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Hitch Safe

Hitchhiking is a dangerous activity, so it’s important to ensure that you’re prepared before embarking on such a journey. If you’re going to hit the road, you’ll need to pack the essentials like a first aid kit, flashlight, snacks, drinking water and other items. But, did you know that you could also bring along a hitch safe? This handy device allows you to store your valuables while keeping them secure. It’s easy to attach to your car and then remove whenever you arrive at your destination.

Read our buyers guide to learn more about hitch safes and how they can help protect your belongings while traveling.

Blue Ox BXW4028 SwayPro Weight Distribution Shank - 9 Hole x 9" x 2-1/2"

Blue Ox

Blue Ox BXW4028 SwayPro Weight Distribution Shanks are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a sturdy and durable weight distribution device! These shanks are made from alloy steel for durability and feature a 9-hole design for easy installation and removal. They also accept 2-1/2" receivers and have a maximum load of 2,000 pounds per side. With a weight capacity of 20,000 pounds, they're sure to keep your vehicle running like new. So don't wait any longer, get your Blue Ox BXW4028 SwayPro Weight Distribution Shank today!


I find a tow hook for my new truck a good choice for a variety of reasons, but most importantly practical, durable, and appealing. My brother liked my setup so much that he went out and purchased the same truck that I have and the same hitch, overall a good hitch. Make sure you are purchasing the correct receiver width. This fits my Ford F250, and most other trucks in the class.

That's a beautiful piece of equipment. The item, this particular piece of work, has been created by you as an artist. An initial disappointment is the locking hitch pin appeared to be too short to use on a 3' shank mount with a 2 1/2" sleeve. I spoke to the seller and she assured me that the pin would fit even though they said there would not be any pin length left. It fits, however it comes to their recognition very little. This is not a push on lock. You will not get the comforting click when you push it on. Essentially, hold it in place and turn the key to lock it. Although not my favorite type of pin, it is a great hitch.'

This hitch is nice. I also needed the ability to switch to different size ball mounts. In addition, I wanted something that was strong and secure. The answer for your question is, I think it is appropriate for all of the requirements. This may be a little expensive, however, if it does not rust in the future it will be worth it. I acquired the locking pin also, so that the pin and ball mount locks are keyed the same.

It is a nice butt, well made, and you are able to get the parts you need. It cost slightly more than the Chinese equivalent, but it is worth every penny.

HitchSafe Receiver Vault for Tacoma and Tundras

Keep your car safe and secure with the Hitchsafe Vehicle Security Device. This small, unobtrusive device is a must-have for any vehicle owner who wants to be sure that their car can be stolen at anytime without being locked or immobilized. Plus, it can deter potential thieves and help you find your car if it gets stolen. So why wait? Get the Hitchsafe Vehicle Security Device today!


Everything else is great. I needed a big drop hitch for the receiver on my Hummer H2 which sits very high off the ground. I needed an extra eight foot drop for my dump trailer, and even more drop for my log splitter. I occasionally borrow a utility trailer from my neighbor. This adjustable toy achieves all of these tasks perfectly. The drop hitches with a height increment of one inch are much better than the drop hitches with 1.5-2 inch increments that I examined. The locking ball assembly is a great feature. It ensures that nobody ruins your day by stealing it. I purchased a locking retainer pin in order to prevent theft. Is it great if Weigh Safe offered one with the hitch keyed with the ball assembly lock?'

I purchased a drop hitch because the receiver on my suburban is so high that I needed a quality hitch that would not rust up and look awful within a few months. I would say that the quality of the hitch is excellent, and far better than any other hitch I have ever owned. However, I think it is still too expensive for what it is, but it's certainly still worth it. It looks wonderful and works. I am happy that the balls are removable from the hitch and can be changed from size without buying a new aluminum piece. The plastic cover that protects the locking mechanism seems to degrade and fall off very quickly. I enjoy this tack and the fact that it is made in the United States.

It is great for stability because of the strong aluminum frame. This airplane looks great and is extremely strong. It towed more than 800 miles recently. It is solid, easy to adjust, and there is no rattling. It looks amazing. You should stop reading this and buy one.

