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Mesa Safe

Fire safety is important for everyone, but it’s particularly crucial for children. Children spend so much time playing outside that they could easily fall into a dangerous situation. Luckily, there are products like Mesa Safe that can help protect kids from harm. This product is designed specifically for young children, making it easy to store safely and securely. It’s also highly portable, allowing parents to carry it anywhere they go.

Mesa Safe is a must-have item for anyone with small children. If you’d like to learn more about this product, check out our buyers guide to learn more about Mesa Safe.

Mesa Safe Company MFL2014C: Depository Safe 0.8 Cu Ft with Mechanical Lock, Black

Mesa Safe

The Mesa Safe MFC014C is a sturdy and stylish depository safe that will keep your money and valuables secure and protected! This tough little safe features a high security locking system and an anti-fish baffle to help prevent fishing through the deposit door. Plus, it comes with a solid steel construction for maximum durability and protection. Don't miss out on this must-have safety essential - get yours today!


Not fireproof, but it was what I needed it for. It was perfect. I'll update you. I lost my house this past week due to a fire. It was a total loss. This safe made it with four handguns in it, along with ammo and various paperwork. When the firemen brought it out, it still managed to open with a keypad. I am unsure whether or not this is safe.

It is a very good basic safe. I have no complaints. I believe that a smaller version will be better suited for my needs. I use a motion sensing, battery operated, led closet light in the safe. The small round light included magnets that adhere to the inside of the safe. The light comes on when you open the door. This means it is easy to view and locate documents in the safe.

It was shipped very quickly and exactly what I needed. I added a magnet light from Harbor Freight. It is large enough to hold my items, including a standard size can of ammunition.

This is simply a valuables safe. It is what it promises, but not to protect from fire or water damage. The key pad is easy to use and easy to program. The product is a car key, the weight may be greater than that of a standard automobile key. I believe it will accept one digital code at a time, so you cannot make codes for every person using it. We programmed in a 7 digit code, but I think it accepts 4-8 digit codes. It is fairly solid. It has predrilled holes to secure it on the sides and back. It also has a shelf in the middle that is removable so that you can fit those larger items in it if necessary.

Mesa Safe MFL2714C-ILK All Steel Depository Safe with Interior Locker, Combination Lock, 1.3-Cubic Feet, Black and Grey

Mesa Safe

If you're looking for a high-security, anti-fishing and anti-theft safe to keep your money and belongings secure, look no further than this tough little safe! It features a 1.3-cubic foot capacity, is UL listed and comes with a solid steel construction. Plus, it has a combination lock for added security. Don't miss out on this must-have safety tool for any serious fisherman or business owner!

Mesa Safe Burglary & Fire Safe Cabinet 2 Hr Fire Rating, Combo Lock, 22"W x 22"D x 26-1/2"H

Mesa Safe

Protect your home and family with the Mesa Safe burglary and fire safe cabinet! This tough little cabinet is packed with features to make you safer and more secure, including a 2 hour fire rating, combo lock, and interior lighting. Plus, it's black so you can match any dcor. Order your cabinet today!


I had purchased this safe on the Black Friday sale. I had already owned a Mesa safe and knew how great the quality of the Mesa brand safes were, but was in need of a larger safe without surprise. Mesa Safe is a good company that stands behind their products. I knew that no one would be able to simply break in or carry it out with the weight of eight sixty pounds and the fire rating of one hour at 1750 degrees. This safe has plenty of room for plenty of guns or valuables. I had some problems with the freight company. Amazon corrected everything, and provided me peace of mind. I am very glad that I had purchased with Amazon because they stand behind their customers.

I could not be more pleased. Everything worked perfectly, everything arrived on time, and the packaging was perfect. The quality and size of the Mesa made it perfect for me.

I am very pleased with this purchase. Do not underestimate that it is safe. It is very heavy and you need to ensure you receive adequate help the day it is delivered. If I did it again I would pay a high price for the White Glove service because it is worth it. Mine is in my living room. I could not get it upstairs.

