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Jewelry Safe With Drawers

If you’re like us, then you probably spend a lot of time organizing your jewelry collection. This means you may not have room for everything you own. Luckily, there are several options available for storing your jewelry safely. Some of the most popular include jewelry boxes, drawers and jewel cases. But, while these items work well, they can sometimes be bulky and difficult to store. That’s where jewelry safes come into play.

Jewelry safes are compact storage containers that fit neatly under your bed, dresser or desk. They protect your valuables from theft and damage. Most jewelry safes have multiple compartments so you can organize your jewelry according to size and color. For instance, you could place larger pieces in one compartment and smaller ones in others. Or, you might separate rings from necklaces and bracelets. Whatever method works best for you, the important thing is that you feel secure knowing your jewelry is protected.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about jewelry safes and how they can benefit your lifestyle.

Solid Steel Jewelry Safe Box for Storage,Digital Combination Lock Jewelry Organizer Security Safe Cabinet for Home Office, Khaki


Protect your family and loved ones with this Five Star Jewelry Safe Box! This tough little box is made from solid steel for durability and features a combination lock for added security. Plus, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Don't miss out on this must-have safety tool!

Houseables Jewelry Tray Organizer, Stackable Accessories, Storage, 13.8"x 9.5", Grey, 4 Pcs, Earring Box, Drawer Insert, Velvet Ring Holder, Bracelet & Necklace Display, Cufflink Case, Adjustable Dividers


Organize your jewelry with style! Check out the Houseables Jewelry Tray Organizer. This chic and sturdy tray was engineered to last and will keep your jewelry safe and secure. Made from durable wood and featuring three removable and adjustable dividers, this tray is perfect for keeping your most prized possessions organized and off the floor. Plus, our velvet-like covering protects your precious metals and stones. Don't worry about losing your jewelry; our jewelry tray will always be there to protect and organize it for you!.


This is a very good safe for the money. It has large enough storage space for large folders or a good size box. There is a smaller locking box at the top but it is not really secure. If the main door was open, it could be easily opened. Also, it has hooks on the inside of the door that can be used to hang items on. It's display on the front is nice. Set up a date and time is relatively simple. When arranging the date, it is one Monday, and seven Sundays. You may have two pins with four to eight numbers on them for extra security. The safe is very sturdy but it is not fireproof. I would trust investing precious metals and doctors in it. It fits perfectly on my shelf, and has accommodations to mount it to the wall if needed. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a safe that will not break the bank.

It is safe and very compact for smaller spaces. This is ideal for keeping important documents in a safe location. The door also has five hooks, but are made of plastic, and should not be damaged when you grab your keys off. The shelf is adjustable to accommodate different sizes of items that require storage. On the bottom shelf, there is a pad. The small safe inside, with its locked doors, also has a pad. The upper safe door is also made from lightweight plastic, similar to key hooks. The safe overall is made of durable metal. The accents are made from light weight, plastic.

I just recently purchased a safe box on Amazon. This safe box is very secure. It has multiple insurance codes and a key lock. It is safe to put some important documents and jewelry inside. The safe has to be well set up, spacious, and you can put a lot of them in it. The most important documents are in it. I did not need to keep important documents around, because I could not find them when I needed them. I am able to put them in this safe and find them all at once when I need them. This is a very good and convenient product.

The item was actually anchored to a wall, but it is affixed by screws on the inside to a shelf. The back metal could be opened with enough force but overall this is a nice safe. I would tape the battery cover to maintain its conformity. The programming is easy to comprehend. Mute the sound when entering the code.

Homde 6 Layers Jewelry Organizer Fully Locking Large Jewelry Box with Necklace Tray Royal Blue UA42


Looking for a way to organize your jewelry? Check out our newest addition to the Homde line, the Homde 6 Layers Jewelry Organizer! This fully-locking large jewelry box is perfect for keeping your most prized pieces safe and out of sight. The large mirror allows you to see yourself dressed, and the two pillow cases are just what you need to stash your watches. Don't miss out on this must-have jewelry organizer!


