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Metal Shredder

Metal shredding machines are useful tools that can help you clean up your garage, basement or other storage space. These devices work by cutting through metals such as steel, aluminum and copper. This allows you to easily remove small pieces of debris from your property. If you’re interested in purchasing a metal shredder, then you may want to consider buying a machine that offers multiple functions. For instance, you might want to invest in a device that can shred paper, wood and plastics as well.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about metal shredders and how to select the best one for you.

TAZZ Chipper Shredder, Heavy Duty 212cc, 4-Cycle Viper Engine, Rugged Debris Bag, Steel Hopper, Shred Branches up to 3” in Diameter, 35259


If you're looking for an efficient and sturdy wood chipper that can handle tough tree debris, look no further than the Tazz Chipper Shredder! This machine can shred branches up to 3 inches in diameter, making it perfect for handling tough tree trimmings and other hard-to-shred materials. With a powerful 212 cc 4-cycle viper engine, this chipper is always ready to tackle tough tasks. Plus, the included waste bag makes it easy to dispose of any leftover wood chips. Order your Tazz Chipper Shredder today!


A must have tool for anyone who wants to make the most of their yard or garden. The 15-amp motor effectively chips and shreds branches up to 1. 73-inches thick. Safety hopper with locking knob prevents the motor from operating when opened. A role for the amygdala in mediating conditioned taste aversion?

Sunjoe made the latest model a great investment for a 120V chipper. I used it for almost two hours. Some branches are less than a quarter of a meter in diameter. If you are expecting grainsized mulch or sawdust, you may be disappointed as it chops up branches to about 1" long pieces. My most worrying concern is the growth of branches and twigs. They have an appetite for themselves, and I am able to carry long branches on that path. I found that when I use it for a bit I can simply insert several small twigs. I like the vertical motion and the quiet operation that this machine offers, I do not need to wear ear plugs as my next option is a gas powered machine that is more expensive.'

I had previously had an electric chipper from a different company. I spent more time unhammering than I did chipping. It was rather aggravating. The show is now no longer working after one season. I read reviews of Sun Joe CJ603E, and decided to try it. I honestly didn't expect anything. The day I received the Sun Joe, I assembled it and used it continuously for over three hours. It sounded great once. It did a nice job on the large things, and on the small twigs too. I will try this on freshly cut branches this week. I believe that it will provide those benefits as well. I read the manual about adjusting the plate for the cutter but I did not have to do this in the three hours of use. As an electrician, I would advise buyers to follow the recommendation on supply cord size. I am excited about my new chipper. If you are using a cheap sixteenAWG cord, or a cord that is too long, you will definitely have low torque.

I was not optimistic that a smaller electrically driven vehicle would be able to perform the task this is doing. I wish to thank Sun Joe Products. It is an excellent companion for the gardener if you have a few small trees and bushes to maintain. It is powerful, but be sure to cut off the Y's off of the major branches and let the debris dry for a few days before grinding. You should remove the output chips from the bottom of the unit when using it. We attempted to bag them off the machine, but at the point when the bag is most full it will bind up. Leave the bag off and pull debris away from the chute. It will run all day long and grind most anything you feed it.

I am not normally in a tomboy, but this girl was outstanding. I hire a tree trimmer because I hate dealing with the brush. I almost didn't buy this, because the reviews stated that you had to preprocess Y-branches, which I found to be inaccurate. I discovered that I could insert three to eight 1/2-1 branches at a time and then the machine would pull them through when I used my hands to pull the y branches together as if I were going to bushel or bundle them. If I helped guide the side branches toward the center it would pull ten unstripped oak branches through without issue. Keeping your eye close, if you do this you will get hit with a switch or you will get hit with small branches, because of this I was able to mulch six plum trees and one oak tree in three hours. The project required me to put in six hours and six weeks of trash and composting to accomplish. I'm hopeful I'm able to prepare the cut next year and then dispose of the piece directly at the chipper. From a distance of 30 feet, it sounded like a hair dryer on high, but in a lower octave.

uxcell Plastic Frame Vegetable Fruit Slicer Peeler Shredder 4pcs Red Silver Tone


The Uxcell Plastic Frame Vegetable Fruit Slicer is the perfect tool for cutting up fruits and vegetables! With its durable plastic construction and metal blade, this slicer can handle any task with ease. Plus, it comes in a convenient 4-pack so you can always have it on hand when needed.


Designed for easy use and maintenance. Its a must have for those who want to save time and money while keeping their lawns beautiful. This machine is ideal for homeowners who have a large yard or who simply want to mulch their leaves. This machine shreds leaves, grass clippings, and wood chips.

We used it for the first time yesterday. The shredded material contained significant amounts of fine particles. It sometimes jammed, but that is either because we put in too much or too wet things. I would definitely recommend the shredder. I would like to add to the review, after having used it more. We were able to shred many oak leaves. The shredder worked very well. The first picture shows a pile of leaves the second is halfway through that pile, and the third is the shredder made of the half pile. I hope everyone knows how the shredder works. I mentioned above, occasionally the machine clogs if you put too much or too wet stuff in it. If you're 6 feet high, then it will be easier to reach the chute and get the material out of it. However, first disconnect the power cord. If you are a little smaller it can be a problem. In this case you would need to disassemble the chute from the basis that is loosen eight screws clear the debris and tighten the eight screws again. That would be a bit of a time consuming task.

