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Liberty Safe

Liberty Safes are a popular brand of safe deposit boxes. They’re compact, easy to store and affordable. If you’re looking for a place to safely store valuables such as jewelry, important documents or cash, then a Liberty safe might be the solution.

While Liberty safes are inexpensive, they’re not cheap. That said, they’re worth the price tag if you plan on storing valuable items like jewelry or other personal belongings. Read our buyers guide to learn more about Liberty safes and how to choose the best one for you.

liberty safe & security prod 2412 750gm, Desiccant Moisture Absorber

Liberty Safe

Keep your belongings dry and protected with the liberty safe & security prod 2412 desiccant moisture absorber. This canister-shaped device automatically absorbs humidity, so you don't have to worry about dampness. It also protects your valuables from corrosion and damage. Order your liberty safe & security prod 2412 today!


The Ruger 9mm is shown. Usually I keep it in its case because I have never really had a place that I felt comfortable keeping it. The magnets come with two magnets and two screws as well as instructions and are very straightforward. In the picture of the magnet attached to the gun, the back portion of the magnet is attached with adhesive. As the instructions say, however, the adhesive backing will not be enough to hold the magnet securely. You have to use the screws to secure it. If you choose to move the magnets you have two options but I have not decided where to put them. Alternatively, you could use one magnet to hold the gun and another to hold an extra magazine. Needless to say, this is an object for a household without children. The gun is clearly intended for adult to be able to access the gun more conveniently, if they need it. If you have a workshop, this piece works perfectly for the gun, but I am sure there are other uses for such a strong magnet, especially in the garage. They are very strong magnets, simple but effective, and they do what they are intended for.

I have one mounted to the wall next to my bed and it is great, but it is a bit too strong. I am only holding a pistol, so I do not require more than 45 pounds of force. It is a problem for me because if you are not careful, the magnet will pull the gun into itself so forcefully that it could damage the wall or sights. If you are not perfectly aligned the gun will land into the wall and slam the gun in. If I could come back and purchase something different, I would purchase a different one that was not as strong just to avoid this issue. The adhesion pad is not worth your time but, it is only meant to hold it while you place it. I give this product five stars, because it does exactly what it says it will do.

I liked these magnets very much, right out of the box. From the packaging to the quality these are well worth it. It is wonderful that these can be placed anywhere. I had a little issue with UPS getting them to me. However, I cannot disagree with GMW's claim that they are backed by the most awesome customer service team on the market. They answered my emails within hours, not days, and the delivery delay wasn't their fault. I cannot disagree with their claim that they are fairly priced and constructed with premium materials. One of these magnets holds my loaded Sig P320 firmly in place. Sliding the gun off of it has not marked the finish at all. The adhesive is not very strong but no adhesive would work with the pull that you need to separate from the magnet. The adhesive backing makes drilling and installing the screws much easier. I will be ordering again in the future.

I needed a way to affordably maintain a sidearm near my bedroom and office. These magnets work well. Do not store loaded weapons anywhere prying hands or curious souls can get hold of them. The magnets have ideal strength to securely hold a full size pistol with 17x9mm rounds in it. The magnets would not stop a child or other mischievous entity from pulling a pistol off of the magnets or squeezing the trigger. They have the strength to securely hold pistols in places we want them. Also, the rubberized coating on these magnets seems thick enough that we do not expect that any scratching of our weapons will occur from contact with the magnets.

Desiccant Packet, Liberty Safes, 40g

Liberty Safe

If you're looking for a way to protect your belongings from damage and/or theft, the Desiccant Packet is the perfect solution! This pack comes with a 40g capacity for use with the Liberty Safe. Made in the USA, this pack is also available through Amazon. Features include a desiccant material that absorbs moisture and/or odors, making it perfect for use with a vaporizer or dehumidifier. Plus, the included filter removes dust and other airborne particles. Order now and we'll throw in a free humidifier bottle to make sure you have a dry place to put your stuff when they are stored.


