Mirrors With Light Rings

Product Description

I recently had the pleasure of using this 28"x28" circular LED lighted mirror in my bathroom, and it has truly transformed my daily routine. The ability to alternate between three different dimmable temperature color options (bright white, warm white, cool white) is such a great feature and it's perfect for any time of day. The evenly illuminated light shines beautifully through the frosted glass inset, providing a soft glow that's perfect for helping me get ready in the morning.

The touch-sensitive button for changing colors and adjusting brightness is easy to use and responsive. However, occasionally it takes a few extra taps to get the desired setting – this could be a small inconvenience for some users. Despite this minor issue, I am extremely happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a modern mirror that provides excellent illumination!

When it came to installation, since this mirror is quite heavy (around 26W+15.5W), I needed some assistance from my partner when hanging it up. There were no drill templates or mounting screws provided which made installation tricky at first; we had to improvise by crafting our own template using cardboard from the shipping box just to make sure everything was straight – but once installed properly this mirror looked amazing!

Overall, the versatility of being able to choose different color temperatures makes this LED lighted mirror a great addition to any bathroom or bedroom. Although there were some challenges during installation and an occasional need for extra button taps, I am incredibly satisfied with its performance and would definitely recommend it as a worthwhile investment. So if you're looking for an upgrade in your space that not only looks sleek but also offers fantastic functionality - look no further than this top-notch mirror!

Product Features
Product Description

After using the CAPELLA Custom LED Mirror in my home, I was impressed with its unique customization options. The mirror allowed me to choose my desired dimensions, light color temperatures, control methods, and even included Bluetooth speakers for added convenience.

One of the standout features is the versatile design, which combines both functionality and aesthetics. The mirror's frame enhances its appearance while protecting the edges from damage. Additionally, the easy-to-install design and well-lit surroundings make mornings much more manageable.

While this product may be pricier than similar items on the market, the quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service support make it worth considering for those seeking a premium LED mirror experience. Although there are cheaper alternatives available, investing in this high-quality item may pay off in the long run due to its durability and customizable features.

On a personal level, I found that the mirror's sturdiness and ease of cleaning were essential qualities that made it a valuable addition to my bathroom routine. Overall, I would recommend the CAPELLA Custom LED Mirror for anyone looking for a reliable and customizable mirror solution with excellent lighting capabilities.

Product Features
  • Adapter - *i

  • Frame - *i

Product Description

I recently started using the AITNE Custom LED Mirror in my bathroom, and it has genuinely elevated my daily routine. One standout feature is the combination of both front and back lighting, which provides even illumination for makeup application. The ability to choose different light temperatures allows adjustment based on personal preferences. Integration with Bluetooth speakers adds a level of convenience that enhances the overall experience.

Although I encountered a minor hiccup with a damaged wooden box upon delivery, the mirror itself was undamaged and functional. Overall, this product is an excellent addition to any bathroom space and has exceeded expectations for quality lighting solutions.

Product Features
  • Adapter - *i

  • Backlight - *i

Product Description

I recently got the chance to use the CAPELLA Custom LED Mirror, and let me tell you, it blew my expectations away. From its secure packaging to its versatile customization options, this mirror was worth every penny.

One of my favorite things about it is how well-made and sturdy it is. The frame makes a beautiful addition to any bathroom, and the variety of features available—from dimmable lights to optional Bluetooth speakers—really enhances the user experience.

The installation process was a breeze; all the necessary hardware came included, and an electrician quickly hardwired it into our bathroom's electrical system. After that was done, we were able to enjoy bright mornings while getting ready in front of this gorgeous mirror.

The dimmable lights are definitely my favorite feature—being able to adjust brightness levels to suit our needs made such a difference in terms of convenience. And let's not forget those automatic body sensor switches for late-night trips to the bathroom! No more fumbling around in the dark!

Overall, I can't say enough about how pleased I am with this CAPELLA Custom LED Mirror. It looks great and adds so much functionality and ease to our daily routines at home. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a practical lighting solution that isn't just another boring bathroom mirror!

Product Features
  • Adapter - *i

  • Frame - *i

Product Description

The round URANUS Custom LED Mirror is a fantastic addition to my bathroom space. The sandblasting craftsmanship has been impressive, and selecting from various dimensions, light color temperatures, control methods, and even adding Bluetooth speakers adds a personal touch.

In terms of functionality, the mirror is both practical and beautiful. Adjustable brightness settings make it perfect for applying makeup or shaving without disturbing others in the household. Moreover, there's minimal distortion in reflection which helps with accurate grooming. Installation was effortless as well - just attach it to the wall using basic tools!

Overall, I highly recommend this product for those looking to upgrade their bathroom area with an attractive yet practical mirror. With endless customization possibilities and sturdy construction, it's definitely worth the investment.