The initial one was damaged, so I had to return it. I love this little safe. It is with a false bottom that allows for more storage. Thank you for supporting me in completing the return process with Amazon customer service.

This is a unit, and it has a lot of weight to it. The build quality is not the best, but it is still good. It is very easy to use. The bag contains two sets of keys one for the main door and the hidden compartment inside the safe. There is also a compartment up top, and overall provides fairly basic organization and utility. I would be sure to keep the keys stored separately in case the fingerprint reader battery fails.

I really like this fingerprint safe. It is my first safe that includes touch screen buttons and fingerprint sensors. It is a solid steel of a good quality. I receive it in a fairly heavy weight. It has great space inside and it has a led light on the door side when you open it. It has all the features I am looking for. It is just what I need.

Viking Security Safe VS-14BL Top Opening Drawer Biometric Fingerprint LCD Keypad Safe

Viking Security Safe

Protect your family and belongings with the Viking Security Safe VS-14BL top opening drawer biometric fingerprint safe. This safe features an upgraded 500 DPI sensor and digital keypad for a more secure and comfortable experience. Plus, it comes with a one-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.


Someone complained in reviews that any fingerprint will open the box. It comes from the factory. If one reads the instructions, then it is very easy set it up to read only your fingerprint, and only your fingerprint will open it. You are able to set up a fourdigit code and provide two keys which will open the box. There are two heavy duty lag bolts that come with the kit and you can mount it. If you open the box it will light for approximately thirty seconds. It comes with four double AA batteries. Also, I received a free gift of ear muffs which was a pleasant surprise. This is an excellent value and an excellent quality product.

It's built of high quality, sturdy metal and looks a lot better than other lock boxes in this size and price range. The touch keypad is responsive, and the fingerprint scanner works well. You could use multiple fingers from both hands to open the safe. Let a spouse program their fingerprints to have access. Setup was very easy. It took approximately five minutes to setup a keypad code and program fingerprints for me and my wife. The blue interior lighting is a great touch and was the main reason I selected this safe over similar models. It is not very bright but it is enough to grab your gun or valuables in the middle of the night without diminishing your night vision. The safe has a thick, foam padding that feels very high quality. The safe opens quickly after placing your finger on the fingerprint scanner. The light and the keypad run off of four AA batteries. The unit has a low battery indicator to tell you when to replace the batteries. It is a fantastic product.

It is a wonderful safe, no matter what the cost is. I was a bit concerned because I could not seem to close it. You have to close it harder than I thought. After I didn't clear the default fingerprint, I thought it would work for me. My daughter is incapable of opening it. This is the reason I got this. It is a great little safe.

This is my second safety box. The other option for me is a device purchased from Amazon that I have used for years. This is my first gunspecific safety box, and the quality seems just right for the price. The programming is simple and easy to set up. My wife and I have been programmed with four fingers. It is the same highquality design as my other two. Storage capacity is sufficient for the purpose it is intended for. I can fit my Glock19, two magazines, and a small box of ammunition. The fingerprint scanner is probably the weakest point on this device. It was simple to setup the finder. If you are anywhere else on the finder and were not part of the original scan, I would not recommend it. If I try to use more of the tip or sides and get lazy with my finger position, it will not accept the finder print. Check the dimensions carefully and get a full print, not a part of it. I recommend this because it takes some practice. Yes, I would purchase it again. Would I upgrade the fingerprinter scanner in the next version at the cost of paying more?'

LUXFURNI Mirror Jewelry Cabinet 79 LED Lights Wall-Mount/ Door-Hanging Armoire, Lockable Storage Organizer w/ Drawers (White)


Looking for a way to organize your bedroom? Check out the LUXFURNNI Mirror Jewelry Cabinet! This sleek and modern piece is perfect for any busy home or office. With its mirrored surface and wall-mounting design, this organizer is sure to help you get organized. The anti-tarnish velvet lining protects your precious metal from tarnishing, while the removable travel storage zippered pouch makes it easy to carry around. Plus, the gift box packaging ensures that your item will arrive safely and in perfect condition. Order now and we'll throw in an elegant pen holder for you!