Mesa Safe Company MFL2014C-OLK: Depository Safe, 1.5 cu. ft, Black

Mesa Safe

If you're looking for a safe and convenient way to store your money, the Mesa Safe Company MFL2014C-OLK is exactly what you need! This depository safe features an anti-fish baffle that helps prevent fishing through the deposit door, as well as a U.L. listed group 2 combination lock for added security. The solid steel construction of this safe ensures its durability and long life, making it a great investment for any home or business.


The song is Safe, and I like it very much. It worked exceptionally well for our needs. After experiencing the first purchase we purchased a second unit for our other location.

It is a great product for any business owner.

It fits perfectly with our needs, it is extremely strong, safe for business and home use. It is also digitally secure.

Mesa MH101E-WHT-KA Hotel Safe in White with Electronic Lock

Mesa Safe

The Mesa MH101E-WHT-KA Hotel Safe is a reliable and stylish choice for those who like to be safe! This hotel safe features all-steel construction and concealed hinges that prevent the door from being removed, plus two 3/4" diameter solid steel locking bolts and recessed door help fight against pry attacks. With its pre-drilled anchor holes, you can be sure that the safe will stay put where you put it.


The previous safe we used in our office was no longer working. We were not familiar with the length of time that the safe company had been in business, and it was no longer operating. We needed something quick, so we looked at some websites in order to find similar sizes. This is safe, I found it. We were looking for a new payment method. It was logical to have more than 30 students working in our ticket sales operation. They can drop off deposits and cash bags after shifts without the need for a manager to open the safe. We have other departments that require cash and items locked at different times during the day. This functionality allows anyone to keep things secure without a manager present. The instructions make it easy to assign a master code and a number of user codes. There may be a requirement for dual access, which requires two users to enter separate codes to access the safe. The safe is very heavy and the locking mechanism contains several steel bolts so both sides can be programmed with different codes as well. The bigger compartment on the right has two shelves for storage, and the left deposit side has one shelf. The safe looks and feels as if it is built with quality materials. I highly recommend this safe, if you are looking for something to store several cash bags or trays or a few sizable items. The safe is also great if you have multiple people needing to secure valuables and you do not want to be opening a safe all day.

It has exceeded our expectations. It is good quality, currently we use it in one of our convenience stores. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. We are satisfied with the product.

I love how easy it is to use but I could use a lighter safe. If someone had the will to do that, they could move it or put it on a doll.

It works very well as described.

Mesa Safe Company MFL2714C: Depository Safe 1.4 Cu Ft with Mechanical Lock, Black

Mesa Safe

Keep your money safe and sound with this depo safe from Mesa Safe! This 1.4 cu ft. deep drawer is perfect for storing cash, checks, or other valuables, and features a mechanical lock for added security. The anti-fish baffle helps prevent fishing through the deposit door, and the U.L. listed group 2 combination lock provides high security. Don't miss out on this must-have depo safe - get yours today!

Mesa Safe Company MFL2714EILK: Depository Safe, Black

Mesa Safe

Keep your belongings safe and secure with the Mesa Safe MFL2714EILK depository safe. This tough little safe is made from alloy steel for durability, and features a padlock, lockout/tagout, and alarm system. Plus, it comes with security equipment for an added layer of protection. Don't miss out on this must-have safety tool!


It's very sturdy, safe, and for a great price.

I received the safe in a timely manner and the cost is right for a quality product.

It's excellent craftsmanship The product was excellent in price, shipping, and was exceptional in communication.

Mesa Safe Company MFL2731EE: Depository Safe, 2.6 Left and 4.7 Right Interior Cubic feet, Black

Mesa Safe

Secure your home or business today with the Mesa Safe MFL2731EE Depository Safe! This safe features padlocks, lockout/tagout, and security equipment for a secure and sturdy lockup. The country of manufacture is made in the USA, and the manufacturer is listed as Mesa Safe. Don't miss out on this must-have home security item!