It is a great shredder and chopper, I was hesitant to purchase, as there were no reviews yet, but the description was exactly what I desired. No string cutter but real metal blade that chops leaves and sticks to a nice grind. The task was easy to accomplish and took about 20 minutes to complete. It's not as loud as I had expected. I took out my earplugs after the first grind. I encountered a jam when I tested Live Ivy. It does not like hydrated leaves. I did clear it out and hit reset and was now ready to go. I highly recommend this shredder. It is worth the price.

Set realistic expectations. If you are comfortable with it and do not stress it out, it will work as described. It certainly helps with regular fall maintenance, but if I had more than 1/4acre, I would have something gas powered. Edit, less than two weeks later, the blades loosened and the noise was frightening. Next, I will be disassembling it. The bottom blade was cracked. It caught the inner housing. I called and realized that the website was much more promising, for support. I have mulched for approximately three to four hours in the past two days and it looks like I could have a replacement blade shipped out tomorrow. I am satiated that I purchased this because it is working better then before. I'm also planning on using backup blades.

Fellowes AutoMax 550C 550-Sheet Cross-Cut Auto Feed Shredder (4963001)


Need a way to auto-shred your paper? The Fellowes AutoMax 550C is exactly what you need! It can handle up to 550 sheets of paper at a time, and features a patented AccuFeed system that continuously shreds paper as it's being used. Plus, the auto-reverse feature means you won't have to worry about paper jams. Order your Fellowes AutoMax today!


The Wolverine 15-Sheet Super Micro Cut, High Security Level P-5 Heavy Duty Paper, CD, and Card Shredder for Home Office Ultra Quiet by Manganese Steel Cutter and 8 gallons Pullout Waste Bin SD9520, White ETL. Its the best paper shredder for home office, security, and business use. It's also a high quality heavy duty paper shredder that's ultra quiet. The Wolverine 15-Sheet Super Micro Cut, High Security Level P-5 Heavy Duty Paper, CD, and Card Shredder for Home Office Ultra Quiet by Manganese Steel Cutter and 8 gallons Pullout Waste Bin SD9520, White ETL is made of durable manganese steel cutter and 8 gallons pullout waste bin with large transparent window. The paper shredder is equipped with induction motor, which is quiet and safe to use.

I was not planning to spend a lot of money on a shredder. I decided to purchase the P5 model after considering many of the lower end models and noticing the differences between the P4 and P5. It's even better than I expected. It is quieter than expected and the result is amazing. I have not had it for very long, so I cannot speak of the longevity. I have shredded enough that I need to fill the bin two or three times and have had absolutely no issues.

I really enjoy the Wolverine Paper Shredder. It is the best paper shredder that I have ever used. It pulverizes the paper to the consistency of oatmeal. I leave the envelope intact if I receive mail that is unattractive. I only open junk mail if it has plastic or heavy cardboard cards inside it. I feel the Wolverine is worth every penny that I paid for it. It comes with wheels that are attached and can be quickly rolled. Operational noise is low.

If you are willing to spend more money for a quality shredder then I highly recommend the Wolverine shredder model SD9520. The shredder does the job it is supposed to do and is quite. I would also like to recommend the service I received from their customer service department. I would not use Amazon as a platform for business with a vendor who does not have a customer support phone number. After placing the shredder in service, I had a few questions that were not covered in the product manual. I sent the manual email address for support but did not receive a reply. I emailed again a few days later. He informed me that they had attempted to reply to my emails, however they were being blocked for some reason. Allen was very professional and answered my questions about the shredder. He added that they are working on setting up a phone number for customer support.

The Supermicro cut is exceptionally fine and runs quietly for long periods of continuous use with an extensive eight gallon basket. I did this on several occasions however, kept to maximum of 60 minutes and rested to prevent overheating. This is the best I've ever owned. I have purchased a small shredder, which cost more than $200, for home or office use.

Earthwise LM71313 Amp 13-Inch Corded Electric Leaf Mulcher/Shredder, Green


Looking for an eco-friendly way to dispose of leaves? The Earthwise LM71313 is the answer! This tough little machine can handle up to 55g of leaves per minute, and features a 13-inch cutting diameter and a 19-inch funnel opening. With its wheels and tailgate, it's also easy to steer the mulcher around. Plus, the elastic band with (4) clips makes it easy to attach the garbage bag at the base. So why wait? Get the Earthwise LM71313 today!


The GreatCircleUSA Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher Heavy Duty Gas Powered 3 in 1 Multi Function 3" Inch Max Wood Diameter Capacity, EPA/CARB Certified Aids in Fire Prevention is a versatile and multi-functional 3-in-1 wood chipper shredder mulcher that can handle a variety of wood types including tree limbs, branches, corn stocks, and more. The mulching attachment can be used to mulch leaves and grass clippings for soil enrichment. The wood chipper shredder attachment is great for creating fire breaks and firewood. It is also ideal for clearing overgrown gardens and landscaping. The machine is EPA/CARB certified and meets all local requirements. The heavy duty gas powered engine is designed to handle the weight of the attachments and the maximum capacity of the hopper. This model has a reduction ratio of 15:1 and can handle up to 3" diameter wood without a problem.

