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Key Card Door Lock

A keycard lock is a convenient way to secure your home while allowing you to enter whenever you please. It eliminates the hassle of carrying keys around and allows you to quickly open the door from anywhere in the house.

Key cards are easy to install and operate. Simply insert the key into the slot and turn until it clicks into place. Once locked, the keycard won't work unless you remove it. This prevents unauthorized entry and helps prevent theft.

If you want to protect your home against intruders, then a keycard lock is the answer. Our buyers guide explains how to select the right kind of keycard lock for you.

BEBASIA Fingerprint Lock, 4 Unlock Ways Keyless Entry Door Lock, Door Lock with Keypad, Fingerprint Door Lock, Keyless Lock with Handle, Digital Door Lock(Silver)


Protect your home and family with the BEBASIA Fingerprint Lock! This stylish and functional door lock features 4 ways of locking, plus a reversible handle for easy opening and closing. The oled display and voice guide will help you install the door lock easily, and the low battery reminder will protect you from being locked out due to a dead battery.


HARFOs Keyless Door Lock is designed to be installed on any type of doors. It is compatible with both interior and exterior doors. It can also be used as a replacement for existing door locks. It is equipped with an OLED display and voice guide. It can be operated by using the touchscreen, the built-in voice guide, or the code pad. It can also be used to control the home security system. The keyless door lock has four different functions: lock, unlock, monitor, and code. It is a great tool for your home and office.

This one is very solidly built and it has worked very well so far. The fingerprint reader has no problem reading my fingers or my wife's fingers. That is the primary method we use to open the door. However, the keypad works well once you wake it up. Sometimes it takes a few keys to bring the keypad screen to life, but then it is fine. The installation instructions are quite good, and the programming instructions are adequate. It accepts 9 administrators, and 290 regular users. It may seem odd as every fingerprint or RFID card counts as one person, however once you understand the concept, it becomes less difficult. The handles reverse very easily, but my one was LH. Overall, I'm very impressed with this lock.

If you have a steel door, you will need to have a multitool and experience on hand to install this lock. I used a multitool and a carbide bit to carve out the steel to accommodate the bolt and face plate. The drill bit that was included was very easy to use. The steel door and the wood were open for drilling without any problems. As far as the lock is concerned, it looks and feels very heavy duty. For example, it has quite a bit of weight. I was able to find the instructions without having to call customer service. It was easy to program. Each fingerprint, combination lock, or proxy card counts as one user. There is no way to program usernames and associated authentication methods. In the 300 authentication slots available, each slot is a user. If you program two fingers, two passwords and two key fobs, six users would be six. You will be seen as a different user in relation to the other users. I would like to have the ability to add a username and then associate many authentication methods for that username. Keep a log on a spreadsheet for each authentication method and who has been assigned to a fingerprint or fob today if you want to have rights. While the fingerprint reader can be hit or miss, this is more of a user issue. Be consistent with how you place your finger on the device. It is best to try a little on the fingerprint, while programming and using it, to see the best results. The solution you used to select the emergency key hole was very well thought out and made access to the hole easy. I absolutely adore that when you enter the house, the door locks immediately behind you. When you are comfortable using the lock, it will immediately be apparent that it was a great investment for your safety and easy access. You can also give your pet sitter a temporary code. You have the ability to create single use pass codes. I like it when the price is right. Other vendors should pay attention and reduce their prices for locks with half the features. I don't enjoy the Echo, nor the Google Home controlled locks. That is going to really cause trouble. This lock is a great option, unless you really need the ability to remotely unlock it, have a builtin alarm, have a camera built in, or the ability to interface it with your phone to look at authentication logs or to program it. It was easy to program it on site, so that is all. I plan to purchase more items in the future as long as the price stays within reason. I have a really great purchase.

This handle has been working great for me for a month. I use it exclusively with the fingerprint scanner. It is very quick and VERY rarely fails my scan. It is much faster than fumbling with a key or pad. The only slight knock is that you have to use a screwdriver to get into the back in order to program new users, but that's a minor hassle. Just something to think about.

