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Money Safe

Money safes are essential tools for anyone who handles large sums of cash. If you work in a bank or financial institution, then you already know how important it is to protect your assets. But did you know that you could also invest in a money safe? This handy device allows you to store your valuables safely while keeping them accessible whenever needed.

A money safe is essentially a box where you place your valuable items such as jewelry, coins, bonds, checks and other precious metals. It keeps your belongings secure and prevents theft. Unlike a lockbox, a money safe does not require keys to open so you won't have to worry about losing them. Instead, you can easily retrieve your valuables whenever you need them.

If you're interested in investing in a money safe, check out our buyers guide to learn more about the benefits of owning one.

MetaKit Safe Box for Home Money Lock Box Small Personal Safe for Cash Jewelry Gun Digital Security Safe for Office Hotel with Keypad Wall Mounting Anti-Theft Alarm Low Battery Warning 0.57 Cubic Feet


Protect your family and loved ones with the MetaKit Safe Box! It's perfect for storing cash, jewelry, and other valuables. Made with solid steel and featuring 2 doors with locking bolts and a carpeted floor, this safe is built to last. The removable interior shelf provides plenty of storage space, while the power coat finish ensures that the safe box will remain pristine and protect your items against wear and damage. Plus, it's easy to bolt the safe box to the wall, making it a great choice for any home or office. And if there ever is a problem with the safe, you can instantly unlock the door with one of the two keys provided. So why wait? Get the MetaKit Safe Box today!


It is a nice little safe, provided the small size fits your needs. The outer bag had one small piece of paint that fell off immediately, but the primary functions still functioned. I was not going to return it on that basis. However, I quickly discovered it was too small. If you are looking to have a couple of things, a passport, and two pieces of jewelry, that's fine but if that's more than that, you will probably be looking for something bigger. I received a 0.40 cubic foot safe from the same manufacturer, however this is the only model available in different appealing colors. The safe was not with a problem similar to the ones I have read where the door and the battery became so heavy, it debalanced the whole safe or cause the door to sag. The doors and locking mechanisms and light mechanisms are thick and make it difficult to fit inside the safe of the same manufacturer. You cannot place anything on the edge of the door because the door will not close.

I ordered another one similar, but bigger, and I am disappointed that my keys went missing and the batteries had fallen out of the compartment inside the safe. Obviously, I cannot get into it because my combination could not work due to the batteries falling out. I ordered another one though, it was larger.

He loves his bright blue safe. He has placed stickers on it. He keeps his candy in a safe and likes it that his brother is unaware of the combo. The company responded within 24 hours and helped solve the problem. We purchased a Safe for our son. We keep a key and then give it to our sons. They give you two keys.

I purchased a small suite with a safe which is intended to be used for carrying cash and other important items. I love it. The safe appears to be made. I like it, and will probably order one for Secret Santa this year.

It was a bit difficult to set up. But after that I love it.

VEVOR Security Safe 0.8 Cubic Feet Digital Safe with Fingerprints & Keypad Lock 22L Safe Box with Two Override Keys Fireproof Carbon Steel Money Safe for Home Restaurant Hotel and Office


Keep your belongings secure and close by with the VEVOR Security Safe! This tough little safe is made of durable carbon steel and features a premium Q235 grade locking system for added security. It also comes with multiple unlock modes so you can choose the one you prefer. With a large capacity of 0.8 cubic feet, it's perfect for storing all your most valued possessions, and it looks great as well - the black/white/blue exterior finish really makes it stand out. Get yours today and experience the ultimate in protection and security for your most prized possessions!

0.8 Cub Home Safe Fireproof Waterproof, Fireproof Safe with Fireproof Money Bag, Digital Keypad Key and Emergency Battery Box, Security Safe Box for Pistols Money Jewellery Documents Medicines


Protect your family and belongings with the Tisker Gold Label Series home safe. This tough safe features a 9. 84" 13. 78" 9. 84" design, making it ideal for storing firearms, jewelry, and other valuables. Plus, the Tisker can withstand water damage and/or submersion. With a 90-day return or exchange policy, you can be sure that this safe is worth buying.


This product is quite solid and very durable, which is adequate for my needs. I desired a safe that allowed me to deposit bills. It makes it difficult to take some time out because I cannot see it. The code requires two double A batteries. The procedure for setting up the code is fairly straightforward. Additionally, it also includes two keys. There is a secret panel on the front that slides open to use the keys. It's an excellent investment

I like the slot. So that you can easily slide your money savings without opening the box.

This is a great safe for keeping the honest thief out of your house. In light of the high price, you are not getting Fort Knox, as some reviews have suggested. Per instructions, for added security, set it down. Follow the instructions and then use this safe. That is a good safe location for the money you have spent.

I really like this. This safe is very useful for a gun, cash, jewelry, and other valuables. A safe will provide great protection against theft. Put it down, and you have a home safety deposit box.

Drop Safe - Digital Safe Compact Steel Money Security Box with Keypad - Deposit Cash Easily – For Home or Business by Paragon Safe - Black

Paragon Lock & Safe

Protect your family and belongings with this high-quality, affordable money bin! Made from durable alloys, this bin features a double-walled design that stands up to demanding work environments. Plus, it comes with anchor bolts and batteries for added convenience. Order yours today!