The person that took it for three days said it was a simple start. I used it on my property, and it was relatively easy to move from one location to another. There were specific areas of the terrain that were uneven and I was concerned that the chipper would tip over, however, the situation was unaffected. One lesson I learned was to use the bag. I had a hard time pulling the starter when the system was jammed. The entire process was relatively easy. I still rate the product 5 stars.

The large, heavy box arrived via UPS. I removed the outer cardboard wrapping and was surprised to discover that the chipper shredder was securely encased in a wooden frame. I thought this would be hard to remove, but it was not. This product is of a high quality, which is evident throughout the entire shipping process. There was no problem with assembling the handles and wheels for a 70 year old lady. The first time I used it required a couple of cranks additional, but it took off and I used it about a half hour and without problems. I shredded dried yard waste, rose bush clippings, and tried a piece of wood. I am looking forward to shredding the leaves when they are falling in the fall of this year. That was my main reason for purchasing a shredder, but it is turning out I am shredding much more than I had thought I would because it is so easy. It is a heavy piece of equipment, but it can move easily. In my case, from the garage to the back yard over the lawn. One drawback was the location of the oil fill. I had trouble juggling, and I did not think too much about it in the heat of Central Texas. I purchased additional blades when I first bought a shredder.

It appears to be a nice unit. When mine arrived, it worked well. I will not be able to use the engine until the filter housing is replaced. If they could have put more into the cage to protect the plastic housing, it would have arrived unharmed. Today is the first of June. If I do not hear from GreatCircle, I may return it. Amazon needs to screen the Shippers a bit better, this isn't the first report of this sort of damage reported. I was able to reach GreatCircle and order part number Z300610, and three days later it arrived. The people were nice and did their best to help me in my damage part. I prefer California Connections because of their quick response time and quality product design. My unit is belted, so I plan to break in the engine before placing it through its job of chewing all my branches. Thank you GreatCircle.

I did a lot of upfront research on which unit would do the best for my needs, and finally took the chance on this unit. I was hesitant, because many reviews noted the poor packaging and shipment damage. There is no problem there. The UPS driver watched me unpack it, and helped me move it to the garage. There was no damage to the packing used. Then, my grandson came down. We made it together in approximately an hour. The only comment we have is about the assembly. The manufacturer may have provided illustrations on what hardware went where. I ran branches from a 30ft tree yesterday. We were impressed with the ease and efficiency we were able to shred and chip all in about two hours. The current use of this resource is for the moment, however we plan to plant a dozen smaller trees today. At this point, all of my expectations have been met. It is still in its early use, but I believe it was an excellent machine for us. It replaced a yard machine that we purchased in 2003 and had poor reliability. It spent a lot of money on maintenance and repair. I would rate this five star. Since my initial review, we have ground up approximately five more twenty foot trees with no problem.

SuperHandy Leaf Mulcher Shredder Electric Green and Waste Management Heavy Duty 120V AC 11" Inch Cutting Blade .5" Inch Cutting Capacity for Leaves, Grass, & Clippings


Looking for a tough and reliable leaf mulcher that won't hurt your hands? Check out the SuperHandy Leaf Mulcher! It's made of heavy duty steel and features a 5" cutting blade that can handle tough vegetation like grass and weeds. Plus, the included wheels make it easy to transport. And if you're not completely satisfied with it, simply return it for a refund or replacement.


A perfect fit for your office, home or small business, the Fellowes LX20M Powershred Micro Cut 12 Sheet Paper Shredder in Black provides an efficient and convenient way to destroy confidential documents and keep them out of the wrong hands. The micro cut technology of the Powershred reduces paper size by up to 99%, making it ideal for shredding sensitive information like credit card numbers, bank statements, tax forms, and more. This powerful paper shredder also has a unique safety feature, SafeSense, which prevents the shredder from being activated when hands or paws touch the paper entry. The efficiency meter indicates the potential for increased sheet capacity and prevents interruptions by indicating when bin capacity and run time are nearing the limit. This paper shredder is designed to be user friendly and easy to operate, making it the perfect choice for your office, home or small business.

I used a Fellowes shredder years ago and it was great. In order to save some money, I purchased a cheap one from Amazon Basics. After a month it overheated and began to stop working. I am grateful I did not spend the extra money and invested in a heavy duty shredder. I really like this shredder. I look forward to shredding my junk mail. The screen will continue to shred after about four seconds. It will do this when the hand or finger touches the slot. That is awesome and cool, but if you place a large amount of papers in at one time, an red light around the entrance will come on and will not shred. Sometimes the light that appears around the entrance to the paper will stop and go in reverse, pushing the paper out, as it is a little too thick. You will be able to see the entrance of the paper when you go inside. I tried to put the three thicknesses in the shredder at the same time, and all three lights lit up in the corresponding areas. Awesome.C. Fellowes recommends oiling the shredder after you empty the paper bin each time. The shredder is very quiet on YouTube. There is an instructional video on how to oil it. It is a triple A for me. It comes with clear instructions on how to follow a small bottle of oil and three small trash bags to put your paper in.