I say to be certain that you will get the correct amount of drop. I purchased two, and I had to return one keeping the sixinch drop. It is perfect for my use, but if my truck setup any, I would have to go to an eight inch drop. I own a 2019 Ford F250 King Ranch that is obviously four wheel drive, but without any additional parts.

HitchSafe Black HS7041 Replacement Drawer


Keep your belongings safe and secure when you're out on the town with the Hitchsafe Black HS7041 Replacement Drawer. This handy little drawer is perfect for storing keys, cards, and other essentials, and features all-metal construction for maximum durability. With a 10,000 code possible, you can easily set and change your own combination. Don't miss out on this must-have item!


Great product and invention. No more hideakey boxes in the vehicle's bumper. Use caution when setting the initial combination. Just before touching the set section make sure to deposit your decision. You only get one chance at doing it correctly. I did not have to and ended up having to disassemble the lock and manually realign the tumblers. It was quite learning experience. It is possible, but it is often easier to follow the instructions.

I finally installed this on my 2015 Jeep Wrangler. I have always worried about hiding my keys in my car while I am surfing. For the Wrangler, it's easy to break in with the soft top if you have already installed a trailer hitch and would like to lock up your keys while surfing, hiking, etc.

I truly enjoy this product. I had never heard of these before. One day my daughter was taking surfing lessons, and her instructor had one of these on his truck. It uses are more comprehensive. I've lost two of them over the years, but thankfully I found them gone before I had an emergency. The HitchSafe is very easy to install, ileeble to fail, and can be easily used for a four number combination. I drive a Chevy Tahoe, and the box with the keys is big enough to hold three keys, a car remote, credit cards, and a driver's license, if you wish. I use it as a kind of lock box, and keep a house key in there just in case. This product is very good. Learnt curve tip is to lock up the car before you store the keys in the hatch. I missed that step a few times, but I am no longer.

I swim at the public pool and not just the beach. I do not want someone to steal my keys and the car with them, when I am a mile away in the ocean from my bag. The numbers are easy to read and this unit is locked on to the back of my car. I own a 2020 Car and when the fob is close to the car, it is unlocked. The amount of metal used in the safe and wrapped around it block that signal. My keys are safe, my car is safe, and my possessions are safe.

Fastway Flash Solid Steel 49-00-5900 Adjustable Steel Ball Mount with 10 Inch Drop, 2 Inch Shank, and Chrome Plated Balls


The Fastway Flash Solid Steel 49-00-5900 Adjustable Steel Ball Mount is engineered with a solid shank from forged steel for maximum strength and durability. It's also powder coated for a glossy finish that will look great on your truck. With a 1,200 lb. tongue weight and a 12,000 lb. trailer weight limit, this mount is perfect for heavy toys or big rigs.


I used it on my oneton dual. There are many uses for it. The ball is fully adjustable, lightweight, and can easily be changed from two to two. It seems to be holding up very well. I do drop and hook towing for travel trailers and I move them off company grounds to an overflow lot. They are charged tax on them if they keep them on the property. I run about 20-30 a day. I have done it before. I earn a commission per unit of work. The unit size depends on the amount of pay. The car has performed well. It is running well and keeping pace with me. I would highly recommend this vehicle, as I have put it through its paces and more.

Do not look at another adjustable hitch. He keys the adjustment and hitch pin the same way. The size of two balls is really cool. The F150 FX4 is a bit higher. Eight inches is a little long. I would have been happy with the 6" but I do not need another hitch once again.

This is a nice change of pace. So far, it has worked really well for my needs. Order additional keys by utilizing the weigh safe. It is strange that now that I ordered the drop hitch, this Amazon seller is not an authorized seller of Weight Safe products. The warranty is useless since the weigh safe will only honor the warranty if purchased from an authorized seller. Always keep that in mind while shopping.

Weigh Safe WS8-3-KA Aluminum Adjustable 8" Drop, Stainless Steel Balls for 3" Receiver 21,000 GTW

Weigh Safe

If you're looking for a heavy-duty towing ball that's made in the USA and can resist corrosion, look no further than the Weigh Safe WS8-3-KA Aluminum Adjustable 8" Drop. It features a stainless steel ball mount that allows you to easily switch between 3" and 8" drops, and it comes with a dust cover and warranty.


Just what I wanted. It is perfect for my current needs.