Hello, as a new landlord, I wanted access to the property without risk of keys being duplicated or loaned out. This solution with finger prints is the answer. The ability to unclog the door in a few seconds also means that there is little risk that the tenant will leave the place unlocked. We tried a blue tooth/wiFi version first, but there are so many moving parts with smarthome hubs and wifi. All need to be present and working. Secondly, how do you handle locksouts, dead cell phones, etc? For me, this lock is perfect. It was easy to install thanks to perfectly aligned templates and a drill bit. I couldn't be happier.

ANSI Standard North American Heavy Duty Electric Strike Lock TCP/IP Based 4 Doors Access Control Systems with Four Door Wiegand Access Controller 110V-240V Power Supply Box Keypad Reader


MENGQI CONTROLs the door for you! With this electric strike lock, you can be sure that only you have easy access to your home when you want. The heavy duty lock is designed for durability and features a fail safe design that keeps your doors locked in case of a power outage. You can also use the MENGQI CONTROL app to open the door easily from anywhere. And if you're not happy with the performance of the lock, you can request a refund until you are. So don't wait any longer, order your MENGQI CONTROL today!


Have smart phone APP to open lock remotely. App operate system: iPhone and Android. With Desktop USB readerread card number into software so that easy programming/register userControl of memory up to 20000 user / up to 100000 logs. Auto Open/Close at any pre-set time during any day. Support "who" can enter which door at certain time Authorized access controlWe provide detail video guide to you so that you can easily setup the whole system also provide live support for ever. Control 4 doors get in the door by swiping card or password and get out door by turn your lock handle or knobStore Entry records. Less than 0. 2 second Response Speed 5-10cm Proximity Range. Network communication via TCP/IP. Software Supportable Database: Access & SQL Server.

Set up the system relatively easily and to date it works well. Although the documentation looks unorganized, I was able to figure it out. There are inputs for the card reader door status and request to exit. You can either use the web interface directly or use the Windows application. It is acceptable for my application. Before this, I purchased a Honeywell Netax system and found it unusable because of the slow web interface. I purchased their winpak software, which cost almost two thousand dollars. I cannot pay that amount.

Installed was easy for us because this is what we do to earn a living. I have been using other suppliers but when I saw the price I thought I would give it a review, and see how low priced an access control system would be. Software is a bit difficult, but it works well when you have some support from their technical team. I sent an email, as I was not able to get one of the door strikes to engage. After a few minutes, I received an email from Chen. The solution to the problem was quickly received. I wish to test this out on a budget for a client.

I installed the first of many access systems, and I will definitely purchase from this company again. They are always there for support. Everyone is very pleased. Thank you for the great product and even better support.

There are pictures and wiring diagrams to help you setup your doors and readers. We needed to understand how to have two readers operate one door. The vendor sent back a picture of how to do it, and the link to the diodes needed to be wired into the lines. I purchased the items, and wired them in. I have everything working now. The software is quite difficult to use, but it helps us track times much more easily than a device that is lacking, for example, door entry and exit. The system works well and is much more affordable than the one we had in our previous office. We got a glass door attachment, also, for the lock, and it worked with this system fine. We were able to use the door striker locks, which were already on the doors. The answer to the two reader question was 'A+ for the help that BRs and Wood Chen gave me.

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-P717LMK/EN Push Pull Two Way Latch Mortise English Version (Morise - AML220)


If you're looking for a way to secure your home and family, the HDVD Digital Door Lock is the perfect solution! This lock features 2 ways of operation: push-button from the outside and pull-button from the inside. The door thickness can range from 38mm to 80mm, and it works with any Samsung key tag or card. Plus, the power consumption is only 8 watts. Don't miss out on this must-have home security tool!


This kit is suitable for controlling the two doors. It can control the doors to open or close by using the card or pin code. It can store the records of who entered the doors and the times. It can also generate reports by using the professional management software. It can control the doors to open or close at any pre-set time during any day. It can also support swipe 4 times continuously to keep the door open. The metal exit button are waterproof too. The electric magnetic lock with 600lbs/280kg holding force is weather proof. You can use it to control the entrance and exit of your house. It is a great security device for your home.

Customer service is wonderful and helpful. It is easy to set up, and easy to install. I am going to purchase a second one.