I do not know why people are negative, because it was above and beyond what I expected. The structure is very sturdy and features key storage in case you forget the code. There is plenty of space inside for money or jewelry. My keypad was not supplied with the required 4AA batteries. I may have missed that part of the description but it is good if you get them before you have delivered them. That is definitely worth the cost.

I was skeptical about buying a Honeywell Safe for my son's dorm room for $35.00. I thought I would try it because I expected it to be a little flimsy. I opened the package when it arrived, and was surprised to discover that the quality is very high. It is heavy, sturdy, safe. It has mounting bolts and I program it very easily so it is no longer a problem to carry it away. I highly recommend this for those looking for a small safe.

This safe is sturdy and easy to use. Bravo and Honeywell did it correctly. I was not aware of kids safes.

I received this item for my grandson, and he was very excited. I am very happy with this purchase so far.

Sdstone Safe Box with Sensor Light, Digital Money Safe with Key, Electronic Security Safe Box with Keypad for Home/Office, Wall or Cabinet Anchoring Design Small Safes -Protect Cash, 0.23 Cubic Feet


Protect your family and belongings with the Sdstone Safe Box! Made of solid steel with a coating, this box is built to last. It's also easy to install and comes with a sensor light so you can easily see when it's opened. Plus, the two-way locking system makes it even more secure. Don't miss out on this must-have home security tool!


I try my best to pick a great item the first time, without overpaying. It is almost impossible. This is a wonderful rumored treasure. She is not water and fire proof. But who has a fire for eight minutes anyway? I have money and products in that. Once, I had a friend who saw if he could pry it open, but it held tight. I believe it is good for me and it would probably be more than perfect for you.

The instructions to set the code were easy to understand, and very satisfying. I am very pleased with my purchase.

The safe is easy to use and easy to lock. Nice size of safe A+++++.

The security safe is very durable and has ample space for your important items. It is waterproof and also has a fingerprint feature which is a good plus.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Money Safe

A money safe is a great investment for anyone who has valuable items they wish to keep secure. This guide will help you decide whether a money safe is the right choice for you, and what features you should look for in a good quality safe. We have also included our top picks for the best money safes available today.

What Is A Money Safe?

Money safes are small containers that are used for storing cash. They come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. The most common type of money safe is called an "industrial" money safe because they were originally made for businesses who needed to protect large amounts of cash. Industrial money safes are typically made of metal, but some are plastic or wood. These safes are available in both manual and automatic versions. Manual safes require someone to open each time they want to take money out of the safe. Automatic safes work much like combination locks; once the correct combination has been entered into the lock, the door opens automatically.

Where Do I Buy A Money Safe?

You can find money safes at any major department stores, hardware stores, office supply stores, and even online retailers. This means that the safe meets certain safety standards set by UL. If you don't know if a product is UL listed, ask the retailer where they got it. Most reputable companies will tell you what UL listing they have on their products.

Who Needs A Money Safe?

Money Safes are designed to protect cash and other valuables from theft and damage. But do you really need one?

The short answer is yes. Even though most banks offer free deposit services, you still need to take precautions against loss and theft. Cash is valuable, after all. So, it makes sense to invest in a quality money safe.

But how big does your bank account need to be before you start worrying about security? How much cash do you carry around? What happens if you lose everything? These questions are worth asking before you spend any money on a money safe.

In addition to protecting your cash, money safes can also help you organize your finances. They can hold large amounts of cash and coins. Some models can even store checks and credit cards.

They can also act as a home office. Many people use them to store tax documents, receipts, and bills. Others use them to store jewelry and collectibles.

Finally, money safes can be useful tools for storing family heirlooms. They can protect precious items from water damage and breakage.

If you decide to purchase a money safe, you'll need to think carefully about where you plan to put it. Most safes are bulky and heavy. So, you'll probably want to place it somewhere that doesn't move.

That said, you shouldn't put it in a closet or under a bed. Those places are likely to attract thieves. Instead, look for a sturdy cabinet or shelf that's close to the door.

Once you've decided where to put your money safe, you'll need to figure out how to lock it. Some safes require keys. Others have locks that open automatically.

When choosing which type of key system to use, ask yourself these two questions:

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Money Safe

If you have ever had to deal with losing your wallet or purse, then you understand how valuable money is. When we lose our wallets and purses, we often find ourselves scrambling to replace them. Unfortunately, many people end up having to pay exorbitant fees to replace their lost items. This is where a quality money safe becomes extremely useful. A money safe is a great way to keep your valuables secure and protected.

A money safe is basically a container that holds your valuables. You can use a money safe to hold your credit cards, checks, cash, coins, and other small items. These days, most money safes come equipped with electronic locks so they cannot be opened by anyone who doesn't know the combination. They are usually placed inside a home or business office. There are several different types of money safes available, including wall safes, floor safes, and desk safes.