This shredder is about the size of a carryon suitcase. It cuts the paper in a way that is extremely secure and nonidentifiable. It has a spectacular safety feature that stops shredding after your hand gets too close to the paper feeding entrance. The system may be able to easily devour multiple sheets at one time. It is also acceptablely quiet. The technique requires shredding paper and expect to hear it. It has several indicators that tell you if the machine needs a rest, if the bin is full, too much paper at one time, etc. Overall, a spectacular purchase, the only negative is that the inside gets dusty, like a lot, but that is to be expected.

It has features that other shredders lack. It is important to know when a bag is close to full and when you are preparing for a cooling period. I have had it about a week and shredded a few thousand pages without any problem. It never reaches the cooling down phase. It just continued to work. Your safety is assured with the shredded pieces.

The shredder is a good choice for homes and light business use. It is solidly constructed, sleek, and hides nicely inside a corner. The bin is easy to find, and empty. Safety features and light indicators during shredding are great features. I have had other shredders for a hundred dollars less, but they are not as strong and sound a lot louder. You may be aware that Fellowes also makes them. I believe this product will be of good quality, not loud, and lasts a very long time. After several months of moderate use, I am very pleased with it.

Landworks Leaf Mulcher Shredder Electric Green and Waste Management Heavy Duty 120V AC 11" Inch Cutting Blade .5" Inch Cutting Capacity for Leaves, Grass, & Clippings


The Landworks Leaf Mulcher shreds leaves, grass, and other tough plant material like corn stalks, bamboo, and others. It's perfect for use in your home or office, and is great for green waste management. With a cutting capacity of up to 11 inches, it can handle tough material like cornstalks, bamboo, and other tough plants. Plus, it features an electric belt drive system that makes it more efficient and user-friendly. So why wait? Get the Landworks Leaf Mulcher today!


Lope and NG have meat handling equipment, shredder blades, and claws. They are a set of two wood Stainless Steel barbeque tools and a set of pulled pork paws for shredding, handling and carving food. Product Attributes: Product Material This Barbecue Claw Is Made Of Stainless Steel Not Easy To Corrode High Temperature Resistance Wooden Handle Non-slip And Better Thermal Conductivity Reduction Safer And Healthier To Use.

It is good, comfortable and gripe is high quality. I use these to pick up a 10 to 20 pound turkey, a 10 to 15 pound pork butt and to pull pork with. They are sharp, work great for shredding meat, and even have a bottle cap puller on the side. I bought the set for my child because I enjoyed them very much. She also loves them. He does a great job.

These bear claws worked perfectly. They quickly allowed me to shred a beef roast in minutes. The thing I like about them is that they do not have hollow places under the claws like some others, where food particles can accumulate and make them hard to clean.

I did not expect them to be as friendly as they are. Their weight is too high to bend, but they are light enough to handle in a snap. One knife contains a bottle opener. I highly recommend being careful when using the side with the Knife.

These criminals can shred meat. I like to pretend I am like Wolverine or an angry kitty cat while doing so. If you want to shred some meat, save the world with XMen or claw furniture, these will definitely suit your needs.

Maxam Vegetable Chopper, Dynamic Food Processor with Stainless-Steel Shredders With 5 Quart Mixing Bowl


The Maxam Vegetable Chopper is an essential tool for any serious cook or food lover. This clever little appliance can chop, slice, shred, and dice vegetables, fruits, and more in seconds, making it perfect for quick cooking. Plus, its easy to use and clean, making it a great choice for busy households with kids or pets. Order your Maxam Vegetable Chopper today and start saving time in the kitchen!


The blue wire stripper is a high quality electric wire stripping machine tool with a powerful motor and sharp blades. It is designed to remove the insulation of wires. It has a small size, light weight, and easy to operate. It can work with different sizes of wires and can strip wires of different gauges. It is a handy and portable tool. The machine is very easy to use and safe to operate. It can help you recycle scrap copper wire and make your life easier. It is a great tool for recycling scrap copper wire.

I purchased this after my previous drill that I needed to use broke. It is awesome that it is fully contained within one unit. However, it'll pay for itself after you use it. I wish it was quicker. It spins quite slowly so it would have been nice to be faster. Sometimes wires can jump the blade. That leaves you with either raising the blade to get it back on track and then trying to set it again. I don't recommend that you do or that you just cut the wire that jumped and start over.

Like many others have said, it takes a little bit to figure out how low to adjust the blade and get it dialed in, but once I figured it out, it has been amazing for stripping a bunch of different sizes of copper wire. That is a useful tip. It's probably more difficult to figure out where the blade should be. Another Trek I have discovered is to place the wire into a hole that is lower, and then it pushes it up into the blade. The only problem that I have found is that it needs a shield on the side of the inside of the motor. wire sometimes curves right into it and gets stuck if you are not holding the other end. Wrap a piece of aluminum around it or put an eyelet in front to run the wire through.