Product Features
  • Adapter - *i

Product Description

After using the MERCURY Custom LED Mirror for a few weeks, I've been impressed by its versatility and quality. The option to choose your own dimensions, light color temperatures, control methods, and even add Bluetooth speakers really adds a personal touch that caters to everyone's unique needs.

One thing I really appreciated was the ease of installation - it was simple to set up without any complications or requiring much technical knowledge. The sturdiness of the frame is also worth mentioning; it stays firmly in place without any wobbling or shifting.

The sleek design adds an elegant touch to any bathroom or room, and its high-quality craftsmanship is evident from its build and finish. It fits seamlessly with various décor styles without looking out of place. Plus, cleaning is easy as smudges and fingerprints wipe off quickly with just a soft cloth!

On top of all these features, the product's excellent customer service ensures that any concerns about delayed shipping are resolved promptly. Overall, I highly recommend this MERCURY Custom LED Mirror for its value, convenience features, and ability to enhance any space where it's installed!

Product Features
Product Description

If you're in the market for a stylish and customizable mirror with added features, look no further than the CYLLENE Custom LED Mirror. It has a backlight that adds a touch of elegance to my space, creating a pleasant ambiance for my morning routine. The different control methods and light color temperatures available make this mirror an excellent choice for those who want to experience some sophistication in their bathroom décor. However, there's room for improvement when it comes to the front light's brightness, which doesn't always provide optimal makeup application conditions. Nevertheless, installation is effortless and if you can overlook the front light issue, this mirror is worth considering.

Product Features
  • Adapter - *i

  • Mirror Edge Craftsmanship - *i

Product Description

I recently purchased the LED Mirror from ibmirror and have been incredibly pleased with its performance. The dimmable feature is truly fantastic, allowing me to adjust the brightness according to my needs. This has made it much easier for me to apply makeup or groom, as I can tailor the lighting for any situation.

I've also found that the 4490 Lumens and CRI 90 provide excellent lighting, making every detail visible and ensuring I don't miss a spot while getting ready. The mirror comes with a straightforward wiring system that operates on 110V power, making installation a breeze. Knowing that this mirror has an approximate lifespan of 120,000 hours gives me peace of mind that it will last for years to come.

In terms of design, I adore the round shape of the mirror and how well it complements my bathroom decor. Furthermore, the ability to hang this mirror horizontally or vertically demonstrates its versatility and makes it a great fit for any existing layout or style.

Overall, I highly recommend ibmirror's LED Mirrors to anyone in need of quality lighting for their bathroom or vanity area. The combination of excellent features, easy installation, and stylish design makes this product a fantastic addition to any space.

Product Features
  • Shape - Round

Product Description

As a makeup enthusiast, I was excited to try the Solana Lighted Makeup Mirror with Magnification & Touch Pad from Za. Unboxing it, I immediately knew this mirror would enhance my daily routine. The 7.25-inch round surfaces provided ample space for styling hair and applying makeup comfortably, while the dual magnification options allowed close examination of every detail.

The three LED white color temperatures were perfect for achieving flawless makeup application by simulating natural sunlight and warm white lighting conditions. The smart dimmer touch control button made it easy to adjust brightness without interrupting my flow. The mirror's 360-degree rotation and tilting capabilities added convenience as I could easily adjust it according to my needs and preferences.

One standout feature was the built-in ring light with matching base lighting colors, providing consistent illumination throughout my entire routine. The touch pad control has a memory function that remembers your last setting when turning on and off, saving time!

Overall, using this product has been an incredibly positive experience making it a favorite addition to my vanity collection. If you value quality craftsmanship, superior lighting quality, and thoughtful design details in your makeup tools – look no further than Zadro's Solana Lighted Makeup Mirror!

Product Features
Product Description

The Beauty Ring has been a game-changer in my daily makeup routine. The sturdiness of its build is impressive for such an intricate device. Plus, it looks visually appealing while still being easy to maneuver around thanks to its portability feature! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to enhance their morning routines!

PROS: - Excellent lighting quality - Intuitive design with multiple features - Versatile uses (makeup/skincare/content creation)

While the lighting quality and intuitive design have significantly improved my makeup application, I've found some limitations with the mirror. For instance, I've noticed that some units may encounter issues with the knob tightening or wobbling of the mirror. Although this might not be a widespread problem, it's something potential buyers should be aware of before purchasing the product.

Another area where there could be some improvement is in terms of magnification options. While the mirror currently offers 1x and 5x magnifications and an optional 10x mirror for detail work or aging eyes, having more choices would cater to a wider range of users and preferences.

Overall, despite these minor shortcomings, the Beauty Ring has been an excellent addition to my makeup routine. The five brightness settings and three color modes provide versatile lighting for skincare, content creation, product photography, and teleconferencing – making it even more valuable as a multifunctional tool. With its smartphone and webcam mount built-in, this ring light is perfect for those looking to take their content creation or virtual meetings to the next level.