Wall safes are ideal for storing cash and coins because they are easy to access. These safes are usually located in banks and businesses. These safes are usually found in financial institutions.

Money safes are very convenient and provide peace of mind. They are perfect for those who travel frequently and want to ensure that their belongings remain safe and sound. For example, if you work for a company that travels frequently, you may want to invest in a money safe. You never know when you might need to leave your things behind unexpectedly.

You should purchase a money safe based on your needs. There are several factors to consider when selecting a money safe. First, think about how much money you plan to store inside the safe. Next, determine whether you want a wall safe, floor safe, or desk safe.

Features To Consider When Buying A Money Safe

Security features. The most important feature of a money safe is its security. Make sure the money safe has strong locks and other security measures to prevent someone from opening it without your permission.

Easy access. Another key factor to consider when shopping for a money safe is how easily you can access your cash inside. Some money safes have keys that allow you to unlock them quickly while others have combination dials that take longer to operate.

Size. How big do you want your money safe? Do you plan to store large amounts of cash or only small bills? Consider these factors when deciding on the right size for your needs.

Cost. When you're considering a money safe, you'll want to compare costs between different models. This way, you can decide if the price difference is worth paying for additional safety features.

Accessories. Many money safes come with accessories such as alarms, lights, and even fingerprint scanners. These add convenience and security to your money safe.

Look for a money safe that meets your specific needs. Shop online to find a model that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Different Types Of Money Safe

Money Safes are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they offer peace of mind. They protect your valuables from theft and keep them secure. They are also useful for storing large amounts of cash. We will look at some of the main features of each type below.

Keyed Locks. Keyed locks are the cheapest and easiest to use. They consist of two parts; a keypad and a lock. When you insert your key into the pad, it unlocks the door. A combination of numbers and letters is displayed on the screen. To open the door, you simply press the correct number sequence.

Electronic Locks. Electronic locks are slightly more complex than keyed locks. These are activated by a remote control device. This allows you to access your safe without having to go through the hassle of inserting a key. An electronic lock requires a small battery pack to power the unit. This means that you cannot move the safe around without recharging the batteries.

Combination Locks. Combination locks are the most secure type of safe. These are operated by a dial instead of a keypad. Each dial has a series of numbers and letters printed on it. To unlock the door, you turn the dial until the correct combination appears. Combination locks are the safest type of safe. These are impossible to pick and are virtually unbreakable.

Fireproofing. Fireproofing refers to the process of making a safe resistant to fire damage. This is done by filling the interior of the safe with special materials. The most common material used is mineral wool. Mineral wool is a mixture of glass fibers and minerals. It provides excellent insulation properties and makes the safe almost completely fire proof.

Anti Theft Devices. Anti theft devices are installed in safes to prevent thieves from opening the safe. Money Safes are usually attached to the outside of the safe. They can be mechanical or electrical. Mechanical anti theft devices include alarms and sensors. Electrical anti theft devices include motion detectors and cameras. Both types of devices sound an alarm when someone tries to break into the safe.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Money Safe

What is a money safe?

A money safe is a type of lockbox that stores cash and valuables. They are often found at banks, convenience stores, and retail locations.

Where Do Money Safes Keep Their Contents?

Money safes store their contents inside of them. They are typically located behind the counter where they are kept out of sight.

How do I know what kind of money safe I want?

You should always consult your bank about what types of money safes they offer. If you don't already have a money safe, you can purchase one online or at most hardware stores.

What Happens When My Money Safe Gets Stolen?

If your money safe gets stolen, then you'll likely get a replacement money safe. Most banks will replace your money safe free of charge.

Does A Money Safe Protect Me Against Theft?

No. Money safes aren't designed to protect you from theft. Instead, they're meant to deter thieves.

How Do I Open A Money Safe?

To open a money safe, you'll first need to insert a key into the lock box. Then, turn the dial until you hear a click. Once you've done this, you'll be able to access the cash inside the money safe.

How Do I Use A Money Safe?

Once you've opened a money safe, you'll be able to deposit cash inside of it. To withdraw cash, simply pull the drawer out of the money safe and slide it back in. When you're finished withdrawing cash, close the drawer and put the money safe away.

How Do I Clean A Money Safe?

To clean a money safe, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. Make sure to dry the area thoroughly after cleaning.

How Do I Make Sure My Money Safe Doesn'T Leak?

Make sure to secure your money safe by placing something heavy on top of it. Also, make sure to check the bottom of the money safe periodically to ensure that no water has leaked inside of it.

How Do I Tell If My Money Safe Is Leaking?

Look for signs of moisture around the outside of your money safe. If you notice any leaks, then call your local police department immediately.

How Do I Repair A Damaged Money Safe?

In order to fix a damaged money safe, you'll need to disassemble it. First, remove all of the screws that attach the lid to the base. Next, unscrew the bolts that connect the two halves of the money safe together.

How Do I Reattach The Lid To The Base?

Reattaching the lid to the base isn't too hard. Simply screw the new bolts through the holes in the lid and into the base.

How Do I Dispose Of A Broken Money Safe?

Call your local waste management company to pick up the money safe. Otherwise, you can throw it away.

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