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Puppets For Kids

Puppets are a wonderful toy for children. They encourage creativity while providing entertainment. Kids enjoy playing with puppets and watching others perform. But, not everyone enjoys making their own puppet show. If you’d like to try your hand at creating a puppet show, then check out our buyers guide to learn how to create a simple puppet show.

Puppets are easy to make and inexpensive. All you need is a small amount of fabric, glue and thread. Once you master the basics, you can start experimenting with other items such as balloons, hats, scarves and masks. This allows you to customize your puppet shows to fit your child’s interests.

14" Emily, Peach Girl, Hand Puppet

Silly Puppets

The Silly Puppets 14" Emily hand puppet is a great way to have fun with your kids! This high-quality, easy-to-use puppet is perfect for all ages. It's designed for children but will fit most adult hands, and it comes with a removable, washable, colorful costume that can be changed if you want. Plus, it's lightweight and only weighs 8 ounces, making it easy to carry around. So why wait? Get the Silly Puppets 14" Emily hand puppet today!

Melissa & Doug Jolly Helpers Hand Puppets (Set of 4) - Construction Worker, Doctor, Police Officer, and Firefighter

Melissa & Doug

If you're looking for a way to get your child or students involved in some exciting pretend play, look no further! Check out our collection of hand puppets and other interactive toys! With soft-stuffed, lead-free plush material, they are perfect for cuddling and watching together. Plus, they're easy to clean with a damp rags. So why wait? Get your children or students into the wonderful world of pretend play today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Puppets For Kids

They were originally used by traveling performers who would entertain crowds with their shows. Today, however, puppetry has grown into a much more sophisticated art form, and now even adults enjoy using them to create their own unique performances. If you'd like to get started making your own puppets, then read our guide below to help you decide what kind of material you should use, and where to source it from.

What Are Puppets For Kids?

Puppets are small dolls made of cloth or wood that look like real people. Puppets are typically used for entertainment purposes, but they can also be educational tools. Children love using puppets because they make learning fun! They help teach children about different topics such as numbers, colors, shapes, letters, and more.

Where Should I Buy My Kid’S Puppets?

You can find puppets at most stores that sell toys and crafts. You will find puppets in many types of materials including plastic, foam, fabric, wood, and cardboard. The best thing to remember when buying puppets for your child is to choose ones that are safe and age appropriate. For example, if your child is younger than two years old, you may want to avoid wooden puppets because they could pose a choking hazard. If your child is older than three years old, you might consider purchasing a soft plush doll instead of a hard plastic puppet.

Are There Any Benefits To Having Puppets Around?

Yes! There are several reasons why puppets are an excellent tool for teaching young children.

Who Needs Puppets For Kids?

Puppets are a wonderful tool for teaching children how to follow directions. But did you know that they can also teach other skills?

Kids love playing with puppets. They're a favorite part of any kid's party. Puppets can be used to entertain guests, teach lessons, and promote learning. Here are five reasons why you should add puppets to your next event.

When kids play with puppets, they learn how to follow instructions. When you tell a puppet to do something, he or she does exactly what you say. As long as you use clear language, your puppet will understand every word. This makes it easy for him or her to obey your commands.

Children who play with puppets develop responsibility. They learn that they must take care of themselves and others. By following rules and taking turns, they become responsible members of society.

Kids love puppets. They're colorful, funny, and cute. They also bring joy to adults. Your guests will appreciate seeing a puppet perform tricks or dance around the stage. They'll laugh along with the jokes and stories.

Puppets are inexpensive gifts. They're perfect for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. They're also useful for parties. Guests will love watching a puppet dance or act silly. They'll also enjoy using one during games and activities.

Puppets encourage creativity. Kids who play with puppets create new characters and costumes. They draw pictures and write songs. They also invent new words and phrases. These creative ideas inspire children to think outside the box.

The best thing about puppets is that they're affordable. Even though they cost money, they're worth every penny. They're a fun addition to any party or celebration. And they're sure to please anyone who sees them.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Puppets For Kids

Puppets have become a popular toy among young children. They provide hours of entertainment and fun. Puppets come in many different shapes and sizes. There are even puppets that are designed specifically for babies. When buying puppets for kids, it's important to select one that is safe, durable, and educational. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a puppet for your child:

Look for puppets that are safe. Puppets should never be used by small children alone. Make sure they are age appropriate. Puppets should never be left unattended. Children should never use puppets if they are sick or injured. Puppets should never be given away or sold to other children.

Look for puppets that are sturdy. Puppets should be able to withstand rough handling. Puppets should be easy to clean. Puppets should be washable. Puppets should be constructed so that they won't break easily.

Look for puppets that are educational. Puppets can teach children about their world. Puppets can teach them how to act, speak, count, read, write, spell, and do math. Puppets can also teach children about history, geography, science, art, music, and literature. Puppets can also help develop social skills such as sharing, cooperation, and empathy.

