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Saline Drops

Saline spray is a popular product sold in drug stores across North America. It contains sodium chloride (table salt) which helps prevent dehydration. This condition occurs when the body loses moisture through sweat and breathing. If left untreated, it can lead to serious health problems such as heat stroke and hyponatremia.

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Frequently Asked Questions About: Saline Drops

What are saline drops?

They are often prescribed to reduce swelling around your eyes after surgery or injury.

How much should I use per day?

One drop of saline solution will fill half of your eye. If you want more than one drop, ask your doctor.

When Should I Stop Using Saline Drops?

If you feel better within two hours of applying the saline drops, then you probably don't need to continue using them.

What Happens When I Apply Saline Drops?

After you apply the saline drops, they draw water out of your eyes. Your eyes will feel dry and irritated for about 30 minutes.

What Else Can I Use Instead Of Saline Drops?

Some people like to use artificial tears instead of saline drops. Artificial tears contain polymers that mimic the moisture in your tear film. These solutions are less effective than saline drops but are easier to use.

Can I Take Saline Drops During Allergy Season?

Yes, you can take saline drops during allergy season. But keep in mind that saline dries out your eyes.

Most doctors recommend avoiding all medications unless they've been tested first. However, if you're feeling really sick, you can try taking saline drops. Ask your doctor how much you should use.

Your eyes tend to get dry overnight. Try putting a warm washcloth under your closed eyelids for 10 minutes every night. Also, avoid rubbing your eyes.

Many people who have undergone eye surgeries require saline drops. Talk to your surgeon about whether you'll need to use saline drops.

Saltwater isn't safe to put into your eyes. Instead, rub a clean cloth across your eyes until the redness goes away.

Doctors generally advise against using saline drops during pregnancy. However, if you're experiencing severe symptoms, talk to your doctor.

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