I knew I needed my husband's help in renovating my living room. This beauty is for my living room mantle piece. A good structure and precise directions are important. It took my husband approximately 45 minutes to make it.

It is extremely beautiful and functional.

The building is perfectly designed and is the ideal hideaway for our firearms.

Installation was relatively easy, however, you'll need all the necessary tools.

True Liberty Bags - All Purpose Bags and Liners (3 Gallon, 25 Pack)

True Liberty Bags

The True Liberty Bags are a versatile and durable option for anyone looking for an easy way to store their food! These bags are perfect for any kitchen task, from preserving to cooking to cleaning. Made of durable plastic with a strong puncture resistance, these bags will last you a long time to come. So don't go another day without a quality bag - pick up some True Liberty Bags today!


I was happy with this safe, until I went to the local Menards to pick up some building supplies. I saw the selection of safes they carry. There is not a comparison. This is a tank. It is too heavy for one person to move around without a furniture dolly. And forget about moving it up or down stairs without two people and some lifting straps. Lift with your legs instead of your back. The hinges and bezels on the door are superior to that of Menards, Lowe's or Home Depot. It is small enough to conceal in a closet unlike the taller gun safes that every magazine salesman and pizza delivery driver can see in your den. I am very pleased with it.

Firstly, this is a tank. It is not a large safe, but it has to be solid metal. I am 6'5 230 pounds and I was lifting weights. I needed help moving this thing. If you are planning to move up or down, be certain you have help. You can manage it with a doll if you are on one level. It fell off the dolly while moving and had a hinge and corner chipping. That did not affect the functioning of the painting. However it surprised me how easily it chipped. Be careful about moving it. The smallest drop will chip the paint. It appears on a large truck wrapped in a pallet. The door will lift off if you move it. Open the safe and lift up on the door. It will lift off the hinge and reduce the weight a little. I noticed in the picture that there is a seal around the door, however mine does not have that. Without this seal, the door seems to fit loosely. I am a bit nervous because of the fireproof qualities. It swells shut when it is heat, so I am assuming the door will tighten up in a fire. I am very happy with this safe and feel. It is the real deal.

The safe arrived via truck, and was on a pallet. I signed for the inspection. This safe is important. We had to call movers to move this safe from outside where I instructed the shipper to leave it to an interior room. It was unexpectedly surprising that 235 pounds was so difficult to move. The safe mechanism is smooth and accurate. It required two handsome men to move it on a fourarm crane with back supports. We need to use careful tumblers. There was an antibacterial package in the safe. I liked that we could personalize our combination by contacting Keith at Steelwater Safe. My husband and I are satisfied with the safety aspect of the experience. It looks great and it would be impossible to steal it. I prefer it and will not take more trips to the vaults. I grew up with high quality safes in homes and I am happy to see that the quality of this safe does not disappoint.

It was exceptional quality. The customer service was very good. I searched for big box store safes for days that contained no features and were no more than a light deterrent. I found Steelwater safes to be the safe that I kept returning to. They are very safe for your valuables. A bank vault is made of doors. If you need a safe with digital keypads and plastic gears not the size of a big box store, this is the safe for you.

Liberty Safe Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer for Holding Pistols and Important Documents - 12 Size (10.25" x 49" Internal Hinge)

Liberty Safe

The Liberty Safe Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer is an easy way to organize your guns and important documents. This stylish organizer features three pistol pockets and mesh storage, making it perfect for storing all your guns and equipment. Plus, it comes with a cool pocket document protector that keeps your documents cool and dry even during a fire. Installation is quick and easy, so you can enjoy the benefits of the Liberty Safe today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Liberty Safe

A safe is a great investment - but not just because they make your house more secure. They also provide peace of mind by storing valuables away safely. However, choosing the right type of safe can be tricky.

What Is A Liberty Safe?

Liberty safes are an excellent choice for storing important documents and valuables because they offer security features like combination locks, keyed entry, and digital keys. They come in many different sizes and styles, including wall safes, floor safes, desk safes, and more.

