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Mechanical Pencils

BIC Xtra-Strong Thick Lead Mechanical Pencil, With Colorful Barrel Thick...
  • One 24-count pack of BIC Xtra-Strong Mechanical Pencils With Erasers
  • Thick lead mechanical pencil offers dependable performance with break-resistant 0.9mm lead
  • Lead advances quickly and erases easily for tidy writing and note-taking
  • Colorful barrel design makes these pencils ideal for sharing
  • The perfect number 2 mechanical pencils for school supplies
BIC Mechanical Pencil Xtra Smooth Bright Edition, Black, 0.7mm, 40-Count,...
  • Includes 40 Bic Xtra Smooth Mechanical Pencils, Bright Edition
  • Manufacturer: BIC Corporation
  • Model: MPCE40-BLK
  • Item weight: 9.1 ounces
Paper Mate Clear Point Mechanical Pencils, 0.7mm, Fashion Assorted Colors,...
  • The mechanical pencil for all the writing you do!
  • Comes with #2 leads – so you’re good to go for standardized tests
  • Jumbo erasers make do-overs a breeze
  • Featuring fun, translucent barrels with a comfortable textured grip for endless writing
  • Includes: 4, #2 mechanical pencils in dark blue, lime green, bright purple and magenta
Paper Mate SharpWriter Mechanical Pencils | 0.7 mm #2 Pencil | Pencils for...
  • Mechanical pencil features shock-absorbing tip to reduce lead breakage
  • Twistable tip eliminates the need to stop and sharpen
  • #2 lead is perfect for standardized tests
  • Pink eraser makes do-overs easy
  • Includes 36, #2 mechanical pencils, 0.7mm
BIC Xtra-Strong Mechanical Pencil, #2 Lead, No Smudge, Colorful Barrel,...
  • No.1 Selling Mechanical Pencil. Source: The NPD Group/ U.S. Retail Tracking Service / Actual Unit...
  • Thick, break resistant lead does not smudge and erases easily.
  • Smooth writing no.2 lead is perfect for students and standardized tests.
  • Always ready and accurate, never requires sharpening.
  • 0.9 mm lead for less breakage.
Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils, Write Bros. Classic #2 Pencil, Great for...
  • Mechanical pencils with 50% more lead
  • No.2 lead perfect for standardized testing, great for school lists
  • Smudge-resistant eraser provides clean erasing
  • 0.7mm lead; for home, office, and school use
  • Contains 24 mechanical pencils
BIC Xtra-Life Mechanical Pencil, Clear Barrel, Medium Point (0.7mm),...
  • No.1 Selling Mechanical Pencil
  • One BIC Pencil = 2 ½ wood case pencils
  • Smooth-writing #2 lead advances easily, does not smudge, and erases cleanly
  • Perfect for standardized tests - each pencil comes with three no.2 leads
  • Sleek, modern design with clear barrel and vibrant clip
BIC Mechanical Pencil #2 EXTRA SMOOTH, Variety Bulk Pack Of 40 Mechanical...
  • Large big Convenient value pack of 40 count click macanical pencels, offers an assortment of 20 thin...
  • Each # 2 pencil has smooth-writing lead that advances easily does not smudge and erases cleanly
  • Always ready sharp and accurate BIC #2 mechanical pencils are the smart choice at test time
  • Ideal for stocking up on your office or school supplies
  • Quality you can trust from the #1 Selling Mechanical pencils, Continuous writing to ensure you're...
Nicpro 3 PCS Pastel Mechanical Pencil 0.7 mm for School, with 6 tubes HB...
  • 1. Valued Packaged:Come with 3pcs 0.7mm mechanical pencils in 3 colors(blue pink purple),...
  • 2. Rubber Grip:Comfortable, non-slip & extra-soft rubber grip for less writing fatigue
  • 3. Fun clear barrel design with candy color accents,very fancy writing pencils for School student...
  • 4. Dark & Smooth Writing: Pre-loaded with lead,never needs sharpening, is super strong & smooth,...
  • 5. 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: If you are not satisfied with Nicpro mechanical pencil set , we’re...
BIC Xtra-Smooth Mechanical Pencils With Erasers, Medium Point (0.7mm),...
  • One 40-count pack of BIC Xtra-Smooth Number 2 Mechanical Pencils With Erasers
  • Versatile 0.7mm medium point is ideal for a variety of everyday writing activities
  • Always ready and never need sharpening; to advance the lead, simply click the built-in eraser
  • High-quality lead doesn’t smudge and erases cleanly, so your work looks neat and professional
  • The perfect mechanical pencils for school, with Number 2 lead that’s compatible with most...
  • Erases cleanly, so your work looks neat and professional

Buyer's Guide

How to choose the  best mechanical pencils

What is the Purpose Of A  Mechanical Pencils?

