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Safety Glasses

BISON LIFE Safety Glasses, One Size, Clear Protective Polycarbonate Lens,...
  • BISON LIFE Everyday Safety Glasses, Clear Lens Clear Temple, Pack of 12 pairs.
  • BUILT FOR COMFORT & SAFETY: Incredibly light, all-around ballistic impact protection with a snug,...
  • ANTI-SCRATCH: Full coverage and Scratch Resistant coating for the best protection for your eyes and...
3M Safety Glasses, Virtua CCS, ANSI Z87, Anti-Fog, Clear Lens, Blue Frame,...
  • DUST DEFENSE: Foam gasket helps limit eye exposure to nuisance dust and other particles while...
  • WRAP AROUND DESIGN provides extended eye protection and unobstructed viewing.
  • ANTI-FOG LENS COATING and removable foam-lined gasket with airflow vents make this protective...
  • CORDED EAR PLUG CONTROL SYSTEM: Unique temple design can keep eyewear and ear plugs attached,...
  • ANSI Z87: Meets the High Impact Requirements of CSA Z94.3-2007 and the High Impact Requirements of...
  • POLYCARBONATE LENSES absorb 99.9% UV rays.
  • For industrial/occupational use only. Not for consumer sale or use.
Dewalt DPG54-1D Protector Clear High Performance Lightweight Protective...
  • Rubber tipped temples provide a secure comfortable fit.
  • Distortion free lens reduces eye fatigue.
  • Tough, polycarbonate lens provides impact resistance.
  • Sleek design allows for a perfect fit for both men and women, ensuring worker compliance.
  • Weighs less than 1 ounce which provides all day comfort
3M Safety Glasses, Virtua, 20 Pair, ANSI Z87, Anti-Fog Scratch Resistant...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Unisex protective eyewear combines versatility and value with a comfortable, contoured...
  • WRAP AROUND DESIGN provides extended eye protection and unobstructed viewing.
  • ANTI-FOG LENS COATING makes this protective eyewear ideal for humid environments.
  • ANSI Z87: Meets the High Impact Requirements of CSA Z94.3-2007 and the High Impact Requirements of...
  • POLYCARBONATE LENSES absorb 99.9% UV rays.
  • For industrial/occupational use only. Not for consumer sale or use.
AmazonCommercial Safety Glasses (Clear/Black), Anti-Fog, 12-pack
  • 12-pack of anti-fog safety glasses that help keep vision clear in damp or humid situations; protects...
  • EN170 Safety glasses offer 99.9% UVA / UVB / UVC protection up to 380nm (nanometers)
  • Ideal for light industrial work, construction, landscaping, woodworking and more
  • Clear and durable polycarbonate lens construction
  • Scratch and fog resistant safety glasses; wraparound lens design and contoured ear rests provides...
MAGID ANSI Z87+ Performance Anti-Fog Safety Glasses with Side Shields,...
  • Stylish, classic design promotes worker compliance
  • Low base curve frame and clear side shields provide excellent peripheral vision and protection
  • Glasses are packed one pair per wiper case making it easy to keep the glasses clean and smudge-free
  • Scratch resistant hard coat polycarbonate lenses in clear and grey offer long-lasting protection
  • Black nylon frame with soft grey temple pads for comfort
Carhartt Billings Safety Sunglasses with Gray Anti-fog Lens
  • Lightweight, frameless design
  • Wrap-around coverage for superior protection
  • Scratch resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99% UVA/B/C protection
  • Meets standard ANSI Z87.1 and CAN/CSA Z94.3-07 safety specifications
ROCKSAFE Safety Sun Glasses (Mirror) Polycarbonate Impact & Scratch...
  • [PACK OF 8 + 1 STORAGE CASE] Each Purchase includes 8 pairs of Anti UV Impact Resistant Glasses and...
  • [UNIQUE AIR-COOL DESIGN] Unique Air-Tunnel Design allows Air Flow through Glasses Temple enhance...
  • [EXTRA WIDE COVERAGE PROTECTION] Glasses covers your 200° angle vision with ROCKSAFE Wrap-around...
  • [VARIOUS APPLICATION USAGE] Designed for Industrial Safety, Shooting Sport, Dental Needs, Carpentry...
  • [ONE SIZE COMFILY FITS MOST] Barely-Noticed 1oz / 28.5g Light Weight. Extra Wide Lens with Flexible...
Stylish Safety Glasses, Clear Anti-Fog Anti-Scratch Protective Glasses For...
  • [Anti-fog lens] With anti-fog coating technology, the transparent lens of the protective glasses...
  • [Anti-blue light glasses] Anti-blue light lenses can effectively block the blue light emitted by the...
  • [Design with side protective cover] The structure for safety protection protects your eyes from...
  • 【Ideal choice for life, entertainment and work】Whether it is for work or outdoor activities,...
  • [Lightweight glasses] Weight: 28 grams, lightweight, strong protection, strong, the design is both...
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Safety Glasses (Protective Goggles) Anti Fog Clear Glasses. Nurses,...
  • BULK PACK OF 24 IN 6 DIFFERENT COLORED FRAMES - Get 2x The Safety Glasses at a Fraction of the...
  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE PROTECTION - Our Protective Glasses Exceed ANSI Z87+ Standards. Impact & Ballistic...
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR & SCRATCH RESISTANT - All of Our Safety Goggles Are Completely Scratch & Impact...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE - We Specifically Designed Our Safety Glasses to Be as Comfortable As...
  • PERFECT FOR 100s OF USES - Including Construction, DIY Projects, Yardwork, Shooting, Hunting,...