Rightline Gear Range 2 Car Top Carrier, 15 cu ft, Weatherproof +, Attaches With or Without Roof Rack

Rightline Gear

Keep your car clean and safe with the Rightline Gear Range 2 Car Top Carrier. Made from durable and weather-resistant materials, this top carrier can withstand even the most harsh environments. It also features a large capacity for carrying everything you need, making it perfect for long trips or vacation. And if you're not using it, you can fold it up for easy storage. So why wait? Get the Rightline Gear Range 2 Car Top Carrier today!


This product measures accurately. If you need an 8inch drop, order an 8inch drop. It is measured to be the industry standard from the top of the inside receiver to the top of the ball platform. The base is about three inches thick. If you buy a product that is less than 12" from ground to ground, regardless of the brand you will eventually drag onto pavement leaving or entering some parking areas. No with a cheaper model either. I dont think so. I would hope. The receivers shank is milled from aluminum and it fills nicely. That negates the need for an anti-rattle device. The entire package is well thought out and superbly made. They provided a third ball. If you need a weight distribution hook, consider purchasing the steel version. You can use its shank on Weigh Safes incredible WD setup.

If you are trying to buy an RV your weight will go up. Simply have your children and wife throw many things in there and watch it climb In my opinion, knowing the tongue weight is exactly where I want it can make the difference between having 20 minutes to shift things to the rear of the trailer or heading out on time. Adjusting the height of the ball is a nice bonus for different trailers as well as using it on my other truck, which is quite a bit higher than my 4Runner.

I had previously used a different manufacturer's tow and stow 180 degree ball mount and switching to this product has been the best decision I have ever made. Every time I entered a driveway with the other 180 degree ball, I would scrape the lower facing ball on the ground. The Ball Mount eliminates this problem by having removable balls, that are quick and easy to replace. All you have to do is remove the ball mount from the shank, remove the holding it and the mount, allow the pin to fall, replace the ball, flip over, reinsert pin, yank of ball to make sure pin is engaged, and then reinstall ball mount on shank. It's more steps, not more time. I prefer the tongue weight scale. I enjoy stopping you smashing the 180 balls.

The build quality is nice. The size of the unit is small, because the material is aluminum. The included hitch balls are stainless steel, snug and easy to change out. While I am unsure of the accuracy of the scale, I have noticed that the reading of the scale gives me more information. I placed a 200 pound motorcycle at the front of my trailer. The scale increased appropriately. The included vertical adjust pins are of good quality and operate smoothly. After approximately ten thousand miles of use, I would recommend it.

Iron Lock® - Key Lock Box Portable and Wall Mounted with Removable Shackle Indoor Outdoor Waterproof 4 Digit Combination with Resettable Code with A B Switch Key Lockbox for Outside Hold 5 Spare Keys

Iron Lock

Protect your belongings with this Iron Lock portable key safe! It's tough and sturdy, made of high-quality steel for durability. Plus, its removable shackle makes it easy to use at any location. Don't worry about losing your keys, because this safe has five (5) spare keys inside it just in case something goes wrong. And if something does go wrong, the protective exterior layer protects your keys against damage. So don't wait any longer, get your Iron Lock portable key safe today!


I purchased this product in July and was extremely disappointed to learn that the scale did not function properly in the box. I had assumed it would be a loss and was going to move on with a great hitch that just did not have a functioning scale. Ashley, an employee with Weigh Safe, reached out to me a week ago to see if I would review the product. When I told her my scale failed to function, she immediately said that I should be contacted by their engineer to have a new scale tested. I will send a replacement scale to keep. Once that is done I will provide a return label so that I could send my slider. I have used the car hitch many times. It is very sturdy and light and the locking mechanisms are awesome. I am pleased I am able to utilize the scale without any problems. My advice would be to have the 4 drop instead of the 6 drop. It is fine to drop something six inches, but it feels too close to the ground at times.

I do Renaissance Fairs, so I am continually leading and unloading my trailer. This makes measuring tongue weight very easy. Remember to register your draw bar. You will receive a oneyear warranty that covers nearly everything. I had not seen my scale yet they are replacing it. I have to register, since I went there for two weeks. I placed locks on the adjustable section of the draw bar. I may be paranoid, but if the lock on the slider ever gave away, I would be very happy with it.