I started scrapping copper a few months ago, and stripping wire was always a time consuming chore that wore out my hands. This machine takes a little bit of learning but once you get the hang of it, it is a joy to use. I find that using the safety gate hole slightly lower than the top of the pulley gives the best results. Achieving the cutting wheel so that it presses slightly on the insulation helps to ensure a good cut. It is a joy to see a thin copper line, but often it simply requires a scoring of the insulation to get a satisfying, long, continuous pull of the wire from the insulation without either the strands or the insulation breaking. I'm sure this is a valuable time and labor saving machine that is well worth the price. I have not had any issues or problems with it, so there's nothing bad to say. I do not have any regrets whatsoever.

The wire stripper worked well out of the box. I think all I did was move the plate with holes in it so that I could use the small hole and adjust the cutting wheel. With approximately eighty pounds of #12 and #10 wire through it, here are my observations. It developed a squeak in the gearbox as if there was no lubricant. There is a fill plug underneath the yellow plate where the on and off switch mounts. I added gear oil to the vehicle and the noise went away. I chose to drill a hole through the plate for future access, without taking it apart. Note that the nuts that hold the left side of the plate fall down where they are hard to get at if you take them off. The plate will not crack easily unless you loose the left bolts. You must also straighten the wire a bit. If it cuts too deeply, it will bring heavy copper slivers into your hand. The machine is quiet. It is a low hum that my wife cannot normally hear in the next room.

SuperHandy Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher Ultra Heavy Duty 7HP 3 in 1 Multi-Function 3" Inch Max Capacity (Amazon Exclusive)


Looking for an efficient way to recycle? Check out our top-of-the-line SuperHandy Wood Chipper! With a 15:1 reduction ratio, this tough little chipper can handle anything you throw at it. It's perfect for recycling fresh and dry materials, and features a side chute for convenient access. Plus, the best application information and product safety instructions are included so you can use with confidence. Get yours today!


This 7HP multi-function 3" Max capacity Chipper Shredder Mulcher is designed to handle up to 3" diameter wood without a problem. It has a 15:1 reduction ratio when using the top hopper for 1/2" MAX volume chipping/shredding side chute for 3" MAX branch/limbs or the attachable leaf vacuum for mulching. The slanted housing design reduces jams unlike other chippers. It also has a hookup kit for easy transportation with a tow bar and use the vacuum inlet for easy leaf mulching with a vacuum kit (both sold separately). This powerful recoil starting 7HP Horizontal 4-stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Powered Engine handles up to 3" diameter wood without a problem. It is fuel w/ 87+ unleaded gasoline (NO ethanol recommended) 0. 7 gallons max capacity.

It is a 208Cc engine not a 212Cc. I prefer the way the ad states it. I took me a good 30 minutes to assemble it. I have run one tank of gas and this thing has not skipped a beat. The only negative thing Ive found is that it will chip 3" if fed slowly into the machine. You are feeding blackberry vines into the shredder.

I purchased this item from Amazon and I liked that it came complete without a car, was easy to assemble (easier with a friend), filled it with oil and gas, started very easy, and cut a few things. We got approximately three and a half hours without refill, and boy did it work. This thing consumed everything we put or shoved into it. The top hopper worked very well. A 3" side chute made quick work of the really thick branches, leaving beautiful chips, and it's likely that it will remain that way for a long time. In retrospect, I wish I would have taken photographs. The company is excellent. I received a card from them that they handwritten,'

I have been buying used wood chips that only work part time. One time each year I have to haul trees and trumpets to the landfill but this year I did some searching and came across this model. The OHV engine starts it's engine on the first pull. It chips all my things into nice small chips that make great mulch.

I appreciate their outstanding customer service. Chipper works extremely well.

GreatCircleUSA Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher Heavy Duty Gas Powered 3 in 1 Multi-Function 3" Inch Max Wood Diameter Capacity EPA/CARB Certified Aids in Fire Prevention - Building a Firebreak


The GreatCircleUSA Wood Chipper Shredder is perfect for you if you're looking for an affordable and reliable wood chipper that can handle tough woods like pine. With a 15:1 reduction ratio and a max volume of 3 inches, this chipper can handle any job. And it's EPA/CARB certified so you can rest assured it's safe to use. So why wait? Get the GreatCircleUSA Wood Chipper Shredder today!


The SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher is a versatile, compact, heavy duty, mulching machine that allows you to quickly and easily mulch branches, leaves, grass clippings, corn stalks, weeds, and other types of yard waste. This model is powered by a powerful 7 HP engine that delivers up to 3" of mulching capacity. This mulching machine also features a unique design that makes it ideal for both residential and commercial applications. The SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher comes equipped with a 3" max feed capacity, making it ideal for mulching up to 3" diameter branches, limbs, and other yard waste. The SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher also features a unique vertical extended discharge chute that allows you to shred larger items such as logs, branches, and limbs without having to purchase additional attachments.