We desperately needed to upgrade our small safe because we were getting more and more papers and items for safekeeping and could no longer get ours shut. I was surprised by the substantial nature of this as it is quite heavy and seems very secure. An intruder would be unable to easily carry it out of the house. It's small enough to fit in a corner of our office without being intrusive, but large enough to hold papers and other larger valuables. Inside there is a shelf as well as a separate locked space for smaller items such as jewelry. There are two ways to securely enter the safe. You can use two different keys or a one key code. This would enable extra security for a business that required two different people to be present when it is opened. You can have a basic code as well as assign different codes for each person who will have access to that. I find this a great value for an item that is essential at this time.

We purchased a safe for our son to have for Christmas. The item he requested was of benefit to him as it provided storage for his cherished card collection. It is lined and has a compartment with keys inside the safe, which makes it an within a safe. I am very satisfied with this purchase. He will be able to use it for all his valuables for years to come. The size was pleasing, even though we are not sure. You definitely get what you pay for with this one. If you need a safe and secured home, then it is worth investing in. The documents are more than you would get at the store. We were very satisfied with the purchase.

It is very sturdy and easy to program. The item was given a set of keys for the exterior, and a keypad that provided additional security. It is larger than I thought it would be, which is great. There is also a smaller compartment inside that needs to be unlocked with another set of keys. The device comes with hardware that you can bolt to the wall for even more security. I am very happy with this purchase. This is a good price for the quality and size.

Homde 2 in 1 Huge Jewelry Box/Organizer/Case Faux Leather with Small Travel Case, Gift for Girls or Women (Black)


Looking for a way to organize your jewelry? Check out our huge selection of jewelry organizers! Our 2 in 1 jewelry box is perfect for storing all your most prized pieces. With five versatile drawers, this box is perfect for storing everything from earrings to necklaces, rings, and even glasses. Plus, the removable mini case is great for carrying around with you. Order yours today and see the difference it makes!


I am very pleased with my purchase. I gave it five stars because it was very true to what was described. It is closer to a 4.5 because the drawers do not open all the way, so it is hard to reach to the small drawers at the very back to get stuff in or out. It is spacious but it serves its purpose. I did not expect it to fit all of my jewelry because I have a lot. In any case, the pieces I would like to wear more often that are hidden away because of space will be closer and more accessible. Not in all these tiny jewelry boxes that get annoying to search through. It also comes with a key and a spare key. It is simple to open and close. This is a good buy overall.

I was very pleased with my order, and found it to be exactly what I had expected for a reasonable price.

I was delighted to receive this wonderful jewelry box, high quality and very convenient. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

I use it for jewelry and I love it. The only bad aspect is the lock mechanism which is not in good shape.

JACKCUBE DESIGN Stackable Synthetic Leather Jewelry Trays Organizer Jewelry Storage Display Earring Necklace Bracelet Ring Organizer for Drawer (Set of 4, Black)- MK212-1ABCD

Jack Cube

Looking for an elegant and gorgeous way to organize your jewelry? Check out our Jackcube Design Stackable Synthetic Leather Jewelry Trays! They're perfect for storing and displaying earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Made with high quality synthetic black leather and a gray insert, these trays are perfect for keeping your jewelry safe and looking its best. Plus, they're easy to use and space saving, making them ideal for any home or office.


These are very affordable. I would not give as a gift because I am sure there are nicer trays out there. I ordered these items to fit in my jewelry armoire. They are great, and that is what I wanted.

I used it to store jewelry inside a vanity. It is a good way to be organized. The dividers can be a little fragile. It's small enough to fit into small drawers and spaces.

I am absolutely loving my new jewelry holder, it is very good quality. I kept losing pieces and had no great way to store up until now. This is perfect for me.

It was great for my need. It would be preferable if the compartments could be adjusted to accommodate jewelry needs. Some are removable.