This drop hitch is a work of aluminum art. It is exactly what I needed to level my trailer hitch to a 2015 Chevy Tahoe with the receiver up high in the bumper, and a 2004 Chevy Tahoe with the receiver around 9 inches lower. I am very satisfied because I selected the model with maximum drop length, which I needed for a level loaded utility trailer for household hauling activities. It is not typically that you have people notice you and say, Wow, that is a nice hitch, but this one does exactly that'

I added it to my Torklift Hitch on my 2003 F350 6.0 dual and was amazed at the way it was built. The setup was okay, I attached a trailer loaded and adjusted the load for 10-15% weight on the hitch. It is comforting knowing the weight of your trailer is adjusted to ensure maximum safety and performance. The truck traveled a distance of 1,200 miles without any difficulties. It is highly recommended.

Aluma-Tow HD8 8" Drop Ball Mount for Oversized 2.5" Receivers (UT625810)


If you're looking for an easy way to mount your receiver onto your truck or SUV, the Aluma-Tow HD8 8" Drop Ball Mount is perfect! It comes with three independent steel, chrome-plated hitch balls that are perfect for any type of towing situation. Plus, it includes two locking hitch pins with four keyed-alike keys to protect against theft. Don't miss out on this must-have tool for any serious truck or SUV owner!


The item is not recommending any different setup for this price.

Aluma-Tow 6" Drop Ball Mount for 2" Receiver (UT623410)


The Aluma-Tow 6" Drop Ball Mount is the perfect solution for those who need an easy way to securely mount their receiver on their vehicle. This ball mount features a drop distance of 6 inches and a rise distance of 6 3/4 inches, making it perfect for all types of vehicles. Plus, the included 3 hitch balls allow you to easily switch between different styles of receivers. And if you're worried about theft, the patented design with highest gross trailer weight rating of 12,000 pounds protects your equipment against thieves. So don't wait any longer, get the Aluma-Tow 6" Drop Ball Mount today!


I believe in this company for many reasons and it is outstanding quality, just like you would expect from B & W. I removed the factory gooseneck and installed a B&W, That is a great saying.

The height appears to be approximately 1.5 cm.

It is original in color and white. Do not ever drop this on your foot. It is solid and made to last throughout the next apocalypse.

It provided us with extra clearance for our fifth wheel.

HitchSafe HS7000T Key Vault, Black


Protect your car and family with the Hitchsafe HS7000T Key Vault! It's a great way to securely store your keys and other valuables while you're on the go. Made from high impact aluminum, this vault is built to withstand any harsh bumps or impacts. Plus, it easily installs and removes with no tools required. So why wait? Get the Hitchsafe HS7000T Key Vault today!

Buyer's Guide

How To Choose The Best Hitch Safe

Hitch safes have become increasingly popular as more and more drivers use their vehicles to tow trailers around. They offer protection against theft and damage to your vehicle, but they also come with a few drawbacks. This article will help you decide whether a hitch safe is right for you.

What Is A Hitch Safe?

Hitch safes are small containers that fit over the ball mount of a trailer hitches. They are available for all types of trailers including horse trailers, car trailers, boat trailers, etc. The purpose of a hitch safe is to protect the ball mount area of the trailer from damage caused by objects falling off the trailer while parked. This includes items like tools, lawn mowers, bicycles, garden equipment, etc. If these items fall onto the ball mount, they could cause serious damage to the trailer.

Why Should I Buy A Hitch Safe?

Trailers are expensive investments. It is important to take care of them properly. One of the most common problems with trailers is damage to the ball mounts. These areas are exposed to many hazards while the trailer is parked. Items like rocks, branches, leaves, snow, ice, etc., can get caught up in the ball mount causing damage to the trailer. To prevent this type of damage, a hitch safe is an inexpensive solution. You don't need to purchase anything special to install a hitch safe. Simply remove the old cover plate from the ball mount and replace it with the new hitch safe.

Who Needs A Hitch Safe?

Hitch safes are designed to protect your vehicle from thieves. But did you know that they can also help protect your belongings inside your car?

When you park your car outside your home, you probably think nothing bad could happen to your valuables. However, this isn't true. Thieves can break into vehicles parked anywhere, including parking garages, driveways, and street corners. Even worse, they can steal items stored inside your trunk or glove compartment.