Great product, easy to install, infinite amount of controls, and access programing. I enjoyed emailing them back and finding that they have outstanding customer service.

Fingerprint Lock, Keyless Entry Door Lock with APP Control, Fingerprint Door Lock with Reversible Handle,Digital Door Lock for Home,Office,Apartment(Black)


The Fingerprint Lock is a convenient and reliable way to protect your home or office. With full app control, you can easily open or close the door, or simply leave it open if you're not there. Plus, our private mode protects your privacy when others are trying to get in. Installation is easy, and the Fingerprint Lock is compatible with standard US door sizes.


This is the best quality and affordable Wireless IP access control system. It is easy to install and setup. You can use it to control 2 doors with 1 key fob. It is also suitable for many other application such as office, home, warehouse, factory, hotel, hospital, school, restaurant, bank, gym, etc. It can be used to control 2 doors with 1 key fob. If you have more than 2 doors, you can use more key fobs. The main function of this product is to open/close the door by using the magnetic lock and exit motion sensor. The door can be opened/closed by swiping the card or entering the PIN code. The door can be opened/closed by pushing the button. When the door is closed, the system will automatically record the door opening/closing time and log. The system can be controlled by your smart phone APP. It can be connected to the computer via USB cable.

It is of very high quality. Its incredible strength and the seller contacted me quickly to assist with questions I had. It was accomplished despite a twelve hour time difference. I highly recommend this product due to great build quality and fantastic support. The seller continues to provide me with quick support whenever I encounter a new question. This man is outstanding. Updated almost a year later. The product has been working flawlessly and the seller recently informed me of a new feature I can take advantage of. The use of my phone to remotely control my doors. I wish every seller was as good as this one. The update is that it has been much more than a year since I purchased this product and the seller still responds to help me resolve an issue that resulted from a mistake of not sealing a box from the weather. They are an excellent group of men. I will continue to purchase their products.

I really enjoy this product. I purchased it to use at my gym. We are going to have 24 hour access for our members and I did not want to hire a locksmith and spend a big amount of money, but I had immediate assistance for some initial questions I had. When you are ready for installation, you can view various videos and pictures. I was able to figure out the wiring and the magnet on my own because of the great videos that were provided. I am excited to receive programming from FOBS for all of my members. The system for keeping track of members' keys is very straightforward. I can remove members' freedoms at any time.

I bought a unit that has two doors. The first one arrived promptly, but it was the wrong unit. He will be replaced within four days with the correct one. I would prefer that the instructions be proofed more, so that they align terms better with actual product. I like pictures, diagrams and diagrams. I have one question regarding setting up both FOB and PIN for access. I received a response with a solution within 24 hours after I emailed. With such products, customer service is the top priority. I would visit again. It looks like I may need a four door unit soon.

I would like to assure you of the superiority of this system. Three of them are in our buildings. They all work very well. The wiring is a little challenging at first but tech support is excellent. They were able to assist with completing any task. The instructions are generic and sometimes misunderstood. However, other than that, I adore them. I will purchase again, if need be.

Smart Lock, Keyless Entry Door Lock with Bluetooth, Touchscreen Keypad Deadbolt Lock, Keypad Entry Door Lock, Passcode Code Door Lock, Digital Smart Door Lock for Home Hotel Apartment, Left Handle


Protect your family and property with the Smart Lock from BAMFOX! This stylish and sturdy deadbolt is made of zinc alloy steel for lasting durability. It features a sleek black finish that will look great in any room of the house. The Smart Lock also comes with a remote control, making it easy to use from anywhere. Don't miss out on this must-have home security product!


The smart door knob adopts a reversible design which can be used whether it is left-handed or right-handed door. It is suitable for door thickness 35 53mm backset 60 / 70mm (adjustable). The smart door knob can be installed on any type of door with 3M tapes. The door knob is equipped with the following functions: Lockout Mode / Auto Relock Mode / Voice Prompt / Volume Adjustment / Low Battery Warning / Manage User via APP / Share Passcode via APP / Check the door opening log via APP. The smart door knob is compatible with iPhone/Android/Windows/MacOS.