SONGMICS Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Armoire, Lockable Wall-Mounted Storage Organizer Unit with 2 Plastic Cosmetic Storage Trays, Full-Length Frameless Mirror, White UJJC001W01


Organize your home with the SONGMICS Mirror Jewelry Cabinet; it's a great way to keep track of all your jewelry. This stylish and functional unit features 108 storage slots and 36 holes for earrings, 36 hooks for necklaces, 39 places for rings, and 1 bar for bracelets. Plus, the sleek black finish is sure to turn heads and eyes. Order your cabinet today and enjoy free shipping!


I settled on these trays after a ridiculously extensive search because that's how I do things and I am beyond pleased. One morning, I realized that the gigantic lumpy silvery ball of metal that lives on my vanity, actually comprised of long thin strings of metal links, if you will. I vowed never to do that again after completing that task. I was never aware of my deepest feelings for others untill I dissected them. They look like they will be a great solution. The feature that made me purchase these trays was the thorough separation of each section from the next. I do not see anyone else like that. I think this will be really helpful. There are no surprises, despite my most positive experiences so far. The peg in each section prevents the necklace from tangling around itself, and the dividers prevent them from tangling around each other. I was surprised that these trays are more substantial than I expected. It is not as light weight as I thought they would be. The black box into which each tray is set is quite sturdy. They have a strong feel and stack beautifully. I will be ordering more of these in order to keep on my endless attempt to organize myself.

I was searching for inexpensive inserts for a jewelry armoire that did not come with dividers in the drawers. I decided to order two of these to try and I am happy I did. They stack well and are very sturdy. I will not be having any trouble using two of these stacked in each drawer. I can organize my jewelry based on what goes together, instead of putting all of my earrings in one drawer, and my pendants in another. I just ordered two more.

The product will take up a lot of drawer space but it will help organize necklaces without getting any pieces tangled. Small cubes are excellent for holding bangles, rings, and chains. This product is more suitable for fine jewelry. The organizer is expensive compared to simple hooks or acrylic trays, but it will do a much better job protecting more expensive pieces from dust and damage.

I have purchased many necklaces. This one was the Holy Grail. I like this design as it has a small knob to hang your necklace, unlike other designs that require a holder for each necklace. I also like the way that each necklace has a space.

Vlando Miller Jewelry Tray Stackable Showcase Display Drawer Organizer Storage Checkerboard,Multiple color combinations, Large capacity multi-layer design and Fashion(grey)


Looking for an elegant and versatile way to organize your jewelry? The Vlando Miller Jewelry Tray is perfect! This tray can be used alone or combined with other trays to create your own custom jewelry box. With a large capacity of 18 pieces, this tray is perfect for storing all your favorite pieces. Plus, the soft velvet lining protects your jewelry from damage. Order your tray today!


I really like this cabinet. It arrived completely assembled. I was a little concerned. The smell bothers other reviewers. That is not an issue for me. I left it open overnight so I could get rid of the paint smell and it didn't smell like anything else. I was concerned that my pin backed earrings would go where they should. The top of the cabinet has a foam back area, and it looks like it is designed to hold rings. I push my earrings into that area, with the backings on them, and it holds them perfectly. I am very fond of it because it has led lighting on top. I use the small metal bars to hold my hanging earrings. There is plenty of room for everything. I have finally organized. It is also wise to wear jewelry.

I like that the area for ring is not as large as some of the other products. On the left side I enjoy the option for earrings to be hung over small bars or through small holes. The only issue is that with studs, they have to go into the holes and it's difficult to put the backs on them. I have not had any of the studs fall out even though the backs are on one of the shelves. The length from the hook to the shelf is not nearly enough, so your necklace pendants will sit on the shelf instead of hanging where you can see them. There aren't many hooks, but I plan to add some more myself and possibly take out that shelf. I left it open for several days before installing batteries for the LEDs and it would still smell when I open it periodically, the only true complaint that I have with this product is the smell after unpacking. It still smells like that, even after six months. It's like a new plastic smell, or something similar to glue. You should ventilate it before you install it and put everything in.