That's where a hitch safe comes in handy. These devices are specifically made to store valuable items while keeping them secure. They're perfect for storing jewelry, cash, passports, laptops, cell phones, cameras, and other personal possessions. Plus, they look stylish enough to match any interior decorating scheme.

But how do hitch safes actually work? Let's take a closer look at the features of one of these amazing products.

The HitchSafe HS7000T model has a steel frame and a heavy duty locking mechanism. It measures 7 inches wide x 9 inches tall x 4 inches deep. It weighs approximately 16 pounds.

This device is equipped with a key lock that uses a combination code. When you enter the correct number, the lock opens. Once unlocked, the door swings open to reveal a large opening. Inside, you'll find two shelves. One shelf holds smaller items, such as wallets, keys, and sunglasses. The second shelf is larger and holds larger items, such as purses, backpacks, and laptop computers.

To close the safe, simply press down on the handle located near the top of the unit. Then, slide the latch shut. To remove the safe from its base, push down on the handle again. Finally, lift the safe off the ground.

Once you've removed the safe, you can use the included carrying strap to carry it around with you. Simply loop the strap through the handles and attach it to your belt or backpack. Now you can travel safely knowing that your belongings are protected.

As mentioned earlier, hitch safes aren't only useful for protecting your valuables. They can also help you keep track of things. After all, you never know when someone might steal your car. So, if you plan to park your vehicle somewhere else, it makes sense to bring along a hitch safe.

In addition to being able to hold your valuables, hitch safes can also act as organizers. Instead of leaving everything strewn across your dashboard, floorboard, or center console, you can now place each item in its proper spot. This makes it easier to locate items when you need them.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Hitch Safe

If you've ever had a car accident, then you probably already know how dangerous it can be if you're driving after drinking alcohol. You may have even heard about the dangers of being involved in a motor vehicle collision while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While many people think that they are immune to such risks, statistics show otherwise. This means that almost one person dies every hour in America because of a drunken driver.

While most accidents involving drunk drivers happen between 2am and 4am, the risk doesn't end at those hours. A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that nearly half of all fatal crashes involve a driver who was impaired by alcohol. These numbers include drivers who were legally intoxicated, as well as those who were just below the legal limit.

In addition to the danger posed by drunk drivers, another type of driver poses a serious threat to other motorists. This type of driver is known as a "careless" driver. Careless drivers are responsible for roughly 30% of all traffic fatalities. They tend to drive recklessly, often speeding, tailgating, running stop signs, failing to yield to pedestrians, etc. Because careless drivers pose a significant threat to public safety, it's important to take precautions against them.

One way to protect yourself is to purchase a Hitch Safe. Hitch Safes are designed to prevent vehicles from getting unhitched from their trailers. When a vehicle gets unhooked, it could potentially roll away and injure others. Hitch Safes work by preventing the tongue of the trailer from moving forward past the bumper of the vehicle. Once the tongue is locked in place, the vehicle cannot move until the tongue is released. This prevents the vehicle from rolling away and injuring anyone nearby.

Hitch Safes come in two different types. One type is called the HS7000T. This model works by locking the tongue of the trailer behind the bumper of the vehicle. Another type of Hitch Safe is called the HSVault.

Features To Consider When Buying A Hitch Safe

Hitch Safe Vault. The Hitch Safe Vault is a great way to protect your vehicle against theft. This product features a heavy duty steel door that locks securely into place. There's no key required to lock the door, just press down on the handle and pull the door closed. Once locked, there's no way to unlock the door unless someone has the combination.

Easy access. With the Hitch Safe Vault, you can easily reach inside to retrieve items stored in the compartment. Simply lift the lid and slide the latch to release the door. Then, remove the contents of the container.

Security. The Hitch Safe Vault provides security for your belongings. No matter how hard thieves may try, they won't be able to break through this strong steel door.

Versatility. The Hitch Safe Vault is versatile enough to store anything from tools to spare change. Plus, the storage area is large enough to hold everything from groceries to luggage.

Quality. Made from durable materials, the Hitch Safe Vault is built to withstand years of abuse. And, the steel construction makes it virtually indestructible.