Mechanical pencils are designed to be  easy to hold and operate. They are ideal for students who must take notes  during lectures or presentations. Students can carry these pens around with  ease since they are small enough to fit into a pocket or purse. Mechanical  pencils are also useful for artists and designers who need to draw lines and  curves.

How Do Mechanical Pens  Work?

Mechanical pencils consist of two parts; the barrel  and the cap. The barrel holds the lead while the cap contains the mechanism  which controls the movement of the lead. The cap has three main components;  the spring, the clutch and the gear train. The spring pushes the lead forward  and retracts it once pressure is released. The clutch engages the gear train  and moves the lead along the length of the barrel. The gear train consists of  gears which allow the user to adjust the amount of lead being advanced each  time he/she presses down on the pen.

Benefits of Using  Mechanical Pens

The benefits of using mechanical pencils  include:

They are easier to grip than regular  pencils.

They are smaller and lighter than traditional  pencils.

They are inexpensive compared to other types of  leads.

They are reusable.

Types of  Mechanical Pens

There are several different kinds of  mechanical pencils available today. Some are refillable while others are  disposable. Here are some examples of common mechanical  pencils:

Refillable mechanical pencils - Refilling these pencils  requires removing the top part of the barrel and replacing the lead  cartridge. Once the lead cartridge is replaced, the pencil is ready to go  again.

Disposable mechanical pencils - Disposable  mechanical pencils are perfect for those who travel frequently. Since there  is no need to replace the lead cartridges, these pencils are cheaper than  refills. However, they are not recommended for children due to the sharp  point.

Combination mechanical pencils - Combination  mechanical pencils combine both features of refillable and disposable  mechanical pencils. They contain a removable lead cartridge which can be  removed and replaced whenever necessary.

Before purchasing  a mechanical pencil, think carefully about why you need one. Are you going to  school? Will you be taking notes during

The Importance of  Purchasing Quality Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils  are very useful tools for students who must take notes during lectures,  presentations, and exams. However, many students neglect to invest in these  essential tools due to the high price tag associated with them. While there  are cheaper alternatives available, most students still opt for the  traditional mechanical pencils. Here are five reasons why you should invest  in quality mechanical pencils.

1) Ergonomically  Designed

Most mechanical pencils are designed  ergonomically, which means they allow users to comfortably grip the pencil  while writing. Most pencils are shaped in a way that prevents hand cramps and  wrist pain. Some models include a retractable tip guard to further reduce  discomfort. Additionally, most mechanical pencils have replaceable tips,  making it easy to switch between different types of  leads.

2) Easy To Use

Unlike regular  pens, mechanical pencils require no ink cartridges or refills. Simply twist  the barrel to change the type of lead being used. Once the desired amount of  lead has been consumed, simply remove the lead holder and dispose of it. Many  mechanical pencils also include a built-in sharpener, which eliminates the  need for additional sharpeners.

3)  Durable

Many mechanical pencils are constructed using  metal parts, which ensures durability. Metal components are generally  stronger than plastic ones, which makes them ideal for long term usage.  Furthermore, metal parts are easier to maintain compared to those made of plastic.  For example, replacing worn out springs requires little  effort.

4) Affordable

While mechanical  pencils aren’t cheap, they are far less costly than fountain pens. As  mentioned earlier, many mechanical pencils include replaceable tips, which  reduces the overall cost of ownership. Moreover, most mechanical pencils are  sold individually, rather than in sets, which further lowers the total cost  of ownership.

5) Versatile

Mechanical  pencils are versatile enough to be used for both academic purposes and  artistic endeavors. Students can use them to jot down ideas and sketches,  while artists can use them to create detailed drawings and paintings.  Regardless of whether you plan to use your mechanical pencils for schoolwork  or art, investing in quality products will ensure years of reliable  service.

