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Nasal Drops

Nasal sprays are a convenient way to treat sinus problems such as congestion and allergies. Some nasal sprays contain antihistamines while others include decongestants to relieve swelling and inflammation. If you suffer from frequent headaches, nosebleeds or other symptoms related to sinuses, you may want to consider purchasing a nasal spray.

Nasal sprays work by delivering medication directly into the nostrils where it can reach the sinuses. This method allows the medicine to bypass the digestive system and enter the bloodstream faster. As a result, nasal sprays are effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Read our buyers guide to learn more about nasal sprays and how they can benefit your health.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Nasal Drops

What are nasal drops?

Nasal drops are medications that are designed to be placed into your nostril. They are often prescribed for sinus infections, allergies, colds, hay fever, and more.

What Are Nasal Sprays?

Nasal sprays are similar to nasal drops, but they contain medicine instead of water. Nasal sprays are typically used for treating stuffy noses, congestion, and more.

What Are Nasal Sprays Used For?

Nasal sprays are commonly used to relieve symptoms caused by things like a cold, allergy season, and more.

Where Should I Use Nasal Sprays?

You should use nasal sprays when you have a runny nose, congestion, or stuffiness. If you don't feel better after trying nasal sprays, talk to your doctor about what else could be causing your symptoms.

Does Nasal Spray Make Me Sneeze?

No, nasal sprays won't make you sneeze. Instead, they're meant to get medicines deep inside your nose where they'll dissolve and then travel through your body.

Will Nasal Sprays Dry Out My Nose?

If you've ever had a bad case of the flu, you know how uncomfortable it feels to have a stuffy nose. That's because mucous buildup makes your nose feel clogged and congested. When you take nasal sprays, however, they loosen this mucous build-up, making your nose feel less stuffed and drier.

Can Nasal Sprays Give Me A Headache?

Some people experience headaches after taking nasal sprays. These headaches happen because the medicine gets absorbed too quickly into your bloodstream. To avoid headaches, try waiting at least 30 minutes after taking nasal sprays before driving, exercising, or doing anything else that requires concentration.

Many nasal sprays include medicines that aren't known to trigger an allergic reaction. Talk to your doctor about whether you can safely use nasal sprays.

Most kids will breathe easier once their airways open up. But if your child has asthma, bronchitis, or another respiratory problem, ask your doctor first.

Can Nasal Sprays Harm My Baby?

While most babies' bodies are still developing, you shouldn't worry about exposing them to medicines found in nasal sprays. Your baby's lungs are still growing, and inhaling medicines can actually hinder growth. So unless your baby has a medical condition that needs treatment, skip the nasal sprays.

What Happens If I Stop Taking Nasal Sprays?

Once you start feeling better, you should continue taking nasal sprays until your doctor tells you otherwise. Otherwise, you risk having your symptoms return.

How Much Medicine Comes Out Of Each Dose Of Nasal Spray?

Each dose of nasal spray contains enough medicine to last between 2 and 4 hours. After that, you'll need to re-apply the medicine.

When Should I Apply Nasal Sprays?

Apply nasal sprays right away whenever you notice signs of a cold, including stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, or sneezing.

How Long Should I Wait Before Applying Nasal Sprays Again?

After 24 hours, you should reapply nasal sprays every 12 hours. Wait longer than 24 hours, and you may want to call your doctor.

Can I Use Nasal Sprays During Pregnancy?

Nasal sprays are safe to use throughout pregnancy. And since they're applied directly to the nose, they won't pass into your system.

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