The safety is not the most expensive. It was very easy to set up. I put in battery and lock codes. It lasted only a few minutes. You can have two codes and it comes with keys. I am not sure what that is. It is light but is not very heavy and for our home use I think it will be pretty good. We tipped the pallet it was shipped on and removed the packaging from underneath. We have it in our garage so you do not mind the palette being there. If ever water gets on the floor, this will have it a little higher. Also, now we do not have to figure out how to get rid of the palette. Overall, we're satisfied with this safe.

The safe arrived within days of ordering it without damage and functioned flawlessly despite having a different color than advertised. Once you are able to discover the most confusing directions. Everything that I planned to put in it was within a reasonable size.

This safe was delivered and setup with no issues. This is an adequate vehicle and it has survived Hurricane Matthew without any issues.

I have been impressed with this safe so far. The 40" Hx22" Dx22" W Order was placed on a Thursday and Monday morning, I received the delivery telephone call. An hour later, it was delivered to my garage. Some people have complained that the safe opened as expected. There is no wide gap in the door. The interior is spacious and it does have a power strip. The change of the combination unit is simple and I have yet to notice any warmth or overheating from the unit. I hope that I never have to deal with a fire, however, I would be curious to know if this safe would last two hours at the documented temperatures. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.'

Mesa Safe All Steel Adjustable Wall Safe, 0.3-0.7 Cubic Feet

Mesa Safe Co

If you're looking for a safe and stylish way to store your valuables, the Mesa Safe All Steel Wall Safe is the perfect solution! This safe features an all-welded design with a double-walled safety feature that protects your belongings from any potential damage. Plus, it's easy to open and close with the electronic combination lock. Don't miss out on this must-have kitchen essential!


I would say good quality, heavy, and safe. Welds and construction are higher quality than many other imports and certainly better than the big box store brand. It is extremely wellfunctioning. If so, the 1750 Degree Fire Rating for 60 Minutes is better than most other safes at this size and price point, and many of the US safes. The electrical outlets and USB ports inside are high quality. A power cord with an unplugable extension cord goes from the outlet to the back of the safe, similar to the electrical outlet of a computer tower or a device. I went with battery powered interior lights for power outages or for the SHTF scenario. You won't be able to fit fourteen or even ten guns into this thing. However, I knew that going into it.

It is an outstanding deal for a great product.

It was the best quality for the money, it was much more heavy duty than it was described, I'm slightly disappointed that it is made in China, but it works perfect. A great delivery from Amazon ABF.

Mesa Safe Company Model MBF2620E Burglary and Fire Safe with Electronic Lock, Hammered Gray

Mesa Safe

Protect your home and family with the Mesa Safe MBF2620E Burglary and Fire Safe with Electronic Lock! This tough safe is built to withstand even the most determined burglars, with a 2 hour fire rating that can handle temperatures up to 1,830 degrees. Plus, it features a battery-operated electronic lock for added security. And if anything does go wrong, you have full access to the repair and replacement parts. So why wait? Get the Mesa Safe MBF2620E today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Mesa Safe

Mesa safes have been around since the early 1900s, but they haven't always been as well known as they are today. They were originally designed to protect cash, jewelry, and other valuables, but over the years their use has expanded to include protecting documents, firearms, and even electronics. Today, there are several different types of Mesa Safes available, each with its own unique features and benefits. This article will help you decide what type of safe is right for you.

What Is A Mesa Safe?

Mesa safes are made for storing valuables like jewelry, money, and documents. They are built to withstand high temperatures and extreme conditions. The best part about these safes is that they come in many different sizes and styles. You can choose between traditional safes, combination locks, keyed entry safes, electronic safes, and more!

Why Should I Buy A Mesa Safe?

Safes are an important investment because they protect your belongings. If you own a home, you want to make sure that no burglars get into your house while you're gone. Safes will help prevent this from happening. They are also perfect for keeping your valuables secure at work. These safes are available in many different designs and colors. You can even find safes that match your décor.

Where Can I Buy A Mesa Safe?

You can purchase a safe online or visit a local hardware store. There are many places where you can buy a safe.

Who Needs A Mesa Safe?

