

All these types of anglers require different features. Fly fisherman prefer lightweight reels that are easy to handle. Spincasters prefer heavier reels that offer greater strength. Baitcasters prefer reels that are strong enough to hold heavy lines but light enough to maneuver easily. Spincasters prefer reels that are strong enough to withstand the rigors of casting large quantities of bait.

But regardless of which type of angler you are, you probably know how important it is to get the right equipment. After all, you wouldn't drive a car without tires, would you? Of course not. Same goes for fishing. Without the right gear, you could damage your rod, hook, or lure.

That's why we recommend getting a quality reel from Shimano. Shimano offers a wide range of reels for every type of angler. From beginner reels to professional models, Shimano has a reel for every budget and skill level.

One of our favorite reels is the Shimano SPX300. It's perfect for beginners and intermediate users. It's made of aluminum and weighs only 2 pounds. It comes equipped with a stainless steel bail and a chrome plated drag knob.

The Shimano SPX300 is built tough. Its frame is constructed of aircraft grade 6061 T6 billet aluminum. It uses a three piece design that provides maximum strength and durability.

The Shimano SPX300 also includes a stainless steel side plate. This feature allows you to attach accessories such as swivels, leaders, and sinkers.

Another great feature of the Shimano SPX300 is its adjustable center pinion system. This feature lets you adjust the drag setting to match the size of your line.

This reel is backed by a lifetime warranty. So, whether you're new to fishing or an experienced pro, you can count on this reel to last for generations.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Shimano Reels

Shopping for a reel is one of the most important purchases you'll ever make. You want to find a reel that meets your needs and provides years of service. When buying a reel, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Look for a reel that offers smooth casting. Smooth casting allows you to cast farther distances and makes reeling in fish easier. A smooth casting reel should have a drag setting that lets you adjust how fast the spool turns. This feature gives you control over the speed at which the line goes through the guides. Make sure that the drag knob is easy to turn and doesn't bind up.

Look for a reel that holds plenty of line. Reel capacity refers to the amount of line that the reel can hold. For example, if you plan on catching large game such as bass, catfish, or pike, then you may want to purchase a larger reel. On the other hand, if you plan on fishing smaller species like trout, then you might prefer a smaller reel.

Look for a reel that is lightweight. Lightweight reels weigh less and are easier to transport. They are also lighter so they won't add unnecessary strain to your arm when you're trying to cast. Lighter reels also tend to be quieter.

Look for a reel that has a built-in bail. Built-in bail reels are usually better than those that use spring loaded bail systems because they are simpler and provide greater security. Bail reels are also typically lighter and easier to handle.

Look for a reel that is durable. Durability means that the reel will stand up to heavy usage and rough handling. Durability is especially important if you plan on taking your reel camping or boating. Durability also ensures that the reel will perform well after many hours of use.

When you're looking for a reel, always think about durability first. Then, take a closer look at features. Finally, look for a price tag that you can afford. Good luck finding the perfect reel!

Features To Consider When Buying Shimano Reels

Quality materials. Shimano reels are made using quality materials. That means they're durable and built to last. The materials used to construct them are often top-of-the-line. They're also lightweight, which makes them easier to transport and store.

Easy maintenance. Shimano reels are simple to maintain. All you need is a little soap and warm water. Just give the reel a quick rinse under running water and let it dry completely. Then apply a light coating of lubricant to prevent corrosion.

Versatile design. Shimano reels are versatile. This means they work well for both freshwater and saltwater angling. And, they're available in many sizes and styles, including baitcasters, spinners, spoons, and even fly rods.

Built-in features. Shimano reels feature convenience features such as automatic drag systems and anti-reverse mechanisms. These features make them more convenient than traditional manual reels.

Accessories. Shimano reels are compatible with most accessories. This means you can attach lures, leaders, swivels, and other gear directly to the reel. This saves time and hassle when you're setting up your rig.

Value. Shimano reels are affordable. In fact, they're among the cheapest reels on the market today. But, this doesn't mean they're low quality. On the contrary, they're built to withstand years of hard use. Plus, their durability ensures they'll serve you faithfully for years to come.

Different Types Of Shimano Reels

Shimano Reels are among the most popular reel brands in the industry. Shimano makes a wide range of reels including spinners, baitcasters, fly reels, and spincast models. All of these reels use the same basic design principles. Each model uses a drag system to control line tension. A drag knob controls how tight the line should be pulled against the spool. When the drag knob is turned clockwise, the line becomes tighter. Conversely, turning the drag knob counterclockwise loosens the line.

The drag knob is connected to a spring loaded mechanism called a drag arm. The drag arm moves up and down depending on whether the drag knob is turned clockwise or counterclockwise. The drag arm is attached to a lever called a bail. The bail is what holds the line in place. When the bail is released, the line is free to move through the guides. The distance between the bail and the spool determines how fast the line travels through the guides. The closer the bail is to the spool, the slower the line goes through the guides. The opposite is true for a longer distance between the bail and the spool.

There are two main types of drag systems. One is called direct acting. Direct acting reels use a ratchet style mechanism to tighten and loosen the line. The other is called indirect acting. Indirect acting reels use a camming action to tighten and loosen the line. Both types of reels are effective and reliable. For example, the Shimano SPX series of reels uses a direct acting mechanism. The Shimano CRF series of reels uses an indirect acting mechanism.

Line Capacity. Line capacity refers to the maximum number of yards of line that can fit on the reel. Generally speaking, larger reels hold more line. Smaller reels are better suited for smaller fish. Larger reels are also more durable.

Baitcasting vs Fly Fishing. Baitcasting reels are designed for casting small baits like worms and minnows. Fly fishing reels are designed for casting flies and lures.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Shimano Reels

What are shimano reels?

A shimano reel is a type of fishing reel that uses a spool instead of a line-winding mechanism.

What Makes Shimano Reels Special?

Shimano reels have been around since the 1950s, but they were originally designed for fly fishing. Today, however, they are widely used for all types of fishing, including saltwater and freshwater fishing.

Who manufactures shimano reels today?

Today, Shimano Corporation produces most of its reels under the brand name Shimano. Other companies, such as Daiwa, Fuji, Ise, Kato, Penn, RIO, Sunline, and Zebco make their own versions of shimano reels.

What are the benefits of buying a new shimano reel?

Newer models tend to be more durable and easier to maintain than older ones. They also offer better performance when compared to similar products from competing brands.

Does A Shimano Reel Last Longer Than Other Reels?

Yes, shimano reels generally last longer than other reels. That said, they will eventually break down, even if they've never been dropped.

What are the advantages of buying a shimano reel online?

Buying a shimano reel online allows you to choose exactly what you want. You can browse through hundreds of options at once, making it easy to compare prices and features.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Buying A Shimano Reel Online?

Online retailers often charge higher prices than traditional stores. Also, you won't get the same customer service that you would receive at a brick-and-mortar store.

Which Shimano Reels Are Best Suited For Beginners?

The 7/0 model is probably the best choice for beginners. Its smaller frame and lower price tag make it ideal for younger anglers.

Which Shimano Reels Are Best Suited For Experienced Fishermen?

The 9/0 model is probably the best option for experienced fishermen. Its larger frame and heavier construction allow it to handle bigger lines and tackle.

What Are The Differences Between Shimano Reels?

Each shimano reel has slightly different characteristics. Here are some of the main differences between shimano reels:

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