I purchased this as an update to a less featured lock that I previously installed that finally failed to work, not by the same manufacturer. This lock does everything well, but you better be aware of how to troubleshoot and admit that it is your door and not this sophisticated equipment. After I seemingly installed the lock correctly, and set it up with an administrator profile and was met with some serious malfunction. I was able to get the admin account up and connected to the app and was very confused as to why this thing was operating unusually. I was confused upon first sight and contacted customer service who arrived to assist me. We concluded that there must be a problem with the deadbolt latch not working properly due to the way it was sitting in my door. We determined this through a series of pictures and videos I took and shared with them. I did some wood filling and positioning for the latch assembly because I did not want to return this thing. After reinstalling, the device worked better, but was still acting strange. Customer service again came through with another video showing actual operation compared to what was going on with mine. Putting the spindle in the deadbolt slot will reveal that it works, and that the door is the problem. I will save you a lot of trouble by showing you potential issues. Ensure the deadbolt latch assembly is not crammed into the door to ensure it is positioned correctly for this device to work. The box strike, or possibly the hole where the deadbolt comes into when engaged in the lock position, was ultimately the issue causing the malfunction due to the deadbolt not being extended fully thus causing the sensors in the device to detect an improper installation. After digging out a proper hole for the deadbolt to slide into my device now works as intended and is seriously awesome. I hope this helps and that you enjoy this lock, as I am now.

I really enjoy this lock. It is well worth the money, fairly easy to install and use considering the technology. I never get locked out, nor do I need to give my keys to my children. This lock is a highly recommendable purchase. I wish it was wifi connected to a smart system. But that model is not available at this time.

I really like the design, because it is extremely classy. The lock had to drill a small hole for the crew first. I returned the items online. Please wait until I watch the video to obtain the instructions. The lock is easy to install. I do love it so much, that I cancelled the return. Fingerprint, App and Keypads work very well. I recommend this item.

My husband installed this unit with ease and it easily recognizes my fingerprint. I will definitely buy it again and recommend it to friends.

Smart Door Lock WiFi Gateway, Bluetooth Keyless Entry Keypad Smart Deadbolt Wi-Fi Bridge, TTLock Smart Deadbolt WiFi Hub Work with Alexa, G2 Gateway, G2 Hub with Alexa


If you're looking for an easy way to add some extra security to your home, the Smart Door Lock WiFi Gateway is just what you need! This handy little device is perfect for adding a wireless keypad lock to any door or window, and it also works with Alexa so you can easily open and close doors with simple voice commands. Plus, it comes with a USB cable so you can easily install it on any computer or smartphone.

Lockly Vision Deadbolt with Video Doorbell Edition Smart Lock PGD798VB, Keyless Entry Door Lock with Fingerprint, Wi-Fi, APP, Camera and Patented Keypad for Home/Office/Apartment (Venetian Bronze)


Keep your belongings safe and sound with the Locklyâ„¢ Universal Garage Door Opener! This powerful garage door opener can open both left and right garage doors, making it perfect for opening and closing garage doors on either side. The best part? It comes with a two-year electronics warranty, so you can be sure that your garage door opener will be a reliable friend for years to come.

Smart Door Lock, Yamiry Smart Door Handle, Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock, Keyless Entry Door Lock with Handle, Electronic Door Lock, Code Door Lock with Keypad, WiFi Door Lock with APP Control


Looking for an easy way to protect your home and family? Look no further than the Yamiry Smart Door Lock! With its sleek design and durable construction, this lock is sure to keep you and yours safe and sound. This lock features a fingerprint sensor for quick and easy identification, as well as a keypad for convenient entry. Plus, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can sleep soundly knowing that your purchase is risk-free.

Harfo K1 Fingerprint Door Lock, Keyless Entry Door Lock, Keypad Lock, Biometric Door Lock, Digital Door Lock for Home and Office (Aged Bronze)


Keep your home or office safe and sound with this stylish and sturdy door lock! The Harfo K1 Fingerprint Door Lock features a built-in fingerprint sensor that unlocks your door in less than a second, and a polished bronze finish that will look great in any room of the house. With a variety of options, this lock is perfect for any situation. Get yours today!