Look for puppets that are affordable. While puppets aren't cheap, they shouldn't cost a fortune either. You want to find a puppet that provides lots of value for your money.

When you're looking for puppets for kids, always remember to purchase quality over quantity. Quality puppets will last longer and provide more enjoyment for your child. A quality puppet will also save you money in the long run.

Features To Consider When Buying Puppets For Kids

Puppets are fun! They're great for pretending and they're perfect for playing games. But did you know there are many other ways to enjoy puppets? Puppets can be used to teach skills such as counting, colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and more. And if you've got young ones who love to act out stories, puppets are a wonderful way to bring their favorite characters to life.

Fun activities. Whether you're teaching preschoolers how to count or toddlers learning about colors, puppets are a great tool for engaging kids in educational activities. Plus, they're a lot of fun!

Easy cleanup. While puppets are great for lots of fun activities, they do take up space. That means you may need to clean them up after each activity. Make sure you have plenty of cleaning supplies handy so you can easily wipe down your puppets after each use.

Safety. Before purchasing a puppet, check its safety features. Some puppets feature removable parts, while others are made entirely of plastic. Check the manufacturer's instructions to learn more about how to care for your new toy.

Value. When you're shopping for puppets for your child, you'll want to make sure you're getting a good value for your money. Shop around to compare prices on different models and sizes. You might even want to look into buying a set of several toys instead of just one.

Different Types Of Puppets For Kids

There are many different kinds of puppets available for kids. Each kind of puppet offers its own benefits and drawbacks. Below we will look at some of the main categories of puppets available.

Hand Puppets. Hand puppets are small puppets that are held in the hands of the person performing the act. These are often used by parents to entertain toddlers and preschoolers. They are inexpensive and easily transportable. Puppets For Kids are also easy to clean up and don't require batteries.

Puppet Shows. Puppet shows are larger puppets that are placed on stage. They are often used by schools and libraries to teach children about history and science. These are also used by museums and zoos to educate visitors about animals and nature.

Clay Puppets. Clay puppets are large puppets that are molded from clay. They are often used by schools and churches to teach children about religion and God. Puppets For Kids are also used by hospitals to comfort patients and by police departments to calm down unruly crowds.

Fairytale Characters. Fairytale characters are large puppets that are modeled after famous fairy tales. These are often used by schools and libraries to teach children about literature and art.

Animal Characters. Animal characters are large puppets that are modeled after real life animals. These are often used by parks and zoos to educate children about wildlife and conservation.

Bunny Rabbit. Bunny rabbits are large puppets that are modeled after real life bunnies. These are often used by schools and libraries to teach children about animal husbandry and agriculture.

Dog Puppets. Dog puppets are large puppets that are modeled after real life dogs. They are often used by dog shelters and humane societies to raise awareness about pet adoption.

Cat Puppets. Cat puppets are large puppets that are modeled after real life cats. Puppets For Kids are often used by cat shelters and humane societies to raise awareness about pet adoption.

Turtle Puppets. Turtle puppets are large puppets that are modeled after real life turtles. Puppets For Kids are often used by turtle sanctuaries and aquariums to educate children about marine biology.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Puppets For Kids

What are hand puppets?

A hand puppet is a type of toy that looks like a human hand. These toys are often used during pretend play activities, such as role playing games.

Where Did Hand Puppets Originate?

Hand puppets originated in China more than 2, 000 years ago. They were originally carved out of wood, but today they are most commonly made out of plastic.

How old should I buy my child's hand puppets?

Children under 3 years old generally prefer simple hand puppets. Puppets that have movable arms and legs are best suited for older children.

How Much Do Hand Puppets Cost?

Puppets range in price depending on their quality and features. Hand puppets that are made out of hard plastics tend to be cheaper than those made out of soft materials.

What Types Of Hand Puppets Exist?

You can find hand puppets that look like animals, humans, superheroes, aliens, princesses, and even robots! There are also hand puppets that are designed specifically for babies.

Which Hand Puppets Are Safe For Toddlers?

All hand puppets are safe for young children. A parent must always supervise when children use hand puppets.

What Are Some Popular Uses For Hand Puppets?

Kids love to use hand puppets at home, school, and outside. Here are some examples of how parents and teachers use hand puppets at home:

At Home

Parents sometimes use hand puppets to teach their children about colors, numbers, shapes, and letters. Kids can learn all sorts of things through pretend play.

In School

Schools often use hand puppets to teach students about science, math, history, art, music, and language arts. Teachers can also use hand puppets to engage students in discussions about important topics.


Some schools allow students to bring hand puppets into class to show what they know about certain subjects. Students can also use hand puppets to demonstrate skills that they learned in class.

Other Uses

Hand puppets are also great for teaching kids about manners and good behavior. Parents can use hand puppets to model appropriate behaviors for their children.

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