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Sailing Pants

Sailing pants are a popular item for sailors and boaters alike. Originally developed for use while working on boats, sailing pants quickly grew in popularity amongst other sportsmen. Today, sailing pants are commonly found in stores like Foot Locker and JCPenney.

Sailing pants are similar to cargo shorts in terms of length, however, they tend to be longer and baggier. This allows you to move freely without worrying about tripping over your pants. Because they are so loose fitting, sailing pants are not recommended for activities such as running or hiking. If you plan on doing anything strenuous, opt for a pair of athletic pants instead.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about sailing pants and how they can benefit your wardrobe.

Gill OS3 Coastal Sailing & Boating Pant - Xplore Waterproof & Xpel Stain Repellent


Looking for a durable and reliable pair of pants? Look no further than the Gill OS3 Coastal Sailing & Boating Pant! Made from 100% nylon, this pant is built to last and resist wear and tear. It also features a two-layer coating that repels water and resists stains, making it perfect for any boating or sailing activity. Plus, it's machine-washable for easy care. Don't miss out on this must-have piece of gear!

Helly-Hansen Womens Hydro Power Dynamic Pants

Looking for a way to up your game when it comes to staying hydrated? Check out the Helly-Hansen Womens Hydro Power Dynamic Pants! These pants are perfect for any activity, as they'll keep you comfortable and looking great while you're working or playing. Made from quick-drying polyamide, these pants are perfect for any situation - even if you're headed out the door in a hurry. With its many features, this is sure to be a must-have for any serious water drinker or athlete.

Gill OS3 Mens Coastal Sailing & Boating Trousers - Waterproof & Stain Repellent


The Gill OS3 Men's Coastsailer is perfect for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about getting their clothes dirty or torn. This sailing jacket is made of durable and lightweight polyester, and features a two-layer waterproof and breathable fabric that stands up to the elements. It also has xpel anti-stain technology and fully taped seams for a waterproof seal. With its front zipper and internal gusset, this jacket is designed for all types of weather conditions. So don't wait any longer, get your Gill OS3 Men's Coastsailer today!

Rizzon Fishing Rain Suit for Men Waterproof Sailing Rain Jacket Bib Pants With Hood Foul Weather Gear

If you're looking for a reliable and stylish rain jacket that will keep you warm and dry, look no further than this RIZSON FISHING RAIN SUIT! Made from durable and practical materials, this jacket is perfect for any outdoor activity. It features a water-resistant and breathable nylon exterior, as well as two large side pockets for storing your stuff. Plus, it's easy to wear and carry, thanks to the included storage bag. So why wait? Get your RIZSON FISHING RAIN SUIT today!

Navis Marine Women's Lightweight Waterproof Jacket with Pants for Sailing Fishing Outdoors Rain Suits Breathable


Looking for a durable and reliable jacket that will keep you warm and looking great? Check out the Navis Marine Women's Lightweight Waterproof Jacket! This jacket is made of three layers of nylon PTFE laminate for maximum protection and features a zippered closure for easy access and an adjustable wrist cuff to keep the water out. Get yours today!

Helly-Hansen Mens Aegir Ocean Trousers


If you're looking for a durable, long-lasting pair of pants that can withstand the rigors of an ocean voyage, look no further than Helly-Hansen's Aegir Ocean Trousers! These tough pants are made with a five-layer fabric construction and feature a buckle closure for easy on/off. They also boast a stormproof design with a water-resistant, helly tech professional coating and can be worn in the rain or at high temperatures. With a proven track record of durability and longevity, we can guarantee you'll love these pants for years to come!

Gill Pilot Trouser


Meet the Gill® Pilot Trouser, a versatile and comfortable trouser that can be dressed up or down according to your needs and habits. This stylish and functional piece is made in the USA from high quality materials and features a double-sided zipper for easy access, a full-length zipper for more versatility, and a drawstring closure for a snug and comfortable fit. The fully lined waistband with drawcord adjustment provides you with a perfect fit, while the side pockets are perfect for storing small items. And if you need even more space, the pilot trouser also comes with two-layer laminate fabric with a durable water repellent finish and fully taped seams for a 100% waterproof seal. So whether you're headed to the office, out on the town or just hanging out at home, make sure to have this reliable and sturdy pair of pants on hand!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Sailing Pants

Sailing pants have become increasingly popular over recent years, as more sailors take up the sport. If you're thinking of getting into sailing, then you may well already own a pair of sailing pants - but what makes the best ones? We've rounded up our top picks here, along with information on where to get them and why they might be just what you need.