It took quite some time to find the jewelry cabinet that I needed. It had to be deep and tall enough to fit my perfume bottles. It looks really well in my room. There are lights on the inside that make it look so fancy. I enjoyed having angled ears. I hope they corrected this over time. I have seen several pictures showing the bracelet bar. Mine also does not have the front decorative keyhole. Which, for me, is fine. The wood quality is not very good. It is not an object for me. I hope it will be used enough to get worn out quickly. I suspect it will last me a long time. Since I hung it on the wall. However, as some other commenters have stated, I wish that the drawers were on track. For me, the storage facilities hold items I would not physically touch except occasionally. It was priced extremely well, and I paid for it while it was still on sale.

Storage Jewelry Box with Lock and Key, Two-Layer Display Case with Removable Tray, Home Decor, Black (10.5 x 10.5 in)


Looking for an organized way to keep track of your jewelry? Check out the Juvale Storage Jewelry Box! Made of quality velvet, this box is perfect for storing all types of jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. With multiple storage pockets and a removable drawer, it's easy to find the right place for every piece. Plus, the included lock and key make sure your jewelry is safe and sound.Dimensions: This 2 tier jewelry box with necklace hanger for men and women measures approximately 10. 5 x 10. 5 x 3. 5 inches.What's Included: You will receive 1 velvet two layered men's and women's jewelry box with lock and key.


This safe is amazing. It is very heavy for being small, and the digital button grid is good quality. It is large enough for two firearms, jewelry, and is my second safe with Tiger King. The other is the bigger brother. I love both of them. I like the fact that this safe is portable. I set up two codes with very strong, wellwritten instructions. I would definitely get more protection from them, I trust them. Tiger King does an excellent job.

The quality is great for the price, it is more compact and portable, lighter and more secure than my other Tigerking. This safe serves as a secondary safe for me. I absolutely love the classic copper color. You also have the option of plugging in an external USB battery pack to power the digital display.

This is my second safe from TigerKing and if I need another I will definitely purchase again. The safe is fashionable with additional security keys makes me feel comfortable leaving it out in view, and features that are accurate as supplied by the manufacturer. This is the most stylish safe I've ever seen. I am very pleased with my first purchase from Tiger King. I am positive the packaging was excellent. I would have felt comfortable throwing this thing down three flights of stairs before opening it.

This is my second time seeing TigerKing safe. I had an early favorite which I had in mind when I attempted a smaller model. I was not disappointed. It is a great, small, lightweight safe that is useful for keeping extra office keys, my sidearm, and small amounts of cash or checks tucked away during the day at my small business. It is not an heavyweight safe. I would not use it for longterm storage of valuables, but for light use it fits the bill. It is easy to program and easy to use, just like my other Tiger King safe. My only complaint is that you have to enter a code and use the key to open the safe.

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Jewelry Safe With Drawers

Jewelry is expensive, and keeping it safe while also being able to access it easily is essential. If you have a lot of valuable items stored away, then you might think that a jewelry safe would be the ideal choice. However, not everyone has room for such a large piece of furniture, and even those who do may not necessarily want to invest in something that they won't use every day. This article will help you decide whether a jewelry safe is really what you need.

What Is A Jewelry Safe With Drawers?

Jewelry safes are small containers that are perfect for storing jewelry. They come in many different shapes and sizes and some even include drawers inside the container. The best thing about these types of jewelries safes is that they are easy to open and close, making them ideal for children who like to play with their jewelry while keeping it safely stored. These jewelries safes are available in many colors and styles, allowing you to find one that will match any decor in your home.

Where Should I Buy My Kid’S Jewelry Safe?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a good quality jewelry safe. If you want something more expensive, you can go online and search for jewelry safes made specifically for children. Just make sure that the jewelry safe you choose has been tested and certified by an independent organization before purchasing it.

Who Needs A Jewelry Safe With Drawers?

Jewelry is expensive. Not only do you pay for its beauty, but you also spend money on storing it safely. But, how do you store your jewelry?

