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Little Remedies Saline Drops

Saline sprays are a popular product sold at drugstores and health stores. Many people think that they work wonders, but the truth is that they don't really do anything special. Saline sprays contain sodium chloride (NaCl), which helps prevent dehydration. But they won't moisturize your skin or give you any other benefits. If you've ever wondered why salines are so expensive, then you might want to check out our buyers guide to learn more about saline sprays and where to buy the best ones.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Little Remedies Saline Drops

What should I use saline drops for?

Saline drops are commonly used to treat dry eyes, sore throat, sunburn, insect bites, and stings. These drops are also helpful when applied directly to the skin to reduce itching caused by poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac.

Does Saline Drop Sting My Eyes?

No, saline drops will not burn your eyes. Instead, they simply moisten the area around your eyes.

Will Saline Drops Make Me Look Like I Have Water In My Eyes?

No, saline drops won't change how your eyes appear. If anything, they'll make your eyes feel more comfortable.

Can I Use Saline Drops After Swimming?

Yes, you can apply saline drops immediately following a bath or shower. Simply rinse off the solution with warm water.

If I Get A Cold Sore, Can I Use Saline Drops?

Yes, you can use saline drops to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with a cold sore. To use saline drops, follow the instructions found on the bottle label.

When Should I Stop Using Saline Drops?

Stop applying saline drops once the irritation has subsided. Continue using saline drops until the sores disappear completely.

Can I Use Saline Drops During Pregnancy?

Yes, you can use saline drops throughout your entire pregnancy. There's no risk of harm to either yourself or your baby.

Can I Use Saline Drops On My Face?

Yes, you can use saline drops on your face. Follow the directions on the product packaging.

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