What Are Sailing Pants?

Sailing pants are a type of clothing worn while sailing. They are made of durable material like cotton and polyester. Sailing pants are typically long enough to cover the knees and ankles but short enough to allow for easy movement. The pockets on these pants are large enough to hold all of the items needed for sailing including maps, sunscreen, snacks, water bottles, etc. These pants are very comfortable because they are made of breathable materials and are lightweight. You will find these pants at most sporting goods stores and online retailers.

Who Needs Sailing Pants?

Sailing pants are designed to protect your legs while you're working on the water. But did you know that these handy garments can do double duty? They can also help you look stylish while you sail. Here's how to wear them right.

The best thing about sailing pants is that they're made from durable fabrics. These materials mean that they'll last longer than other types of clothing. And they're comfortable enough to wear during long days on deck. Sailing pants are usually made from nylon or polyester/cotton blends. However, cotton is becoming increasingly popular. Cotton sails are lightweight and breathable. They're perfect for hot weather conditions.

Another advantage of sailing pants is that they fit snugly around your waist. This makes it easier to move quickly through the boat. And this feature allows you to easily adjust the length of the pant leg. This is useful when you're wearing them over boots. Because the boot tops extend past the top of the pant leg, you can pull them down to cover your feet.

Sailors often use sailing pants as outerwear. This means that they're worn under jackets and sweaters. Sailors also wear them as casual attire. This includes wearing them with jeans or shorts. Of course, sailors sometimes wear them with tights or leggings underneath. This gives them extra warmth.

Sailing pants are ideal for outdoor activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and boating. They're also suitable for swimming and surfing. They're also great for hiking, camping, and fishing. And they're even appropriate for everyday wear. They're versatile enough to take you anywhere.

When choosing a pair of sailing pants, think about where you plan to wear them. Will you wear them on land or sea? Will you wear them alone or layered with another garment? What kind of fabric would suit you best? Would you prefer a short or long style? How wide should the pant legs be?

Once you've decided which type of sailing pants suits you best, it's time to shop. Look for styles that offer pockets. Some models have two front pockets. Others have one pocket in each side seam. Still others have only one pocket in the back. Pockets are useful for storing items like sunscreen, sunglasses, and wallets. They're also handy for carrying things like maps and charts.

Look for sailing pants with reinforced knees. This prevents tears and rips. Also check for zippers. Zippers allow you to quickly open and close the fly. This lets you change clothes quickly.

Finally, pay attention to the material used to sew the seams. Nylon and polyester/cotton blend sewing threads are strong. Polyester/spandex sewing thread is soft and flexible.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Sailing Pants

Sailing is one of those sports where you have to wear multiple pairs of different types of gear depending on how far away you want to go. There are many different styles of sailing pants available, so finding the perfect pair isn't easy. Fortunately, there are several things you should keep in mind when buying sailing pants.

Look for durable materials. Sailing pants are designed to withstand the elements. They should be made of material that won't tear easily. When selecting a pair of sailing pants, try them on first to ensure they fit properly. You'll find that most manufacturers offer sizing charts online, so take advantage of this feature if possible.

Consider the length. Sailors often prefer shorter pant legs because they provide better mobility. Make sure your sailing pants are long enough to cover your ankles. This will prevent any tripping hazards.

Check the pockets. A pocketless design may seem like a great idea, but it doesn't work very well. Pockets are necessary for storing small items such as keys and wallets. Keep in mind that you'll probably need to carry something in your pockets while wearing sailing pants. Consider adding additional pockets to increase storage space.

Make sure that the seams are sewn tightly. Seams tend to come undone after extended use. Sewing the seam down securely ensures that it stays closed even under pressure.

Be careful about color choices. Blue is a popular color for sailing pants, but other colors are just fine. Just make sure that the color matches your boat's hull.

If you're looking for a specific style of sailing pants, then you might want to visit a specialty retailer. These stores usually specialize in selling sailing apparel. You can find everything from sailing hats to sailing shorts.

Features To Consider When Buying Sailing Pants

Fabric. The fabric used in your sailing pants will affect how they fit and perform. Cotton tends to absorb moisture while nylon dries faster than cotton. Polyester is more durable than cotton, but may shrink over time.