Size. The Hitch Safe Vault measures 7 inches wide x 18 inches tall x 12 inches deep. That means you can fit plenty of things in here, including most toolboxes.

Weight. At only 2 pounds, the Hitch Safe Vault weighs less than half the weight of other similar products. This makes it easier to carry around and transport.

Safety. Because the Hitch Safe Vault is made from steel, it's extremely sturdy and won't bend or dent.

Accessories. The Hitch Safe Vault comes with a carrying case, two keys, and a locking bar. These accessories ensure that you always have everything you need to secure your valuables.

Why Buy? The Hitch Safe Vault is perfect for storing valuable items while keeping them protected and accessible.

Different Types Of Hitch Safe

Hitch safes are becoming increasingly popular among truck owners. These are essentially small boxes that fit under the bumper of your vehicle. When you pull up next to someone else’s car, the box pops open revealing a large compartment that holds valuables. Hitch Safes are incredibly convenient and offer peace of mind. Hitch Safes are also inexpensive and easy to install. Here are some of the main benefits of installing a Hitch Safe.

Easy Access. One of the biggest advantages of having a Hitch Safe installed is the ease of access. Since the Hitch Safe is located underneath your vehicle, it is always right at hand. You don’t have to worry about digging through your glovebox or searching for keys. All you have to do is reach down and grab what you need.

Another benefit of Hitch Safes is security. Your valuables are kept safely away from prying eyes. Thieves won’t be able to steal anything since the Hitch Safe is locked behind the driver side door. Even if thieves were somehow able to break into your vehicle, they wouldn’t be able to remove any items from the Hitch Safe without breaking the lock.

Convenience. Hitch Safes are also convenient. You don’t have to go anywhere special to keep your belongings secure. Simply park your vehicle and walk away knowing that everything is safe.

Installation. Hitch Safes are fairly simple to install. They simply snap into place and are secured by locking pins. You can easily attach them to your vehicle yourself. Hitch Safes are also compatible with almost every brand of vehicle. That means you can use them on virtually any model regardless of year or size.


Frequently Asked Questions About: Hitch Safe

What is a hitch safe?

A hitch safe is a box-shaped container designed to protect your vehicle's hitch when you're away from home. They are often placed under the bumper of your car or truck.

Where Did Hitch Safes Come From?

Hitch safes were invented in the 1970s after thieves began stealing vehicles by attaching them to their own cars and then driving off with the stolen vehicles. At first, they simply removed the hitches from the stolen vehicles and left the rest behind. But this was too easy for criminals to detect, so they started removing the entire vehicle instead.

Why Should I Use A Hitch Safe?

Using a hitch safe will make it harder for thieves to steal your vehicle. If they try to attach your vehicle to their own car or truck, the weight of the two vehicles together will likely break the connection between the two vehicles. And if they attempt to drive away with your vehicle, the extra weight will make it more difficult for them to get traction.

Does A Hitch Safe Have To Be Locked?

No, but most hitch safes are secured with locks. These locks can be easily picked, though, so it's best to keep yours locked at all times.

Should I Buy A New Hitch Safe Every Year?

If you live in an area where theft rates are high, you'll probably want to replace your hitch safe every year. Otherwise, you don't necessarily need to change out your hitch safe each year.

How big is a hitch safe?

Most hitch safes measure about 6 inches wide by 12 inches tall by 4 inches deep. Most models include a lid that opens to reveal a storage space inside.


This company offers a line of hitch safes that includes models for trucks, SUVs, and RVs. All of its safes feature heavy-duty steel construction and thick walls.


This company manufactures a line of hitch safes that are specifically designed for RV owners. Its safes are built to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions.


This company makes a line of hitch safes that are specifically designed for SUV owners. Many of its safes are equipped with a locking system that allows users to lock the safe even when the vehicle isn't running.

Trailer Vault

This company makes a line of hitch safes that are specifically designed for trailers. Many of its safes are equipped with a locking system that allows users to lock the safe even when the trailer isn't attached to a vehicle.


This company manufactures a line of hitch safes that are specifically designed for pickup truck owners. Many of its safes are equipped with a locking system that allows users to lock the safe even when the truck isn't running.


This company manufactures a line of hitch safes that are specifically designed for compact car owners.

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