As stated above, mechanical pencils are extremely  beneficial for students. Not only does the design of the product promote  comfort, but it also promotes efficiency.

Features To  Look For When Buying Mechanical  Pencils

Mechanical pencils  are very useful tools for students who need to take notes during lectures or  presentations. Unlike regular pens which require constant refilling,  mechanical pencils allow users to draw lines using a simple mechanism. 

The most common type of mechanical pencil has two parts -  a barrel and a point. The barrel contains graphite powder while the point  holds the tip of the pen. As the user writes, the graphite particles are  pressed into the paper creating a line. Most mechanical pencils have  replaceable tips, making them easy to sharpen. Some models include  retractable leads, which automatically extend once pressure is applied to the  barrel.

There are many different types of mechanical  pencils available today. Each manufacturer offers its own unique features and  benefits. Here we discuss the main characteristics of each type of mechanical  pencil.

Lead Retractable Mechanical  Pencils

These pencils contain a spring loaded mechanism  that pushes the lead forward when pressure is applied to the barrel. Once the  lead reaches the end of the barrel, it automatically retracts back inside.  Lead retraction mechanisms are designed to be durable and reliable. However,  these pencils cannot be sharpened.

Retractable leads are  ideal for taking notes during classes where there is no access to a  sharpeners. Students can carry around a single pencil rather than multiple  sharpeners. Additionally, since the leads are retracted inside the barrel,  they are safe from being lost or damaged.

Non-retractable  Mechanical Pencils

Unlike retractable leads,  non-retractable mechanical pencils do not have automatic leads. Instead, the  user must manually push the lead out of the barrel. Non-retractable leads are  easier to lose and break. Therefore, they are not recommended for students  who frequently travel.

Conventional Mechanical  Pencils

This type of pencil uses a conventional lead  holder. The lead is pushed out of the barrel by applying pressure to the top  of the barrel. Conventional leads are inexpensive and widely available.  However, they lack durability and reliability. Because the lead does not  retract, they are prone to breaking.

Ergonomic Mechanical  Pencils

Ergonomically shaped mechanical pencils are  designed to reduce hand strain and fatigue. Ergonomic designs improve comfort  and accuracy. Many manufacturers now produce ergonomic mechanical pencils. 

Mechanical pencils are very useful tools which allow us to  take notes during lectures, presentations, meetings etc. There are many  different kinds of mechanical pencils available in the market today. Some of  these include:-

Lead pencils - Lead pencils are generally  considered to be the most popular type of mechanical pencils. They consist of  a metal barrel containing graphite powder and a lead holder. The lead holder  contains a small amount of lead which is pushed into the barrel using a  spring mechanism. Once the lead has been inserted into the barrel, the user  presses the button located near the end of the barrel and the lead is  released. The lead falls freely inside the barrel and is ready to be drawn  upon.

Hollow point pencils - Hollow point pencils are  another kind of mechanical pencils. They contain a hollow tip at the end of  the barrel. As compared to regular pencils, hollow point pencils produce a  softer line. However, they require a lot of pressure to push the lead into  the barrel. Therefore, they are suitable for students who wish to draw fine  lines.

Felt tip pencils - Felt tip pencils are designed  specifically for children. They are easy to grip and hold. They are also  ideal for drawing pictures and designs. Unlike normal pencils, felt tips  cannot be sharpened. Hence, they must always be replaced once they become  blunt.

Bamboo pencils - Bamboo pencils are extremely light  weight and flexible. They are perfect for sketching and note taking purposes.  Since bamboo is naturally strong, they last longer than ordinary  pencils.

Carpenter pencils - Carpenter pencils are commonly  known as "carpenters' pencils". They are specially designed for  architects and engineers. They are quite heavy duty and durable. They are  also good for making sketches and drawings.

Colored pencils  - Colored pencils are widely used by artists and designers. They are  available in a variety of colors including red, blue, green, yellow, orange,  brown, black, white, pink, purple, grey, silver, gold, copper, bronze,  turquoise, aquamarine, lavender, violet, fuchsia, olive, lime, lemon, mauve,  maroon, navy, peach, rose, salmon, tangerine

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