Fit. Your sailing pants should fit snugly enough to prevent them from slipping off during movement, yet loose enough to move easily. They should also allow for freedom of motion.

Waterproofing. Waterproofing is important if you plan to wear your sailing pants outside. Some fabrics repel water, while others trap water inside. Choose a waterproof material that allows you to stay dry even if you get caught in a sudden rain shower.

Pockets. Pockets are useful for storing items like sunscreen, keys, wallets, cell phones, and other valuables. Make sure there are pockets on both sides of the pant leg.

Elastic waistband. Elastic waistbands tend to stretch over time, causing the pants to lose their shape. Consider using drawstrings instead, which remain tight no matter how many times you wash them.

Washability. Washable materials such as polyester and nylon are easier to clean than cotton, which requires special care. However, washing your sailing pants regularly doesn't mean you need to handwash them. Handwashing is fine, provided you follow these tips:

Use cold water. Cold water washes away dirt and grime, leaving clothes soft and fresh. Use warm water only if necessary.

Do not tumble dry. Tumbling causes wrinkles and creases, which makes your sailing pants less wearable.

Avoid bleach. Bleach removes color and stains from fabrics, including those found in sailing pants.

Different Types Of Sailing Pants

Sailing Pants are a staple piece of clothing for sailors. Whether you are racing or cruising, wearing proper sailing pants is essential. Sailing pants should fit snugly without bunching up under your legs. They should also keep you warm enough to prevent chafing. Finally, they should look good!

There are two main categories of sailing pants. One category is called “windproof” and the other is “waterproof”. Windproof pants are designed to protect against wind and rain. Waterproof pants are designed to keep you dry in case of heavy rains. Both styles of pants are available in various colors and patterns. Here are some examples of each style.

Windproof Sailcloth Pants. These pants are designed to withstand strong winds. These are usually made from sailcloth material and feature large pockets to hold sails. They are usually worn by racers and cruisers alike. Sailing Pants are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Waterproof Sailcloth Pants. These pants are designed to keep you dry in light showers. Sailing Pants are usually made from waterproof fabric and feature small zippers to easily open and close. Sailing Pants are usually worn by sailors who spend long periods of time in the sun.

Bibs. Bibs are essentially shorts that cover your chest area. Sailing Pants are usually made from neoprene and feature drawstrings to tighten around your waist. Sailing Pants are usually worn by sailors who don’t wear shirts underneath their clothes. Sailing Pants are available in a variety of colors and designs.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Sailing Pants

What are sailing pants?

Sailing pants are a type of men's underwear that has been designed specifically for sailors. They have elastic waistbands and leg openings that allow water to drain out when they get wet.

Where Did Sailing Pants Originate?

Sailors began wearing sailing pants during World War II. At this time, most sailors wore regular undergarments underneath their uniforms, but were often forced to change into dry clothes after going overboard. Sailors started wearing sailing pants instead of changing into dry clothing.

Why Should I Wear Sailing Pants?

Wearing sailing pants will keep your legs warm and dry. If you're planning on spending a lot of time at sea, then you'll want to make sure that your legs stay warm and dry.

What Types Of Sailing Pants Exist?

They look like regular underwear, except that they have extra room around the ankles. This allows water to drain out when you go overboard.

This makes it easier to pull the pants off without having to undo all of the buttons.

When you go overboard, the pouch catches the water and keeps it away from your skin.

Which Style Of Sailing Pants Is Best?

All three styles of sailing pants are equally effective. There isn't really a right or wrong choice.

What Size Sailing Pants Should I Buy?

You don't need to worry about buying too big or too small of sailing pants. All of the brands of sailing pants are available in multiple sizes.

How do I wash my sailing pants?

To clean your sailing pants, simply hand wash them in cold water. Do not use soap or detergent. Dry them completely before storing them.

How Long Can I Store My Sailing Pants?

Your sailing pants can last for years if stored correctly. To ensure that your sailing pants remain fresh, hang them inside your closet. Store them in a dark area where they won't get wrinkled.

What Happens If I Spill Something On My Sailing Pants?

If you accidentally spill anything on your sailing pants, simply wipe it off immediately. Don't rub the stain! Doing so could ruin the color of the pants.

What Kind Of Stains Can Happen To My Sailing Pants?

Some stains are more stubborn than others. Here are some tips to avoid ruining your sailing pants:

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