Buyer's Guide

How to choose the  best safety glasses

What is the Purpose Of A Safety  Glasses?

Safety glasses are designed to protect your eyes  from flying objects, chemicals, dust particles, and other harmful substances.  They are worn while performing certain jobs where eye injuries could occur.  For example, construction workers wear safety goggles during heavy machinery  operation. Workers who handle dangerous materials must wear protective  eyewear.

How To Wear Safety  Goggles

Wearing safety goggles correctly is very  important. First, ensure that the lenses are securely fastened. Next, check  the strap length. Make sure there is enough room around your head to allow  for movement. Finally, adjust the straps according to your comfort level. Do  not force the goggles into position. Instead, let the goggle rest comfortably  on your face.

Benefits of Wearing Safety  Goggles

There are many benefits associated with wearing  safety goggles. One benefit is that they reduce the risk of serious eye  injuries. Another benefit is that they improve vision. Lastly, safety goggles  are useful tools for preventing accidents. They can be purchased online or at  most hardware stores. However, if you already own a pair of safety goggles,  you can reuse them. Simply remove the lens covers and wash them  thoroughly.

Tips for Buying Safety  Goggles

Before purchasing safety goggles, think carefully  about which type of safety goggles you need. Are you going to use them for  industrial purposes or recreational activities? Will you be using them  indoors or outdoors? How long will you be wearing them? Once you've answered  these questions, decide whether you'd rather pay extra money for higher  quality goggles or opt for cheaper options. Either way, remember to always  follow proper safety procedures when handling hazardous materials.


Safety eyeglasses are essential tools for anyone who spends long  hours at a computer. While many people think that safety glasses are merely  decorative accessories, these protective devices actually play a vital role  in preventing injuries caused by accidents involving computers. For example,  if you accidentally bump into your monitor while typing, you could be injured  by broken glass shards. Similarly, if you drop your computer, you could  sustain serious eye injuries if you aren’t wearing proper safety  glasses.

How To Protect Yourself From Eye  Injury

While most people wear safety glasses for obvious  reasons, there are several additional benefits associated with using safety  glasses. First, they allow you to see clearly during normal activities. Second,  they reduce glare, which prevents headaches and fatigue. Third, they improve  your overall vision. Finally, they protect your eyes from dust particles and  flying objects.

Types of Eyeglass  Frames

There are two types of frames available today –  plastic and metal. Plastic lenses are lighter and cheaper than metal ones,  but they lack durability. Metal frames are stronger and last longer, but they  are heavier and bulkier. Both options are suitable for different situations.  However, if you plan on spending a lot of time at the computer, you should  opt for metal frames.

Choosing the Right  Size

Most manufacturers recommend selecting a frame size  based on your face shape. If you have a round face, go with medium sized  frames. Round faces benefit from larger frames since they cover more facial  features. Square shaped faces require smaller frames. People with oval faces  typically need large frames. Lastly, square faced individuals should select  small frames. Smaller frames are easier to handle and maneuver around the  house.