Why Choose A Liberty Safe?

There are several reasons why people choose to buy a liberty safe instead of a traditional filing cabinet or file drawer. First, most liberty safes are made of steel, making them extremely durable. Second, they are easy to open and close, allowing you to quickly get into your safe without having to fumble around trying to find the right key. Third, they are available in many different colors and designs, giving you plenty of options to match any décor in your home. Fourth, they are much easier to move than a traditional filing cabinet, making them perfect for moving if you ever need to relocate.

Who Needs A Liberty Safe?

Liberty Safes has been around since 1885. Their safes were originally designed to protect valuable items such as jewelry, cash, and other valuables. Today, Liberty Safes offers a variety of products including gun safes, toolboxes, and home security devices.

The company was founded by John W. Brown Jr., who started his business after he lost everything during the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. He wanted to ensure that others would never experience the same tragedy. As a result, Liberty Safes became one of the largest manufacturers of safes in America.

In addition to being able to store guns safely, Liberty Safes' safes are also perfect for storing documents, money, and other valuables. Because they are built to last, Liberty Safes provides lifetime warranties on most of their safes.

Not only do Liberty Safes offer a wide range of safes, but they also sell accessories that allow you to customize your safe. These include:

Whether you're looking for a safe to store guns, tools, or personal belongings, Liberty Safes has a safe for every type of situation.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Liberty Safe

If you have ever had the opportunity to purchase a Liberty Safe, then you already know how valuable they are. They offer peace of mind knowing that your valuables are protected by one of the most trusted names in home security. When it comes to protecting your family, nothing beats a Liberty Safe. So if you're looking to protect your family, here are three reasons why you should invest in a Liberty Safe:

Burglars often target homes where people keep their valuables inside. This makes them easy targets because thieves know exactly where to find things like jewelry, electronics, guns, and other items that could be stolen. Because Liberty Safes are built with steel doors, windows, and walls, burglars won't even think about breaking in. Instead, they'll simply walk away empty handed.

For example, Liberty Safes feature keyless entry systems so you can lock and unlock the door with just the touch of a button. You can also program up to four different codes for quick access to your valuables. And if you want to add an additional layer of security, you can buy optional alarms that go off whenever anyone tries to enter the house. These alarms can be set to sound anytime between 6am and 10pm.

For instance, they include large drawers that hold everything from documents to small appliances. Plus, they're equipped with shelves that let you organize your belongings easily. And since Liberty Safes are available in multiple sizes, you can customize your storage space according to your needs.

Features To Consider When Buying A Liberty Safe

Security features. When you're considering purchasing a new safe, security features are important. The first step is to determine if you really need a safe. Do you store valuable items inside? Are they easily accessible? Is there a possibility someone could break into your house and steal them? These questions may help you decide if a safe is right for you.

Size. Next, think about how big you'd like your safe to be. How many items do you plan to put inside? What type of items do you plan to store? Will you be storing guns, jewelry, cash, documents, or other valuables?

Cost. Once you've determined how large you want your safe to be, you'll want to compare costs between different models. Some safes cost more than others, but they usually offer additional features such as alarms, keypad access, and digital locks.

Accessories. Many safes come with accessories such as shelves, drawers, and racks. Make sure you know exactly what you need before you start shopping. This way, you'll only spend time comparing safes that actually fit your needs.

Fireproofing. Fireproofing is another consideration when it comes to safes. Most safes are made of steel, which makes them resistant to most fires. However, some safes are made of composite materials, which means they're less fireproof than steel safes. UL certifies safes while NEC certifies electronic equipment.

Keypad access. Keypad access is another feature to consider when shopping for a safe. Safes with keypad access allow you to enter codes to gain entry to the safe.

Digital locks. Digital locks are becoming increasingly popular. They're easier to operate than traditional mechanical locks and can prevent anyone from opening the safe except those who know the code.