Do you use a jewelry box? If so, then you know how frustrating it can be to search through a bunch of jewelry to find one piece. Or maybe you prefer using a necklace holder. But, these aren't very secure. What if someone gets hold of your necklace while you're sleeping?

Well, you could invest in a jewelry safe. These are designed to protect your jewelry from theft. They're also perfect for keeping your jewelry organized. Plus, they look beautiful in any home decor.

But, before you decide which model is right for you, here are three things to think about.

How big does your jewelry collection grow? Will you ever wear every piece? If so, then you probably don't need a large jewelry safe. On the other hand, if you plan to sell most of your pieces, then you'll definitely need a larger safe. Also, take note of where you intend to put your safe. Is it near a window? Does anyone else live in your house?

Are you worried about break ins? Then you'll want a safe with security features. Some models offer key locks, alarms, and combination locks. Others feature hidden compartments that are difficult to access.

While you want a safe that looks nice, you also want one that lasts. Look for a safe made of metal. Metal is strong and durable. However, plastic isn't bad either. It's lightweight and doesn't require regular maintenance.

When shopping for a jewelry safe, ask friends and family members for recommendations. Ask them what they liked best about the safe they purchased. Take notes and compare prices. Don't forget to check online reviews. After all, you want to purchase the safest, most stylish jewelry safe possible.

Once you've found the perfect safe, you can start organizing your jewelry. Keep your earrings and necklaces in one section. Separate your rings and watches in another area.

Now, whenever you open your jewelry safe, you'll be able to easily see what you're wearing. No searching required!

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Jewelry Safe With Drawers

And if you have valuable pieces stored away in a box, chances are they aren't being protected properly. That's where a jewelry safe comes in handy. A jewelry safe provides protection for your valuables by keeping them secure inside a locked container. You'll never have to worry about losing your most precious items again!

A jewelry safe is designed to keep your jewelry organized and accessible. This means that you won't have to dig through piles of jewelry every time you want to access something. Instead, you'll simply open the door to find exactly what you need.

If you've ever lost a ring or necklace, then you already understand how devastating it can be. Fortunately, a jewelry safe makes it easy to prevent such losses. When you purchase a jewelry safe, you'll receive everything you need to protect your jewelry. From a lock to a keypad, you'll have everything you need to safely store your valuables.

To ensure that your jewelry remains safe and sound, invest in a quality jewelry safe. These products come in different sizes and styles so you can pick one that best suits your needs. For example, you may prefer a small jewelry safe that takes up minimal space. Or perhaps you'd like a larger model that offers plenty of storage space.

Regardless of size, a jewelry safe should provide several features. First, it must offer security. Second, it should be able to withstand extreme temperatures. Third, it should be lightweight and portable. Finally, it should be affordable.

Features To Consider When Buying A Jewelry Safe With Drawers

Storage space. The more storage space you give yourself, the less time you spend searching through your jewelry box to find the right piece. That means you can enjoy wearing your favorite pieces more often.

Easy access. When you're trying to decide between two jewelry boxes, look for one that has easy access. This way, you can easily reach into the box to retrieve your jewelry.

Security. When you're storing your valuables in a jewelry safe, you want to make sure they stay secure. Look for a lockable jewelry safe that features a combination lock or keypad.

Size. When you're deciding between two jewelry boxes, look for one that fits your needs. Some jewelry boxes are large enough to hold multiple necklaces, while others are smaller and only fit one necklace.

Style. When you're shopping for a jewelry safe, you'll want to make sure it matches your style. Consider how you plan to display your jewelry. Do you prefer a traditional design? Or do you prefer something modern and sleek?

Accessories. When you're considering a jewelry safe, you'll want to think about accessories. Does your jewelry safe have room for earrings? How many compartments does it have? Are there hooks for hanging bracelets?

Quality. When you're thinking about purchasing a jewelry safe, you'll want to make sure it's made well. Look for a jewelry safe that feels sturdy and durable.

What kind of jewelry do you store? Will you be keeping valuable items such as diamond rings or gold chains? What type of jewelry do you wear most frequently?

Do you already own a jewelry safe? If yes, did you buy it online or in person? Did you research the company first?