Mesa safes are designed to protect valuables such as jewelry, cash, and other items that are valuable to you. But did you know that these safes are also useful for protecting your home against burglars?

When you think of a burglar breaking into your house, do you imagine him rummaging through drawers and cabinets? Of course not. Burglars prefer to break in through windows and doors. When this happens, they usually look for places where they can easily access your belongings. Windows and doors are obvious targets. But what about inside walls?

Windows and doors aren't the only places burglars look for entry points. They also look for cracks and crevices. These are the perfect hiding spots for thieves. Once they find one, they use tools to pry open the door or window. Then, they enter your home and start searching for things to steal.

But what if someone breaks into your home while you're away? What if he finds a place to hide his loot before you return home?

That's where a safe comes in handy. Safes are made to store valuables safely. They're sturdy enough to withstand any type of attack. Even if a thief manages to crack your safe, the contents remain protected.

Safes are also ideal for storing documents and paperwork. Some safes are large enough to hold several filing cabinets worth of papers. Others are smaller and compact enough to fit in a desk drawer.

The best part about using a safe is that you never have to worry about losing anything again. No matter how hard a thief tries, he'll never be able to take your safe. It's impossible.

In addition to keeping your valuables secure, safes can also help prevent fires. Fire safety experts recommend installing a smoke alarm near every sleeping area in your home. However, if you live in a rural area, you may not have access to electricity. In this case, you can install a battery operated smoke detector. Both types of alarms will alert you if a fire starts.

Another thing you can do to ensure your family's safety is to invest in a security system. Security systems allow you to monitor your property remotely. With remote monitoring, you can check whether anyone has entered your home. If someone does manage to gain access, you'll receive alerts right away.

Security systems also let you arm and disarm your home automatically. This feature allows you to set the time when your alarm goes off. Afterward, the system will turn itself back on. This prevents false alarms.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Mesa Safe

If you've ever had a home break-in, then you understand how devastating it can be. You may have lost valuables such as electronics, jewelry, and even family heirlooms. Fortunately, most burglaries occur during off hours. This means that if you take simple steps to secure your property, you'll greatly increase your chances of avoiding a break-in. One way to do so is by investing in a quality security system. A quality security system includes features like motion detectors, cameras, and alarm systems. These features provide peace of mind knowing that your property is protected 24/7.

Another great feature of a quality security system is that it provides you with video footage of any suspicious activity. This allows you to see exactly who broke into your property. You can use this evidence to file charges against the person responsible. Plus, having video footage of the incident makes it easier to identify the suspect should they return to your property again.

A quality security system also offers other helpful features. For example, many systems include smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Smoke alarms alert you to potential fires. Carbon monoxide detectors warn you about dangerous levels of CO2 gas. Both of these devices ensure that you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe.

Finally, a quality security system offers you remote access to your system. Remote access gives you the ability to monitor your system remotely. This allows you to view live footage of your property whenever you want. You can also control your system via smartphone app. This lets you arm or disarm the system, adjust settings, and change passwords. All of these functions make it easy to keep track of your system and protect your property.

In addition to being affordable, a quality security system is reliable. When you purchase a quality system, you can rest assured that it will work when you need it to. After all, a broken system won't provide you with the protection you need. Invest in a quality system now and enjoy the added safety and convenience it brings.

Features To Consider When Buying A Mesa Safe

Fireproofing. The first step in protecting your belongings is to protect them from fire. This ensures that if there was ever a fire, your valuables would survive.

Locking mechanism. Many safes feature a combination lock. But, this isn't always enough protection against burglars who know how to pick locks. Look for safes that have a keypad locking system instead of just a dial lock.

Size. Safes come in many sizes. Some are large enough to hold everything from jewelry boxes to guns. Others are smaller and more compact, perfect for storing documents and other items that take up less space.

Security features. There are two types of security features available on safes: electronic and mechanical. Electronic safes usually have a digital alarm that goes off whenever someone tries to enter the safe. Mechanical safes typically have a door that closes automatically once the correct code is entered into the keypad.