I have run three tanks of fuel through the machine so far and it has met all of my expectations. The machine arrived well packaged in a very thick cardboard box with die cut foam blocking holding everything in place. The installation process is essentially a matter of bolting on the discharge chute stand, legs, and wheels. I went quickly through the obvious bolted connections and blade retaining screws and all fasteners had remained torqued nicely through shipping. A small amount of oil and fuel saved the engine a single pull. I have used the chipper for attempting to eradicate a large infestation of Autumn Olive from my property. It excels at grabbing and feeding 1" 2" thick branches into the chute. I simply prune all of the branches at that size with an axe and throw them into the chute which greedily turns them into mulch sized woodchips. I am left with a 4 long stump that is 5 in diameter, that I will later cut off with a chainsaw. Anything larger than 2 diameter will bog the motor significantly. The brush may not be designed to be larger because of the 3" opening through the knives. Running at full throttle will last approximately 2 hours. After three weekend of brush clearing the knives are noticeably less sharp but still self feeding, but perhaps less violently thats to be expected. I plan to acquire a second set of knives to swap out and keep a freshly sharpened in chipper. Im very pleased with my purchase so far, and I recommend this chipper.

I have been using this chipper for about two weeks, and I am very pleased with its performance. It's a solid build. The engine starts with only one pull each time. The spare blades shown do not fit this chipper. The 3 hole blades will be available in the next few weeks, I was informed by the seller.

I am going to be honest, I haven't used this thing yet. I am very excited about how well my initial impressions and experiences have gone so far. A better chipper will cost around $40. It must be quite heavy. It would be obvious how things could be damaged. My initial impression was this. This is probably the best quality product that I have ever seen. It is utterly protected. It appears that in order for something to damage, it must be run over. I believe that this is solid enough so it would do some damage back. I believe the arrangements are perfect. All of the pieces are square and aligned, without having to force anything. That is an unusual quality. The engine looks very nice done. This item is, as I assume, as high quality as everything else I have seen here. I am very happy with the purchase. After adding gasoline and oil (the engine operating manual specifies a slightly different oil than the online posting), this problem started on the first pull. I spent a half an hour with a pickup bed full of brush and probably chipped it. The last pile would most likely fit into a wheelbarrow. This will reduce debris and help prevent an unnecessary trip to the landfill. Wear hearing protection.

I spent almost twenty minutes with a bad back. Add oil and fuel, turn the fuel valve on, set the choke and set the switch to on position, and very slowly pull the starter, about three times, and the engine started the next pull. I was trying very slowly, so I was not expecting it to start. I have never seen an engine start in that manner. The wood was dry, but it did not leak. I would be happy if it continued to operate this well for years to come.

Fellowes LX20M Powershred Micro Cut 12 Sheet Paper Shredder (Black)


Protect your documents from damage and theft with this fellowes LX20M powershred micro cut 12 sheet paper shredder! It's 100% jam proof and features IntelliBar patented responsive technology for quick and easy operation. Plus, it has a safe sense feature that will prevent you from accidentally shredding important documents. And if you're interested in increasing your paper capacity, the efficiency meter indicates the potential for higher performance. So why wait? Get the Fellowes LX20M today!


The GS70015 is a powerful 15 amp electric mulcher with a large 1. 2 bushel collection bin. It is ideal for shredding brush, weeds, grass, and leaves in the garden. This electric mulcher has a 15 amp electric motor which is powerful enough to shred branches up to 1. 75 inches thick. It also has a tamper tool to keep your hands safe from the corded electric chipper/shredder. This mulcher is easy to clean with a large 1. 2 bushel collection bin. The mulcher is portable and designed with rear wheels so it can be moved around easily. The mulcher is also lightweight and easy to handle. This electric mulcher is ideal for homeowners who want to mulch leaves, grass, and weeds in their garden.

Ok, finally got a chance to put this thing to the test. You will be impressed with this unit. I think that you should be realistic about expectations. I was up and running in no time. Furthermore, they do mention that damp leaves should be alternated with dried branches. It is impossible that it could not be as good. The first part includes the collection tub and tamping down tool, both handy items. I had a large brush collection and the cost was $200. I chose to buy this unit instead. It can do what it promises it will do. You will spend a couple of hours and then stuffing dried brush and branches up to a little over 1 1/2" in diameter. On the pictures, you can see the resulting mulch is perfectly usable around trees and the like. It jammed twice, but unclogging was simply a matter of unscrewing a knob and opening the unit to gain access. Simply removing the wedged in item. Its not the same as a large gas powered chopper, but for those of us who simply want to clean up some household brush and trimmings it does the job. I will burn all things larger in a fire pit. However, so far this unit is functioning well for me.