Different Types Of Jewelry Safe With Drawers

Jewelry Safes are essential pieces of home security equipment. They keep valuable items secure and away from thieves. A good jewelry safe should be sturdy enough to withstand any potential break ins. It should also be easy to use and maintain. We have compiled a list of the top 5 jewelry safes on the market today.

Durability is important because you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of equipment that won't last long. Look for a safe that is constructed well and built to last. Make sure it's heavy duty and strong. Also, check to see how easily it opens and closes. Does it open smoothly? Do you feel resistance when opening and closing it?

Ideally, you'll want somewhere between 10-20 cubic feet of storage space. Keep in mind that larger spaces mean bigger costs. So, you might want to consider something smaller if you're on a budget.

Things like alarms, key locks, and fingerprint scanners are nice additions to any jewelry safe. But, if you're on a tight budget, you may want to skip those extras.

If you're looking for a cheap jewelry safe, go with Best Buy. Plus, they sell refurbished models that are discounted up to 50% off!


Frequently Asked Questions About: Jewelry Safe With Drawers

What is a jewelry safe?

A jewelry safe is a container that keeps your valuables out of sight and away from thieves. They are often found in homes where valuable items like jewelry and cash are kept.

Where Should I Keep My Jewelry Safe?

You should store your jewelry safe in a secure location. Ideally, this will be somewhere that no one else has access to, but it doesn't have to be completely isolated. If you live alone, then you don't necessarily need to put your jewelry safe in a locked room. Instead, you could hide it behind a picture frame or under a bed.

Should I Use A Lock When Storing My Jewelry Safe?

If you want extra security, then yes. A good way to protect your jewelry safe would be to install a deadbolt on the door. Make sure that the keyhole is covered so that no one can get into the house without knowing the code.

How Much Space Should I Leave Between My Jewelry Safe And My Dresser?

Ideally, you want to make sure that your jewelry safe isn't touching anything else in your home.

Does Putting My Jewelry Safe In A Drawer Increase Its Value?

No, putting your jewelry safe in a drawer won't actually increase its value. Thieves aren't going to care about what's inside your jewelry safe. What they're interested in is stealing the things that are worth money.

What Kind Of Locks Should I Use To Lock My Jewelry Safe?

Most jewelry safes come with their own locking mechanism. These mechanisms are designed to deter burglars from breaking into your jewelry safe. There are two types of locks that you'll most likely encounter - pin tumbler locks and electronic locks.

Which Type Of Lock Should I Choose?

Pin tumbler locks are probably the best option. Pin tumblers are mechanical locks that require keys to open them. Electronic locks are more expensive than pin tumbler locks, but they offer better protection against break-ins. An electronic lock uses sensors to detect whether anyone is trying to enter the safe.

How Do I Know How To Unlock My Jewelry Safe?

To unlock your jewelry safe, simply turn the dial until the lock clicks. Then, insert the correct key into the keyway and turn the dial again. Your jewelry safe should now be unlocked.

How Do I Know How To Close My Jewelry Safe?

Just push the button located on the back of the safe and the lid will automatically shut itself closed.

Can I Store My Jewelry Safe In My Closet?

While it's possible to store your jewelry safe in your closet, it's not advisable. Closets tend to collect dust and dirt, which makes it easier for burglars to spot your jewelry safe.

Can I Store My Jewelry Safe In My Garage?

This isn't really an ideal storage solution, since garages tend to attract pests. Also, if you live in an area with extreme temperatures, then you shouldn't store your jewelry safe in your garage.

Can I Store My Jewelry Safe In My Basement?

Basements are great places to store your jewelry safe. However, basements are prone to flooding, which can destroy your jewelry safe. Additionally, basements are generally dark, which makes it harder to notice intruders.

Can I Store My Jewelry Safe In My Attic?

Attics are another great place to store your jewelry safe. Attic spaces are usually well insulated, which helps to keep heat and cold air out of the safe. However, attics are also subject to high levels of humidity, which can ruin your jewelry safe.

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