Selecting Colors

Colors affect  your mood and personality. Blue and green colors are calming and relaxing.  Red and orange tones stimulate creativity and alertness. Black and white are  neutral and calm. Brown and tan are earthy and soothing. Green and blue are  good choices for those who enjoy nature. Yellow and red are energizing and  stimulating. Purple and pink are fun and playful. White and black are classic  and professional.

Buying Tips

Before  making a final decision, take note of the following  tips:

Always check the warranty information. Most companies 

Features To Look For When Buying Safety  Glasses

Safety eyeglasses are designed to reduce eye  injuries caused by flying objects. They are available in many different  styles and colors. There are several features to look for when purchasing safety  eyeglasses. Here are some tips to help you decide which ones are right for  you.

Size Matters

The size of safety  eyeglass frames varies depending on whether they are prescription lenses or  non-prescription. Frames that are larger than normal eyeglasses are called  "safety" glasses. They are typically worn while performing jobs  where there is potential for flying particles or sharp objects. Smaller  frames are known as "non-safety" glasses. They are generally worn  during leisure activities or while  driving.


There are two main  types of design - wraparound and temple arms. Wraparounds are wider around  the sides of the face and temples extend further past the ears. Temple arms  are shorter and narrower. Both designs allow for greater freedom of  movement.


Styles include aviator,  sports, military, and classic. Aviators are popular among pilots who fly  airplanes. Sports glasses are commonly associated with baseball players and  football players. Military glasses are ideal for those who wear uniforms.  Classic glasses are most common and are considered standard issue for workers  in offices.


Colors vary widely.  Some manufacturers produce colored plastic lenses that are tinted to match  the color of the frame. Others sell clear lenses that are tinted using  special coatings. Colors range from black, brown, gray, blue, green, red,  yellow, orange, purple, pink, white, silver, gold, copper, bronze, and taupe.  Many companies now offer custom lens options including photochromatic (tint  changes automatically based on light) and polarized (blocks  glare).


Frames are  constructed of either metal or plastic. Metal frames are heavier and stronger  than plastic frames. Plastic frames are lighter and easier to carry. However,  they are prone to scratching and breaking. Most safety eyeglasses are made of  polycarbonate material. Polycarbonates are lightweight, shatterproof, impact  resistant, and scratch resistant. They are also very durable and long  lasting.


Safety glasses are  essential equipment for anyone who spends long hours using computers. There  are many different styles available today, ranging from simple plastic frames  to complex designs. Some models include prescription lenses while others are  designed specifically for industrial applications. Regardless of which type  you select, there are several features that you must be aware of before  purchasing.

Frame Material

The frame  material determines whether your safety glasses will scratch or dent easily.  Plastic frames are generally cheaper and lighter weight, making them easier  to carry around. However, they are prone to scratching and breaking. Metal  frames are heavier and stronger, but they can become scratched and damaged  easily. Rubber frames are very durable and resistant to most chemicals, but  they are heavy and bulky.

Lens  Type

There are two main lens options available; single  vision and progressive. Single vision lenses correct both nearsightedness  (myopia) and farsightedness (hypermetropia). Progressive lenses correct  myopia and astigmatism. Most manufacturers recommend that you wear corrective  lenses while wearing safety glasses. Lenses that are too strong can distort  your field of view and make it difficult to see clearly. 

Prescription Lens Options

Some safety  glasses are equipped with prescription lenses. These lenses allow you to see  objects clearly regardless of where you are sitting. While these lenses are  beneficial, they are quite costly. Many companies sell inexpensive  nonprescription lenses that are suitable for general use. 

Eye Protection

While eye protection is  not required by law, it is recommended by OSHA. Eye injuries caused by flying  particles or splashes of liquid can result in permanent blindness. Therefore,  it is imperative that you wear proper eyewear whenever you are exposed to  hazardous materials.

Fitting Tips

Before  purchasing safety glasses, take note of the following  tips:

Always check the size chart provided by the  manufacturer. Make sure that the frame fits comfortably on your face. Too  large or small frames can restrict movement and cause  discomfort.

Look for a pair of glasses that has good  ventilation holes. Airflow reduces fogging and improves  visibility.

Consider the color of the lenses. Dark colors  absorb light and reduce glare. Light colors reflect light away from your  eyes.

Wash your safety glasses regularly. Dirt and dust  build up on lenses and can impair your

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