Different Types Of Liberty Safe

Liberty Safes are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to keep valuables secure. They are especially useful for storing important documents, jewelry, and other items that cannot be left lying about. Liberty Safes are also great for keeping small amounts of cash and coins safe. They are particularly useful for those who travel frequently and don't want to risk losing any valuable possessions.

There are two main types of Liberty Safes - Fireproof and Watertight. Both types are suitable for storing documents, jewelry, and other personal belongings. However, each type offers its own advantages and disadvantages. We will now look at what makes each type special.

Fireproof Safes. Fireproof safes are constructed from materials that are resistant to heat and flame. They are therefore ideal for storing documents, photos, and other items that could easily catch fire. These are also great for storing precious metals and gemstones. Fireproof safes are also known as "fire rated" safes.

Watertight Safes. Watertight safes are sealed shut and are therefore completely waterproof. These are therefore ideal for storing things like passports, credit cards, and other sensitive information. They are also great for storing large quantities of cash. These are also commonly referred to as "waterproof safes".


Frequently Asked Questions About: Liberty Safe

What is a liberty safe?

A liberty safe is a metal box that holds cash, checks, jewelry, and other valuables. They are often found at banks and stores where they are used to store money and valuables. A liberty safe is sometimes referred to as a safety deposit box.

Where Did The Term "Liberty" Come From?

"Liberty" comes from the Latin word libertas, meaning freedom. People use this term when referring to their right to own property without government interference.

When Was The First Liberty Safe Invented?

Invented in 1854, the Liberty Safe Company began manufacturing liberty safes after being founded by John H. Browning. He created the company after he lost his life savings in a bank robbery.

Who Makes The Best Liberty Safes?

Many companies make liberty safes today, including Liberty Safe Co., American Safety Vault, and Liberty Bank & Trust.

Does Everyone Have A Liberty Safe?

No, not everyone has a liberty safe. Many people choose to keep their money and valuables in a bank instead of keeping them in a liberty safe.

What Are Some Advantages Of Having A Liberty Safe?

Having a liberty safe allows you to keep your money and valuables secure. If something happens to your home or office, you won't lose everything. And if you ever want to sell your house, you'll know exactly how much money you're selling it for.

What Are Some Disadvantages Of Having A Liberty Safe?

One disadvantage of having a liberty safe is that it's expensive. Another disadvantage is that it takes up space in your home.

What Kind Of Things Should I Put Into My Liberty Safe?

You should put all of your important documents, like birth certificates, passports, insurance policies, and wills inside your liberty safe. Also, you should put your most valuable possessions inside your liberty safe, like gold coins, diamond rings, and watches.

Should I Buy A Liberty Safe Online?

Yes, buying a liberty safe online is convenient. You don't have to worry about driving around town looking for a good deal on a liberty safe. Plus, you can get a better price online than you would at a brick-and-mortar store.

How Do I Open A Liberty Safe?

To open a liberty safe, you will need a key. Most liberty safes require a special key to unlock them. To learn more about opening a liberty safe, visit our guide here: How to Open a Liberty Safe.

How Do I Lock A Liberty Safe?

Most liberty safes have locks that can be locked shut. These locks are easy to operate. Simply turn the dial until the lock clicks into place.

How Do I Clean A Liberty Safe?

If you notice dust accumulating in your liberty safe, try cleaning it out yourself. Use a soft cloth and water to wipe away the dirt. Don't forget to dry the area thoroughly afterward.

How Do I Repair A Liberty Safe?

Repairing a liberty safe isn't too hard. First, take off the lid of the liberty safe. Then, look for any loose screws or broken parts. Once you've fixed whatever needs fixing, replace the lid back onto the safe.

How Do I Move A Liberty Safe?

Moving a liberty safe isn't too difficult. Take the liberty safe outside and set it on its side. Next, roll the liberty safe across the ground. When you're done rolling, lift the liberty safe upright again.

How Do I Transport A Liberty Safe?

Transporting a liberty safe isn't too complicated. All you need to do is wrap the liberty safe in bubble wrap and tape it tightly together.

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