Fingerprint Smart Lock Lever Door Handle, hornbill 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Keypad Door Lock, Smart Locks for Front Door, Biometric Door Lock with Lever, Reversible Handle Passcodes Free App IC Cards


Keep your home or office safe and secure with the Fingerprint Smart Lock! This handy device uses your phone's fingerprint scanner to generate a unique passcode that allows you to securely lock and unlock your door. The sleek design makes it easy to carry around, and the simple installation means you'll be able to use it quickly. Plus, the included USB cable lets you easily charge your phone while it's in use.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Key Card Door Lock

Keycard doors have become increasingly common as they offer convenience and security. However, choosing the right keycard door lock can be tricky. This article aims to help you make the right choice by explaining what you need to think about before purchasing a new door lock.

What Is A Key Card Door Lock?

Keycard doors are an easy way for people to gain access into a building without having to carry keys around. They work like traditional keyed locks but instead of using a physical key, users insert a plastic card into a slot at the front of the door. The card contains information about the person who has been granted access to enter the building.

Why Would I Want A Key Card Door Lock?

The main advantage of a key card door lock is that it eliminates the need for carrying keys around. It makes it easier for people to get into buildings because there is no longer any need to search through pockets or purses for keys. If someone tries to open a locked door with a fake ID, the system will immediately alert the guard and prevent him/her from entering the area.

Who Needs A Key Card Door Lock?

Key cards are a great way to secure your home while keeping your keys handy. But, did you know that key cards can do more than just open doors? They can unlock other things around the house too.

They can be programmed to turn lights on and off. They can activate garage door openers. And they can even allow you to use certain appliances remotely. All this makes them a smart security solution for homes.

But, how does one program a key card? How do you set up remote controls? What happens if someone else uses your key card? These questions are answered below.

The process of programming a key card is pretty simple. First, you'll need to download the software for your key card system. Then, you'll insert the card into the reader. Finally, you'll enter the code that you want to assign to the card. Once you do this, the card will become active.

This process works for any type of key card. However, you'll need to pay attention to which kind of card you're using. Some key cards only work with specific brands of readers. Others are compatible with multiple types of readers.

Once you've entered the code, you'll see a confirmation screen appear. Now, you can remove the card from the reader.

When someone else tries to use your key card, the system will ask them for permission before allowing them access. If they say yes, then the card will work fine. Otherwise, the system will prompt them to reenter the correct code.

However, if they refuse to answer, then the system will assume that the person has lost their key card. At this point, the system will disable the card until it's returned.

In addition to these features, key cards can also be used to gain access to restricted areas. For instance, they can let you into a gym locker room. Or they can open a gate to a pool area.

These are just a couple examples of the many ways that key cards can be useful. Of course, there are many others.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Key Card Door Lock

Key cards have become increasingly popular because they offer convenience and security. They provide easy access to homes, offices, and other buildings. Unfortunately, key cards aren't perfect. There are many different types of key cards available. This makes it difficult to find one that meets your needs. For example, if you want a simple key card system, you may not be able to find one that offers the features you desire. On the other hand, if you want a complex key card system, you'll probably end up paying a premium price for something that doesn't meet your needs.

Look for a key card system that provides multiple locking points. A single point of failure can compromise the security of your home or office. Make sure that your key card system includes at least two locking points. You should also ensure that the locking points are located where you expect them to be. For instance, if you plan to use your key card system to secure your garage, make sure that the locking points are located near the entrance to your garage.

Consider the size of your building. Do you live in a small apartment? Or do you work in a large warehouse? If so, you may not need a complicated key card system. Instead, you might prefer a simpler key card system that allows you to open doors remotely. If you live in a larger house, however, you may need a key card system that offers additional security measures such as deadbolt locks.

Think about how often you enter your building. Will you be entering your building frequently? If so, you may want to invest in a key card system that offers remote access. Remote access means that you won't have to carry keys whenever you leave your building. Instead, you can simply press a button to unlock doors and windows.

Make sure that your key card system is compatible with any existing hardware. If you already have a doorbell, you may want to purchase a key card system that works with your current doorbell.

Features To Consider When Buying A Key Card Door Lock

Security features. The first step toward securing your property is installing a keycard door lock. But if you've ever tried using a keycard lock, you know how frustrating they can be. That's why you'll want to take these factors into consideration when shopping for a new lock.