Durability. How durable is your safe? Is it made of steel or plastic? Steel safes tend to be heavier than their counterparts made of plastic, but they're stronger and more resistant to damage. Plastic safes are lighter, but they may break easier.

Cost. What does your budget allow? Do you have room in your budget for a new safe? If not, do you have room for a used safe? Used safes often cost less than new ones.

Know your needs. Before you start shopping, think about what type of safe you need. Are you looking for something big enough to store important papers? Something small and portable so you can carry it with you wherever you go? Maybe you'd prefer a safe that doesn't have a keypad locking system.

Consider your lifestyle. Does your family travel frequently? Do you work outside the house? These factors could affect where you place your safe.

Different Types Of Mesa Safe

Mesa safes are a great alternative to traditional home security systems. They offer a number of advantages including low cost, ease of installation, and convenience. Mesa Safes are also incredibly affordable. All you need is a doorbell camera and a few basic tools. Here are some of the top brands on the market today.

Alarm Safe. Alarm Safes are the most well known brand of Mesa Safe. Mesa Safes are inexpensive and easy to install. Mesa Safes are also highly customizable. For example, you can choose between having a keypad lock or a combination lock. They also include motion sensors and cameras.

Safe Company. Safe Company offers a variety of different models. Their entry level model includes a keypad lock and a camera. Other models add features like panic buttons, smoke detectors, and heat alarms.

Fire Safe. Fire Safe offers a wide range of models. They start off with a keypad lock and go up to full blown alarm systems. They also include a variety of accessories like cameras, panic buttons, and smoke detectors.

Safe Mesas. Safe Mesas are a newer entrant into the Mesa Safe industry. Mesa Safes are less expensive than other brands but they don't include any bells and whistles. They are primarily intended for residential use.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Mesa Safe

What is a safe?

A safe is a device designed to protect items inside it from theft or accidental loss. Safes are often found at banks, offices, and homes.

What Is A Burglar Safe?

A burglar safe is a type of safe that is specifically designed to keep burglars out of your home. Burglar safes are typically found in homes where valuable items like jewelry, guns, or cash are kept.

What Is A Fire Safe?

Fire safes are similar to burglar safes but they are designed to keep fires from spreading throughout your house. Fire safes are most commonly found in office buildings, warehouses, and garages.

What Is A Safe Mesa?

Safe mesas are devices that are placed between two walls to create a barrier between those walls. They are typically installed in basements or attics.

What Is A Safe Company?

A safe company is a business that sells safes. Companies that sell safes include safecomps, safeco, safelite, and safetech.

What Is A Safe Mesa Fire?

A safe mesa fire occurs when a safe mesa catches fire. If this happens, make sure to call 911 immediately.

What Should I Do If My Safe Mesa Catches Fire?

If your safe mesa catches fire, turn off all electrical power to the area. Then, get everyone away from the safe mesa. Finally, call 911.

What Should I Do If My Safe Mesa Has Been Broken Into?

If your safe mesa has been broken into, take pictures of the damage and then call 911. Make sure to write down the license plate number of anyone who drives away from the scene.

What Should I Do If My Safe Mesa Has Been Damaged?

Take photos of the damage and then call 911. Take care of yourself first, then worry about the safe mesa later.

What Is The Difference Between A Safe And A Safe Mesa?

Safes are devices that are designed to keep things secure. A safe mesa is a device that is designed to keep things dry. These devices are typically found in basements or attics.

What Is The Best Way To Store Valuables?

You should always use a lock whenever possible. Locks will deter thieves and provide extra security.

Where Should I Put My Valuables?

Keep your valuables in a locked box or safe. Keep your valuables in a location that is well-lit and easy to access.

Should I Buy A Safe Mesa?

Absolutely! Safes are important tools that can save lives. Investing in a safe mesa now could mean saving your life someday.

What is the best model of safe mesa?

We recommend safecomps' Model S-1. Its features include a built-in alarm system, tamper proof locks, and a keypad entry system.

Does A Safe Mesa Require Professional Installation?

No, a safe mesa does not require professional installation. Simply install it on top of existing drywall.

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