Product Features
  • Bevelled Edges - false

  • Care And Cleaning Instructions - Clean glass with a soft towel and glass cleaner

  • Finish - Aluminum

  • Fog Resistant - false

  • Framed - true

  • Frame Material S - Plastic, Aluminum, Glass

  • Illuminated - true

  • Inset Spot Magnification - 5x

  • Inset Spot Mirror Diameter - 6.4 inches

  • Inset Spot Mirror Included - true

  • Magnification - 5x

  • Mount Type - Pedestal

  • Movement Type - Swivel

  • Product Length - 15 inches

  • Product Width - 6.4 inches

  • Shape S - Round

  • Weighted Base - true

Product Description

After installing this bathroom mirror, I immediately noticed an improvement in my morning routine. The double-layer light strip illuminates my space with bright and accurate colors, making grooming more effortless. Additionally, the versatility of multiple light settings provides me with options for various activities such as shaving or applying makeup.

Although installation was a breeze even for a non-handy person like myself, it's important to note that some distortion is present at certain angles. This isn't a significant issue but may be something to consider for those who require precise reflections. Nevertheless, the ease of use and sleek design make up for any minor flaws in this otherwise great product.

Overall, I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to others looking for a high-quality and well-lit bathroom mirror.

Product Features
  • Largest Dimension - 88''

  • Mirror - 88'' H X 38'' W

  • Overall Product Weight - 68.4 lb

Product Description

I recently purchased an LED bathroom mirror and have been impressed by its impact on my daily routine. The touch screen buttons offer a variety of light settings, which make it perfect for applying makeup or grooming. The mirror itself is well-made and the lighting is bright enough to clearly see all the details while getting ready. I also appreciate the anti-fog feature, which keeps the mirror clear and free from condensation. Installation was a breeze, and it fits seamlessly into my bathroom's design.

While I am very pleased with this product, it may not provide enough light for larger bathrooms or those without additional overhead lighting fixtures. However, for most users like myself, this LED bathroom mirror has added both style and functionality to my space. Overall, it's been a game-changer in my morning routine!

Product Features
  • Largest Dimension - 30''

  • Mirror - 30'' H X 30'' W

  • Overall Product Weight - 26.07 lb

Product Description

As someone who recently purchased the LED Round Adorna 36 inch Bathroom Vanity, I can attest to its impressive design and performance. One of the standout features is the dimmable light function, allowing me to adjust the brightness as per my mood or need. The memory function is also a nice touch, remembering the last setting used for added convenience.

The separate control switches for power and anti-fogging on this mirror are both safe and energy-saving. The high quality materials used in its construction ensure that it will last for years despite regular use. The built-in anti-fogging feature has been a game changer, eliminating the need for constant fog free spray or rinsing during showers. And with environmentally friendly materials used throughout, it's a great option for those seeking eco-friendly choices in their decor.

While there isn't much room for improvement, one point worth noting is that some users may prefer an even more extensive range of brightness options offered by dimmable lights on other models in this price range. But overall, I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend this mirror to anyone looking to enhance their bathroom experience while also being mindful of their environmental footprint - it's an excellent investment!

Product Features
Product Description

The Orren Ellis Features Wall-Mounted Led Mirror has been a game changer for my morning routine. The dimmable lighting feature provides excellent illumination and the three color options (white, warm, and cold) create a modern and inviting ambiance. The built-in anti-fog system is also impressive as it requires minimal cleaning of the glass.

One aspect I appreciated was the ease of installation; the sturdy packaging protected it during transportation. This mirror offers an alluring combination of quality lighting, user-friendliness, and ease of cleaning – making it a great addition to any bathroom renovation project.

While some users have reported that the mirror doesn't entirely eliminate fogging, I haven't experienced this issue myself. In conclusion, I would highly recommend this product to anyone seeking to elevate their bathroom space with an element of luxury and practicality.

Product Features
  • Bulbs Included - Yes

  • Compatible Bulb Type - LED

  • Hardware Included - Screws

  • Imported - Yes

  • Installation Required - Yes

  • Largest Dimension - 32''

  • Lighting Included - Yes

  • Magnifying - No

  • Mirror - 32'' H X 32'' W

  • Mirror Finish - Fog Free

  • Mirror Material - Glass

  • Mirror Type - Bathroom / Vanity

  • Mount Type - Wall Mounted

  • Orientation - Horizontal and Vertical

  • Overall Product Weight - 24.36 lb

  • Overall Shape - Flat

  • Plug In - No

  • Power Source - Hardwired / Plug-in

  • Safety Listing S - UL Listed

  • Shape - Round

  • Storage Included - No