Keycard security. Most keycard locks work just fine, but there are times when you may want more security than a simple keycard provides. For instance, you might want to add a deadbolt lock to your front door, or install a panic bar to protect against intruders.

Easy installation. Installing a keycard lock isn't difficult, but it does require some tools. Before purchasing a lock, check to see if the manufacturer sells kits that include everything you need to complete the job. This could save you time and money.

Accessibility. Some keycard locks are accessible only from the inside of the house. Others allow you to unlock them from both sides. Make sure the lock you select allows you to do this. Also, ensure that the lock has a keypad on the outside of the door so you can easily enter your code even while wearing gloves.

Reliability. How often do you lose your keys? Do you worry about someone breaking into your home and stealing your valuables? These questions are important when selecting a lock. Check online reviews to learn if other customers have had problems with their locks.

Cost. While many manufacturers sell their locks at low cost, others charge higher prices. Shop around to compare pricing on different models. You might also want to look for deals or discounts to help you save money.

Quality. Don't settle for anything less than quality when you're buying a keycard lock. Choose a lock made from solid metal instead of plastic and opt for a model with a sturdy design. If you plan to resell your home, you'll want to invest in a lock that looks great and feels durable.

Different Types Of Key Card Door Lock

Key Card Door Locks are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and security features. A key card system allows users to open doors without having to remember keys.

There are two main types of key card door locks; magnetic and electronic. Magnetic locks are the older version of key card door locks. They consist of a small magnet attached to the door frame. When the correct key card is inserted into the lock, the magnet attracts the metal strip embedded in the card. Electronic locks are newer models that utilize radio frequency technology. When the chip is scanned, the door opens.

Magnetic locks are inexpensive and easy to install. However, they are easily defeated by cutting through the metal strips. Cutting through the metal strips requires nothing more than a pair of scissors. An intruder could simply cut the strips off the door and walk right in. Electronic locks are less susceptible to tampering. They are also more secure since they require a special scanner to unlock the door. The cost of installing an electronic lock is significantly higher than a magnetic lock. However, the increased security makes up for the extra expense.

The following video shows how to defeat a magnetic lock. Watch closely as someone cuts through the metal strips.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Key Card Door Lock

What is a key card door lock?

A key card door lock is a type of electronic security device that uses a magnetic strip on your credit card to open the door. These devices have been around since the early 1990s, but they were originally designed to protect against theft at hotels and casinos.

Where Did Key Card Door Locks Originate?

Key card door locks originated in the late 1980s when hotel chains began installing them in their doors. They quickly became popular among casino owners because they allowed guests to enter without having to use a physical key.

What Types Of Key Cards Are Available For Door Locks?

You can purchase key cards for most major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, and more.

Does Every Key Card Work With My Door Lock?

No. Not all key cards will work with all door locks. If you try to insert a key card into a non-compatible door lock, the lock won't unlock. To ensure compatibility between your key card and your door lock, make sure that your key card has a magnetic stripe.

Will I Get Locked Out Of My Home If I Forget My Key Card?

If you lose your key card, you'll likely be unable to gain access to your house. Most door locks require two keys - one for the outside of the door and another for the inside of the door.

Can I Buy A New Key Card For My Existing Door Lock?

Yes, you can replace your current key card with a new one. We'll then show you how to order a replacement key card online.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Key Card Door Lock?

Installation includes mounting the lock, programming the lock, and setting up the alarm system.

How Often Should I Change The Batteries In My Key Card Door Lock?

We recommend changing the battery once per year. Batteries last about three years, so replacing them annually ensures that you always have a working key card.

Can I Use A Key Card Door Lock In My Garage?

Yes, you can use a key card door lock in your garage. Make sure that you program the lock's code to match the code on your front door.

Can I Use A Key Card Door Lock In My Car?

Yes, you can use a key card door lock in your car. Just remember to program the lock's code to match the code on your front door.

Can I Use A Key Card Door Lock In My Office?

Yes, you can use a key card door lock in your office. Just make sure that you program the lock's code to match the code on your front door.

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