I use this item in odd and unusual manners, and when they get dull it is easy to unscrew them, lazily remove them, remove it, and return it. I did not realize that at first, but blades are doublesided, so I could have simply flipped them and used the other side. However, I wanted to see how long my sharpening job will last. When the blades were dull, it began jamming due to last thick but short chunks getting caught in the blade. The cross 'thingy' has gone, music is not an issue, and the collection bin is still the best. I hope it's reliable I'm going to buy a 2-year warranty. I believe that time will tell how well it will work. It is my fault because I placed a wedge shape of wood inside that was thin but wider than recommended diameter. I took less than a minute to get it out and keep going. You are entitled to love that. I did not use stick sizes over one and a half because many people report that electric chips don't live up to the maximum diameter promise. The chipper did not work the thin brush well. It processed it, but the length of the sticks coming out was 2-3. It was not a major defect. It did not do well with a clump of weeds either. The mill milled it to pulp, but I had to open it and clear the chamber. I would not consider it a true jam because at the point the receiving container was full and might have prevented the stuff from coming out. I did not have another clump for it to get a second shot. Either way, I am happy about it. I planned on finishing wood chips but I found that wood chipping is much better than quitting the job. I always wear ear muffs when I use my table saw. With this chipper I was completely uninjured without wearing anear protection. It looks very perfect for a weekend warrior. In my opinion, it certainly will not see much heavy use with me. We removed a large bush from our trees that overtook our patio and retracted it using sticks and twigs. I may collect branches from the surrounding woods in order to build more bedding for my bird cage because I do not have enough. I find grass or wood chips blend better than paper. This will ensure that the wood is clean and safe for birds to chew upon. I thought about using wood mulch in growing mushrooms. You can buy straw at local feed stores that contains herbicides, pesticides, or the conbination of both. I would rather grow mushrooms on soil that is ecologically clean because mushrooms tend to accumulate all sorts of junk. I'm not sure how this will work out, but I will see in a few weeks Happy Chipping.

I promise you that this is a fair review. If you are wondering what is the best one, I will tell you the answer is the Earthwise. The light does not leave any wood chips. I had to shut it off and clean it. The only positive is that it is slightly quieter. The Earthwise program is amazing. The stick will cut the guide off. Furthermore, it actually leaves nice wood chips that you can use. It has a nice bucket, and is easy to setup. It is a quality product, and if you are shopping around like I was, then you either pay 600 dollars or you get one of these two. Please trust me on this. Earthwise is the bee's knees.

This chipper/shredder works as described. It's successfully damaged larger branches of more than 1.5 inches. I am aware that all negative complaints of it jamming excessively or being underpowered are user related issues. The problem is that the box and operator manual say The Great States Corporation and American Lawn Mower Company over 120 Years Est. The lettering on the bottom of the box says that this is made in China. This company should be ashamed that it marketed itself as an American company while attempting to outsource the product to China.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Metal Shredder

Metal shredding machines are used to destroy metals such as aluminium, copper, brass, iron, tin, etc., into small pieces. They are also known as metal crushers, and they are widely used by scrap dealers and recyclers because they are able to reduce waste material down to manageable sizes. This makes them ideal for use in industrial settings where large quantities of metal must be processed quickly and efficiently.

What Is A Metal Shredder?

Metal shredders are machines that crush metals into small pieces for easy disposal. They are useful because they help reduce waste and make it easier to recycle materials like aluminum cans and steel. The process of using a metal shredder involves placing items inside the machine and pressing down on a button. After this, the shredded material can be placed in a trash bin or recycled.

Where Can I Find A Metal Shredder?

You can purchase a metal shredder at most hardware stores. You will need to ask an employee where the best location would be to buy one. If you live near a large city, there may be several places to choose from. Otherwise, you might want to look online for a local company that sells these types of products.

Who Needs A Metal Shredder?

Metal shredding machines are useful tools for anyone who wants to recycle metals. But do you really know how to use one? Here's everything you need to know before buying one.

The best kind of metal shredder is designed specifically for the type of material you intend to shred. Some shredders are made for paper, while others are built for plastics. Others are made for aluminum cans, copper wire, and other materials. Each machine has its strengths and weaknesses. So, before you purchase one, take a look at the types of materials you plan to shred. Then, read reviews online to see which models are most suitable for your needs.

Once you decide on the right model, check the specifications carefully. Look for features such as power consumption, capacity, speed, and durability. Also, make sure that the shredder comes with a warranty. Most manufacturers offer warranties ranging from two months to three years.

Next, think about where you plan to put the machine. Will you store it inside your home or outside? How big will it be? What size bin will you need? These questions will help you determine whether a portable shredder is the right tool for you.

Finally, consider how much time you spend shredding each week. Are you planning to shred only once every month or twice per year? Or, do you shred daily?

These factors will help you figure out whether a shredder is worth the investment. After all, you could save money by using a manual method. However, this approach requires more effort and takes longer.

In addition, you must be careful not to damage any valuable documents. Manual methods can cause permanent damage to sensitive papers. So, invest in a quality shredder to avoid these problems.

Once you've decided on a shredder, follow the instructions included with it. Read the user guide thoroughly. Make sure that you understand how to operate the machine properly. Otherwise, you risk damaging your property or harming someone else.

Also, pay attention to safety precautions. Never place the shredder near flammable objects. Keep it away from heat sources and open flames. Don't overload the machine. And never run it continuously. Doing so can shorten its lifespan.

When you're ready to start shredding, set aside enough space for the bins. Remember that the larger the bin, the faster the shredder works. So, if you have limited space, opt for a smaller bin.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Metal Shredder

Metal shredding machines are used by many businesses to destroy documents, credit cards, and other sensitive materials. When purchasing one of these machines, it's important to ensure that it's built to last. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a metal shredder:

Look for a machine that is durable. A durable machine should have a strong frame and heavy duty parts. Durability ensures that the machine will perform reliably for years to come.

Look for a machine that is easy to use. You'll want a machine that is simple to operate so that you won't have any trouble operating it. This means that the controls should be intuitive and easy to understand.

Look for a machine that is quiet. Anything above 60 dB could potentially damage your hearing.

Look for a machine that is eco-friendly. Eco-friendliness refers to how the machine uses electricity. For example, if the machine runs off batteries instead of electricity, then it would be considered eco-friendly.

Look for a machine that is ergonomically designed. Ergonomic design ensures that the operator spends less time sitting down and more time standing up. This makes working easier and reduces fatigue.

Look for a machine that is easy to maintain. Maintaining a machine isn't difficult, but it does take some effort. Make sure that the machine is easy to clean and service.

If you're looking for a metal shredder, it's important to purchase one that meets your needs. Take the time to research different models and find the best model for your business. Then, once you've found the perfect machine, buy it now!

Features To Consider When Buying A Metal Shredder

Size matters. The first step when shopping for a metal shredder is to determine how big of a job you plan on doing. Smaller shredders work well if you only need to shred paper documents, while larger models are ideal for shredding large items such as old appliances, furniture and electronics.

Powerful motor. When you're looking for a powerful metal shredder, you'll want to make sure it has a strong motor. This ensures that you'll be able to shred materials quickly and efficiently.

Easy operation. When you're using a metal shredder, you'll want something that makes shredding simple. Look for machines that feature intuitive controls and easy access to important features.

Storage space. When you're buying a metal shredder, you'll want to make sure there's enough storage space to store shredded material. Some shredders have built-in bins, while others allow you to attach external containers.

Durability. Durable metal shredders tend to be more expensive than their less durable counterparts. However, they're worth the investment if you expect to do lots of heavy duty shredding.

Versatility. When you're purchasing a metal shredder, you'll want to make sure it can handle multiple types of metals. Most shredders can handle aluminum, steel, copper, brass and other common household metals.

Cost. While price isn't everything, it does matter. Shop around to compare costs between different models. You may even want to check online reviews to learn about customer experiences.

Different Types Of Metal Shredder

Metal shredding machines are used by companies to recycle metals. Companies use these machines to break down old materials into smaller pieces. For example, a company might use a machine to shred aluminum cans. This allows the company to sell the aluminum to recyclers who can reuse the material.

There are two main types of metal shredders. One uses blades to cut up the material. The other uses hammers to smash the material into small pieces.

Blade Metal Shredders. Blade shredders are the most commonly used type of metal shredder. They consist of a large rotating blade that cuts through the material. Blades are attached to a motorized shaft that spins quickly. When the blades spin, they slice through the material. Blade shredders are fairly inexpensive and can handle almost any kind of metal. These are also quiet and efficient.

Hammer Metal Shredders. Hammer shredders are less common than blade shredders. They operate similarly to hammermachines. A hammer head strikes a piece of metal against a stationary anvil. The force of the strike causes the metal to shatter into tiny particles.

The difference between blade and hammer shredders is mainly how the material is broken down. Blade shredders are better suited for cutting thin sheets of metal. Hammer shredders are better for breaking down larger chunks of metal. Both types of shredders are effective at destroying metal.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Metal Shredder

Where can I get a metal shredder?

You can buy a metal shredder at your local hardware store. Many stores will have a large selection of metal shredders.

Does A Metal Shredder Make Sense For My Home?

Metal shredders are great for homes where there is a lot of scrap metal around. They can easily crush most metals, including aluminum cans, copper wire, brass, steel, tin, zinc, and more.

Will A Metal Shredder Destroy Valuable Items Like Jewelry Or Coins?

No, a metal shredder cannot destroy anything. It simply breaks apart all types of metal into tiny bits.

Most metal shredders create a loud grinding sound as they break apart metal. If you don't want to hear this sound, you can purchase a quieter model.

If I Use A Metal Shredder, What Happens To The Scraps Left Behind?

Some cities offer free pick-up services for recyclables. Check with your city to see if they provide this service.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Metal Shredder?

Look for a metal shredder that has a high capacity. A higher capacity means that it can process more materials per hour.

Is It Safe To Recycle Metal?

Recycling metal is much safer than throwing away old appliances or electronics. Most states require that you take certain steps to ensure that your metal doesn't contain dangerous chemicals.

How much power does a metal shredder use?

Many metal shredders run off 110V AC electricity. Some models even have a cordless option.

What Size Bin Should I Put My Metal Waste In?

Your local recycling center will tell you how big bins they accept. Make sure that your bin is big enough to accommodate the amount of metal waste that you generate.

How Often Should I Clean Out My Metal Shredder?

Clean your metal shredder regularly. Use a brush to wipe off dust and debris. Don't forget to clean under the parts that touch the ground.

What Else Should I Know About Metal Shredding?

Make sure that you keep your metal shredder well maintained. Cleaning it regularly helps to extend its life.

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